Borderlands 3 Official E3 Trailer - We Are Mayhem

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Borderlands - Year ago
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De Ju
De Ju - 11 months ago
FU epic store sellouts. I'm not installing that GARBAGE platform that will die in a few years. Why would I invest in that? Shameful.
Bernie Broig
Bernie Broig - Year ago
@Raul xxx Patience, young one. Patience.
lzy loader
lzy loader - Year ago
@Raul xxx I feel your pain
Raul xxx
Raul xxx - Year ago
No krieg?😢
Bernie Broig
Bernie Broig - Year ago
Kinda upset that you didn't decide to subtitle Amara as "The Fister."
MultiGamerClub - 9 months ago
aryeh vongot
aryeh vongot - 10 months ago
Just 6 months to go guys!
DandyXecutioner - 10 months ago
can sirens transfer their powers to people with a certain gene! I NEED ANSWERS!
MegaMarkus - 10 months ago
If you pre-order can you play on the 1st? or was i just having a fever dream???
Gerald Perez
Gerald Perez - 11 months ago
So disappointed... I was looking foword to playing Borderlands 3... I don't think I want to support a company that sends goons to their fans' houses.
Gerald Perez
Gerald Perez - 11 months ago
Is 2k games gonna send PIs to my house if I make a video about how I love to play Borderlands 3?...
Don't think I want to purchase Borderlands 3 anymore. Can people who preordered Borderlands 3 get their money back?
lovesashdreams - 11 months ago
Miss Blaine
Miss Blaine - 11 months ago
god i wish i didnt have to pirate this... it looks like something id love to actually support and spend money on. but alas, not my choice. you put it on epic, neglecting steam, so now i get it free. i win either way lol
ThisIsMyName - 11 months ago
can lilith and ellie just die already i actually cant stand them and if ellie is the voice of the catch a ride system i might have to kill my self
Babyyoshi309 - 11 months ago
Am I the only one getting uncanny valley from the new character designs?
disturbed2255 - Year ago
Lilith use to be one of the 6 sirens? I don't understand....
disturbed2255 - Year ago
@Skechi J Ohhh the bad guys..I see
Skechi J
Skechi J - Year ago
disturbed2255 It’s become apparent that, at some point in the story, Lilith’s powers are stolen by Tyreen Calypso, another Siren.
Jordan Lamb
Jordan Lamb - Year ago
This trailer will never be beat, I have watched it so many times.
Wilson Salles Junior
Borderlands 4:
Claptrap with legs... But he lose the arms
Jack Jones
Jack Jones - Year ago
This trailer really has it all...
- Song is a Banger
- Nice Display of class abilities
- Humour
- Interesting story teaser
- Guns with legs
Nene be Alfssmsansnsnsnsn
Lilith : there is 6 sirens I USED to be a siren
shpaloed - Year ago
Why is "It's killing time" censored ?
Kylie M
Kylie M - Year ago
1:00 IT'S RHYS FROM TALES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joshua Mohlman
Joshua Mohlman - Year ago
Worldwide guns race: exists
Borderlands 3: *I’m about to end this mans whole career*
sasuke5088 - Year ago
unlisted. hmm.
Beck Drake
Beck Drake - Year ago
Signal for half life 3
Richard C
Richard C - Year ago
Okay, I may have to choose Fl4K cuz that blue lion pet he's got is rockin' goggles.
Sir GzOnE
Sir GzOnE - Year ago
I think I need to play borderlands 2 I remember there was moment Lilith mentions they're 3 sirens and the third was angel (which the game doesn't say who it is att) or maybe I did hear 6🤔
Drake Deardorff
Drake Deardorff - Year ago
0:33 Those gunshots with the beat are just amazing.
Jiraiya Da Plug
Jiraiya Da Plug - Year ago
Yoteslaya would've loved this
Kshitij Simha
Kshitij Simha - Year ago
Finalllyyyyyy!!!!!! Yess
Jenovajuice220 - Year ago
I so excited to play but Mira no be there thats my main BUT there is Amara so I'll be happy my only issue i refuse to get Epic Games so I have to wait 6 months before it comes out on Steam
Mr. Freibier
Mr. Freibier - Year ago
Claptorp need Wheels like a Monstertruck to fix this Problem ;D
LoganGaming992 - Year ago
Is the guy with hammerlock his new boyfriend?
LoganGaming992 - Year ago
darn i was hoping hammerlock got a boyfriend we could meet
Skechi J
Skechi J - Year ago
LoganGaming992 It’s apparently the CEO of the Jakobs corporation, which the Hammerlocks apparently have ties to.
PR0_786_ - Year ago
Traffic Cone Slav
Traffic Cone Slav - Year ago
F4lk looks good
TruestPontan - Year ago
Still pissed about epic games!
Katana 257257
Katana 257257 - Year ago
i have been waiting how many years for this game
Dog - Year ago
The first time a borderlands game has me struggling who to pick... *Fuck*
Emanuel CR
Emanuel CR - Year ago
0:58 is the guy of tales of the borderlands?
grumpychris - Year ago
Yes, his name is Rhys.
Ghostly0 000
Ghostly0 000 - Year ago
So Lilith isn’t a siren anymore what happened
Ghostly0 000
Ghostly0 000 - Year ago
Well they sound like good bad guys I guess
grumpychris - Year ago
One of the main villians of Borderlands 3, Tyreen Calypso, has the ability to steal the powers and life force of other people and creatures. Tyreen will steal Lilith's siren powers early on in the game.
Bookwolf 96
Bookwolf 96 - Year ago
There's just something so beautifully seamless about this ad for Borderlands 3 that it's addictive - every time I've seen this pop up, I'm just watching it; mesmerized. I need to get a console upgrade and soon! I want this game!
Gaudel Saint Hilaire
"We are epic sike epic exclusive"
TridentGamer 078
TridentGamer 078 - Year ago
1:18 "we got another proposal for them." *Blows kiss, then gives the middle finger* LMAO CANT STOP WATCHING THIS TRAILER
Lyndonmaman - Year ago
Wow, they used the censored version of the song in a trailer for THE game about guns and shooting things? That makes sense.
Куплю игру что бы поиграть за ПАЖИЛОГО ДЭДА
Michael Beck
Michael Beck - Year ago
Prepare for Titan Fall
Windlefurr - Year ago
All i’m gonna say is “let the hunt begin!”
Ege Çalışkan
Ege Çalışkan - Year ago
Mr_ Vega227
Mr_ Vega227 - Year ago
I know damn well I'm not the only one who comes back to watch the trailer again
PostX - Year ago
Siren all day.
Doug Dimmadome
Doug Dimmadome - Year ago
I call dibs on vault hunting
Kevin Of Rus
Kevin Of Rus - Year ago
I wonder if moze had a ability called Digi-struct, As in *Destruct*
Phyllis Hall
Phyllis Hall - Year ago
YOU ALREADY KNOW IM GETING THIS GAMS P.S claptrap vs stares who is going to win
Migs - Year ago
1:00 is that the guy from tales of the borderland if it is im totally getting this i want to see him again
The8BitGamer - Year ago
Why does lilith lose her siren powers in the beginning of the trailer
Lunartic - Year ago
@Systamatic It's not unkown. It was confirmed in the interview that somewhere at the start of the game Tyreen Calypso steals her powers
Systamatic - Year ago
Unknown. But it's speculated that her powers are stolen
Help I don’t like my pfp
I f*cking love the stairs reference
Drift Sniper
Drift Sniper - Year ago
My name is Krieg forget mya lilith is better I am gonna be zane
Ned Zukoski
Ned Zukoski - Year ago
I love FL4K. Their intro card just EXUDES smiles.
Nikey_Boy - Year ago
Any game that can count to 3 is a must play :3
Michyl Magdaleno
Michyl Magdaleno - Year ago
Lowkey not too interested in these characters like the last two. Hopefully krieg makkes a comeback
John Palcon
John Palcon - Year ago
definitely siren and beastmaster for two playthroughs
El Gran Soldador
El Gran Soldador - Year ago
Yoteslaya would be euphoric
Noogles - Year ago
I hope that eventually this comes to switch because I cant afford a new console, especially when the next generation will start next year
Brolyne Kujo
Brolyne Kujo - Year ago
seems like its time for a pre order
The Meta
The Meta - Year ago
I can't get this song out of my head and I can't wait to finally play this
GG Dat Boi
GG Dat Boi - Year ago
Can someone explain to me why Lilith isn’t a siren anymore ?
somenerdpng - Year ago
once we get the game yes, we can assume its because of tyreen in the first trailer for the game
Kameron Hailey-M
Kameron Hailey-M - Year ago
Dude no one is talking about the fact that that is definitely Fiona!!! 1:00
Why else would they be posing like that???
Kameron Hailey-M
Kameron Hailey-M - Year ago
@Ace Sarmiento SHIT you right! I just need her in this game yesterday. I'll keep an eye out for the scar next time lol 😅
Ace Sarmiento
Ace Sarmiento - Year ago
Hate to break it to ya but thats Tannis. Would be reallu weird if Fiona lost her signature hat, yea?
Fenrir the Grey
Fenrir the Grey - Year ago
Great looking game. Too bad I will have to wait 6 months after it comes out to play it. I'm not giving Epic a dime.
somenerdpng - Year ago
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze - Year ago
I'm going to play as a Siren or Beastmaster first, & my name will be ridiculous.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - Year ago
am I the only one waiting to finally see Rhys again?
Exotic DSA
Exotic DSA - Year ago
Im thinkin moze first
Maiq The Liar
Maiq The Liar - Year ago
I just got this trailer as an add before this video.
somenerdpng - Year ago
Nishido Hellhillsruler
Not gonna lie; I'm very excited, in a "that's not a banana in my pocket" kind of way :D
69 CrazyTitan 69
69 CrazyTitan 69 - Year ago
Oh god ;-;
okey mmeje
okey mmeje - Year ago
Pls what's the name of that song? Anyone?
Deba Uwabor
Deba Uwabor - Year ago
Gods above and below please don't end my life before I get to take fl4k for a spin.
Kieran BARNES - Year ago
For Roland!!!!
alby223 - Year ago
I miss Zer0 😭😭
Rainer Winggel
Rainer Winggel - Year ago
Valentin Krzystek
Valentin Krzystek - Year ago
So cool !!!! I'm waiting for this !
BrownMan - Year ago
Love how some of the gunshots go along with the beats of the song. By the way... AMAZING SONG
Jay Lane
Jay Lane - Year ago
Song: Let Me Live/Let Me Die. Artist: Des Rocs. Album: Vultures.
raniusz3k - Year ago
Not_Ur_Momz - Year ago
It looks amazing
NoizyBoi - Year ago
The wait was long, but it was *F&%$!@#* worth it brothers!
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