Strangers On Omegle Pick My Makeup!

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gacha eilish
gacha eilish - 2 hours ago
12:12 Lmfao
Ankita Khanal
Ankita Khanal - 5 hours ago
I don't i ever get any youtuber like this on omegle 🤯
Its milly here!
Its milly here! - 5 hours ago
Yes sister
Nathalie Jara
Nathalie Jara - 7 hours ago
I love you so much
Skittlesforlife :3
Skittlesforlife :3 - 8 hours ago
James dies inside when his feet fall asleep 🖤
Plopy Alvare
Plopy Alvare - 8 hours ago
Habla muy rápido :( enzima nose casi nada ingles jajaja
ximena Juarez
ximena Juarez - 8 hours ago
hi siser james
Sandra Dilemo
Sandra Dilemo - 11 hours ago
Another one in omegle!
Alexya Osti
Alexya Osti - 12 hours ago
🇧🇷🇧🇷omg BRASIL🇧🇷🇧🇷
Cara Berard
Cara Berard - 15 hours ago
i love how they dead ass scream
Jasmine Medina
Jasmine Medina - 16 hours ago
james omggggg you r a fashion star i hope i see u somwhere and take a photo with you😁😁😁😁😇
Brandyn Maes
Brandyn Maes - 16 hours ago
When girls see james charles: OMG AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
james: *welp im scared.
Minecraft Catlovers
Minecraft Catlovers - 16 hours ago
Tbh I think the lip wold look better with a deep red or a more velvet color lol ☕️
umerhabibg - 19 hours ago
11:41 how are they looking after him and all the camera is facing them but they are looking at a different screen
Sandro - 10 hours ago
they have a seperate camera, they must not have one on their computer
hope chishala
hope chishala - 19 hours ago
hai im a big fan from zambia i like your videos
Black Zack
Black Zack - 19 hours ago
You always begin with “hi sisters”..what happened to ‘brothers'.....are we not human
JULIA ZANOTTO SALES - 20 hours ago
Ali DERBAS - 23 hours ago
Your your your a boy
7b22 Mowthika sree
7b22 Mowthika sree - 23 hours ago
10:23 i died laughing
Reageal Yt
Reageal Yt - Day ago
Marco for life
Marcella Benegas
Marcella Benegas - Day ago
@markitito that’s Marco’s IG 🙅🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️
Castillo Pacheco
Castillo Pacheco - Day ago
You love 😘😍😃
Markitito Lamoglie
Markitito Lamoglie - Day ago
Hey guys Marco here!! 👋🏼 @markitito
Sandro - 10 hours ago
are you really??????
Marcella Benegas
Marcella Benegas - Day ago
Marco is THE BEST! Not wonder I said yes and continuing saying yes everyday ♥️ - follow him guys: @markitito
Arbolito XD
Arbolito XD - Day ago
Nesesito subtitulos en español porfavor :3
Brittney Gendron
Brittney Gendron - Day ago
Marco was soo sweet 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️
KJ DC - Day ago
Swimkim - Day ago
The dude looked like Brent riva fter those girls
İlkim millie
İlkim millie - Day ago
Argha Gaming YT
Argha Gaming YT - Day ago
I met your friends today in omegle!!!
KING RADEON - 2 days ago
James Charles sold his soul
Jaslyne Aludia
Jaslyne Aludia - 2 days ago
12:59 ......was that a---
鄺希嵐 - 2 days ago
This vid is a bit scary
hi wow are you
Iludida por k-pop
Iludida por k-pop - 2 days ago
4:03 BRASILLLL ❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Kami Chipi
Kami Chipi - 2 days ago
bubble lemon
bubble lemon - 2 days ago
James: hi sisters!
Me: hi sister!
Btw my colors are pink and yellow! Because my name's bubble lemon and my favorite colors purple yo that's crazy
Zagni - 2 days ago
my dude be drunk
klaudia Michel
klaudia Michel - 2 days ago
I'm really good at mackup even tho I'm 11
Rohey Saine-Somuah
Rohey Saine-Somuah - 2 days ago
james's eyes are so pretty
Kiara Ferreira
Kiara Ferreira - 2 days ago
jamessss i love you so machhh
Katelyn Garnett
Katelyn Garnett - 2 days ago
I LOVED this vid!!! when they were so excited, it made me smile
Brandon Botting
Brandon Botting - 2 days ago
12:11 ahaha so funny she said she
Aishani Mukherjee
Aishani Mukherjee - 2 days ago
Once I was on omegle and I was chatting not video... And a person was pretending to be you. Said they were filming a YouTube video I, obviously, didn't believe them and I'm heart broken ♥
Tiana Presley
Tiana Presley - 2 days ago
Astrid ZV
Astrid ZV - 2 days ago
I love your good vibes, greetings from Mexico.🥰
Lillith Sanchez
Lillith Sanchez - 2 days ago
sister james
Pugs Not Drugs
Pugs Not Drugs - 2 days ago
I wish I was on at the time :(
Mhai Salvador
Mhai Salvador - 3 days ago
omggg..... imagine u meet marco on omegle.. haha how luckyyyy
Jennifer Mccoy
Jennifer Mccoy - 3 days ago
I did enjoy
trippy tabs
trippy tabs - 3 days ago
That was so sister sweet & fresh!! 😜😘
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez - 3 days ago
For those where to find Marco 3:43
Sandro - 10 hours ago
trippy tabs
trippy tabs - 3 days ago
I love Marcos vibe!!!
Fran Pascuchelli
Fran Pascuchelli - 3 days ago
Hola james soy de argentina y hablo español
Reya Scott
Reya Scott - 3 days ago
Do you like to watch victorious
Kayla_PlayzRoblox_ Rose
We all need friends like Marco
Markitito Lamoglie
Markitito Lamoglie - Day ago
ItzNicky - 3 days ago
James: Talking, talking, talking, *BURRRRRRRRPP*
•stary mo̸o̸cha•
•stary mo̸o̸cha• - 3 days ago
YuHh GeT iN tO iT👁️👄👁️
Abdallah Almannai
Abdallah Almannai - 3 days ago
KeishaPlayz - 4 days ago
Savannah Bonds
Savannah Bonds - 4 days ago
Yo hi
Violet Johnson
Violet Johnson - 4 days ago
those girls were making fun of james :,(
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl - 4 days ago
James: YA!
me: XD
Mira and Nia
Mira and Nia - 4 days ago
Evan Tietema
Evan Tietema - 4 days ago
marco is my favorite person on the planet
Markitito Lamoglie
Markitito Lamoglie - Day ago
And you are my favorite! ✌🏼
XXmax _ oliverXX
XXmax _ oliverXX - 4 days ago
James your so pale
Hope Malaax MALAAX
Hope Malaax MALAAX - 4 days ago
Those grls probably dislike u bc u got them in trouble
Demisdayz 2010
Demisdayz 2010 - 4 days ago
Ginneli Gamez
Ginneli Gamez - 4 days ago
10:21 I think I need to start wearing diapers when I watch james' videos...
Ginneli Gamez
Ginneli Gamez - 4 days ago
Whoever likes this comment will be a millionaire someday. Good luck :)
Kara Kozma
Kara Kozma - 4 days ago
Love u so much
Pastel Panda
Pastel Panda - 4 days ago
James: if u havent seen that video...then dont worry bout it
Me: .... eh *presses*
Art B
Art B - 5 days ago
4:27 this guy I bet is dunk
Jenna Sais Quois
Jenna Sais Quois - 5 days ago
“Ahhhh! That girl’s in a bathtub”
Amaya Barber
Amaya Barber - 5 days ago
Kids: MoM wE aRe PiCkInG hIs EyEliNer!!!
Mom: No YoUr NoT No YoUr NoT
It’s so funny and the called James a she
cryxbaby xoxo
cryxbaby xoxo - 4 days ago
배고프다 - 5 days ago
he’s so adorb
Felix's Egg
Felix's Egg - 5 days ago
Hey i have a name for ur makeup look which is lemonade

Becuse of the beautiful yellow and thr pink lemoade color
Helena Sunmers
Helena Sunmers - 5 days ago
Someone help his poor eyes 🥺
GreenXAlien - 5 days ago
11:06 wyatt kinda cute lol ( i cant spell unless i did it right)
Twipie rainbow8808
Twipie rainbow8808 - 5 days ago
Just love the RAINBOW THEME!!!!
Elcid Agui
Elcid Agui - 5 days ago
why you are so fast talking
FrostGaming - 6 days ago
Are you a girl you look a boy
Kinanti Putri Sasetyo
Kinanti Putri Sasetyo - 6 days ago
(╬▔皿▔)╯me fighting with my brother
Kimberly Sanchez Montenegro
the last girl was me just saying UWU 13:41
Sarah Padron
Sarah Padron - 6 days ago
Waittttttt when that girl said “she” James went “she?” And you are officially a SHE I guess.....🤩
Yaneth Franco
Yaneth Franco - 6 days ago
I went to Brazil 🇧🇷 and saw Marco
Markitito Lamoglie
Markitito Lamoglie - Day ago
I saw you too my friend!
YourVisa - 6 days ago
Why am i watching this
Nithura Geethu
Nithura Geethu - 6 days ago
Nice makeup
Lucas Pereira
Lucas Pereira - 6 days ago
Brazil is the best 😜🇧🇷💕
Lucas Onochan
Lucas Onochan - 7 days ago
asthxtic lxillia
asthxtic lxillia - 7 days ago
Summit Brown
Summit Brown - 7 days ago
Marco tho
Soy Ricardo LM
Soy Ricardo LM - 7 days ago
Flores Torres Camila
Flores Torres Camila - 7 days ago
Dou another plase
Music Videos
Music Videos - 7 days ago
I love james eyes
letitbe withyou
letitbe withyou - 7 days ago
Claudia Isela Gonzalez
Claudia Isela Gonzalez - 7 days ago
Me wanting to have Marco's personality :)
Siyamthanda Lugulwana
Siyamthanda Lugulwana - 7 days ago
you look sooo beatiful
D a Y a n g Milkebread
D a Y a n g Milkebread - 8 days ago
The first guy was filipino tho
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