Joseline Hernandez is Back on Reality TV

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champayne marte
champayne marte - 12 minutes ago
YESSSS!!! Sis said
“And she knew that when I was done with her and everybody else I was gonna OWN VH1”
Heard you loud and clear Scorpio ♏️ ✨👏🏾👏🏾
100%African Khoi
100%African Khoi - Hour ago
Terrible wig
Goddess Diamond
Goddess Diamond - Hour ago
Joseline gets prettier the older she gets
Heather J.
Heather J. - 2 hours ago
I don’t think Cardi stole Joseline’s spot. At the time Cardi B popped off Joseline was in no way ready for that kind of pop off, she was hard on drugs, acting out and wasn’t reliable in regards to following through with business commitments. It’s nice to see her put together and fully functional!
Mack McPhaul
Mack McPhaul - 2 hours ago
Wendy is so ghetto and Ratchet in this interview I am so proud of Joseline how she has matured Bravo Jocelyn Bravo
Kiki Fen
Kiki Fen - 3 hours ago
Wendy could've taken this interview sooo many places , and instead what does she do? Resort to reminding Joseline of her chequered past, instead of opening up on all the positive and the change in her life .... JOseline is glowing and doing amazing.... why couldn't Wendy focus on that?? Beginning to turn me off
Cooking with Betsy
Cooking with Betsy - 4 hours ago
You cannot put Cardi B or Jocelyn Hernández in the same category you cannot
Cooking with Betsy
Cooking with Betsy - 4 hours ago
Jamie Pearson
Jamie Pearson - 5 hours ago
Joseline Hernandez is ugly to me.and she don't look Spanish at all.
Odell Dixon
Odell Dixon - 4 hours ago
Jamie Pearson your so fucking ignorant
Nelly Huns
Nelly Huns - 5 hours ago
Damn she that btch Issa talent scout lmao I swear this world is nothing but a big wizard of Oz
LuvindaHair - 5 hours ago
Joseline #Da Puerto Rican process looks happy! God bless you In all you do, Wendy a trip!!!
R.H Rae
R.H Rae - 6 hours ago
She seems like she has matured. She articulated herself really well. Good for her.
Terri Wiley
Terri Wiley - 6 hours ago
It’s time for Wendy to call it quits. She has always been messy but now she is just’s cringe worthy
Lillian Azizpor
Lillian Azizpor - 7 hours ago
I love her accent
Dwight McKenzie
Dwight McKenzie - 7 hours ago
SHE CAME *PREPARED!* To show EVERYBODY including Wendy that she's not just Joseline! and a spectacle, but a BOSS!
Yung Pabloo
Yung Pabloo - 8 hours ago
She really tried to get Joseline to shade Cardi B 👏🏾 Wendy has no class or respect anymore. So sad
iBeezy-Minaj B-Minaj
iBeezy-Minaj B-Minaj - 9 hours ago
Only here for my baby Jos 😍😍😍
Anna Grandmother
Anna Grandmother - 11 hours ago
I can’t with Wendy I am not even interested to watch anymore with her nastiness to certain guests
MomMeFun - 13 hours ago
I'm happy for Josline, she is beaming with happiness. She looks different, speaks different, behaves different, even dress different shes in positive space; confidence, matured, refreshed. I'm glad her year has already started well. Happy for her and her new relationship as well, I can tell her new companion adores her based off what I've seen on other show. Out with the old and in with the new everything in her life!🤗🎉👏
danjuma danlandi
danjuma danlandi - 15 hours ago
She talks tooo much fam, She does nt even have a Billboard Music, and she wants to buy VH1,
Mona Scott OWNs the Franchise of Love and Hip Hop, and its shows in 5 cities .
She is all about talk , talk , talk, any body can talk like this , we need actions,
MOna Scott has being Executive Producing for YEArsssssssssssssssssssss,
Joseline, be fucking humble, without Stevie and Mona................You probably still be stripping!!
Jenelle Griles
Jenelle Griles - 16 hours ago
Joseline kept it classy; good for her.  #Growth
Sky Blue
Sky Blue - 18 hours ago
I hope this is not an act because she was very disrespectful to the people who put her on the map !!!
Leo Barrales
Leo Barrales - 20 hours ago
It seems like yesterday, Joseline kept calling Wendy fake, for interviewing the same woman that practically got her to where she is, only that she barely has any music. 🤥
Tiffany Romeich
Tiffany Romeich - 21 hour ago
People are calling this woman who is fighting on tv dressed in a thong and bra mature and in a good place? You must be in a fcked up place to think she’s in a “good place”.
keykey843 - 22 hours ago
Joseline has grown. That is real glow up sis!!
Mini Ponie
Mini Ponie - 23 hours ago
Wendy was being so rude and shady to her
Daniella Dorismond
Daniella Dorismond - 23 hours ago
Premapiggy 🐖 i cant
Tatyana Quainè Rencher
Tatyana Quainè Rencher - 23 hours ago
Naturally Divine
Naturally Divine - Day ago
Wendy is tooooo freaking funny 🤣😂🤣😂
Naturally Divine
Naturally Divine - Day ago
No you didn’t Wendy the shade 🤣😂🤣😂😂
La Belle Desire Fanou
Wowww her English get so much better. She ‘s talking with big words. Carly b needs to do the same thing with goes back for English class.
Tiff - Day ago
Why compare Cardi B to her. They both can be successful stop putting them against themselves. What God has for you is what God has for you period
Bon Robinson
Bon Robinson - Day ago
Wendy is dirtyyyy....
DisneySNiper - Day ago
Wendy look lik she gained weight in the face r sumthin...
Ms.Shantel Idlett-lewis
john stewart
john stewart - Day ago
Here's the thing 🤣🤣🤣
john stewart
john stewart - Day ago
Joseline is speaking very well and clear minded
Hats off Mommy
Christopher Pagan
Christopher Pagan - Day ago
Wendy was being really disrespectful from jump. SMH.
Gemini Shae
Gemini Shae - Day ago
Wendy is so shadyyyy 🤣
Gemini Shae
Gemini Shae - Day ago
They could really be best friends ❤️ their energy is so cute.
northwoodlandhills - Day ago
Prima piggie?! 🤣🤣🤣
A A - Day ago
I was so excited to see two of my favorite people have a conversation, not watch one try to tear the other down.
I hope someone brings these comments to Wendy’s attention because every last one is about her unattractive behavior towards her GUEST. Which wasn’t as classy as I know she can be.
Kay HersheeKiss
Kay HersheeKiss - Day ago
Wendy shades her the whole time
Natasha Fidoxx
Natasha Fidoxx - Day ago
Love the growth in her aura
DEVISON 010 - Day ago
Lovely One
Lovely One - Day ago
I will say this....I didn’t care for Joseline before but after this interview and apparent growth, I realize that I love love love her self confidence and I celebrate women empowerment and growth! She’s not perfect as nobody is, but she has grown up and matured some through time and motherhood and I can respect that! ❤️
Baby Hendrix
Baby Hendrix - Day ago
My fucking fave
Natalia Increase
Natalia Increase - Day ago
I just love her. Joseline kip moving on to higher grounds. U r so beautiful n perfect. 💋💋💋🥰🥰🥰💝💝💝💪💪💪💪
Kay Doll
Kay Doll - Day ago
I was waiting for the shade everybody said Wendy was giving but saw none.
Starchildfrom 90s
Starchildfrom 90s - Day ago
Someone got them a fucking PR manager honey cause baby Joselines attitude has cleaned up. I think she has found her lane and got proper media training. Shes learned to have an attractive personality outside of the love and hip hop realm. Shes learning to turn it on and off.
lat cox
lat cox - Day ago
Wendy face is funny looking. What happened?
Gemstar013's Tea Oracles
It's called growth and maturity Wendy (try it sometime). I'm so happy Joseline shut you down with class. Why do you insist on keeping people in a box. What if every time someone bumped into you on the streets they would ask you if you're high on coke or running away from your cheating man. How would you like it? We care about where she's going and the projects she's currently working on and not where she came from, that's history. Can't you ever genuinely be happy for anyone other than yourself Ms. Man? Love ya Jos and keep up the great work! Wendy is just a hater but you see how fast she scooted over to Jos when she said she get paid the highest... enough said.
me yes
me yes - Day ago
Love the new Joseline!!! That's right girl let them Know you been a boss. Way to answer the questions you wanted to & avoid the shady questions with positive responses toward other topics. Claps for you,!!!👏🏾
Lorraine Durham
Lorraine Durham - Day ago
Why would she ask her is she sleeping with Stevie, on live television, KNOWING FAITH IS WATCHING. Wendy was being very mean in this interview. I'm so proud of Joseline she handled her perfectly.
0:53 🔥🔥💛
Electra Trinidad 🇹🇹
I liked how Joseline kept the energy on her and not Cardi
Electra Trinidad 🇹🇹
Janae the Stingettes Captain looks just like Joseline beautiful 🥰
Dina Johns
Dina Johns - Day ago
Fns Consulting
Fns Consulting - Day ago
Josaline has really matured, she didn't diss Stevie and her energy has gotten very positive. Very proud of this woman.
Haley W
Haley W - Day ago
Why does Wendy William's look like the aliens from men in black...??? 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀
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