Do Masks Work Or Not?? Proving Whether Masks Stop Covid-19 Transmission with Uncle Rob

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whitephos490 - Hour ago
What kind of shit is this? Not at all how the mask works for this. A real example would be to look at surface tension on a comb. Try this instead, water with a dye a slow mo cam and a compressed air at 1 bar. blow the air through the mask that has the dyed water in it because this is bull shit right here.
the5711 - 2 hours ago
now do one with the masks people are actually wearing.
ConDiggityDoggo - 2 hours ago
holy shit hes back
Andrew J
Andrew J - 3 hours ago
Funny but o man, outside of his perfect scenario, nope, they don't work, that's not how viruses, air currents, and molecules work.
Transgirl Vs. The World
Transgirl Vs. The World - 5 hours ago
Not a single f---ing soul:
Uncle Rob: *"CoRoNaViRuS gUn!!!"*
mduralia - 6 hours ago
Welcome back Uncle Rob...we've obviously missed you....
Gina McManama
Gina McManama - 6 hours ago
Who the hell coughs like that?? That’s not how I was raised.
Clubbeddread31 - 6 hours ago
I thought he died of cancer?!
Tyler Dyck
Tyler Dyck - 6 hours ago
why do the people who dont have a cough have to wear one though?
Dixie Farmboy
Dixie Farmboy - 7 hours ago
I love that man who filmed it.
Graham Mcgee
Graham Mcgee - 9 hours ago
That was awesoem
big daddy Cincinnati
big daddy Cincinnati - 9 hours ago
You ain't helping bro🤣
Michael Henchman
Michael Henchman - 9 hours ago
Awesome. And unless they are aliens, or part cobra, people don't cough or spit with the focused direction of ether starter fluid, so this mask test makes the point quite well. Thanks for posting!!
Eb Dev
Eb Dev - 9 hours ago
If you believe this experiment is scientific, stay 6 inches close to a mask wearing covid-19 confirmed patient for an hour. And let me know the result.
Diana Thompson
Diana Thompson - 10 hours ago
YESSS!! I missed his explosive videos!!
Cpthilton - 10 hours ago
Anyone stupid enough to spray ether into a lit torch probably doesn't have the ability to understand that a virus and a spray can of ether have nothing in common.
Scott Farley
Scott Farley - 10 hours ago
Or maybe some actual science:
bbg5000 - 10 hours ago
So would this work with asbestos, too? Considering that asbestos is 10x larger than the virus particles, a simple mask should be 10x safer for asbestos than it is covid-19.
alienbob21 - 11 hours ago
Can you do this same experiment with cloth masks to show their effectiveness also?? I'm curious.
Thomas White
Thomas White - 13 hours ago
Masks definitely help but they are not 100% ... every health professional says so. This experiment proves nothing definitively. First you are literally firing from a pin hole, not a big ass mouth, second you have to test from the side because the mask will prevent forward movement but not side. Lastly the particles coming out of that can are much larger than a microscopic virus particle. Either way, wear your damn mask. This guy made me laugh though.
ardemua - 13 hours ago
They don't work because the virus spreads to your eyes even if nose and mouth is covered.
TheJabberwocky28 - 11 hours ago
Holy fuck...the point of the mask is that if everyone is wearing one, no one is breathing on each other unprotected. The mask blocks YOUR SPIT from reaching other people, it's not to protect you.
Chef Ramsey
Chef Ramsey - 14 hours ago
You must of been paid big money to come out of hiding to post this! Face Mask are BS and I'll never wear one! This is how they plan to separate us, humans vs zombies!
Müci - 14 hours ago
The return of the legend
Scott Farley
Scott Farley - 15 hours ago
Or we could just not cough in people’s faces like we were taught as children.
TheJabberwocky28 - 7 hours ago
@Scott Farley Are you kidding me? This is science. Science is updated and reworked constantly, as is our understanding of biology and the world. So yeah, age absolutely invalidates the article. Not to mention, sars and covid 19 are two different strains. The WHO stopped studying the effectiveness of hcq on covid patients because it showed no fucking difference from baseline care. It has no impact on the mortality rate, just some symptom alleviation. Which STILL doesn't change my original point, that you can wear a mask WHILE you're sitting there being a useless old twat whining about hcq.
Scott Farley
Scott Farley - 9 hours ago
TheJabberwocky28 not a random website. It’s Fauci’s own damned NIH. Do your homework. Age of article does not invalidate it.
TheJabberwocky28 - 9 hours ago
@Scott Farley Holy fuck hahaha could you find me something even older next time? This is hilarious! You think an article on a random website...from 2005...about a good resource for a new coronavirus 15 years later?
Scott Farley
Scott Farley - 9 hours ago
TheJabberwocky28 everything:
TheJabberwocky28 - 9 hours ago
@Scott Farley Fucking lol. What does that have to do with wearing a mask? Besides, it's no longer approved for treatment of covid anyway. The fuck good is it going to do you if everyone goes around coughing, breathing and sneezing on each other? Once again, wearing a mask can only improve the situation. There are no downsides to wearing one. Your petulant need to throw a fit over it shows that despite the grey in your hair, you couldn't be more of a child.
sirjames45 - 15 hours ago
All airborne viruses can be absorbed through your eyes.
Celestial - 15 hours ago
XD this is kind of a good example. I support wearing a mask so don't freak out everyone, but the size of a virus is much much much smaller than the size of the particles that can spits out
AK47_MAC11Glocks Da hood
AK47_MAC11Glocks Da hood - 15 hours ago
About fucking ta me
byugrad1024 - 15 hours ago
I'm here to ruin your experiment. Repeat the experiment while confirming that you are not able to smell any of the gas that passed through or around the mask. Until then, you have only proved that it is rather difficult to achieve combustion. Which is something most people already know who have designed things meant to continuously and safely combust things.
F You Kung Flu
F You Kung Flu - 16 hours ago
How this does not have 20 million views is beyond me???
avion1963 - 17 hours ago
Wow. Nice
Tim Not woke Moon
Tim Not woke Moon - 17 hours ago
Ultimate Great video
George Pope
George Pope - 17 hours ago
well done!
Esther Batycki
Esther Batycki - 17 hours ago
I bet half of you are watching this on the toilet. And then after you put on your mask and sanitizing gel in the store, you take out your germy phone and then touch everything in the store.
mike jeropke
mike jeropke - 18 hours ago
🤣 what a joke
Drew Jackson
Drew Jackson - 18 hours ago
I don’t know what type of videos you make, but I just subscribed and am sharing this in fb. You’re a god among men good video lol
Jess Woehrle
Jess Woehrle - 19 hours ago
The problem is with this experiment however, is your mannequin cannot breathe. Also your experiment is outside not inside. Is there wind or other naturally occurring phenomenon that might interfere with this? Interesting video but I'd like to see it performed indoors. Also CV has been said to spread through both droplets and aerosols. Droplets land after 6 feet on average. Aerosols hang in the air between 24-27 feet from an individual and stay in the air for 2-3 hours. Again, cool experiment, but it doesn't convince me of much.
Fredrik A
Fredrik A - 19 hours ago
So, are you here to stay this time? 😃
Vaquero 357
Vaquero 357 - 19 hours ago
wrong. youve proven nothing except your ignorance...the CDC says plainly, based on 10 different mask studies as recent as 2018, that masks DO NOT WORK.
Kay Day
Kay Day - 19 hours ago
I can see a couple of problems with this "test". First of all, the spray cans emit their content under pressure, probably a lot more than a person's breath, cough or sneeze. Second, the size of the particles emitted are more than likely much different than coronovirus droplets. Entertaining, but I don't think it really proves much.
Lapua Mag
Lapua Mag - 20 hours ago
You try to make a point to protect someone that’s part of the vulnerable population but you don’t wear a mask when talking to him and he doesn’t wear an N95 mask which is a respirator.
Brian Geenty
Brian Geenty - 21 hour ago
Excuse me? Wear a mask, not a condom?? The video is good, until this. Very sexist. Very ignorant. Very disrespectful to women. (2.55 on the tape). I feel bad that I posted this on my page now. And pulling it!
Tarie Nosworthy
Tarie Nosworthy - 21 hour ago
I have missed Uncle Rob.....he is HOT
john walker
john walker - 21 hour ago
Thank God, Uncle Robs back!!!! We can tap his words of wisdom to guide us through these perilous times.
tim shimme
tim shimme - 21 hour ago
Masks work in preventing disease. There is a reason surgical masks have existed prior to this current pandemic. "It's my right" language is tired and old already. It lacks logic and critical thinking. Especially when you consider that wearing a mask is the easiest thing to do. It is a matter of caring about the next person in line. But in American, we think of ourselves and play team sport politics. Red vs. Blue. The two failed parties who are so called professionals but can't get a simple stimulus check for Americans.
Kev-RaTzo - 21 hour ago
I have never, and have never seen anyone cough in the face of a stranger in public. If you do that sort of thing then you should probably wear a mask or get a black eye.
This demonstrates that unless you are coughing in people's faces you shouldn't be wearing a surgical mask unless you're involved in a surgery.
Jay jay dynomite
Jay jay dynomite - 21 hour ago
So, If I coughed gas towards smokers there would be a issue. I wear mine out of respect for others but still numbers are lower than death by drinking and smoking ... heart disease kills 33 x more per day here... cool video, but show mcfries clogging a artery also, lol. I believe masks by common sense are optional as well as keeping business open. Maybe the shut down worked, maybe the masks are working and that’s why nationally only .0003% death rate is what we have with covid, if numbers stay the same.
Eric Howell
Eric Howell - 22 hours ago
Your whole test is using the assumption that a person is symptomatic. Those who are sick and symptomatic are already staying home under quaruntine. The masks are being worn by people to prevent the spread by asymptomatic persons which would be smaller microscopic particulates. Nice try though
Kristof Permaculture
Kristof Permaculture - 22 hours ago
With a mask the aerosol cloud is formed around the head and backwards. This test setup totally does not measure this cloud around the head and is therefore totally misleading.
Daniël Kievit
Daniël Kievit - 22 hours ago
I like how it actually makes sense
Kim Ethridge
Kim Ethridge - 23 hours ago
But what about putting the propane torch behind the second mask (cut a mouth hole in the head and hollow out the back more)?
GeneralArmorus - Day ago
but they think virus is smol so bigger droplets dont matter =(
43wagonwheel - Day ago
More fake news. Cough and particles escape from around mask. Masks are not needed. They do not work.
Rpm Rare Performance Motorcars
Dude.. Where ya been? You just made 2020 worth it, thank you for coming back!
Ozrith Clay
Ozrith Clay - Day ago
nice test.
now try holding the torch directly over the manikin head as it coughs with the mask on, because that's where it's all being blown....
Seriously, airflow has to go somewhere, and like everything else in the physical world, it will follow the path of least resistance.
This is why glasses fog up when you wear a mask.
(that fog IS water droplets that can carry Covid-19)
Armchair Magpie
Armchair Magpie - Day ago
The flame goes farther than visible light might suggest, since humans cannot see in the infrared, so if tiny bits of vapor escaped the mask then fire would have caught them. Yes, exhaled air contains vapor content but not necessarily droplets which usually are exhaled by more physical force and caught for the most part by the mask. If that weren't the case then surgeons wouldn't wear them ever because that is their whole purpose: to catch more than 99% of them. Otherwise, testing could be done by just sampling exhaled air instead of taking swabs from the regions where these droplets actually come from.
rarefossil - Day ago
Well that solves everything. Dr Fraud can go playing with his balls and Gates can re-read "How to Lie with Statistics." Line up for his vaccine.
changoland - Day ago
This is a very important and accurate scientific study. The Coronavirus is a very deadly flamethrower and we must all work together to wear a mask so we don't burn each others' faces when blowing flames at each other less than 4' away from one another
Obergruppenführer John Smith
What about all the people who are standing right to the side of you...
Wolfe DoesStuff
Wolfe DoesStuff - Day ago
Why do so many people think he is doing a serious demonstration. He obviously isnt
Legacy Patriot
Legacy Patriot - Day ago
If you can smell a fart through your mask it does not work.
Lucas Solomon
Lucas Solomon - Day ago
Obviously, don't wear a mask because your head will catch on fire if you do. Let the other people's head catch on fire. That's safer.
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