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Extra Credits
Extra Credits - 2 months ago
Researchers are beginning to learn that the makeup of the Union and Confederate armies in the US Civil War was a lot more nuanced and diverse than we had previously known. Here is an episode on the accounts of some of those surprising soldiers!
Farmmer John
Farmmer John - Month ago
could you guys do a whole series on the civil war please?
Democracy But not really
Democracy But not really - 2 months ago
You guys should make a video about General Antonio Luna and the Philippine revolution
Herbert Miller
Herbert Miller - 2 months ago
3:33 Yea! You got the right Confederate flag. Not the battle flag.
ghostbos 7
ghostbos 7 - 2 months ago
Can you do Gettysburg
garroto30 - 2 months ago
Pls make a video about the norwegians saboteurs from ww2. They could very well be the main reason why the nazis didn't developed a nuclear bomb
Muneeb Noman
Muneeb Noman - Day ago
This channel is for kids
Metalshyguy 117
Metalshyguy 117 - 3 days ago
Wait...... If you’re, say, Colombian , aren’t you technically American? Because you’re from the Americas? Just a thought.
William Tecumseh Sherman
Ah yes.
The American Civil War.
I also fought for the Union.
Tilen Stupar
Tilen Stupar - 9 hours ago
Did you really March through Georgia and singing this song?
TheUltanator - 4 days ago
What about the Irish brigade
Christobanistan - 9 days ago
8:19 Why is the slaveholder portrayed as a cute grinning fellow? I mean, there's neutrality, and there's WTF?
FALLOUT 4 - 12 days ago
I loved your vids from the phillipines
The Wii U Pro Controller Defense Force
I saw T. Odinson.
Space Pirate
Space Pirate - 15 days ago
CSA could have won the Civil War if one man did his job right
Mariana Matthews
Mariana Matthews - 17 days ago
At one point the Native slave trade was bigger than the African Slave trade.
David Salazar
David Salazar - 18 days ago
Literally best video. Dont @ me.
Because Sports
Because Sports - 19 days ago
Hey they should do more on this and talk about the battles and the tactics
Edy Lai
Edy Lai - 20 days ago
Any Y'all Seen Thanos
badfoody - 21 day ago
Sylvanus? Doesn't the Horde have a lot of slaves lel
Curtis Lowery
Curtis Lowery - 21 day ago
300 slopes... yeah, that many died before war was declared. Look at ww2 pearl harbor. We need to do tharvwith the muslims now before its to late
AUrora12922 Absolute trash :3
F l o c k s
Harrison Ressler
Harrison Ressler - 22 days ago
2:01 What does the National Park Service have anything to do with dead veterans?
Terminalsanity - 22 days ago
The national park service maintains national cemeteries and arranges services for veterans at them.
F-16c Thunderbird
F-16c Thunderbird - 23 days ago
Confederacy: let's do capture the flag.
Union: Theres no such thing.
Thomas: hold my beer
chitosan - 23 days ago
According to chronicles, memoirs, and journals, most New Mexico Volunteers joined the fight not because of North vs South, because they thought they were fighting TEXAS.
Felix Crispala
Felix Crispala - 24 days ago
Didn't actually think Filipinos we're in the civil war
Ben Siener
Ben Siener - 24 days ago
Just an fyi, the South had black soldiers as well
Señor Hilter
Señor Hilter - 26 days ago
It was everyone's war
Marbella Bender
Marbella Bender - 28 days ago
So we aren't going to bring up the fact that the Siamese twins both made sons while being stuck to each other and married to different women?
Deadeyericky gaming
Deadeyericky gaming - 28 days ago
Can y’all do another video going more in depth on the confederate side of the war? There is a whole lot of material that y’all could cover that most people don’t
NefariousKoel - 29 days ago
The joke's on Hawaii. The US later overthrew the Hawaiian leadership and annexed them.
The Game Master
The Game Master - 29 days ago
When will be released the second part?
HISTORIAN D - 29 days ago
Lahore is in pakistan not india
folklore19 - Month ago
Born in 1845? Thomas Sylvanus was 16 when the war started then. And we probably wasn't even 21 when it ended.
Lois - Month ago
Whoa! It’s cool to see Asian Americans in the Civil War
YouTube Sins
YouTube Sins - Month ago
Why am I seeing someone run naked?
Swamp22 - Month ago
Dutch:WE NEED TO GET MONEY TO GO TO TAHITI (1899 colorised)
PARTH DAKE - Month ago
Lahore is shown in India lol... Its in Pakistan
ritwik basu
ritwik basu - Month ago
Chinaman from the Central Flowery Kingdom??
John Conner
John Conner - Month ago
though you should realize there only the medal of honor as the only award in those days
Fearless Gameing
Fearless Gameing - Month ago
Save Brithbay day, July 4
Time_For_Toast - Month ago
I'm sorry, all I can hear is you screaming: 'Diversity and equality!'
Desiree Paahana
Desiree Paahana - Month ago
Ku"e a mau a mau!
The J.A.P
The J.A.P - Month ago
Noah Johnson
Noah Johnson - Month ago
The Indian nations of Oklahoma were supposedly going to be recognized by the Confederacy and have representatives sent to the Confederate Congress. I'm not sure if this was included in the finished agreement though
Noah Johnson
Noah Johnson - Month ago
I've been to Andersonville
It's quite sad to see the conditions they lived in
They didn't have enough food to feed the guards, much less the prisoners
The mass graves stretch for miles
And the only water sources were heavily polluted
I have a relative who was captured in the Cumberland Gap at the fighting there, and was sent to Andersonville, where he died of disease.
The ironic thing was him and his father had left Georgia to join the Union army. The father had died of disease just before the son was captured.
I wonder of him and Sylvanus met
Tim Skovbølle Holst
Tim Skovbølle Holst - Month ago
1:27 What is going on with the belt buckle?
Remmuz crimsonlynx
Remmuz crimsonlynx - Month ago
Kitty!...That is all.
cncthang - Month ago
Vidal Baca
Vidal Baca - Month ago
And can you make a video on why the civil war started
Vidal Baca
Vidal Baca - Month ago
How mean family fought against each other and is there any historical documents
Clarence Dela Cruz
Clarence Dela Cruz - Month ago
There were Filipinos in the American Civil War??
Caleb Ames
Caleb Ames - Month ago
Here’s some surprising soldiers
100 men from extreme northern Maine hiking a hundreds miles through the woods without roads to get on a train to go hundreds of more miles to join the fight
ET Hardcorgamer
ET Hardcorgamer - Month ago
I’d like to point out that a war vet from this era, that was a southerner, actually said that the south did not fight for slavery (history has means of backing this up) and that the civil war was about state rights, not slavery. He said he hated the way the slaves were treated and that his family was even working on getting rid of slaves entirely among some others, and that the average soldier simply joined the south not knowing the full extent and the whole truth as to what was really happening
Confederate Wolf Gaming
Thank you extra history!
helios396 - Month ago
Stories of the real human, the people behind the events, this is why Iove this channel.
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