Grandma Helps Save Base Jumper Dangling Off Building

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Inside Edition
Inside Edition - 7 months ago
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Muskan Khan
Muskan Khan - 4 days ago
Boi okkkk
Mauricio Movilla
Mauricio Movilla - 9 days ago
They actually comment Interesting.
Julianne murakami
Julianne murakami - Month ago
Official Central Blocks City in life and death and I love the fact
Lavaeh Spruce
Lavaeh Spruce - 2 months ago
I’m just
stvrliqht - 4 months ago
granny to the rescue! Btw ilysm! :)
De'Ansa Morgan
De'Ansa Morgan - 3 hours ago
Anthony's Slime and Putty Channel Art & Muffy Clips
Harry Potter is the Causer of the incitent.
Me me
Me me - 2 days ago
Me: *Do you want a glass of water?*
mr bubz luvs woomy
mr bubz luvs woomy - 5 days ago
OODD Clan - 5 days ago
Ohh godd
Steve Lolz
Steve Lolz - 5 days ago
Granny was just happy to have some company ☺️
Josephine Lucero
Josephine Lucero - 9 days ago
Why did he do that
ROWAN QUINONES - 10 days ago
Guess he just wanted too “hang” around
WizardMan_0522 - 10 days ago
*i see you*
El Gordo de la Sierra
El Gordo de la Sierra - 10 days ago
My hands got sweaty asf watching this 💀💀😂🤣😭
x CrusaderOfHope
x CrusaderOfHope - 10 days ago
I love how she just offered him a glass of water after saving him 😂😂😊
Doggy World Boxing
Doggy World Boxing - 10 days ago
Please lord I jus have one wish send me a young man from the sky and I’ll....
*Man crashes into balcony*
Oh thank you lord!
Wolf Girl
Wolf Girl - 11 days ago
Lesson learns kids respect gram gram
rxvertZK '
rxvertZK ' - 11 days ago
The granny made him cookies after
baby bee'l
baby bee'l - 11 days ago
base jumper jumps of roof
grandma saves him
grandma asks if he wants glass of water like nothing happened
Gaming 100
Gaming 100 - 12 days ago
Man literally parachutes to grandma's balcony
Grandma: Do you want a glass of water?
Safia Diba
Safia Diba - 13 days ago
Aww what a sweet grandma😊😊😊
William Mathias
William Mathias - 14 days ago
His not sorry - his just delusional freak.
Dragon gaming2653
Dragon gaming2653 - 15 days ago
What a nice granny
Eaglit - 17 days ago
I bet the grandma just saved him to feed him lol
Isireli Muamua
Isireli Muamua - 17 days ago
Most grannies: U OK?!!
Her: do u want a glass of water?
Local Snowsofter
Local Snowsofter - 24 days ago
“Hanging there for his life”
me: parachute...?
Dimmie Candy
Dimmie Candy - 27 days ago
So glad he's okay
Ecks Alvarez
Ecks Alvarez - 27 days ago
My granny:
U eat before u leave ok
Worg - 29 days ago
I would have gladly accepted the glass of water if that happened to me
Roblox_ aids
Roblox_ aids - Month ago
😂 do u want a glass of wata
Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes - Month ago
Now that's what I call SUPER GRANDMA
Isabelle Umali
Isabelle Umali - Month ago
The grandmother was so wholesome she asked if he wanted water
Endless Negativity77
Endless Negativity77 - Month ago
I’m still laughing at “jumpus interuptus”
Anthony's Slime and Putty Channel Art & Muffy Clips
I kinda wish she was my grandma
Vincent De La Terre
Vincent De La Terre - Month ago
The hell just happened??
Michelle Ferguson
Michelle Ferguson - Month ago
I'm was dead when she said I see you (no hate)
Almond Gungon
Almond Gungon - Month ago
Imagine you crashed into another apartment room and there is a old lady saying would you like some cookie?
Connor Giove
Connor Giove - Month ago
"I see you" well obviously..
Highzone64 - Month ago
Bro the grandma acted like she dose it every day
Fey Romero
Fey Romero - 27 days ago
True 😂
Landon Toben
Landon Toben - Month ago
Why do you not say thank you
my YouTube channel
my YouTube channel - Month ago
What an idiot
Yvette Jerome
Yvette Jerome - Month ago
Name. Damendie
sydney jane
sydney jane - Month ago
i see u :)
TDS Vulture
TDS Vulture - Month ago
“Do you want a glass of water”
No no thank you
She’s so awesome
The i and s boy z
The i and s boy z - Month ago
joe's channel
joe's channel - Month ago
0:30 I see... you
Avigail Mendes
Avigail Mendes - Month ago
I'm sorry- But that grandma is the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Sugawara_Official - Month ago
Oh god-
HD Exotic
HD Exotic - Month ago
Loll “jumpus interuptus” wtff lol
johnny bravo
johnny bravo - Month ago
what if john vincent failed his base jump on the twin towers in 1991
Honey Bear Twins!
Honey Bear Twins! - Month ago
Hah granny cominnm
justinthatsav - Month ago
U can get hurt but that Is good because u need to help people
Ashley Ruiz
Ashley Ruiz - Month ago
Awww so cute 😢😢
z_gamer465 gacha life
z_gamer465 gacha life - Month ago
Super gramma to the rescue!!
Teri Lawton
Teri Lawton - Month ago
Grandma:Would you like a glass of water
Jump: glider:no no thank you,
Me good she asked
William W
William W - Month ago
The reporter: JuMuPuS InTeRruPtus
Nahikiya Walker
Nahikiya Walker - Month ago
This old lady should get somflowers
PINKI BAJAJ - Month ago
That granny is a real superhero
R3kk1 - Month ago
I got one question...
Why would he do a parachute by a apartment though?
Funday Everyday
Funday Everyday - Month ago
I think the man dated the grandma!! So cute!
Kelly Garcia
Kelly Garcia - 2 months ago
So cute
Teq Stavreva
Teq Stavreva - 2 months ago
Dang that grandma is such a big big hero
Shade Playzz
Shade Playzz - 2 months ago
Where my Michigan gang at?
Adnan Tahirovic
Adnan Tahirovic - 2 months ago
Lucy Q
Lucy Q - 2 months ago
Guy: stupid
Grandma: hero
EEE - 2 months ago
How is he a daredevil he had a. Parachute he jumped of with one not like he is jumping with out a Parachute
Peytonplayz - 2 months ago
I love how he just said

“Oh that sucks”😂😂😭😭
Peytonplayz - 2 months ago
Me when I’m hanging on a side of a balcony: FUCH NUGGETTTTT
him: “oh that sucks”

VSCO peppa pig
VSCO peppa pig - 2 months ago
granny just wanted to give him a lot of cookies.
Glitch簡 - 2 months ago
See ya to the heaven
LostFire - 2 months ago
Me: *gets run over by a truck*
Her: want a glass of water? :]
Nicolas Mares
Nicolas Mares - 2 months ago
jupiter - 2 months ago
The usual grandma question ' do you want a glass of water' really appreciate her
Laura Mendoza
Laura Mendoza - 2 months ago
She's a lifesaver wow
The Two LL's In The Kitchen, Plus,INC
Grandma:I see you want a glass of water?
I love her she is live mine she is amazing like mine grandmas
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer - 2 months ago
Never say no to a spanish grandma
Unhealthily obsessed Starbucks girl
Him: dangling for his life
Also him: oh that sucks :/
Bloo Phouthavanh
Bloo Phouthavanh - 2 months ago
Inferno_Milø - 2 months ago
"Jumpus interuptus"
Jasiyah Turner
Jasiyah Turner - 2 months ago
That was so nice
Savannah Banana
Savannah Banana - 2 months ago
Bella Castro
Bella Castro - 2 months ago
Nickie deathmoonlight
Nickie deathmoonlight - 3 months ago
'' do u want a glass of water''
Miller Clark
Miller Clark - 3 months ago
Cassidy Knight
Cassidy Knight - 3 months ago
Even standing from the balcony looks terrifying 😂
Nimutz - 3 months ago
Hope he's safe
pony🦄✨🌟 - 3 months ago
William Martin
William Martin - 3 months ago
I see you
North-East - 3 months ago
At first I thought he was going for the pool
Chris Gamboa
Chris Gamboa - 3 months ago
Americans dare to do clueless things in Mexico... smh
Carla’s Life
Carla’s Life - 3 months ago
That lady is so nice. Bless her ☺️
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda - 3 months ago
I would have taken that glass of water lol😂
lispyKimmy - 3 months ago
Can I have a glass of water
LostSquad - 3 months ago
That grandma was just baking some cookies when that man came out of no where
Vung Cing
Vung Cing - 3 months ago
Him: *almost died*

Granny: "Do you want a glass of water?"
Nellyfitmom - 3 months ago
KL hMvbkhb(BhI GnnGumnbvny V F H. L. The
RyThe;nBBB Kmkl
c0z0 m0n
c0z0 m0n - 3 months ago
Play stupid games win stupid prizes. He is so lucky he didn't die.
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Who else came here from an ad?
Aidyn Ware
Aidyn Ware - 3 months ago
*Jumpus interruptus* that made me laugh way harder than it should have.
Niylah JayPheonix
Niylah JayPheonix - 3 months ago
This idiot deside to do something stupid then Granny came to the rescue
Foot Family
Foot Family - 3 months ago
He didn’t say thank you
Ambttethv - 3 months ago
This dude was supposed to die that day. A shame for our species.
Rytron Gaming
Rytron Gaming - 3 months ago
Mad lads from my state gets you near killed
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