Half in the Bag: IT Chapter Two

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Bryan Jeffrey
Bryan Jeffrey - 8 hours ago
3, 456th comment. I have nothing else to add I haven't even seen the movie. I just really wanted to be the 3, 456 comment.
beans means
beans means - 19 hours ago
the Brie Larson joke made me do a spit take
Reaperpiss - 22 hours ago
I had a girl shriek at every fucking thing, im guessing she was like 16, so yeah teens for some reason are scared of the same stuff over and over
Ringus Slaterfist
Ringus Slaterfist - Day ago
I noticed that thing about the kids’ voices, too. Super distracting. Awful experience.
Grainne Mhaol
Grainne Mhaol - Day ago
This film gets extra points for Ben's Abs™️
Ewok Da Silva
Ewok Da Silva - Day ago
17:40 this reaction from jay is the weirdest thing
Adam Aizenberg
Adam Aizenberg - 2 days ago
I liked It, but I will admit I was waiting for the end to come it was dragging a bit, and the second I walked out of the theater I told my wife, “Well it was better than that regular shitty spider at the end of the original, I guess we got a clown spider?” Spider-Clown? Then I started singing Spider-Clown...
And then I watched your review 🤣
Jared Clark
Jared Clark - 2 days ago
The plot structure is weird but what’s wrong with that. The “call me angel in the morning” bit is weird but what’s wrong with that. Maybe you think it doesn’t work but at the very least it’s different if only slightly
Donald Munro
Donald Munro - 2 days ago
I believe there were two references to the turtle, both are very 'blink and you will miss it' types. In chapter one when they go swimming one of them get bit and it was a turtle and the second one is in chapter two in a flashback (I think it's Billy who picks up a toy turtle, possibly a lego one.
Shane O'Connell
Shane O'Connell - 2 days ago
Finn Wolfhard is a man in Stranger Things season 3, he grew
czerro1 - 2 days ago
The Digital De-Aging thing definitely happened. The studio announced it as a technological feat of the film, in one of the 10 billion articles leading up to the release of this film.

I know this has been done before to some extent, but for some reason the studio was claiming IT: Chapter Two, was the first movie to employ digital de-aging tech for the returning child actors.
John O'Brien
John O'Brien - 2 days ago
Bill Hader was one of the worst things in this movie, along with the distracting CGI. I didn't want to laugh at a horror movie this much, but unfortunately I did. Any tension in this movie was undercut by his stupid fucking jokes.
LiquidArmProduction - 2 days ago
I thought this was only gonna be an adaptation of the books 2nd chapter, real rip off, this movie rushed through everything. Could had a 24 movie epic, but nope.
mrtheluckybucket - 2 days ago
Steve shibe’s massive lips
souryes - 2 days ago
I’ve never laughed so hard during an entire movie review 😅
Rob Vespa
Rob Vespa - 3 days ago
We must have seen different movies.
Rob Vespa
Rob Vespa - 3 days ago
Sigh. Huh?
Jim Smith
Jim Smith - 3 days ago
More like Shit: Chapter Poo
Tim Morris
Tim Morris - 3 days ago
Does King ever explain that guns don't work on the scary shit? I haven't seen anything that a 12 gauge doesn't look like it would make short work of.
Nahuel Quesada
Nahuel Quesada - 3 days ago
I can't believe the Ritual of Chüd ended up being the Mafuba/Evil containment wave from Dragon Ball
MajorBoothroyd007 - 3 days ago
Not as bad as Man of Steel, Jay? Come on, now. You can't tell me this movie wouldn't have been better if all the grown up kids wrapped their hands around IT's neck and collectively snapped it, killing him instantly.
Kingofbandits05 - 3 days ago
Susan, you've got red on you.
Jonathan Bethards
Jonathan Bethards - 3 days ago
That Brie Larson joke was gold, Jerry, GOLD!
puuxexil - 3 days ago
Why didn't IT attack the adults? Here's my theory: In the book and miniseries, IT tells Henry that he could only get them if they "half believed". So it's obvious that all the losers fully believe in IT. Within ITs lair, the circumstances change, and IT is able to attack them in its spider form, which is what IT hopes to accomplish. I don't want to get too deep into the weeds here, and I could be way off.
Clothing_That_Speaks - 3 days ago
Thank goodness for you guys.
B W - 3 days ago
It was pretty obvious Ben was all about Bev in the first scene at the chinese restaurant, there are also instances throughout the movie of him glancing at her or him getting jealous when Bill is talking to her.
Burgunbeerd - 3 days ago
Gremlins 2 re;view coming soon. Warner Bros said no!
Bill Lynch
Bill Lynch - 3 days ago
Glad I got to watch the Gremlins 2 Re:VIEW before those dolts took it down. What a great film.
Samanosugon of Akkechi
Samanosugon of Akkechi - 3 days ago
Fuck Warner Bros. They should have to eat all the dicks. All of them.
Per Ehn
Per Ehn - 3 days ago
RIP Gremlins 2 Re:view
Myke Bellinger
Myke Bellinger - 3 days ago
I've come from the future to warn you your next video will get taken down!
TreeSlothSA - 3 days ago
Waaaaarner Bros
Beau Lijah
Beau Lijah - 3 days ago
I guess it's easy to write 1,000 pages after ingesting hallucinogenics.
jesse alvarado
jesse alvarado - 3 days ago
What’s the best way to contact warner ent. To explain fair use and call them cunts?
sashen667 - 3 days ago
It's true. Stephen King WAS a bag of cocaine in the 80's.
Nathan Ortiz
Nathan Ortiz - 3 days ago
"Spoiler for our own content" Man it's their second to last upload and it already aged badly
Mark Bennett
Mark Bennett - 3 days ago
The Gremlins 2 re review hsa been blocked
social kruption
social kruption - 3 days ago
Hey gang, if you wanna blow off some steam at WB go their channel and click on the "DOCTOR SLEEP - Final Trailer [HD]" video and tell'em how you feel, keep it civil as possible.
Secret Antitheist
Secret Antitheist - 3 days ago
I'm just waiting for the next 'remake' (soft reboot) of 'The Thing'. Where a group of intrepid female polar explorers hilariously stumble across an alien life form, ad-lib their way through the script and survive to the end because 'strong women' are unable to die in horrible ways due to girl power 'n shit.
Where is Waldo
Where is Waldo - 3 days ago
A white male alien life force of course
Live for Films
Live for Films - 3 days ago
Started watching the Gremlins 2 Review last night and was looking forward to watching the rest this morning then, boom, copyright claim. WTF!
Daniel Ambition
Daniel Ambition - 3 days ago
chainedlupine - 3 days ago
Hey, I liked IT.


Including Gremlins 2.
Hederach Fedaykin
Hederach Fedaykin - 3 days ago
With a certain gremlin vid block, I think it's time to unleash the Evans on Wb's collective faces.
Bellis - 3 days ago
Fudgeing warner, no bros at all!
daniel k. noguera
daniel k. noguera - 3 days ago
at least watched it early in the morning.
Ross Boedy
Ross Boedy - 3 days ago
what basis did WB have for blocking it?
what about fair use and all the other reviews you have done? why this one?
Graham Gentz
Graham Gentz - 3 days ago
noooo fuck warner bros
Jared Smith
Jared Smith - 3 days ago
Well i just tried watching the gremlins review but warner bros are being cunts, so i guess ill just watch this again
RamenCupBMG - 3 days ago
do a re:view on gattaca
Shane Akers
Shane Akers - 3 days ago
Warner Bros, classy as always.
Nathan Gibson
Nathan Gibson - 3 days ago
Could you guys do a review of Gremlins 2?
Rudy Bernardino
Rudy Bernardino - 3 days ago
Just noticed Gremlins 2 was deleted AS soon as I wanted to watch it again.
TubeScrewed - 4 days ago
A Stupid move on Warner Bros part to block the Gremlins 2 review. RLM's reviews have enticed me to buy many movies either forgotten, or never saw to begin with.
gabriel hersey
gabriel hersey - 4 days ago
Omg asshole WB asshole guys locked up your gremlins video! Those assholes!
Have I made my quota for the word asshole in this comment yet you assholes?
iam trappedonanisland
iam trappedonanisland - 4 days ago
Gremlins 2 blocked....sad face!!!!!!!
Best Bout Gaming
Best Bout Gaming - 4 days ago
Warner logic: Fine with you shitting on their films. If you have nice things to say though, get that ass banned
David Pfohl
David Pfohl - 4 days ago
Gremlins 2 commentary is blocked on copyright bullshit FYI
A S - 4 days ago
they seriously took down the gremlins 2 video? fak utube
Matthew Schaefer
Matthew Schaefer - 4 days ago
ME: "Hey, Warner Bros., what did you think of RLM's GREMLINS 2: The New Batch re:View?"
WARNER BROS: "We don't wanna say we hated it, but we didn't like it so we had it taken down for spite."
Benjamin Snyder
Benjamin Snyder - 4 days ago
Please, bring back the Gremlins 2 Re:View!
TacticusPrime - 4 days ago
Man, fuck Warner Brothers. Those pieces of dogshit.
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