I Trapped My Friend in a Horror Film Without Her Knowing

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Mc Fortnut2821
Mc Fortnut2821 - 10 hours ago
Wait is there gonna be a legit horror movie coming out soon
ella mackay
ella mackay - 18 hours ago
elle why r u so hot Id date u any day 😂
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson - 23 hours ago
Big fan of the rocky horror but at the end ❤️❤️👌👌
alexis ford
alexis ford - Day ago
Okay but why did 6:35 actually scare the hell out of me
Josie Darling
Josie Darling - Day ago
And i oop-
shea lauren
shea lauren - Day ago
the ending is so cool what the f
shea lauren
shea lauren - Day ago
the way i knew what song it was by the first note
Dayannah Clarke
Dayannah Clarke - Day ago
I ain't gon lie this was lit asf
Isabelle Haubrich
Isabelle Haubrich - Day ago
You are a fucking genius !
chloe pearse
chloe pearse - 2 days ago
this doesnt have enough views
maliaxo - 2 days ago
I watched this already post againnn
Kirsten Lowe
Kirsten Lowe - 2 days ago
glee playing in the background..... ur a gleek
Tabv TV
Tabv TV - 2 days ago
6:37 might be the scariest thing thats ever happened to me
emoindie - 2 days ago
I got scared so much and it doesnt help that ive watched a horror movie today and that im still terrified by that
Kalel Hernando
Kalel Hernando - 2 days ago
This took too much effort to only have 466k views honestly really underrated
Breanne Dupuy
Breanne Dupuy - 2 days ago
what happened to your voice
lizzy garcia
lizzy garcia - 3 days ago
Wow I’m so late but she had posted this on my birthday 😂😂 that’s cool
Skarfey - 3 days ago
Jimmy Newtron is that you
Freddy myers
Freddy myers - 3 days ago
Sweet transvestite playing in the background😂
Brandy Ledford
Brandy Ledford - 3 days ago
I actually love this
cringe - 3 days ago
I was expecting something like this lmao
Brooke Cooper
Brooke Cooper - 3 days ago
I sent my mum this video...
Craig Shepherd
Craig Shepherd - 3 days ago
Okay this was so good omf
tajriha diya
tajriha diya - 3 days ago
Halloween wow
Daniela Gonçalves
Daniela Gonçalves - 3 days ago
Peppa that one pig
Peppa that one pig - 3 days ago
Well played I applaud you
Smudge Bane
Smudge Bane - 4 days ago
I actually thought Hazel's reaction was genuine *claps* well played Elle well played.
Vickey - 4 days ago
So then... The part where Hazel got scared and then mad was all scripted and acted? If so, that was some good acting.
Jenny Garcia
Jenny Garcia - 4 days ago
LMFAOOOO!!! I was not expecting this at all.
This was really good!
You got me good, Elle!!!!
Sarah Haynes
Sarah Haynes - 4 days ago
This is the first video I found and watched so I have binged a little :) I wish you would see this and we could be friends I dont have that many cause I am very shy and dont know how to connect well with people.
I feel lonely too I am being a little overly emotional and I am sorry I just watched one of your not so happy videos. I hope you feel better and really are as happy as you look in your videos. I am so sorry that I cant do anything to help you but I am sure you dont need my help. I am honestly not sure what I was trying to say so I will just say I love your videos and I am a new fan. I dont like to be fans to people I dont know but I am yours :)
kohana - 5 days ago
I have no idea which is scripted and which is not
Beate Carlsen
Beate Carlsen - 5 days ago
eL wHeRe ArE yOu
Jackie Ruiz
Jackie Ruiz - 5 days ago
Spooky season celebrated right. Elle you never fail to deliver awesome vids 😍
Ms. Lynx
Ms. Lynx - 5 days ago
I freaking love this😍😍😊❤💖
ok do k
ok do k - 5 days ago
freaking black mirror skekdkdkdkfb
ok do k
ok do k - 5 days ago
wait nvm wtf this is- IM SO CONFUSED GagagfGHGHHFHahB
emily alcala____
emily alcala____ - 5 days ago
sam - 5 days ago
elle: IDIOT!
this is great btw I love it
Kim G
Kim G - 5 days ago
Hey, Elle! Here's an idea for a content. Please come to the Philippines (your mom's homeland) and meet your fans, fam or whatever. Pleaseeee. It would be awesome to have you hereeee! 😍
katlyn wilkinson
katlyn wilkinson - 5 days ago
Yo that was so creative, fucking good job!
Zsófia Szilágyi
Zsófia Szilágyi - 5 days ago
Only Elle would come up with something like this. Amazing.
Sydney the web series
Sydney the web series - 5 days ago
I have no idea what I just watched but I think I loved it. Also, 6:37 actually terrified me. I wasn't expecting that. Look at Elle with the jump scares.
Akarui - 5 days ago
girl version of David dobrik
Calvin Sprout
Calvin Sprout - 5 days ago
Lmao this was so goood
Colton Jacob
Colton Jacob - 5 days ago
Next time you should get an actual Rocky Horror cast to help out!
Supper Fello 7046.32
Supper Fello 7046.32 - 6 days ago
Lazy._. Thanos
Lazy._. Thanos - 6 days ago
"i won't put this on the internet" *puts on youtube*
Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim - 6 days ago
I can literally see all of the glee influence in this lol
sftacehun - 6 days ago
my entire neck
marisa hemenway
marisa hemenway - 6 days ago
That was so freaking goood!!!!
Alana Healy
Alana Healy - 6 days ago
how much of it was a lie
Valerie Dominguez
Valerie Dominguez - 6 days ago
Easily the best video on the internet, the emotions I felt made me feel like I was in the video ☠️
Marley Brown
Marley Brown - 6 days ago
this was the horror thing that they were doing, duh
Krista Petti
Krista Petti - 6 days ago
Awesome video, Elle! Loved every second!
Sierra Garner
Sierra Garner - 6 days ago
THE best
curly_head _sab
curly_head _sab - 6 days ago
Best Halloween video ever!
Matt Del Videos VLOGS
Matt Del Videos VLOGS - 6 days ago
Wow, Oscar goes to Hazel for Most Convincing Angry Scared Person.
Ash McWilliams
Ash McWilliams - 6 days ago
I love that El puts so much work into each video. They never fail to make me smile and THIS was awesome.!
Samreen ali
Samreen ali - 6 days ago
OMG Elle that was AMAZING!
xneesa - 6 days ago
I love elle but this is probably the worse acting I’ve ever seen😬
choosewisely - 6 days ago
This is the best video I've ever seen
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