Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 1)

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Corissa Howington
Corissa Howington - Day ago
Dots are my favorite Halloween candy!
SpeedyVR - 2 days ago
Alys Crandall
Alys Crandall - 3 days ago
Dots are my life source
kirstyn cousert
kirstyn cousert - 3 days ago
who ever voted whoppers and those bottle things i hope u get toothpaste, toothbrush,and floss for Halloween
Harper Corbet
Harper Corbet - 4 days ago
I love raisinets but I have never had them as a Halloween candy I always have them as a movie candy
Sarah Hunter
Sarah Hunter - 4 days ago
I love licorice!!!!
And my sister and I fight over dots when we get them.
I also can't eat any of the ones that have gluten or dairy in them tho so idk. I did it a whopper once
Eliza Carrie
Eliza Carrie - 4 days ago
Dots were my childhood!!!! I used to fight my big brother for his mini boxes of dots on Halloween and give him all my Reese’s because I hated peanut butter. They may not like them but dots are lit, they’re NOT just decorative
Skeptical Libertarian
Skeptical Libertarian - 7 days ago
Candy corn. Simple
6:32 Rhett became so Southern:p
Liam Mead
Liam Mead - 8 days ago
Bruh DOTS are just gummies they aren’t great but aren’t bad at all
christina elgarresta
christina elgarresta - 9 days ago
Who else actually loooooovvveeeessss woppers?! 🤣😂😆
The Highlight Reel
The Highlight Reel - 10 days ago
Dots are amazing man!
Mike Mead
Mike Mead - 11 days ago
I like everything too.
Justin Case
Justin Case - 11 days ago
In Ireland we have Maltesers which I think is the same as whoppers and they are hella good
Logan Baugh
Logan Baugh - 12 days ago
I hope whoever that voted for dots, whoppers, and chocolate raisins get toothbrushes for holloween
Krystal Bowen
Krystal Bowen - 13 days ago
I think most of the hard candies don’t taste bad but they are choking hazards.
Justin Day
Justin Day - 14 days ago
I’m here and I love dots. Lol.
Tenorgirl 311
Tenorgirl 311 - 15 days ago
Bruh is it just me, nickel nips are my favorite CANDY!!!!
Karica Chen
Karica Chen - 15 days ago
I love dots 😅
f r e e that spells free
f r e e that spells free - 15 days ago
3/8 of these are my favorite candy LMAO
Makayla 22
Makayla 22 - 15 days ago
How can dots be bad! =[
Makayla 22
Makayla 22 - 15 days ago
Link I eat dots and I love them!
Makayla 22
Makayla 22 - 15 days ago
Who doesn’t like dots?!?!?
Alyssa Walsh
Alyssa Walsh - 16 days ago
They make sour dots
Mr. Poop
Mr. Poop - 17 days ago
Whoppers and dots are my favorite. Whoever voted for them are stoopid
Sheila Judd
Sheila Judd - 18 days ago
Mounds and Almond Joys not the same thing and so far there's only one thing to you all have that I won't even eat or
Sebastian Mills
Sebastian Mills - 18 days ago
i love dots, whoppers, nickel nips, Raisinets, and butterscotch. these candies are my childhood in a nutshell.
hairless Dog
hairless Dog - 19 days ago
I kinda like dots
Shaimier Thompson
Shaimier Thompson - 19 days ago
I don’t know why some people don’t
Amelia - 19 days ago
Am I the only one who LOVES circus peanuts.................And all these candies
Amelia - 19 days ago
Cotton Candy Randy used to come and visit me every night but he stopped last month. I hope it's just because of quarantine because I really miss him.
Kpop Trash
Kpop Trash - 20 days ago
Anything butterscotch flavored is gonna taste good
Brooke Blade
Brooke Blade - 21 day ago
dots are amazing- wtf- 😂 how are dots not good to people?!
Rachel - 21 day ago
So are we seriously not gonna talk about what they call freezies?
Sari Bliss
Sari Bliss - 22 days ago
Dots *CAN* be good. Sometimes they're gross
Fletch Pivs09
Fletch Pivs09 - 24 days ago
Whoppers are just like maltisers
Sub for subway
Sub for subway - 24 days ago
oof am i the only one that actually likes tootsie rolls?
Chubby wubby Cali fishing crankbaiterjdg FishingDua
I remember when I was in elementary school I would eat the sugar covered gumdrops 👍💯 my favorite butterscotch lifesavers 👍💯
Chubby wubby Cali fishing crankbaiterjdg FishingDua
I love Dot's 👍💯
Paige Shaw
Paige Shaw - 25 days ago
Who tf doesn't like whoppers/maltesers ???!!!!
Alivia Shatto
Alivia Shatto - 26 days ago
I live for dots ;-;
Jonathan Wilkins
Jonathan Wilkins - 27 days ago
I love dots!
bbc - 28 days ago
Rasinets, Whoppers, Dots, Fireballs and Butterscotch are delicious! Lol
Janet Snider
Janet Snider - 29 days ago
i love dots
Sr. SlugSalad
Sr. SlugSalad - Month ago
How are raisinets bad
Shonda Hall
Shonda Hall - Month ago
my grandpa LOVED atomic Fireballs!
Jaydee Lane
Jaydee Lane - Month ago
I like dots
Renee Baran
Renee Baran - Month ago
J. P.
J. P. - Month ago
9:10 Raisinets have 702 calories per cup, not per serving. They have 110 calories per serving (24 grams).
K Frank
K Frank - Month ago
Dots are good
BlazingGaming - Month ago
Why are people always hating on candy corn? They are delicious!
CDF677 - Month ago
love dotslike if you agree
CDF677 - Month ago
love dots
like if you agree
Jam Jam
Jam Jam - Month ago
I love whoppers and raisinets 😊
Fast Boi productions
Fast Boi productions - Month ago
Danceswithsloths - Month ago
Wtf? Whoppers are one of my favorite candies...
Shy_TimídaLocooo 07
Shy_TimídaLocooo 07 - Month ago
My favorite candies as a toddler was Good and Plenty
Shy_TimídaLocooo 07
Shy_TimídaLocooo 07 - Month ago
Ottter pops was my whole life
Zach FiGart
Zach FiGart - Month ago
Is it just me or are some of these candies actually good and shouldn’t be in this
cloudQueen - Month ago
omg whoppers are honestly highkey dank 😭
Dakota Von Quack
Dakota Von Quack - Month ago
『oceanic』 - Month ago
alright, who are the weird people who like atomic fireballs?

I know that’s me
Sir Underbridge
Sir Underbridge - Month ago
MAN bracket #1 is all delicious to me.
kristine bengs
kristine bengs - Month ago
Nik not nil
LennyBoiLovesYoutube - Month ago
L: Nobody eats dots right?

Me: oh yeah totally...
Madeleine Rowe
Madeleine Rowe - Month ago
Good and plenty’s shall go in the dumpster
Dank Potato
Dank Potato - Month ago
What idoits put raisonets and dots
that nat life
that nat life - Month ago
Bomb candies?! In my fam we call turds Bommbs
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer - Month ago
I like all of them 😂
cunt - Month ago
People are hard trippin with them dots
Gacha Sky
Gacha Sky - Month ago
At least it isn’t a Bounty
Brandi M
Brandi M - Month ago
Sue me. Butterscotch and whoppers are bangers
Ryan Stordeur
Ryan Stordeur - Month ago
Yo, good and plenty is the best
Johnny Jakobsen
Johnny Jakobsen - Month ago
Why does all the “bad candies” the candies my grandma has in her house?
Alison Walker
Alison Walker - 2 months ago
I love whoppers and dots
Christopher Weller
Christopher Weller - 2 months ago
I love dots
Natalie shell
Natalie shell - 2 months ago
all of these candies are amazing
VarietyPax - 2 months ago
I think Rhett and I had a similar upbringing as far as candy goes 😂
Holly Rogers
Holly Rogers - 2 months ago
Good and plenty’s are amazing
Holly Rogers
Holly Rogers - 2 months ago
Holly Rogers
Holly Rogers - 2 months ago
SmugPug - 2 months ago
I like dots and atomic fireballs
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