Bryan Callen Talks How Comedians Are Reacting To The Current World

Soilent - Month ago
You know what they say, the only thing funnier than Brian Callen doing standup is Brian Callen when he's serious.
Nxght - Month ago
his tangent came out of left field imo.
meta node
meta node - Month ago
Once those lids get done the skies the limit for this kid.
Maybe get that beak shaved down a bit while you're at it.
Matt Hoover
Matt Hoover - Month ago
Byron's fan here. Happy to see he's not passed.
Speaks Mcgee
Speaks Mcgee - Month ago
Tell em, coach!
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez - Month ago
This dude got his eyelids done.
Clay Foster
Clay Foster - Month ago
This suddenly turned into an episode of TFATK
Jeffrey Moscardelli
Jeffrey Moscardelli - Month ago
They cancelled schooled the show he was on he's got plenty of time
Grayson Howard
Grayson Howard - Month ago
I miss Mixed Mental Arts😂
Marselluswallace - Month ago
Best comedian ive ever seen live
Dustin Chad Alston
Dustin Chad Alston - Month ago
Germany seems to be doing fine, see what being truly educated does for a society. Sweden is another example, much smaller nations but supposedly were at much higher risk. According to the WHO.
JordanSlash - Month ago
chris O'neillLast
chris O'neillLast - Month ago
Is Brian even looking at the camera? He looks like that weird dude from Pokémon
nunya - Month ago
Coach !!!
Bookie - Month ago
Callen isn't a comedian
plutosorbitoutthere - Month ago
Old gay owl
Mr. Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi - Month ago
Conversation Strangler Stevens back at it.
Voreli - Month ago
I see Callen as a 5/10 on the funny scale as a podcaster. Haven’t checked out his stand up because of it lol
M Purple Haze
M Purple Haze - Month ago
Best coach on TV in Daisy Dukes ever.
Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson - Month ago
Hey wrinks!! Open them eyes!!
Theopheus - Month ago
Why does this jackass keep rotating his camera around?
Cam - Month ago
My man Wrinks! 👌🤣
Physiics - Month ago
You can see Bryan’s back from this angle. Thick lol
Marlo Stanfield
Marlo Stanfield - Month ago
Who tf is this guy that’s so full o’ dents!
B Dog
B Dog - Month ago
I saw callen on steven crowder.. not only is the dude funny, he's intelligent and has a good head on his shoulders
Christopher Frost
Christopher Frost - Month ago
Every time I see him on Rogan I thought he was one the Onnit, co-founders
familiar face
familiar face - Month ago
BKJ is at it again.
Cattibingo - Month ago
Why does Callen sound like he's inside a metal trash can?
Unz360 - Month ago
Cuz he's old and he doesn't understand technology
Jord The Canadian
Jord The Canadian - Month ago
TANK SHERMAN - Month ago
No more than 100 protesters. No more than 12 at a family gathering. This clown politicians can’t even hide the fact this shutdown is nonsensical BS.
ATrueBosz - Month ago
It’s nice listening to Bryan without Chris Delias annoying ass interrupting him every 30 seconds
Mr. Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi - Month ago
And by Chris Delia you do mean Brandon Shaub, correct?
Justin Meagher
Justin Meagher - Month ago
Name dropping Rogan. Cmon. Man U got this spot and this all u got
Justin Meagher
Justin Meagher - Month ago
Wish he was funny but really far from funny honestly. Seems like he knows the right people though
Blake Severson
Blake Severson - Month ago
Man Bryan was great! He should speek up more
david herzing
david herzing - Month ago
Why cant Pat stop blowing all these Rogan satellites? these guys are gay AF
Jonathan Frisbee
Jonathan Frisbee - Month ago
Bryan "Ramblin' ryan" Callen
David - Month ago
Yall really gonna pressure this guy into getting his lids done!
Austin Smith
Austin Smith - Month ago
Sweet tart tart
Giga-Chad - Month ago
Awe no........I see what McAfee is doing, invite all rogans friends on and maybe Joe will invite McAfee on. What's this old guy got to do with sports?
It's good to see Bryan reaching out to all of his fan.
bryan robinson
bryan robinson - Month ago
the jackrabbit !!
Chris Wright
Chris Wright - Month ago
Pat's got a sweet tart tartin gay owl on the show today
ea9 - Month ago
McAfee is one step closer to St. Rogies
Christopher Do44
Christopher Do44 - Month ago
I would cut em off too lol
Red Jesus
Red Jesus - Month ago
God damn did callen ramble on this one lol
ROCK BOTTOM STUDIOS formerly Thor360
Brendan free zone
Joseph Camilletti
Joseph Camilletti - Month ago
Glad to see Wrinks getting the exposure he deserves.
Bob Sacamanto
Bob Sacamanto - Month ago
But hey Callen, Mmmmmm yur lids need done y’sleepy.
mike ouillette
mike ouillette - Month ago
Glad to see bit killer jones is still alive and well in his advanced age
Mr. Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi - Month ago
AKA Conversation Strangler Stevens.
andrewchun1 - Month ago
Bring on Chris Delia !
Outlaw Fisher
Outlaw Fisher - Month ago
Man PMS fans who didn’t know who Callen was really got the whole spectrum here lol
Hunter 1213
Hunter 1213 - Month ago
SubbedDude eh maybe pack a snack
Pack a lunch, he'll meet ya halfway. Be hesitant when he starts breaking out his personal form of martial arts, Callendo is fatal..
quinn wilson
quinn wilson - Month ago
This nerd is y I watch u. Where I Get my sports these days. I know the stats i know the games . Need real ,funny and sports. Women too
Dillon Young
Dillon Young - Month ago
Those lids lookin a lil DENTED
Sean - Month ago
Preach! Amen
Mr.BigBoss7 - Month ago
The only guy Brian is funnier than is Brandon Shaub. These guys are not that good as far as comedians. Joe Rogan is no different. I get hair cuts on Tuesday cause I’m an asshole? Ya that’s pretty funny
Nick Rodriguez
Nick Rodriguez - Month ago
He finally got his lids done
BOSTON STEVE - Month ago
wow now i totally see what schaub is talkin about when he says wrinks needs to get his lids done
Sean - Month ago
Meanwhile you’re going to need to get your body done when you’re his age hahahaha, stfu
LeBong Jaymes
LeBong Jaymes - Month ago
It is literally impossible for Rogan’s peers not to mention his name at least once in any interview no matter who is conducting it, or what it is about.
Gene Karson
Gene Karson - Month ago
somebody humor me and type out how Pat says ‘world’
Allen White
Allen White - Month ago
Garrett Starnes
Garrett Starnes - Month ago
Wrinks just went full speech mode lol
Dallas Wood
Dallas Wood - Month ago
yeah would be a dicey time to be a comedian somebody's going to get ass hurt no matter what you say
eddie dean
eddie dean - Month ago
Bryan sucks
Russell Wise
Russell Wise - Month ago
Bill Burr!
D S - Month ago
Cool of Pat to have a boxing expert on
Jonathan Velder
Jonathan Velder - Month ago
Thanks boys, i love Brian
Jiovanni Muniz
Jiovanni Muniz - Month ago
What a sweet tart tarten ass.....
Uncle Nature
Uncle Nature - Month ago
Bryan Callen cheated on his wife with many from the trans community. Just a heads up Pat
bryan robinson
bryan robinson - Month ago
he drives a tesla not a trans am
Andrey - Month ago
Why do y'all want Rogan and Pat together?
Giga-Chad - Month ago
Captain BP&J
Captain BP&J - Month ago
Soon pat will be on rogan.. They will be quick friends.
Patrick Curry
Patrick Curry - Month ago
In Vincable I hope Pat just stays on course. There are already plenty of west coast comedian ‘limbs’ to the JRE tree. Pat’s show/cast are refreshingly not CA and I’d like it to stay that way.
In Vincable
In Vincable - Month ago
Joe sell out rogan that won’t have an old friend Bobby lee on because of a 20 years old beef with his friend Carlos? Rogan is just hype he’s not the funniest or the best
mbolduc - Month ago
Pat on DMT should be a pay per view event
Don’t Copy My Style
Don’t Copy My Style - Month ago
ROCK BOTTOM STUDIOS formerly Thor360
And Rogan will tell Pat he's never watched a football game and doesn't know the rules...
T0nyMc716 - Month ago
Pat just trying to get closer to Rogan...Schaub, Bert and now Callen
Patrick Irwin
Patrick Irwin - Month ago
Went and order some Chinese food got the WUHANSPECIAL all they did was cough in a rice bowl 😲
AMN. Espinosa
AMN. Espinosa - Month ago
Thicc Boys!
Daniel Farrell
Daniel Farrell - Month ago
Confirmed: Bryan Callen eyebrows have IN FACT STOPPED QUARANTINE. 📰
Literally Sarcastic
Literally Sarcastic - Month ago
Looks like Bry is sleep taking again
Xander Mishos
Xander Mishos - Month ago
Bryan when serious is one of the smartest people in society rn
Non Nawoke
Non Nawoke - Month ago
That’s the guy from the Goldberg’s
Austin Napier
Austin Napier - Month ago
"Improv is an American art form"
Commedia dell'arte: wat
Vince Vega
Vince Vega - Month ago
@PSU Wrestling a name i haven't heard in years
PSU Wrestling
PSU Wrestling - Month ago
What is that?
j popo
j popo - Month ago
Why you got this DINING ROOM TABLE on the show??
Richard Mahaffey
Richard Mahaffey - Month ago
Sooooo many dents
EamonTron - Month ago
Conversation Strangler Steven
Dee Zee
Dee Zee - Month ago
Wow that guy needs his lids done
Rosinger - Month ago
He is, June 16th papa😂
Daniel Farrell
Daniel Farrell - Month ago
It's not that. His eyebrows are try-hards. 🗿🚬
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