Roasted Mustard String Beans - You Suck at Cooking (episode 34)

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ゆめぽんた - 14 days ago
I got shy when he got too specific on the stem cutting. Yeah, some can be...quite personal///
Trace Jones
Trace Jones - 29 days ago
more like hella fresh
Imboss64 - Month ago
You could end up having a *knife-mare*
Lil Yeet
Lil Yeet - Month ago
1:36 he hit the wow
"the power of literature"

*monica has entered the chat*
cindy def
cindy def - Month ago
Is that a miniature of a 67 Chevy impala at 1:31? Keep going man, you gave confidence to start cooking by myself!
cindy def
cindy def - Month ago
Thank you mate! A « hello, keep going » from a girl living on a little french island lost in the Pacific Ocean 😎
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking - Month ago
That's so great to hear, thank you!
Brenda Krieger
Brenda Krieger - 2 months ago
I really hate it when my salt is stale😂
KAT V. NYC - 2 months ago
It's like how to basic but smart humor and shit actually gets done. Love theese vids !
Dunno - 2 months ago
This is where the stems staying in one place forever started.
RandomMemey Boi
RandomMemey Boi - 3 months ago
A Nice Boy
A Nice Boy - 3 months ago
Why does he put everything in the onion?
Anna - 4 months ago
1:36 I CANT 😂😂😂😂
Ovis Aries
Ovis Aries - 4 months ago
fuck now in hungry
Darya T
Darya T - 4 months ago
Jayle - 4 months ago
And we’ll be seeing you, with the apple stems!
Keanna Hebert
Keanna Hebert - 4 months ago
This reminds me of when I ate a whole can of green beans for dinner........yup.......a whole can.....for dinner.....nothing else......... *I think I have a problem 😂*
Mac MashPotato
Mac MashPotato - 5 months ago
You suck at not selling out, yea, you totally suck.
Joey McBride
Joey McBride - 5 months ago
That disclaimer at 2:33 tho
KaidaCestro - 5 months ago
T. W. A. C. K
Estephany De Luna
Estephany De Luna - 5 months ago
What’s with chefs and whole grain mustard??
RageBullGames - 6 months ago
Why did I just get a porn commercial just pop up when i’m not even older than 10
Maxwell - 6 months ago
Oh wow I’m the 1000th comment
Cj Z
Cj Z - 6 months ago
How did this video hide from me I thought I watched all of em
Ella Martin
Ella Martin - 6 months ago
You don't have to cut off the stems in the first place...
BlackTerror 1
BlackTerror 1 - 6 months ago
Little tip 2 years late. Every string bean has a breaking point literally use ur hands and it’ll break naturally
Kozie Embers
Kozie Embers - 6 months ago
This is one of his videos I have to admit
Ruby Owl
Ruby Owl - 6 months ago
Le Cake Bandito
Le Cake Bandito - 6 months ago
Does older salt work? I only have the stuff that's over 1 billion years old.
Sander Suitso
Sander Suitso - 6 months ago
1:35 the heck was that?
Billy Te
Billy Te - 7 months ago
"Ugh, shit!" 2:37
Kamyar Eventide
Kamyar Eventide - 7 months ago
Day 6, Episode 34: I really loved the whole joke about using different methods to get the stem off lmao. The string braid looks hella fine. I think this is the first sponsorship on this channel and I love the little skit that came with it. I myself have actually ordered hello fresh a few times and it genuinely is good.
Allmightydregs - 7 months ago
Ok, but, I, prefer, them, raw.
OweyO_ - 7 months ago
Have you tried imagining what the string beans look like with the stem cut off, then making that a reality.
David Ortiz
David Ortiz - 7 months ago
You forgot the method of taking it behind the barn and pretend your gonna shoot it so the stem falls off in fear
Shadowsoh - 7 months ago
nice book o leviathan well I think it looks like the cover
Emily Simpson
Emily Simpson - 7 months ago
I bet blanching them first would be a good way to go
For3st Spirit
For3st Spirit - 7 months ago
$35 off my first _week?_ How much is it normally?!
Kourosh Daneshi
Kourosh Daneshi - 7 months ago
Honda on one fundo...
Ozan Sahin
Ozan Sahin - 7 months ago
I like all your videos but I actually laughed out loud on de-stemming techniques. Power of literature 😂
SesameSeed Seed
SesameSeed Seed - 7 months ago
0:13 that’s not a..... ok
Nevermind den
hairold - 7 months ago
I hate how much plastic hello fresh uses, it's bad for the environment and our oceans
Jack Jackson
Jack Jackson - 7 months ago
soja sauce and garlic is also a nice combo
CoffeeGuy19 - 7 months ago
Why do you have so many dogs?
Amelia Dykes
Amelia Dykes - 7 months ago
you suck at cuchinaray yeah totally disgusting
you suck at cuchinaray yeah totally disgusting
you suck at cuchinaray yeah totally disgusting
you suck at cuchinaray yeah totally disgusting
you suck at cuchinaray yeah totally disgusting
you suck at cuchinaray yeah totally disgusting
you suck at cuchinaray yeah totally disgusting
you suck at cuchinaray yeah totally disgusting
you suck at cuchinaray yeah totally disgusting
you suck at cuchinaray yeah totally disgusting
omega kaiso
omega kaiso - 8 months ago
You say papper to pepper pepper pepper , you say salt to solty solty solty
Arrow 5
Arrow 5 - 8 months ago
Can i use my favorite wang jangler?
Sans Mans
Sans Mans - 8 months ago
I’m going back and watching all of YSAC’s videos and it’s not wasting my time
miracle painter
miracle painter - 8 months ago
Ayyye Cutco knives!
Chris Vellner
Chris Vellner - 8 months ago
Hola Fresco food delivery service only sends me taco kits
Chlorox Bleach
Chlorox Bleach - 8 months ago
The disclaimer at 2:35 tho
NOMO - 8 months ago
Instructions not clear, accidentally gave myself a heart attack due to sodium overdose
James Latini
James Latini - 9 months ago
You mean the pepper Pepper PEPPER steak right?
Blan Morrison
Blan Morrison - 9 months ago
Leaving a like for 4:20.
Dragon377 - 9 months ago
This channel never fails to cheer me up. Thanks!
Chloe T
Chloe T - 9 months ago
*”Ok I’m not going to show you every technique I used ‘cause some of them are private...”*

**pulls of stem with buttcheecks** 😂 😂 😂
Aidan O'Kane
Aidan O'Kane - 9 months ago
A Hungry Kid In Africa
A Hungry Kid In Africa - 9 months ago
This nigga eating beans lmao
Emerald Glow
Emerald Glow - 10 months ago
M-m-m-m-my sp-sp-special place?? Oh my.
King Mobile
King Mobile - 10 months ago
Mmmmm asparagus is way better
Will Okeefe
Will Okeefe - 10 months ago
I made the mistake you made and watched one of these, now I can't stop watching, send help
Lizard Wink
Lizard Wink - 10 months ago
xZeroMan - 10 months ago
Moasted Rustard and btring seans
Haydien Pettry
Haydien Pettry - 11 months ago
Do a face reveal
Stormie Cat
Stormie Cat - 11 months ago
Barnabàs Biró
Barnabàs Biró - 11 months ago
This is the greatest video to sponsor
batman likes pizza
batman likes pizza - 11 months ago
20, I love this
Matt Hayes
Matt Hayes - 11 months ago
My cat stared at the beans for 3 hours until they destemed themselves. Does this count?
UsotheMarshmallow - 11 months ago
Did you take inspiration from AlanTutorial? This series is definitely more comedic but i do get the same kind of uncanny vibe from your videos
taterrot tot
taterrot tot - 11 months ago
LMAO, every time I watch this I legit laugh my ass off...when he took out the beans he said "oh sh" I lost it.
Co5mic Waffle
Co5mic Waffle - 11 months ago
2:34 TL;DR: If you eat tape, he won't give a shit.
McKenna Jewel
McKenna Jewel - 11 months ago
The cup song was meeeee when i first learned it
Megan Rassel
Megan Rassel - Year ago
1:35 I died 😂
Koalarsky - Year ago
2:47 Did you bite your tongue?
Marisol HEY
Marisol HEY - Year ago
Oil is bad for your drain so you shouldn't have poured the oil into the strainer in the sink
Isaiah P.
Isaiah P. - Year ago
Uh oh, you friccin moron! You just got beaned!
Malfunctioning JetSki
You suck at cooking vs binging with babish!
Cjxtreme66 - Year ago
Lol cooked full meals for the first time
Jerrik Li
Jerrik Li - Year ago
I would get some trip p and cut all of then at once
KonekoNeko Yari
KonekoNeko Yari - Year ago
*Private* >_>
Ok - Year ago
whats a spoon? thats a wang jangler
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