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Extra Credits
Extra Credits - Year ago
Researchers are beginning to learn that the makeup of the Union and Confederate armies in the US Civil War was a lot more nuanced and diverse than we had previously known. Here is an episode on the accounts of some of those surprising soldiers!
TheInsanePickle - Month ago
I’d love to hear about the Irish volunteers and as well as Kelly’s Irish Brigade, the Irish were one of the big immigrant groups, and it’s believed that fighting in the civil war helped begin the end of Irish percussion
Fae Lockridge
Fae Lockridge - Month ago
i love your chanel
Matthew Fergson
Matthew Fergson - Month ago
Why.not. movies this
Ron Hoy
Ron Hoy - 7 months ago
@Fuert Neigt Wow, You might want to pick a different country then. You just executed most of the founders and framers of this Nation.
MythologyandRelegionIknow OSkyBlivionRim
Still holding out hope for that Native American episode
Mark Jones
Mark Jones - 2 days ago
You should also talk about US Crimpers who tricked foriegners into enlisting. Both sides ran a lot of press gangs to build up their armies. Most foriegn recruits tried to escape to Canada to get out of the war. More soldiers died from desease than battle. Who wouldn't try to desert.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln - 2 days ago
I remember all of them
A Friendly Rebel
A Friendly Rebel - 11 days ago
Mkay let's see if my ancestors were fought in U.S Civil war..
Blake P
Blake P - 20 days ago
Blake P
Blake P - 20 days ago
Reg Eric
Reg Eric - 20 days ago
¿You mean The War of Independence?
iamkulit1 CS
iamkulit1 CS - 4 hours ago
Ben Vivas
Ben Vivas - 21 day ago
Thanks for sharing this! I just started getting back in to reading about the US Civil War and it’s awesome to know Latinos were also part of history. 😃
Sam DunKley
Sam DunKley - 25 days ago
"Born In Hong Kong On The Fourth Of July" sounds like a song title.
Axel Laforest
Axel Laforest - 28 days ago
Why is the french flag backwards in so many of your videos?
theHedgex1 - 29 days ago
can't beat America. the confederates are more American turncoats.
Denim Velvet
Denim Velvet - Month ago
I'm kind of surprised you didn't mention the women who were fighting as well.
There were multitudes of women who dressed as men and fought in the war on both sides. Some estimates ranging from 400 to 750. Though of course it's hard to be certain.

It's a shame that the civil war is so often painted so black and white in many senses. There is so many things that were going on, and I think a lot of history is lost when everyone believes that it was just white people and a handful of freed slaves fighting.
Gwenevere Parker
Gwenevere Parker - Month ago
hawaii helps us in the civil war how do we repay them depose there monarchy and take over there country
Julio Caesar
Julio Caesar - Month ago
Wait tahiti is real?
Anon the Homosapian
Anon the Homosapian - Month ago
3:59 Are you sure this man didn't fight for...

AI Iv - Month ago
Wow...there's so many battles of the Civil War that I didn't know about. I've only been taught about battles East of the Mississippi!

I love this channel teaching us things some of us have little knowledge of!
Jahaziel Sanchez
Jahaziel Sanchez - Month ago
Immigrants built your country, feed your people, and fight your wars America need immigrants
Kousand - 2 months ago
Not the peach orchard oh God I can still hear those cries for moms and mistresses the rebel yell still makes my bones shiver from blatant fear alone.
MainCoon - 2 months ago
Wow! Very interesting.
Anis Qistina
Anis Qistina - 2 months ago
That moment when you realise that they use the same tactics as the ottomans in the seige of Vienna
zarx !
zarx ! - 2 months ago
Me searches when johnny comes marching home again Recommended Civil war full recap (thanks johnny)
valkyrie boy
valkyrie boy - 2 months ago
Also don't forget to make a video about all the illegal things the American government did to destroy the Confederation like you know forcing immigrants to fight and also making an illegal blockade and capturing other countries ships and forcing them into northern harbors
iamkulit1 CS
iamkulit1 CS - 4 hours ago
Geneva Convention doesn't exist yet
official fish gaming
official fish gaming - 2 months ago
Its war, both sides do "illegal things" all the time.
Simbach Vazo
Simbach Vazo - 2 months ago
“... captured in Petersburg...” Yeah thats a very surprising soldier, jeez.
War Thunder
War Thunder - 2 months ago
The civil war union soldiers used percussion caps not flint locks.
The AJ
The AJ - 2 months ago
They were brave soldiers
- just like almost everyone else that fought?
Caden Armistead
Caden Armistead - 2 months ago
My paternal bloodline leads directly to Lewis Armistead, note my name ;)
Creedswapfell Sans
Creedswapfell Sans - 2 months ago
That one guy who played capture the flag in the civil war: Cowabunga it is then
2nd Armored Division
2nd Armored Division - 3 months ago
Imagine not only grabbing the flag, but the enemy flag. Away from the enemy color bearer. They found that there were no scaling ladders with which to climb the slope up to the parapet and the situation was further aggravated by the ground being frozen and covered in sleet which caused the soldiers to lose their footing and fall. In spite of this, some men did manage to reach the top by climbing on the shoulders of their comrades and were able to place their colors on the parapet. There then followed vicious close quarter fighting during which First Sgt. Francis W. Judge of Company K, 79th NY, grabbed the flag of the 51st Georgia from their color bearer and, in spite of a concentrated and deadly fire, was able to return in safety with his trophy into the fort. Judge, who was born in England, was later awarded the Medal of Honor for his action. If there is a war, most likely Scots in it 🤣
Joseph Wheeler
Joseph Wheeler - 3 months ago
2:45 You just got Dan Sickle'd!
Suoh Min
Suoh Min - 3 months ago
Israel Jimenez
Israel Jimenez - 3 months ago
Next Time, Avengers: Slavery Endgame.
Harold Tucker
Harold Tucker - 3 months ago
I wonder why they used repeating rifles in the civil war?
Mr Sosha Da baad Man
Mr Sosha Da baad Man - 3 months ago
So there was diversity even in the Civil War. But people have a problem with a multicultural America in the 21st century. Amazing!
Leon Zajac
Leon Zajac - 3 months ago
1891 how about 1991?
Tsz Shun CHAN
Tsz Shun CHAN - 3 months ago
Glory to Hong Kong 🙂
1313DOS - 3 months ago
Really nice.
Blarrgiambrony - 3 months ago
Even if he was on the wrong side of the civil war I always respect general Lee? from what i keep hearing in the stories about him, he seemed like a real interesting dude. he always seemed so polite.
raptorblader - 3 months ago
"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
Johnathon Alger
Johnathon Alger - 3 months ago
Yooooo.... if yall haven't done that cheriki first nations civil war video... ( I know I spelled that wrong)
I'd very much appreciate it
I'm only like 1/64 and have no way of pressing forward on their history
Allychu M.
Allychu M. - 3 months ago
More please
Gunslinger - 3 months ago
Thanks of the episode! Being an Asian-American and studing in american schools, I never learned about how other races besides white and blacks contributing to American history.
Skyler Kuryliw
Skyler Kuryliw - 3 months ago
4:04 Why were the Buffalo Soldiers infamous?
BoD Assassin
BoD Assassin - Month ago
@Skyler Kuryliw Buffalos Soldiers are mostly known for fighting the American Indians, so maybe that's why?
Firetruck man
Firetruck man - 3 months ago
What, those muskets aren’t accurate! Those are flintlocks, not caplocks!
Just kidding (not really though) though, didn’t really know about theses guys.
JU-87 Stuka
JU-87 Stuka - 4 months ago
As a Chinese student in America,I can say I have never heared these stories.
imthebrush72 things
imthebrush72 things - 4 months ago
BearHunter - 4 months ago
Where are my reb units?
Common Sense isn't so common anymore
I looking forward to this next one it should happen before the summer is over.
Aidan Smith
Aidan Smith - 4 months ago
Before ww2
Aidan Smith
Aidan Smith - 4 months ago
100 years
Gaby Gibson
Gaby Gibson - 4 months ago
The minute you mentioned Glorieta Pass, I let out the most joyful noise
elweasel2010 - 4 months ago
3:33 What kind off flag did she fly? Looks like a Betsey Ross flag.
elweasel2010 - 4 months ago
OK my mistake I was confusing 2nd/3rd flag for the 1st flag.
Joshua Lin
Joshua Lin - 4 months ago
6:12 the guy in the corner sure got exited
Adam Case
Adam Case - 4 months ago
Well while we're talking about cool people from the civil war heres this guy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archibald_Gracie_IV
Colonel in the union army, important New York business man, survived the sinking of the Titanic and wrote all about these as an amateur historian.
Teddy - 5 months ago
Not to sound pretentious, this is very obvious fact.
The US was not the only western power to enlist soldiers of non European decent this obviously being an even more common thing for colonial powers such as the UK.
Though for the US it was less from being a colonial power and more to being a hotbed for immigration at the time from all over the world AND the native American slow integration.
Stef Eckford
Stef Eckford - 5 months ago
and they said capture the flag wouldn't be useful in real life 🤪
Travels of fastjet
Travels of fastjet - 5 months ago
Thus capture the flag the game was born
AlabamaSoldier - 5 months ago
Union soldiers: "We are all Americans."
Millennials today: "NAAAAHHH"
The Elders
The Elders - 4 months ago
AlabamaSoldier *conservatives today
jffry890 - 5 months ago
Thomas Sylvanus. The man who would become Banshee Queen.
the wasteland radio
the wasteland radio - 5 months ago
U guys need to do more civil war stuff
Yexin - 5 months ago
For the horde!!!
FrankDad - 5 months ago
I never knew most muppets are left handed
The CrimsonZeke
The CrimsonZeke - 5 months ago
2:19 Dutch: Did you say *Tahit*
r Baron
r Baron - 5 months ago
It is too bad you didn't mention the muslims who fought in the Civil War (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muslims_in_the_United_States_military).
Santi Molina
Santi Molina - 6 months ago
How about you do an episode about the Spanish civil war? I think it would be interesting🇪🇸
Jesse Hall
Jesse Hall - 6 months ago
My great uncle fell at Cold Harbor he may have known this man
Felix88 - 6 months ago
Cant wait to see movies based on these men.
C Sky
C Sky - 6 months ago
Bruh Ah Ye Way be crying the American National Anthem at Night
Jack Mackay
Jack Mackay - 6 months ago
The ending line was heartwarming and I’m not even American
Boris - 6 months ago
The face when your name is T. Odinson good reference 2:02
Abaddon - 6 months ago
At the begining I thought the guy was cool... Then I learned he is Chinese and I was like HELL YEAH
BattleSeven Games
BattleSeven Games - 6 months ago
Nobody gonna talk about the naked dude at 6:10 ?
valkyrie boy
valkyrie boy - 6 months ago
The union army and Navy mostly weren't even American they were Europeans and Asians who came to America and didn't have a choice to live a normal life because as soon as they got off the boats they were forced into the union army
Orthodox Authoritarian
Orthodox Authoritarian - 6 months ago
0:20 "he took the national colors and carried it for the rest of the day"
National colours: modern day american flag
Ok Extra Credits
pablo giustiniani
pablo giustiniani - 6 months ago
6:45 "It was the half Argentinian mining engineer"
Me: *smiles patroticly*
Ryan Japan
Ryan Japan - 7 months ago
Actually weirdly you said that the West was almost a disaster for the union but they won all but one of the battles there
Kit Kat
Kit Kat - 7 months ago
My great great great great grandfather is Robert E. Lee
Neon - 7 months ago
Huh never knew Hawaiians were in the civil war
IsaacsOverrated - 7 months ago
Spies, engineers, and sappers. Sounds a lot like a specific game I know.
Tambles Jambles
Tambles Jambles - 7 months ago
Friend: where do you live
Me: 0:00
Zephan Mayeda
Zephan Mayeda - 7 months ago
Jonathan Dunham
Jonathan Dunham - 7 months ago
The Confederate Army was the most racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse army until after WW2. The Confederate States had the first non White Christian cabinet member in the history of either nations involved in the war.
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