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Elizabeth Barba
Elizabeth Barba - 20 hours ago
8:07 wow, I have a lipstick with my name
tedy_bu kawaii
tedy_bu kawaii - 21 hour ago
I love her hair in this video
ShesThe1yup - Day ago
did you just say full day.... that's a night time look, as a night time look it's beautiful hmm wouldn't really wear it in the day tho, that lip color TO DIE for. tho i really wana try the gold one too
Felicity Faulkner
Felicity Faulkner - Day ago
The U is silent.
WitsNSass - Day ago
New subscriber! I love this eyeshadow look, Tati!!!
basiaboy - 3 days ago
Oh please wear that to the grocery and film the other shoppers reactions....
LadyGabes - 3 days ago
Janice Hanson
Janice Hanson - 3 days ago
Wow Tati I’m Grandma Nina for 13 years. It’s nice to know their is others🥰 If this is an Ulta exclusive, Ulta does not do samples like Sephora. Also I don’t have fingers, do you think a flat foundation brush would work? You know the Kitty paw brush.🤗😁😘
mistral 111
mistral 111 - 4 days ago
Please make a video on brushes that are good to have as basics. Love to watch your videos. You are the best.
Featherstone Jewelry & Healing
you should've kept the purple. it's so pretty on you! be adventurous it will pay off.
Khyati Singh
Khyati Singh - 5 days ago
Plss review focallure
Tavit Brodeur-Kazanjian
So many positive reviews about this product, especially the foundations and lipsticks. Thanks, Tati!! Would love to see your take on Iconic London, please!!!
Shannon Witt
Shannon Witt - 5 days ago
Could you make a video on how to choose undertones and stuff for the foundation! Love you Tati!
Jaz Up My Style
Jaz Up My Style - 5 days ago
That foundation seems absolutely amazing.
Valentina Esguerra
Valentina Esguerra - 5 days ago
Tati i love you😭😭😭😭😭😭♥️
Black Blood
Black Blood - 5 days ago
I have no idea why I watch make up tutorials I don't use any make except for liquid matte red lipstick and nothing else ! I don't even buy make up 😂🤣😅
Helen Tholl
Helen Tholl - 5 days ago
Thank you for zooming in on your eyeshadow!
Estefania Boujon
Estefania Boujon - 6 days ago
Whitout make up you look so much younger...
grogglez - 6 days ago
Tati, you really have no idea how much your videos make a difference ❤️ I was having a panic attack earlier and came to your channel to calm down and it helped. You are an angel and I love all of your videos ❣️
Ayushi Dutta
Ayushi Dutta - 6 days ago
Can you please low down your lighting it looks weird looks all white white
Kelly Oliveira
Kelly Oliveira - 6 days ago
That concealer is Samantha Ravandahl's favorite. Maybe give it another shot? I know everyone has different likes and wants and different skin types but i feel like trying it just once isnt enough to form an opinion, imo.
Jill Vasquez
Jill Vasquez - 6 days ago
Omg, she put on the purple lip and morphed into Christina Applegate!
Cheslea Willeford
Cheslea Willeford - 6 days ago
I'm super excited for this video!!!!! I have been using the Uoma foundation for about a month now, and it's my favorite! And I have super oily skin. Probably because I keep control of my oils as much as I do, it works for me.
Hope 44
Hope 44 - 6 days ago
You’re eyes are stunning. I always love your makeup!
Jimena Alcaide
Jimena Alcaide - 6 days ago
Thanks Tati for this detailed review on this new makeup brand!! Very excited to try this....( hope the price is more on the affordable side ...)
Jeanne Schlichting
Jeanne Schlichting - 6 days ago
I bought the Uoma foundation right after I watched your video! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Most favorite foundation EVERRRRR!!!! Thank you so much for featuring it on your channel! Oh...I also got the eye palette (with the green). I haven't tried it, yet...but can't wait!!!
Loving Memories
Loving Memories - 6 days ago
Mari Bell
Mari Bell - 6 days ago
Please, please review the new e.l.f. jelly pop collection
Cindy Rivera
Cindy Rivera - 7 days ago
Shadow pallet looks very similar to ABH subculture. Can you do a side by side of swatches???
Avalon Moon
Avalon Moon - 7 days ago
I am LIVING for that Nina lipstick omfg and Nina is my nickname!
Avalon Moon
Avalon Moon - 7 days ago
If Tati approves I must get whatever she thinks is great lol I LOVE those crystals in the back ground, where did you get them and are they clear quartz towers??
jasmineTHAI - 7 days ago
Tati, where did you buy your crystals in the back? :)
Robin Siwula
Robin Siwula - 7 days ago
I never heard of this brand I would like to try it
measmusings - 7 days ago
No, Tati, none of your sides have acne scars or pigmentation. 👌♥️
Jocelyn Mccoy
Jocelyn Mccoy - 7 days ago
Why dont u ever say anything about mica?? I know it’s kinda a necessity in powders but where do u stand on the whole children working in mines to get mica??and is there makeup with out it??
Lynelle Kirk
Lynelle Kirk - 7 days ago
The First place for you to get to the 9kirk and 31st today is not ry the first time
Lisa Parker
Lisa Parker - 7 days ago
I got the T2N. Thx for the info. I am loving the feel and the coverage of the foundation
mÿłīê głäšgòw
mÿłīê głäšgòw - 7 days ago
I CANNOT get over how amazing the foundation was! It’s not everyday that you find amazing coverage like that! 💖
E J - 7 days ago
That gold eyeshadow is bomb!! I love it! Dang it Tati I just told myself that I have enough eyeshadow pallets and here you come! Darn it!!
Laura Angel
Laura Angel - 7 days ago
🤔🤔I think that I need to try this brand!
Jessica - 8 days ago
wer kommt auch von hatis video ❤️🙈
Donna Noe
Donna Noe - 8 days ago
That makeup looks absolutely gorgeous! It doesn't hurt that you are gorgeous, to begin with, but it is beautiful.
Kylie Delaney
Kylie Delaney - 8 days ago
Loving the close up view of eyeshadow administration, gives a better understanding of application. Thanks
Ari Leal
Ari Leal - 8 days ago
Uoma's foundation is everything! Became an instant favorite of mine ever since I started a few weeks ago. Gonna keep reaching for it❤
Vashti Ramsaroop
Vashti Ramsaroop - 8 days ago
Truly a BEAUTIFUL look!! I've been curious what this line would be like, and I really appreciate your thoughts. The eye looks that you create are always STUNNING, and it looks like it's effortless, although I doubt it truly is. Thanks for all of your hard work!
Heather Hernandez
Heather Hernandez - 8 days ago
That purple lip is screaming 😱 at me....
Chanel H
Chanel H - 8 days ago
Please come out with a shirt that says "more is more"
Loujam902 - 8 days ago
Holo Taco Please!!! 💅
Marissa Whetsell
Marissa Whetsell - 9 days ago
Really enjoyed this! I’m thinking try a little less concealer and dab in with finger just like the foundation.
deannaclogger - 9 days ago
You should do a all in one take video!
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