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Smile Today
Smile Today - 5 hours ago
Use me as the “you like my comment” button
Sylvia Lyon
Sylvia Lyon - 8 hours ago
Cute cute cute
Remi Tailleux
Remi Tailleux - 12 hours ago
your long hair rocks it but you short hair is having a crazzzyy party iiiiii llllloooooovvvveeeee iiiiitttttt
bubble_user06 - Day ago
Oh my gosh you look SO CUTE with short hair!!!!!!!!!!
Nasiha Bhai Mia
Nasiha Bhai Mia - Day ago
You look nice with short hair
Regina Sillas
Regina Sillas - 2 days ago
You look amazing
nursabrina amiruddin
nursabrina amiruddin - 2 days ago
i love her hair !!
Lilliana Faumuina
Lilliana Faumuina - 3 days ago
Omg! You look so good! I love it!
sara 15
sara 15 - 3 days ago
It's still pretty long, it looks cute
Elli vlogs
Elli vlogs - 3 days ago
Omg it looks so good (not lieing)
Galilee Hannah Scrapbook
this video should be called colleen touching her hair for 13 minutes
Maria Solano
Maria Solano - 4 days ago
I am saying the truth about it looks great
Maria Solano
Maria Solano - 4 days ago
She looks great with short hair
Mk Hughes
Mk Hughes - 4 days ago
Colleen: Omg it's so short!
Me:I got a pixie cut yesterday! (I'm screaming)
Mk Hughes
Mk Hughes - 4 days ago
I'm not saying this because you said to, but it actually looks awesome! SERIOUSLY SO CUTE
Tracy Lloyd
Tracy Lloyd - 4 days ago
it looks great 👍
Sarah Ben-Gacem
Sarah Ben-Gacem - 4 days ago
I like it better shorter
Lil Muchacho
Lil Muchacho - 5 days ago
Word of knowledge- not up here! down here
Fernando Ramos
Fernando Ramos - 5 days ago
Its so cúte ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Avani Yukio Gacha
Avani Yukio Gacha - 5 days ago
Your hair looks better then before :))
Adolfo Morales
Adolfo Morales - 6 days ago
WOW im not lieing
Yeyin Lee
Yeyin Lee - 7 days ago
u looked rlly good with ur long hair but like, not even gonna lie, u look amazing girl!!!
Maria Perez
Maria Perez - 7 days ago
With all honesty you look better with short hair
Jaelyn Morgan
Jaelyn Morgan - 7 days ago
You will look pretty with shout hair
Jolanta Zajkowska
Jolanta Zajkowska - 7 days ago
You look so good I have long hair and I am cutting it short soon so I feel you
Emilia Maavuori
Emilia Maavuori - 10 days ago
You are beatiful👍🏻
Mia Lavender
Mia Lavender - 11 days ago
No joke colleen your face shape is perfect for your short hair...never forget to love yourself and remember you look beautiful with short hair
Haley Sullivan
Haley Sullivan - 13 days ago
watching this again months later: it’s so weird seeing her with long hair
Prestyn Martin
Prestyn Martin - 13 days ago
Colleen Is beautiful no matter what it was short hair or long cheers on the best people in the world she does so many good things or is everyone so he will need to stop being so rude
Poosun Bhunjan
Poosun Bhunjan - 14 days ago
You look so much better it's beautifull
Brooke Lorde
Brooke Lorde - 14 days ago
You have the same length hair as me
Zoe Fox
Zoe Fox - 14 days ago
it is cute
Billy Lenta
Billy Lenta - 15 days ago
I love it so much it look so good you look so cut it the that haircut
Margaret Ritenauer
Margaret Ritenauer - 15 days ago
Omg yes wigs are itchy I’m glad you didn’t use them
katie dittmann
katie dittmann - 15 days ago
You look awesome with short hair... to be honest... it took years off you... you don't look as tired.
katie dittmann
katie dittmann - 15 days ago
You can rock any style and length of hair. your personality outshine everything.
j. drake
j. drake - 16 days ago
hit the like button if you looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Colleen's hair if you do't don't like it and HATERS BACK OFF OF Colleen I love you sooooooooooooooooooooo much Colleen I love everyone
Craft With Ria
Craft With Ria - 16 days ago
It looks sooo good
Unicorn Fun
Unicorn Fun - 17 days ago
I am going to cut my hair and I am having acne
FiFi - 19 days ago
U always look beautiful, long air, short hair, no makeup, full glam makeup, ANYTHING!!! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!
Don't let other people affect your amazing, crazy life!!! ILYSM!!!
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