i made a better chicken sandwich

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poppy lagoon
poppy lagoon - Hour ago
thank you for this video my mom is a fan she made it and it was bomb
Andrea Simonich
Andrea Simonich - 4 hours ago
Julien: "...supress all your Aries tendencies..."

kathra - 8 hours ago
This is high key becoming my favorite channel to watch to calm my anxiety
thank you Julien
Anna Holm
Anna Holm - Day ago
I dont understand how Julien doesn’t have at least like 10 million subscribers?!? Like How?????
Lauren Bee
Lauren Bee - 2 days ago
BEECH. PLEASE coin “soy-boy science”
Taylor Gerecht
Taylor Gerecht - 2 days ago
Am i the only one who thought it said “butter chicken”
The End
The End - 2 days ago
That is not a chicken sandwich dude, that is a tofu sandwich.
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy - 2 days ago
Why tf can I smell this video? Also I’m gonna make this. Stay tuned
zoe - 4 days ago
Nobody is more obsessed with meat than vegans
bbyhazza - 4 days ago
Does anyone have these recipes written?
Laina Davidson
Laina Davidson - 5 days ago
So where's the recipe tho...
Erica Stearman
Erica Stearman - 5 days ago
Thank you for showing that I’d Aires can be organized and get shit done, we just have a little more fun on the way😂😂
Rylee Harvey
Rylee Harvey - 5 days ago
is it just me or every time jenna does her baby voice, i immediately think that shes a little and julian is her daddy
homicidal cheesestick
homicidal cheesestick - 2 days ago
Rylee Harvey how to unsee this
Kelsey L
Kelsey L - 6 days ago
So has Julien dropped a cookbook yet, because he is a CHEF and I’m ready!!!
Laneyisaloser Shuffty
Laneyisaloser Shuffty - 6 days ago
I tried this i liked it and my gf didn't even try it. I loved it tho
Jaggofff Gaming
Jaggofff Gaming - 6 days ago
If you've never gone through a drive thru on a bike as a kid you didnt have a childhood. I did mcdonalds multiple times lol
London-Mum-xx x
London-Mum-xx x - 7 days ago
I didnt even know you had a channel I would have subbed ages ago lol
Seren Adams
Seren Adams - 7 days ago
I wasn't paying attention and I forgot that before this video was the lava cake and so like ik the speech was a joke about not looking at the past but like it really helped me so thanks
Yeetyonk - 7 days ago
When did this become a food channel
Gommie - 7 days ago
Never seen a worse Tofu sandwich. False advertising.
Courtney Weaver
Courtney Weaver - 8 days ago
Lol @ suppressing your Aries tendencies.
I love that you’re a great mix of know how and have no idea how. It makes a really awesome video to watch because you’re relatable. Who the heck hasn’t tried something new and you’re just leaning on your past knowledge to try and make it come out well?
Maya Mirza
Maya Mirza - 8 days ago
Julien thats beautifulllll
Connor Skrumptious
Connor Skrumptious - 8 days ago
I ain't vegan but I'm trying this shit
Kristin Nicole
Kristin Nicole - 9 days ago
I'm making my own vegan chicken sandwich this week. My tofu us currently freezing for the second time. I'm excited!
Deborah Jordan-Buriel
Deborah Jordan-Buriel - 9 days ago
Stop saying chicken! Call it what it is
LikkleLaura - 9 days ago
Love how Julien doesn't want us to mention the lava cake ever again.. but keeps bringing it up :'D
Argante Senn
Argante Senn - 9 days ago
i really appreciate that on top of the really good shots, you keep/mention you messing up. you and jenna both doing this in your videos just makes it so much easier to enjoy and want to try a recipe myself.
First world problems
First world problems - 9 days ago
“It’s simple” haha good one Julien!
Matthew Cary
Matthew Cary - 10 days ago
So I made this sammich, but used my own vegan bun recipe, my home made bread and butter pickles and even my own homemade "chicken" bouillon powder for the marinade. I am not a fan of tofu in general, but I'ma be real, this sammich was gangbusters. It had the mouth feel of a protein and had non of the overpowering bean taste. Amazing! 10/10 will make again!
Wynema Cantrell
Wynema Cantrell - 10 days ago
~That looks so good to me.~
Ky Fitch
Ky Fitch - 10 days ago
Omfg Julien using the chicken cubes just gave me flashbacks to when I was super young and would just straight up fucking eat those
Lobsters Pasta
Lobsters Pasta - 11 days ago
Julian genuinely has pure dad energy. The jokes, the mustache, cooking, “Kermit get off the table!1!!” A great father.
L G - 11 days ago
Julien: *box jumps onto table
Kermit: *fucking amateur*
Tso Sauce
Tso Sauce - 11 days ago
it looks like McChicken. ;D a fatter version
Violet the Violent Winters
Okay but it's not a chicken sandwich tho... so it's not a better chicken sandwich that shit has never made sense to me
thewinterizzy - 12 days ago
This looks FANTASTIC. 😍
sunny 1019
sunny 1019 - 12 days ago
Am I the only Cajun wondering why he’s measuring his seasoning
Kathleen Rowe
Kathleen Rowe - 12 days ago
I made this and used the unfreeze re freeze method x2 for the first time. It was SO GOOD. Thank u Julien!
Brooklyn Knight
Brooklyn Knight - 12 days ago
“Get your notebooks out, turn to page one, then skip to page five. Leave the first five pages blank for doodles. And if you forgot your pen, that’s okay, we’re not writing anything down”
— Chef Solomita 2k19
Kimberly Covey
Kimberly Covey - 12 days ago
Now do this recipe with cubed tofu for popcorn version. :)
Just Julia
Just Julia - 12 days ago
“..eating FOOD, which is what I love to do most in this world” ok me
Emily Fernley
Emily Fernley - 13 days ago
s.uper cool video thubs up
Queen Talk
Queen Talk - 13 days ago
Watch Julien https://youtu.be/tzW5DZJftPg
yatuyestem - 16 days ago
The chicken sandwich scam was a cover up for the jeffrey Epstein death
lovealwaysrosie - 16 days ago
Lyssa Dawn
Lyssa Dawn - 16 days ago
Someone please tell me what the sign in the background says it’s driving me crazy thanks
Gwyn - 10 days ago
Bread So this house may never know hunger Salt That life may always have flavor Wine That joy and prosperity may reign forever
nxtcxxlenough - 17 days ago
julien: repress all aries tendencies
Aether Slugstar
Aether Slugstar - 17 days ago
Idk why but Julien is giving extra Jewish dad energy.
Angel Black
Angel Black - 17 days ago
You should have a non-vegan friend eat your recipes and do a review.
Kitt Kozy
Kitt Kozy - 17 days ago
the Vietnamese word for kitchen is phong bep. so Julie yelling BEP repeatedly is hilarious
Julia Demoss
Julia Demoss - 17 days ago
I'm making this today!! I froze my tofu 3 times now I'm ready to do it to em
Bitchy Pig
Bitchy Pig - 17 days ago
Please tell Jenna to make bread gloves
suna 173.6jm
suna 173.6jm - 18 days ago
u look so smol in this for some reason
Gwen Thompson
Gwen Thompson - 18 days ago
Julen: You're gonna suppress all of your Aries tendencies...
*Loud clattering from the sink*

My Aries ass feels called OUT
Jenny Stevens
Jenny Stevens - 19 days ago
I never trust it till Jenna says it’s bomb lol
貴重なボイ precious boi genao
Who else would love to see julian as a teacher
He just walks into class everyday with the hand thing and box jumps on to his desk every morning and tells his class WE READY TO DO IT TO HIM
Yourmomisbomb007 - 19 days ago
Oil wasn’t hot enough .....looks good though
breahnash01 - 19 days ago
Popeyes has a sandwich before this sandwich came out but it was made with tenders and wasn’t popular. Then they made this one and boom. Popular and apparently the best. Never had it.
Skylin May
Skylin May - 19 days ago
I think his cooking videos have made me want to go vegan because I've realized it's not that hard to make vegan food and there are more options then I thought.
miajolane - 19 days ago
Guys this is so good please try it its actually amazing
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