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djmatter98 - 2 hours ago
7 places? Really???
GRUNGE ROCK YOU - 4 hours ago
I don't like shows that suck!  lolz
ghie ibasco
ghie ibasco - 6 hours ago
love monica's erogenous zone! ssseeevvveeennn! (",) the best...
phantomrequim - 6 hours ago
"Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! PIVOT!!!"

"Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!!!"

LOL!!! Best funny moment, ever!
Cid Garlejo
Cid Garlejo - 7 hours ago
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone - 7 hours ago
No wonder I never watched this show.
FUCKINTEENBRAT - 10 hours ago
negativefuckhead - 10 hours ago
Wendell E
Wendell E - 14 hours ago
I never could bear to watch this show... it was simply a rip-off of the show LIVING SINGLE. If you binge watch both series, you'll find out that many of the Friends episodes were carbon copies of Living Single shows. ( PUN Intended)
J. Jonah Jameson Jr.
J. Jonah Jameson Jr. - 16 hours ago
14:49 The woman in the back get really surprised about that
Teni LUV
Teni LUV - Day ago
One of my faves is Joey/Chandler at the bus station after leaving Ben on the bus. They find 2 babies and decide to flip a decide which baby is Ben. Chandler tells Joey to call it (babies are dressed in ducks or clowns onesies) and Joey said:
Ducks is heads because ducks have heads.
Chandler: What kind of scary ass clown did you have at your birthday party?
Another...Rachel telling Ross she's pregnant w his child.
Ross: (Re: the % of condoms not working all the time)
I'm not freaking out! I'm indignant as a consumer.
Also Joey's...Whatttt? to that
Nolan Otto
Nolan Otto - Day ago
I can’t imagine seriously laughing at any of these scenes
Aids R Aids
Aids R Aids - Day ago
Friends isnt funny
Mathilde Kristensen
One of mine is is when Rachel tells Ross that she is pregnant and he is like we wore a condom, and she is like they only work 97% of the time he goes: WELL THEY SHOULD PUT THAT ON THE BOX
Natalia Pena
Natalia Pena - Day ago
Yaamini kp
Yaamini kp - Day ago
Why does Chandler say I knew it 🤔
Aleemah Lanier
Aleemah Lanier - Day ago
Aleemah Lanier
Aleemah Lanier - Day ago
Shut up shut up
Real_TayDM610 - Day ago
16:30 I felt that haha 😂 when he said he threw most of his sandwich away 💀💀💀💀 I’d lose it too.
When I was younger, orange juice was my favorite thing to drink and my younger cousin got the last bit of our orange juice, took a sip, and tossed the rest in the sink. I felt so disrespected haha. I almost cried 😂😂😂
saurav bhattacharjee
saurav bhattacharjee - 2 days ago
Chandler steals the show
Chandler Deng
Chandler Deng - 2 days ago
Details! The leather pants part, ross actually had his shirt wet on the back
SlimJim - 2 days ago
Its a funny scene dont get me wrong but why does Ross have to count THEN turn. Cant u just turn and wait??
Jean Kennedy
Jean Kennedy - 2 days ago
If they didn't have that phony laugh track yucking it up all through it, who would know those scenes were supposed to be funny? I didn't think so.

Nice to see more of Ross's body, though. I always wanted him to take his clothes off. Those baggy trunks needed to come off, though, so we could see his glorious glutes and his 20/20 hindsight. That man really needed to do nude scenes. LOTS of nude scenes. He could do one in my bedroom tonight. Sure is hot in here, all of a sudden.....
Jae Miller
Jae Miller - 2 days ago
i love you
Giancarlo Parlato
Giancarlo Parlato - 2 days ago
I should've watch this show when it was still on Netflix
Corey Danielsjones
Corey Danielsjones - 2 days ago
14:30 not to be gay but he looking a little thick
shyaam s
shyaam s - 2 days ago
I didnt get it when he said puerto rican what does that mean
hal budge
hal budge - 2 days ago
Number of friends they were kissing:

Rachel 4/5 (Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross)
Phoebe 4/5 (Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Ross)
Monica 2/5 (Chandler, Ross)
Ross 4/5 (Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey)
Joey 4/5 (Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross)
Chandler 4/5 (Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey)
Bobman9420 - 2 days ago
Huh a time when actors/actress didn't make asses of themselves.
Oleci Mine
Oleci Mine - 3 days ago
You know that's a special kind of smile when your compliment worked!
George Wilson
George Wilson - 3 days ago
Where is SEVEN?
Patrick Star
Patrick Star - 3 days ago
LBlush - 3 days ago
You are missing the one that Rachel's truffle tasted like feet or the time that Ross is playing the musical instrument for Monica's wedding.
Ana Wirch
Ana Wirch - 3 days ago
The scene when Ross visits his messy girlfriends apartment
Melissa Lang
Melissa Lang - 3 days ago
Schwimmer was actually brilliant.
Skyfox - 3 days ago
The lack of Phoebe in this is actually disturbing.
Joey's reactions are just love
Princess Solace
Princess Solace - 3 days ago
Seriously though who IS this guy?
Nik India
Nik India - 4 days ago
Men: If you could be Chandler, Joey, or Ross... who would you be and why?
Women: If you could be Monica, Phoebe or Rachel... who would you be and why?
I trust Trust
I trust Trust - 4 days ago
I'm really hungry i want something to eat 🥴 i'm going to the kitchen ( quarantine effect) 🤣😉
Martin Kralik
Martin Kralik - 4 days ago
Where's "Potatoes are ruined! Potatoes are ruined! Potatoes are ruined!..."?
Coco Emma
Coco Emma - 4 days ago
Can you really pick a favourite line from all 10 seasons?? I can pink ONE for each episode...and this is me being reasonable!!!
Harsimar Rattan
Harsimar Rattan - 4 days ago
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datsdylan007 - 4 days ago
Deedurz - 4 days ago
Gibbo Jack
Gibbo Jack - 4 days ago
80% of people don’t like Ross but this video is 80% Ross
caljohn88 - 5 days ago
Is it ever NOT cold in that apartment Rachel? AMIRITE people?
Sam Zheng
Sam Zheng - 5 days ago
i c o n i c
shubham Bhadani
shubham Bhadani - 5 days ago
I just cried laughing in first scene
That Girl Reacts
That Girl Reacts - 5 days ago
My top 10 funniest moments (in no particular order):
1) Ross and Rachel fight after coming back from the beach “And just so you know, it’s NOT ok, it’s NOT that common, it DOESNT happen to every guy and it IS a big deal!” “I KNEW it!”
2) Chandler telling Ross he sometimes thinks of his mom when making out with a girl “You said share!” “I said share, not scare! Go sit over there!”
3) When Phoebe finds out about Chandler and Monica “My eyes! MY EYES!!”
4) The moment the girls lose their apartment to the guys “Transponster!” “THATS NOT EVEN A WORD!” *click* “NOOOOOOOOO” “YESSSSSSSSSSS”
5) When Ross and Rachel were stuck in that Vegas hotel room and got drunk
6) When Phoebe screams “Rachel” on the last episode at the airport.
7) Ross’s reaction after seeing Joey and Rachel kiss
8) When Monica tries to leave a new message on Richard’s answering machine and ends up making it his outgoing message.
9) Monica teaching Chandler the 7 erogenous areas in a woman’s body.
10) Ross hitting his face on a drier door at a laundromat after Rachel kissed him
Gwen Gyurovits
Gwen Gyurovits - 5 days ago
Zach Hollar
Zach Hollar - 5 days ago
Omfg. You don’t have the scene where phoebe and Rachel see Monica and chandler making out in their apartment from rosses and then Ross comes in and asks what’s wrong with them and then he jumps up and screams that shit was hilarious
EH travel
EH travel - 5 days ago
Still love this
The Outcast
The Outcast - 5 days ago
Theres seven 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Selene03Luna p
Selene03Luna p - 5 days ago
I still don't understand what the 7 is
Lupe The Monster Muncher
“Oh mommy oh daddy, I am a big ‘ol baddy!!!!”
Nena Quan
Nena Quan - 6 days ago
Friends is the best!!!!!
Ail Ail
Ail Ail - 6 days ago
marleykins LDN
marleykins LDN - 6 days ago
Myyyyy sandwichhhhhhh
Radhaisis Morales
Radhaisis Morales - 6 days ago
I can’t really remember some of the scenes because I couldn’t finish Friends because Netflix cut it off 🥺🥺 my life got destroyed when that happened in January 2020
True P
True P - 6 days ago
When your in quarantine and "Friends" brings you joy a d laughter 😃
Becky the man Lynch
Becky the man Lynch - 6 days ago
AmI the only one who always wondered what she was wearing under that robe
Christian James
Christian James - 6 days ago
I love this show sooo much!
Noa Geskes
Noa Geskes - 6 days ago
What about "They don't know that we know they know we know" scene????
ARUSH - 6 days ago
When Joey finds out about Monica and Chandler.. should have kept those as well
Stormylicious Princeso
Stormylicious Princeso - 7 days ago
Funniest moments to me:
*5* When the gang is in a restaurant; Ross, Monica and Chandler order fancy food while Rachel asks for a side salad, Phoebe for cucumber soup and Joey a small piece of pizza 'cause they didn't have that money.
*4* When Joey presents the award for best supporting actress being mad 'cause he didn't win.
*3* When Phoebe had the spirit of mrs. Adelman and she took her everywhere so she could see everything.. ending her journey at Susan and Carol's wedding.
*2* When Chandler talks to Jade (the hot aerobic instructor) pretending to be Bob, her ex boyfriend and she says that he wasn't good having sex.
*1* Ross and Phoebe's fight about a couple that was getting divorced.. ¡¡¡¿WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?!!! _WE WANT THE LAST SIX YEARS BACK!_ ¡¡¡¡SO DO WE, SO DO WE!!!!
BEATRICE MENDEZ - 7 days ago
Freids is my favorite seasen
Dr.s Saeed
Dr.s Saeed - 7 days ago
I’m sorry I don’t get it ..why is this show funny ?or why was this show ever considered funny ? Is this an American thing ?..the whole 5th grader boys humor with loud actors ?im seriously confused ....
Nelson Robert Willis
Nelson Robert Willis - 7 days ago
1,400 viewers felt Bamboozled by this compilation.
Saja - 7 days ago
I liked the “ahhh Salmon skin role”
Onni J
Onni J - 7 days ago
Hikkaduwa on kylä Sri Lankan lounaisrannikolla 100 kilometriä etelään Sri Lankan pääkaupungista, Colombosta. Vuonna 2004 iskeneen tsunamin vaikutukset veivät monelta srilankalaiselta ammatin, joten valtio kustansi elinkeinonsa menettäneille ihmisille ompelukoneita.
Radzik Lvp
Radzik Lvp - 7 days ago
28:58 " ...and Mexico " lol
ThAt BlOwS cHuNkS
ThAt BlOwS cHuNkS - 8 days ago
I’m ashamed of my relatives....

I remember when the one episode first aired...


Again *Very* ashamed....
Quinn S. Boquist
Quinn S. Boquist - 8 days ago
i didnt even smile how is this funny
Rachel sullivan
Rachel sullivan - 8 days ago
Just reading the comments as I'm watching,. I see alot of comments that ppl hated Ross! I didn't know or realise he wasn't liked.. I thoughg he was brilliant they were d perfect cast , I don't think it would have worked so well with anyone else..
Everything is stupid
Everything is stupid - 8 days ago
I understand Ross's anger with the sandwich. Ill never understand why ppl take other ppls food in the communal fridge, there is no excuse
Everything is stupid
Everything is stupid - 8 days ago
10:35ish, great transition
Mattan Benisty
Mattan Benisty - 8 days ago
MIRIAN 14 - 8 days ago
Friends is the best!!!
Jess olivia
Jess olivia - 8 days ago
" You fell AsLeEp?"😂
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