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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino - 8 months ago
Happy weekend everyone!!! Whats your favorite chicken sandwich?? 😊❤️
Officially Jasmine From ROBLOX
I never had fastfood
Olivia Cullom
Olivia Cullom - 9 days ago
Rosanna Pansino chicfillaes
Julissa Arg
Julissa Arg - 11 days ago
Elizabeth Katusich
Elizabeth Katusich - 12 days ago
McDonald’s Mc chicken
Wai San-Hning
Wai San-Hning - 14 days ago
Harmione Grantter
Harmione Grantter - 15 hours ago
I just ate
*now I’m hungry*
posey richburg
posey richburg - 17 hours ago
You have never been to chick fil a mo
Marina Kerr
Marina Kerr - Day ago
ok yall know nothing about the south but great video
Savannah McGowan
Savannah McGowan - 2 days ago
Put videos!!
And who realized how fast ro said the intro?
Js_penn paper
Js_penn paper - 2 days ago
Wait.... why isn’t tomato’s or pickles on a chicken sandwich right??
Bella Parker
Bella Parker - 2 days ago
ok next time i’m going out i’m getting a chicken sandwich 😎
Rae Prite
Rae Prite - 2 days ago
Blueberry and Cookie are such good girls, I've known other dogs that would just jump all over you if you had food that close to them 🥰🐶🐶
Srijani S theena
Srijani S theena - 2 days ago
rosanna pansino can u tell your sister to make a video on about her baby greyson and what things she uses for her baby ( because she dosen't have any videos)
Shumaila Khan
Shumaila Khan - 2 days ago
Kfc is the best
Robert Pelton
Robert Pelton - 2 days ago
Since u make challenges with her she should make challenges with u
Eva Pabon
Eva Pabon - 3 days ago
Yum!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍 - 3 days ago
Cookie 😭❤️
Charlie Lie
Charlie Lie - 3 days ago
Danii Chan the crazy otaku
12:31 this made me smile so much..og's remember THIS XDD
Kellee Travis
Kellee Travis - 4 days ago
hi Rosanna maeve sv molly
Kellee Travis
Kellee Travis - 4 days ago
h mai Rosannama Maeve Travis
Daisy D.
Daisy D. - 7 days ago
Watching now🙈❤️ love you both 😍
Jerusha George
Jerusha George - 7 days ago
I love when you guys do challenges together. Pls do more! 😁❤️🐶
Kimberly Ewald
Kimberly Ewald - 8 days ago
Hi my name is kim Ewald. My favorite mc chicken from McDonald's
AngeliqueNade - 8 days ago
11:38 - I love how Ro’s just feeling and knowing it’s Blueberry Muffin and then when Mo burps, she jokingly blames Blueberry 😆
Nevaeh Newman
Nevaeh Newman - 8 days ago
Molly should do a day in the life of a mom
lisbeth j. mendoza ramos
Rylee Asmann
Rylee Asmann - 10 days ago
I can’t believe you have never been to Chick-fil-A
Vlogs With John
Vlogs With John - 11 days ago
After 8 months, Still no video
Gabrielle Bockoras
Gabrielle Bockoras - 11 days ago
Who else was really upset when they said they’ve never been to Chick-fil-A and Chick-fil-A is your life
Dayanara Ruiz
Dayanara Ruiz - 6 days ago
Dayanara Ruiz
Dayanara Ruiz - 6 days ago
Cookie was in there
Tuana Kaciu
Tuana Kaciu - 11 days ago
At 6:28 molly was so mad that they put tomatoes in the Wendy’s sandwich 😂😂😂 no hate
Sarah - 11 days ago
Anyone in Qurantine? 💝
Gabriella Mina
Gabriella Mina - 11 days ago
3:21 Ro’s face 😂
Lauren's Place
Lauren's Place - 12 days ago
Ok I LOVE TOMATOES ON CHICKEN SANDWICHES! I actually once ONLY ate it like that. Now I feel a little weird. And my favorite is Sonic. I'm with Mo I LOVE CHICKEN SANDWICHES! I COULD LIVE OFF OF THEM!
Elena Sandoval
Elena Sandoval - 12 days ago
Can you please, do the breakfast 🥪 challenge?
s to live
s to live - 12 days ago
Love vid
M&M - 14 days ago
When ur fasting and sooo hungry but still watching cuz y not
Melva Smith
Melva Smith - 14 days ago
Pizza challenge
Starr Ripley
Starr Ripley - 14 days ago
I wouldI would like it to change
Cat Lover 21
Cat Lover 21 - 15 days ago
Molly says she has never eaten Chick-fil-a but in the chicken nugget challenge she ate some.🤔🤔🤔
Cat Lover 21
Cat Lover 21 - 15 days ago
Wendy's and Chick-fil-a sandwiches are the best.
Farzana Hoque
Farzana Hoque - 15 days ago
Is it just me cause every time they just open the bun from the burger is just... 😣 I was like pls don't
Kawaii _Bunny09
Kawaii _Bunny09 - 15 days ago
McDonald's & KFC
EchoM NECCO - 16 days ago
Savvy’s Unfiltered Life
Molly post vids on your YouTube channel
Riley Blethen
Riley Blethen - 16 days ago
i would feel the packaging for chick fil a and automatically know!! i loveeeee cfa💗
Ragdoll 130
Ragdoll 130 - 17 days ago
$1.50-$2.00 for a McChicken??? *lucky* It’s $6.75 for one by itself here!
Jesse H
Jesse H - 19 days ago
You guys are soooo pretty!!!! Also this was such a fun video to watch!
Ayesha Shakoor
Ayesha Shakoor - 19 days ago
Upload videos mo
Haya Mehdi
Haya Mehdi - 19 days ago
anyone been here since 2014 know that they did the hamburger challenge and now are doing it but they have had such a BIG GLOW UP!!!
whale hello there
whale hello there - 20 days ago
HOW HAVE THEY NEVER HAD CHICK FIL A?! its literally the most iconic ever
Freedom Anderson
Freedom Anderson - 18 days ago
The company is owned by homophobes.
Bhavi Patel
Bhavi Patel - 20 days ago
I am literally drooling lol!!
Gian Myr Vicente
Gian Myr Vicente - 20 days ago
Drinking milk and eating a biscuit rn

*idk why*

Love them bte
pb&j k
pb&j k - 20 days ago
do you like chicken sandwiches or burgers better?
SlimeLover TV
SlimeLover TV - 21 day ago
Molly's necklace💗 so cutee I mean, I know it's normal, but like that's really cute🥺☺️
Arty Girl 88
Arty Girl 88 - 21 day ago
I'm watching this because I want fast food so badly
Sarah Bush
Sarah Bush - 21 day ago
Chick fil -a all the way.
it is the go to for everyone where I live
Justina White
Justina White - 23 days ago
Emma Moo
Emma Moo - 23 days ago
Please Molly can u start posting u are so fun on this channel I think u would be evan better with your own videos
Hania Abid
Hania Abid - 24 days ago
Cookie just wants a bite😂
hema latha
hema latha - 25 days ago
dfacosta31 - 25 days ago
please make videos
Y.R. STUDIOS - 26 days ago
I would like to see molly's videos
Robert Pelton
Robert Pelton - 26 days ago
I hope she makes videos
Christian Rebollar
Christian Rebollar - 26 days ago
BOJANGLESSSS Cajun Filet biscuit 🤯🤤❤️ delicious
Chuck Wesley
Chuck Wesley - 28 days ago
I love your videos and i love chicken sandwiches
Nada El motassadeq
Nada El motassadeq - 29 days ago
Ya pls
Nora Smith
Nora Smith - 29 days ago
Fiza Syed
Fiza Syed - Month ago
100% of the video blueberry was 100% looking at chicken sandwiches. Lol I don’t blame her
Ashleigh Stangeland
Ashleigh Stangeland - Month ago
So is Blueberry also Ro's? Sorry if I don't know.... I thought she only had Cookie but is Blueberry also her dog?
Ayesha Ali Chaudary
Ayesha Ali Chaudary - Month ago
Eeeww your dog was liking your sandwiches soop GROSSS
Aldana_5 - Month ago
Mohd Sinan
Mohd Sinan - Month ago
Its not chicken sandwich its burger
Jacquelyn Yeoh
Jacquelyn Yeoh - Month ago
StarChannel Joseph
StarChannel Joseph - Month ago
Rosanna in every challenge video with Mo:
This reminds me of high school
“There was a McDonald’s right across the street”
“There was a Jack In The Box 2 blocks away” (Fry Challenge)
“We went to KFC all the the time” (Nugget Challenge)
What fast food did you not have in high school?? Lol
Alejandra Bustos
Alejandra Bustos - Month ago
It’s so cute how long it has been a challenge of both of you
Darija Denkovic
Darija Denkovic - Month ago
I have a dog two
Molly stil has no content but still has 40.8K subscribers lol
The Crazy Life
The Crazy Life - Month ago
Sariah - Month ago
Molly should do baby updates on her Chanel
Bong Fook Kin
Bong Fook Kin - Month ago
That is not blueberry that is molly
Patrick Zhou
Patrick Zhou - Month ago
Lol Mo not vegan anymore.
gracelyn elaiyne
gracelyn elaiyne - Month ago
Mo's cute little laugh at 3 :23
Omg...... we stann a laughing queen 😍
Viviana Varkolac
Viviana Varkolac - Month ago
Hungry Jacks - Chicken Royal Sandwitch
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