'Thank U Frontline' by Chris Mann (Alanis Morissette)

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Cat Randle
Cat Randle - 7 hours ago
Hi Chris, we are a learning difficulty drama group and we want to sing this parody to our carers. What was the original song.
Diana Russell
Diana Russell - Day ago
Sorry, SO much truth.
Diana Russell
Diana Russell - Day ago
Such a simple song for a simple idea with do much truth. Love it and love you too Chris. Don't let Hollyweird corrupt you.
sara gerald
sara gerald - 2 days ago
HANDS DOWN the best song you made!
John Mulhall
John Mulhall - 2 days ago
Jull Rafaell
Jull Rafaell - 3 days ago
Thank you so so much for this song. The lyrics means a lot..
pamela voght
pamela voght - 3 days ago
Love all your parodies but this one is definitely special. Good job!
Kathleen Moore
Kathleen Moore - 3 days ago
I think this is a good thing, but girlfriends what is your purpose in showing so much flesh. And you wonder whymen are confused.  Sorry, but you have to take responsibility somewhere along the line for the issues we have today.Stop selling yourself as a piece ....
Kathleen Moore
Kathleen Moore - 3 days ago
Sorry it was the add I was responding to....dumb me....Thanks to all for all you do....
Lisa Aubrey
Lisa Aubrey - 4 days ago
I love this ****ing video. Love it x
Roy Crawford
Roy Crawford - 4 days ago
We have been janitors for 17 years. Thanks for thinking of all of us it means a lot.
Tryyton - 4 days ago
THANK YOU! this was/is beautyful!
Vanessa Kay
Vanessa Kay - 5 days ago
All I can say is THANK YOU
haillie sackrider
haillie sackrider - 5 days ago
I work in a restaurant we all work so hard I thank all essential and frontline workers we all are so amazing
Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones - 5 days ago
Wow. That worked.
Lori Kelly
Lori Kelly - 5 days ago
I wanted to share the post I put on FaceBook today with everyone: I know I post a lot of funny things to take everyone's minds off the fear of what is truly going on in the world right now, so I thought I would take a moment to post something from the heart that truly thanks each and every "essential" worker for seeing us through this scary time in our lives. May we never take our freedom, spending quality time with friends and family or even the little things in life for granted again after this pandemic is over. My heart goes out to those who are sick, the ones we've lost to this horrible virus and to their families through this tragic nightmare. Please take a moment of your time today to listen to this incredible song, and show our thanks and support. If you have someone you'd like to thank or remember please feel free to tag people or share this important message. I think this song truly says it all...THANK YOU ESSENTIAL WORKERS & thank you Chris Mann for honoring the forgotten ones❣❣❣
(I shared the song "Thank You" here for everyone.)
Iris K
Iris K - 6 days ago
Beautifully sung. Beautifully said. Thank you for saying this.
Sall Davi
Sall Davi - 6 days ago
Good song!
Suzi Zuber
Suzi Zuber - 7 days ago
Thank you for putting yourself out there using your talent in wonderful, heartfelt ways like this! #proudmilitarymom
David Call
David Call - 7 days ago
Thank you for all the Frontline workers
Sherry A Dillard Dean
Sherry A Dillard Dean - 8 days ago
Thank You! Sherry A Dillard Dean Poems & Songs Y-Tube
Heven Stanley-Clarke
Heven Stanley-Clarke - 8 days ago
Fantastic!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Elina Lin
Elina Lin - 8 days ago
I was hired to a super market during the start of the coronovirus. I never thought the danger of get sick even though i didnt have a mask to wear because they were not enough at the first weeks. Only hand gloves. It was Hard. But we made it. Thank you for giving us the chance to help in any way we could. Be blessed all.and youre welcome.
Liezl du Toit
Liezl du Toit - 8 days ago
Absolutely beautiful 🎤💙
Cassandra Haney
Cassandra Haney - 9 days ago
You forgot us Bankers but I forgive you because that was some of your finest work. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.....THANK YOU!!!!
Eatin out in Vegas with Chip
Absolutely beautiful...i love all the parodies, but I think this should be the new anthem... simply gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your talent
Kian Bellsham
Kian Bellsham - 10 days ago
Anyone who clicked the thumbs down is an absolute idiot
Caroline Dorroh
Caroline Dorroh - 10 days ago
Thank you so much frontline and essential workers ♥️
Le Do
Le Do - 10 days ago
Beautiful! Gratitude is so beautiful! Thanks Covid- 19 for bringing us together, though you are so disgustful.
Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds - 10 days ago
I thought that this was a tribute to Will Lyman.
Dawn Watson
Dawn Watson - 10 days ago
Thank You Chris Mann! We are ALl in this together and need to remember to help out, to thank all and be united as we carry on!
dmqb - 11 days ago
This made me cry. Where I live, the state is slowly "re-opening". I hope we all remain thankful.
Chris is a talented, soulful human: thank you
Veronica T
Veronica T - 11 days ago
This is beautiful. Thank you to all on the front line around the world. We as a planet are grateful to all of you.
Meaghan Heck
Meaghan Heck - 11 days ago
Your so AWESOME Chris Love your talent and pure Heart. God Bless you🥰
Connie Jenson
Connie Jenson - 11 days ago
Chris. Thank You!!💟😷💞
Stace Morningstar
Stace Morningstar - 11 days ago
Thank you Chris Mann!.. we all need to "Mann up" n get through this!.. stay safe brother!
The Nuking Commander
The Nuking Commander - 11 days ago
This song is just amazing
ctc1003 !
ctc1003 ! - 12 days ago
I cannot tell you how much I love this, thank you
Dr. Eeky is in
Dr. Eeky is in - 12 days ago
You and Alanis deserve an award for this, seriously!
maura passeri
maura passeri - 13 days ago
Angel Duncan
Angel Duncan - 13 days ago
I literally cry everytime I watch this. As the country reopens the danger is still so very real. People forget so quickly. Let's all keep the perspective here! Thank you everyone!
Cheryl O'Dell
Cheryl O'Dell - 13 days ago
Thank you for thanking the pharmacists - we've been a little overlooked
sandysutube63 - 13 days ago
Thank you everyone ! Thank you Chris Mann and your beautiful voice♥️🙏
Danni Lee
Danni Lee - 13 days ago
Chris Mann, I could just squeeze you for brightening my day with this! Thank you for reminding us that this is why we live in communities. We are part of a bigger picture. Every one of us. You are giving inspiration when many of us are burning out. Thank you.
Erika Arneson
Erika Arneson - 13 days ago
I straight up cried while watching this 😢 was not expecting that! Thank you for a beautiful video
Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson - 13 days ago
I work at a Credit Union. We had a card switch on January 29th.... THEN this.... NOW unemployment scams. Patience, compassion and understanding that WE ARE ALL GOING THROUGH THIS is greatly appreciated!
Michele Balzano
Michele Balzano - 13 days ago
Thank you Chris!!!!
Spring Netto
Spring Netto - 13 days ago
I'm not crying, you'r... wait, yes I am. This is beautiful. Thank you.
Sea Mairre
Sea Mairre - 13 days ago
To all those who need to hear it: THANK YOU!
Beylan Wimsatt
Beylan Wimsatt - 14 days ago
Aww it was taken off of amazon music and it was what i listened to during my break at work to keep me going through the stress.
Matt M
Matt M - 14 days ago
As a livestock hauler, I must say... no thanks are needed. We all have a calling, and my calling was to be another cog the wheel to ensure people can get the food they need. Most of us drivers wouldn't be able to do what we do without the support from our significant others. They truly deserve most of the credit you're giving drivers.
Andrew Coldwell
Andrew Coldwell - 14 days ago
Thought you said fortnite for a sec there
Cindy Muller
Cindy Muller - 14 days ago
Thank you Chris!!
Liesel van Zyl
Liesel van Zyl - 15 days ago
This is INCREDIBLE! I heard it on KFM radio this morning during our permissable morning walks here in Cape Town, South Africa and immediately googled it when I got home - I was in tears both times. Great uplifting, moving song, well done!
shadowbugs28 - 15 days ago
We are all being duped
James Kelley
James Kelley - 16 days ago
Sir Percival Smallcock-Jones
Just like your comment.
YukiTakeshi6 - 16 days ago
The whole pandemic is hurting my mental health staying home with no therapist or psychiatrist and the stress my husband has working at the grocery store.
Melissa McGraw
Melissa McGraw - 16 days ago
Aunt is a nurse
Kent - 16 days ago
The frontline for all issues in the world is in our own communities--your neighbor. Give. Give freely and with a smile.
SHANA McCar - 17 days ago
Thank you Chris! I’m an RN who just returned home to Florida from working on the frontlines in NYC for the past 5 weeks. This song helped get me through this challenging deployment. Thank you!❤️❤️❤️
Tony Bloomfield
Tony Bloomfield - 17 days ago
As much of what Chris has done to keep us entertained through this worldwide pandemic this song is his best. I cried the first time I heard it. I come back everyday as it provides true prospective. I live in Australia where our governments actions have mitigated Covid 19 deaths to a great degree and feel sad every day when I look at the US and Canadian loss of life.
ABa15 - 17 days ago
Im a postal worker in australia, its been busy and have spent some long days delivering. This song was nice, makes it feel like i achieved something. Thanks chris
Frankie Green
Frankie Green - 17 days ago
As a U.S. Veteran that has faught with the VA for years, and still fighting for my health and help.
I can't help to feel a little pissed bye the whole front line propaganda. Have we lost the definition of what a line truly is? A pandemic has no lines. But its fascinating how humans are always so eager to grab onto things. All the while we twist, and change definitions/meanings/identity of words.
All though I appreciate your work, and believe you to be quite talented, and I also believe that you have a very high IQ, enough so that I would think that this statement would make sense. I feel that it is important for humanity to slow down, and really provide a time to consider the big picture.
I just think this term frontlines is just another crushing blow to all the veterans that were on the frontlines, and actually thought with all their heart that we are all in this together. Only to come home and find out that it was a big lie.
I am not saying tear down the video or change the title. I just wanted to bring some light to the subject.
We are far more intelligent to not come up with a better definition, then a line when there is no line.
Thank you for your time.
Karrie Bond
Karrie Bond - 17 days ago
From this nurse, thank you
marlene Glad
marlene Glad - 17 days ago
This is so great. He includes so many .thanks for this.
Diana Russell
Diana Russell - 18 days ago
Thank you Chris for this song.
goobers - 18 days ago
im so sad when he brang up the teachers part i cried because my teacher died from covid
Sir Percival Smallcock-Jones
*Brought. There's no such word as 'brang'.
Brenda Niessner
Brenda Niessner - 18 days ago
You made a beautiful song even more meaningful.
Ace Of Moms Yea
Ace Of Moms Yea - 18 days ago
Thank you Restaurant and community correction and mental health workers too. Great song!!
Hector Almodovar
Hector Almodovar - 18 days ago
Thank You.
Betsy Kemper
Betsy Kemper - 18 days ago
Thank you @Studio Bonn and Jesse for doing this important essential work. Whenever I send masks that I sew out into the world I always ask them to be sure the janitors get them too. Thank you. Muchas gracias.
Anie Fran
Anie Fran - 18 days ago
Aim Higher
Aim Higher - 19 days ago
Aim Higher
Aim Higher - 19 days ago
we love all from a 'janitor' to. surgeon.. ive met many a person in housekeeping who is smarter than any surgeon. Yall rock.
chriss Mann.. you rock as well
Van Zyl Dirk
Van Zyl Dirk - 20 days ago
One day 🙏 we will be able to be normal again.
Linsey LaFountain
Linsey LaFountain - 20 days ago
That was a beautiful song
sdurain14 - 20 days ago
I love this so much! Thank you! Both of my parents are front liners. My mom works on the Covid floor permanently until all this ends then she can go back to her "home" floor and my dad works in the ER. These videos and different things make them smile. So when they're having a bad day because of everything they have seen its nice to see them smile.
Sorchia - 21 day ago
This is just phenomenal!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Bex Proctor
Bex Proctor - 22 days ago
I. Shared this twice now just to say Thank you !
God bless you, Chris. I'm pretty sure the 477 dislikes are from people who were crying from this heartwarming and thoughtful video.
My grandmother and her quilting group have been making up to 10,000 masks a week since this all started, while me?.... I'm almost 14, and thinking about how I can't help 'cause they live out of state.....
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