I Trapped My Friend in a Horror Film

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carolina blanco
carolina blanco - 12 hours ago
I know I am to late for this but IT IS FUCKING GOOD !!!!!!!!
Adara Ali-khan
Adara Ali-khan - 2 days ago
this would be really good show tho
Dubu dubu
Dubu dubu - 3 days ago
but seriously bro, that car scene is really creepy
Kate Albaniel
Kate Albaniel - 4 days ago
Jenny Mochi
Jenny Mochi - 6 days ago
I dead ass jumped at some point
Nathaniel Asis
Nathaniel Asis - 9 days ago
this is basically the plot to Super Brainy Zombies except the ending
Luminosity - 14 days ago
I would of just sat down at the entrance XD... No way am I going through that ... Nope
Dušica Š.
Dušica Š. - 20 days ago
Why is everyone staying at Hazel's when they come to London 😂
Siya Serebrums
Siya Serebrums - 21 day ago
Psst elle mills you're beautiful
Annie Backer
Annie Backer - 24 days ago
Elle is too pure for YT.
Maria Saaidi
Maria Saaidi - Month ago
This is some next level nightmare fuel
Nida Farrukh
Nida Farrukh - Month ago
quexe YT
quexe YT - Month ago
1:33 just like david dobrik
The Ultimate Good Noodle
i loved sweet transvestite in the background omg
Lauren patrick
Lauren patrick - Month ago
Who pulled the reverse card??
Nicholas Hills
Nicholas Hills - Month ago
This is so underrated... besides the original content, there is a dedication to high production value that many holywood funded and produced movies can't live up to. Keep up the good work, I will follow your progress intently
Baileys Barn
Baileys Barn - Month ago
I LOVE this one, it is SO good. I watch all your videos to learn from and this one is just so far ahead of everything I am doing. ❤
Hyhhx_ Gacha
Hyhhx_ Gacha - Month ago
How do I react
Maes Hiemstra
Maes Hiemstra - Month ago
i love that is was the glee version of sweet transvestiet
Khaliesah Asyiqah
Khaliesah Asyiqah - Month ago
I literally shit my pants when the zombie show up at the back of the car
Mitsy Koalabear
Mitsy Koalabear - Month ago
This is a youtube, theatrical, effort level in all her videos, I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH!
Jilly Jume
Jilly Jume - 2 months ago
When the camera panned to the back in the car that startled me more than anything else in the video
Molly Saturley
Molly Saturley - 2 months ago
Why doesn’t this have more views
abe Jackson
abe Jackson - 2 months ago
One of the best videos I've seen on YouTube that trick me an scared me🧟‍♂️👏🙌
AnonimoAnoni the_best_couples.x
DUDE!!! Por qué tu canal no es mundialmente viral???!
Tori Mayo
Tori Mayo - 3 months ago
Well done!!! Maaaan this was really good!
Gracie Hurst
Gracie Hurst - 3 months ago
the fact i screamed when i saw the zombie in the car istg-
Adel Bo
Adel Bo - 3 months ago
this is my favorite video on the internet now
michelle - 3 months ago
roji - 3 months ago
This deserves a few million viewsssss
roji - 3 months ago
This is is what u call a dedicated, talented content creator!!!!
Roos Koome
Roos Koome - 3 months ago
the best movie i’ve ever seen
jessieeg31 - 3 months ago
How has this not done so much better. Honestly one of my favourite youtube creative videos of all time! 👏👏
SincerelyPsych - 3 months ago
Why use the Rocky Horror music but not do the dance?
meagan pezzelli
meagan pezzelli - 3 months ago
oh elle honey, you are gay hahaha
l pain
l pain - 3 months ago
Elle.... you're amazing
Alexandria Kay
Alexandria Kay - 3 months ago
I love how she went all the way up stairs, knowing what was going on and then got upset about it 😂
Alexandria Kay
Alexandria Kay - 3 months ago
I love how she went all the way up stairs, knowing what was going on and then got upset about it 😂
zulqarnain K Zulqurnain K
zulqarnain K Zulqurnain K - 3 months ago
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c h é r i e
c h é r i e - 4 months ago
I actually pissed myself. It's so hella dark in my f-ing room.
Cici K girl
Cici K girl - 4 months ago
She is so amazing and i am so proud like i cant even talk how amazed I am
Cici K girl
Cici K girl - 4 months ago
I am so scared ... i ca- i i have really hatd omg bye
Deedee Charles
Deedee Charles - 4 months ago
The part where i legit screamed was when the dude popped out of the backseats....
Karina Mendoza
Karina Mendoza - 4 months ago
This is my favorite video of yours, along with Mr. C story times
Lucero Leon Reyes
Lucero Leon Reyes - 4 months ago
I just watched a whole 3 hours worth of videos on ElleOfMills and i so dont regret it XD
bella bigcock
bella bigcock - 4 months ago
wait but the end was amazing what
mackenzie ziegler
mackenzie ziegler - 4 months ago
id love it if you did the grudge version of this
StarjustStar - 4 months ago
If i was in there i wouldve legitimately cry
StarjustStar - 4 months ago
Oh wait i didn't watch the whole video god damn it-
Jesson Balala
Jesson Balala - 4 months ago
yo need to make a film
R.Griffy TCG and Art
R.Griffy TCG and Art - 4 months ago
I’m confused
I’m second later:
Elle: ur probably confused
me: aaah
ADDY ACOSTA - 4 months ago
Holy shit..I felt that. Elle really makes my heart beat goddamn
Nikkie Sylva
Nikkie Sylva - 4 months ago
Omg that scared the crap out of me when she was in the backseat
Kevyn Oliveira
Kevyn Oliveira - 4 months ago
6:35 Creepy as fuck
Brooke Smith
Brooke Smith - 4 months ago
I love you but....

Your vouce sounds like u have a cold
Yozura - 4 months ago
Cant wait for elle to produce major films in the future
Ava T
Ava T - 4 months ago
It’s reb day!
Matthew Braddom
Matthew Braddom - 4 months ago
Production quality is great. I’m new here but part of me is upset it’s not real but once you figure it out, it’s just a great video not so upset. Feels like there some mcjuggernuggets along with some Casey niestat and maybe even a little jesse too. Nice work, new sub here
ineedjesus - 4 months ago
One of the few youtubers with actual content
Tahryn Toki
Tahryn Toki - 5 months ago
I was wondering why she look sooo familiar hahah Davids Vlogs😂
Toasttothemoon - 5 months ago
Cant wait to see what's next 😊
MAY - 5 months ago
This is like a plot twist within a plot twist within a plot twist and so on...
Ismail Roslan
Ismail Roslan - 5 months ago
she drive manual? 😎😎
Danna’s Channel
Danna’s Channel - 5 months ago
i want an elle mills movie
vaans - 5 months ago
SHIT i knew it was fake but that zombie fucker popped up i screamed
Jake cosplay
Jake cosplay - 5 months ago
Karlita :o
Karlita :o - 5 months ago
elle fuckin mills. best YouTube. best content. PERIODT!!
Emmanuela Aboagye
Emmanuela Aboagye - 5 months ago
Elle reminds me of my friend Jillian
ionela elena
ionela elena - 5 months ago
This had me laughing at everything 😂
dcmienn _
dcmienn _ - 5 months ago
Sarah Autumn dechilly
Sarah Autumn dechilly - 5 months ago
Omg I loved it
Cesar - 5 months ago
Tommy Lau
Tommy Lau - 5 months ago
im so confused was her friend actually mad? but good twist tho
A A - 5 months ago
I love how she makes scary movies but can’t handle a horrible film prank lol
Jb audio TV
Jb audio TV - 5 months ago
Matt Herdman
Matt Herdman - 5 months ago
Elle, this is INCREDIBLE!!!!! I wanna challenge you to see what you can do with your style on Tik Tok
Mallika Chaturvedi
Mallika Chaturvedi - 5 months ago
Minecraft Kunoichi
Minecraft Kunoichi - 5 months ago
Hazel: *makes horror videos*
Also Hazel: *hates being scared*
debb10 - 5 months ago
You Elle are a LEGEND!!!
Rosa Rios
Rosa Rios - 5 months ago
Omg bish!!!! I fucking jumped 😭
Serenity Ruby
Serenity Ruby - 5 months ago
Elle.. you’re amazing
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