Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 1)

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Torrence_ Qween
Torrence_ Qween - Hour ago
I love whoppers
EKS511 - 3 hours ago
I love whoppers, especially the strawberry milkshake flavored ones.
Emily Nathan
Emily Nathan - 5 hours ago
I LOVE them!
cthulhu god of destruction
Whoppers are great and if you put a couple in milk and stir it is delicious
Kaitlyn Baird
Kaitlyn Baird - 12 hours ago
They should do this to see what frozen pizza is the best
Shannon Ryan
Shannon Ryan - 14 hours ago
I love butter Scotch
Sven The Dog
Sven The Dog - 17 hours ago
Chocolate Covered Raisins are really good. I LOVE them.
Change my mind
caleb brundage
caleb brundage - Day ago
Most of them are good
LYFT_Cam j
LYFT_Cam j - Day ago
“It’s chocolate!”

-Link Neal

lanakila - Day ago
Who else thinks good and plenty just looks like medication?
Jade M.
Jade M. - Day ago
I absolutely love fireballs tho 😂😂😂
I’m the most lit squirrel
Dots r lit
King STAZE - Day ago
2:43 Pause, and you'll see it. I'm so sorry.
Hannah Loose
Hannah Loose - Day ago
OMG I love Raisinets , Whoppers, And kinda dots ( the red ones and green)
Crusty.MP4 - Day ago
dots are good
AbaddonSS3 - Day ago
Dots are my favorite candy :(
JoeyDan McDonough
JoeyDan McDonough - Day ago
Whoppers are the best who ever said that needs serious mental help
Maia Merkel
Maia Merkel - 2 days ago
"Dots give you menopause"
*goes to store*
I'll take all of your Dots. And the next shipment.
Pie Vive
Pie Vive - 2 days ago
How to know this video is going to be amazing 5:17
Dan Fowler
Dan Fowler - 2 days ago
7:04 not funny didn't laugh
Brooke M
Brooke M - 2 days ago
All candy is awesome
Gay Potato
Gay Potato - 2 days ago
Almost everyone hates candy corn but I love it :(
Amie Young
Amie Young - 2 days ago
I have a confession...

I like whoppers
Amie Young
Amie Young - 2 days ago
ever what or lil a Nick And
The UpbeatNarwhal
The UpbeatNarwhal - 2 days ago
We call chilly Willy’s freezies so ya the more u know
Sunshine Johnson
Sunshine Johnson - 2 days ago
Love Whoppers and Rasinets.
Ace Irish
Ace Irish - 2 days ago
Dude over this past summer I ate like 5 atomic fireballs in a row. Those things are GREAT
Lilitu - 3 days ago
That Whoppers lady scares me
DINO FOSL 66 - 3 days ago
Rhett and link are saints in there own right. I want them to come to my house instead of santa
MMM Green tail
MMM Green tail - 3 days ago
I like the jackolantern arch
Korok Playz
Korok Playz - 3 days ago
00:00 link said Halloweem
Dominic Zande
Dominic Zande - 3 days ago
I like dots
Anthony G
Anthony G - 3 days ago
First of all Raisonets and Dots are delicious.
Alice Lolita
Alice Lolita - 3 days ago
if Nik-L-Nips is Rhett's nickname, is Link's nickname Chilly Willy?
Supreme RTG
Supreme RTG - 3 days ago
Dots are good af in my opinion
aerik holcombe
aerik holcombe - 4 days ago
Dots and raisinets are are good what the heck
Sophie Grahm
Sophie Grahm - 4 days ago
I LOVE DOTS!!!!!!!!!!
Jake Grizz
Jake Grizz - 4 days ago
I love ASMR
Sabine Luz
Sabine Luz - 4 days ago
I love whoppers why
Samantha Pedersen
Samantha Pedersen - 4 days ago
Unpopular opinion
Licorice is the best!!
Backyard Sequoia
Backyard Sequoia - 4 days ago
I've never had good and plenty
Backyard Sequoia
Backyard Sequoia - 4 days ago
Nik L Nips are fun!
Tiffany Nguyen
Tiffany Nguyen - 4 days ago
Whoppers are like the best candy in the world to me
STAY PUFT STUDIOS 21 - 4 days ago
We call whoppers malteasers in the uk
moon dude gaming
moon dude gaming - 4 days ago
I love dots
shadows mumble
shadows mumble - 4 days ago
Fairy Time
Fairy Time - 4 days ago
For Example
For Example - 4 days ago
look, i just want to talk..
satisfying 101
satisfying 101 - 4 days ago
This is bullcrap dots shouldn't have moved on dota are so delicious
n3kbrEak3r - 4 days ago
Stopped in the instant licorice beat whoppers.
shyne covers stuff
shyne covers stuff - 4 days ago
Whoppers are 🔥change my mind
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