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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino - Month ago
Happy weekend everyone!!! Whats your favorite chicken sandwich?? 😊❤️
meghan lake
meghan lake - Day ago
go to buzzfeeds best chicken and there is a really good chicken sandwich place called howlin rays!
Shannon M.
Shannon M. - 5 days ago
Chick-Fil-A is my favorite.
1966Zodiac - 14 days ago
I’m vegan so I no longer eat chicken sandwiches. It used to be chik Fil A though the one at KFC was great too. In fact I just loved chicken sandwiches in general. The vegan chicken sandwich(not real chicken obviously) at veggie grill was delicious! That’s one of my new favorites!
GlitterRose27 - 14 days ago
I like chick fil-A chicken sandwhiches!!
Itsme Mooty
Itsme Mooty - 15 days ago
A vegetarian one
Shreeya K
Shreeya K - 2 days ago
You guys should do more challenges
Pusheen luna Vids
Pusheen luna Vids - 3 days ago
I like kfc because it’s we’re Im from
Mr.Leena - 3 days ago
I love Arby's chicken slider
Leah _ theUnicorn
Leah _ theUnicorn - 3 days ago
We need molly lu videos, we need molly lu videos
Nana Aburas
Nana Aburas - 3 days ago
Ebtehal Al-Subaie
Ebtehal Al-Subaie - 3 days ago
I like your videos and your old eyebrows 🍃
Jayhan Deguzman
Jayhan Deguzman - 4 days ago
So amazingg💜😍
Jaelynn Gray
Jaelynn Gray - 4 days ago
I agree with molly
Brooke is back
Brooke is back - 4 days ago
Pls make some vids
Emily Rosa
Emily Rosa - 4 days ago
the real question is, why isn't chick-fil-a in the thumbnail?!?!? best chicken sandwiches!
Asha Krishna
Asha Krishna - 4 days ago
how many months is greyson
Ainsley Gibson
Ainsley Gibson - 5 days ago
Poor Blueberry is being tortured by Ro’s constant waving around of the sandwiches 😂
Marcella Mendoza
Marcella Mendoza - 5 days ago
Please do another blooper video
SAVHIRE - 5 days ago
same as 🐈
Kiannah Tobin
Kiannah Tobin - 5 days ago
Ro, u are like a role model to me. I love u so much
Dimple Mendoza
Dimple Mendoza - 5 days ago
More of mo-sanna's video pleasee!!😊😍😍
The Potter Kids
The Potter Kids - 7 days ago
4:14 did you get that from Barney & Friends 😅
David Stoudt
David Stoudt - 8 days ago
Did you mean too wear the same color as they’re colored scores
David Stoudt
David Stoudt - 8 days ago
chlo vlogs
chlo vlogs - 8 days ago
And chalenges
chlo vlogs
chlo vlogs - 8 days ago
Do a video do like a vlog
Fiz - 8 days ago
Don't murder me but I haven't been to any of the places you mentioned in the video. 😫😭
Ramonia Richardson
Ramonia Richardson - 9 days ago
Make more challenges with your sister
Ramonia Richardson
Ramonia Richardson - 9 days ago
Ramonia Richardson
Ramonia Richardson - 9 days ago
Mo i am begging u pleaseeeee put videos on your channel........................
alice pannell
alice pannell - 9 days ago
C 12345
C 12345 - 9 days ago
I’m literally watching this while baking a cake 🎂
Mr. NoRide
Mr. NoRide - 9 days ago
Mo: Never had Chick Fil A
Me from Georgia: What????
Kaylee Mann
Kaylee Mann - 9 days ago
When are you and Mike getting married
Ella Gage
Ella Gage - 9 days ago
Make some videos
Abbie Pierce
Abbie Pierce - 10 days ago
Asiana Mahabir
Asiana Mahabir - 10 days ago
Bluberryyyy! !!!! U love that sandwich boy😂😂😂
Jacqueline Diaz
Jacqueline Diaz - 10 days ago
Excellent video as always!
Lolo G.
Lolo G. - 10 days ago
Is Ro drunk??
Princessz Simmu
Princessz Simmu - 10 days ago
KFC is the best ❤️
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez - 10 days ago
Ro: And she also...
Mo: had a baby-
Ro: just made a youtube channel
UNKOWN PERSON - 10 days ago
Need your old hair color back
wack - 10 days ago
Olivia Lange
Olivia Lange - 11 days ago
Hi I’m a huge fan love your videos
Gastrokey - 11 days ago
I have a doubt : Isn't Molly a vegan
레온KpopZombieLover - 9 days ago
No, she just cant have dairy
Lollipop Land
Lollipop Land - 12 days ago
Isn't Molly's name Molly Pansino?
C 12345
C 12345 - 9 days ago
Lollipop Land shes married
Fatguysmallboat - 12 days ago
Mo has has over 30k subs without any content, she's killing it!!
Sharlee Krogh
Sharlee Krogh - 12 days ago
I love how ro can totally tell which dog is which with a blind fold on
Arynn Obleton
Arynn Obleton - 12 days ago
Dogs= super cute/sweet/fun Living vacuum
Pamela Asbury
Pamela Asbury - 12 days ago
SofiaR X
SofiaR X - 12 days ago
Rosanna’s hair has grown so long! It looks super gorgeous!😍
Kimberly Zachmann
Kimberly Zachmann - 12 days ago
How do you get your hair wavy like it is? I try myself (same length) with a deep waver and can’t get the same results 😑
Shugged Sand875
Shugged Sand875 - 12 days ago
Julia Walker
Julia Walker - 12 days ago
When Mo said $3 for a chicken sandwich, I was like, “$3 for a chicken patty and bread? What?”
pokemal GX
pokemal GX - 13 days ago
Can I pls get a shoutout...... Btw I love ur vids
Kian 0708
Kian 0708 - 13 days ago
It’s a soup sandwich-
*Bites it off her hand*
gen100 - 13 days ago
Loving Mo sweater 😍
Sadhana Sureka
Sadhana Sureka - 14 days ago
OMG ro is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pls like I never got even 1 like😞
SofiaR X
SofiaR X - 12 days ago
Well, that’s a lie
Sophia Chen
Sophia Chen - 14 days ago
I want Mo’s youtube channel to have videos
Unicorn Slimequeen
Unicorn Slimequeen - 14 days ago
Ro and mo : I’ve never had chick fil a
Me: laughing from Texas because I eat there every Wednesday and Saturday
Ro:they put pickles on everything in the south
Me:yes I agree we do LOVE our pickles
gen100 - 13 days ago
I never had chick fil-a either lol
Unicorn Slimequeen
Unicorn Slimequeen - 14 days ago
Chick-fil-A was the original chicken sandwich!
Bianca Johnson
Bianca Johnson - 14 days ago
Omg mo you should start to post on your channel I’m sooo excited to see you and Grayson
harmony smith
harmony smith - 14 days ago
When you saw the title did you think
Megan Rei Ong
Megan Rei Ong - 14 days ago
Omg my!!!!!! No looks so pretty and she glowing!!!!
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