ᑖᒻ ᔅᑳᑦ and ᖃᓂᐅᔮᖅᐸᐃᑦ

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Academices - 3 days ago
I don't know if it's just me but the inuktitut for STOP looks like an example of why you should stop.
RadioChief - 7 days ago
I was so impressed with the long tracking shot and white space on the right for text that I had to watch this video again for the substance. Great work!
Jared Schreckengast
Jared Schreckengast - 8 days ago
Taamsakata and rakaniurabapata
hytato - 9 days ago
Really makes u wonder why we still use such an illogical alphabet
qwerty uiop
qwerty uiop - 9 days ago
nng is just a cooler ng
Grzegorz Wasążnik
Grzegorz Wasążnik - 10 days ago
well latin alphabet used to be fully phonetical, english isnt phonetical because french wasnt and english thought it was cool, other languanges are and i dont know what is the point of inventing new script for anything.
wilf that weirdo that is a doorknob
Sorry I don't speak enchantment table
marwah maher
marwah maher - 11 days ago
Thanks for sharing the knowledge , I like to learn about the other languages and thier rules, grammar and also thier culture -I think that the culture is related to the language -. Keep sharing about this amazing topics 👍
L3m0n Daff0dil
L3m0n Daff0dil - 12 days ago
Anyone know what the title actually says translated??
†Christian H†
†Christian H† - 13 days ago
So is that the only constructed language that is an official language of an area/ region/ country?
†Christian H†
†Christian H† - 12 days ago
Daz ah okay
Daz - 12 days ago
It's only the alphabet that's constructed, not the whole language.
Michael K.
Michael K. - 13 days ago
Maybe in Boston or New York, but I've never met an American that says Tom anything like that. They say it the same way Tom says his name.
Mok the Magic Man
Mok the Magic Man - 13 days ago
It looks totally alien
Uyarakq - 13 days ago
Your name is Tuuma in kalaallisut. Doo-mah.
Pineapple Giraffe
Pineapple Giraffe - 14 days ago
Imagine searching for this on youtube
lootasisew - 14 days ago
And that word is anaanas which means, like every other language, "PINEAPPLE" wait no...
c0mpu73rguy - 14 days ago
Fascinating. I need to learn this writing system.
James Heywood
James Heywood - 14 days ago
S.C. Wood
S.C. Wood - 14 days ago
They speaking enchantment table.
Damjan Radovanović
Damjan Radovanović - 14 days ago
So this is basically Japanese gone right?
Tom Kenning
Tom Kenning - 14 days ago
I tried to go her but they were having Nunavut
onee - 15 days ago
This might be pure coincidental, but it kinda sounds like (old) Turkish.
anaana = mother in Inuktitut
ataata = father in Inuktitut
Ana = mother in (old) Turkish, nowadays people use anne instead
Anneanne = mother's mother/grandmother from your mother's side of the family in Turkish
Ata = father in (old) Turkish, but nowadays people us baba instead
Rei - 15 days ago
You sound cold.
OMG HAX - 15 days ago
wow the enchantment table language looks different irl
Miku MichDem
Miku MichDem - 15 days ago
Latin alphabet is not "complicated letters with unwriten rules that influence each other", that would be english spelling.

Other languages thought up of better ways to spell stuff - German or Polish are good examples of it - even if not perfect - and cope without any problems. It's rather the english language that refuses to fix it's spelling.
I Created An Account For This
I didn't know that the direction indicated the vowel. Very clever.
burbon ­
burbon ­ - 15 days ago
Aaaand of course, the word for "father" looks like penis...
Pokephosgene - 15 days ago
I'd like to learn Inuktitut if I had the time and money to pay for books and a teacher.
rv706 - 15 days ago
It looks like Mathematics formulae
TheStarTrekApologist Channel
Pedro Taquino
Pedro Taquino - 15 days ago
3:25 speak for yourself you dirty Brit, Spanish is way easier
Gau28 - 15 days ago
Assuming because spanish use latin alphabet it's spelling makes no sense
Me siento ofendido
Archpope - 16 days ago
This works very similarly to Japanese Kana or Korean Hangul.
Miku MichDem
Miku MichDem - 15 days ago
Yes, except in Kana symbols don't change orientation. So Hangul's more similar with the symbols having sound in them.
fuckfannyfiddlefart - 16 days ago
"Up" here
You Northern supremacist you!!
wakaphwap - 16 days ago
Recorded in one take. Impressive.
theresa - 16 days ago
A bit similar to the ph's baybayin :0
Maddox 3310
Maddox 3310 - 16 days ago
That's just Simslish
Cereal 27
Cereal 27 - 16 days ago
Which hole pisses
WQIOPA - 16 days ago
Sorry I don't speak minecraft enchantment table
Piper Joseph
Piper Joseph - 16 days ago
This "alphabet" reminds me so much of Baybayin, where it uses one symbol for a consonant sound and depending where you put the dot dictates what vowel sound corresponds to it.
coffeehauz - 16 days ago
My god, using glyph direction to indicate the vowel is unspeakably dope. I think I might borrow that for a fictional language, at some point.
ChrisLuigiTails - 16 days ago
2:47 Villager sound
Melih - 16 days ago
wow, i'm stunned! "anana" and "atata" correspond to -almost- the same words in turkish. "ana" is mother and "ata" is father (more like ancestor).
Pururin - 17 days ago
They must've been geniuses.. Remember those IQ tests which spun all the shapes..
NameIsNotAvailable - 17 days ago
When Tom is a minecraft villager
Ger - Hour ago
NameIsNotAvailable LMAO
BlueberryPolar - 17 days ago
G S - 18 days ago
All i understood was "Boris blac"
khhnator - 18 days ago
so... is just hiragana and katana?
R - 18 days ago
Latin alphabet is quite complicated in English but in some other languages is quite simple
Levent Dv.
Levent Dv. - 19 days ago
2:49 smh that's Turkish
MARIN - 20 days ago
To visualise the title, I downloaded an UTF-8 font : DejaVuSans (easy to find on the internet).
Arturo Stojanoff
Arturo Stojanoff - 20 days ago
God this writing system, I try to read it but I understand Nunavut!
Nick Eman
Nick Eman - 21 day ago
This is also what the baybayin script(from the Philippines) does. Although tweaked by spaniards you will see what I'm talking about.
Uisce Preston
Uisce Preston - 21 day ago
In the majority of the world's languages - related or not, the word for "mother" has developed or retained an initial nasal sound like /m/ or /n/ because it is roughly the sound a child makes while nursing. This phenomenon is called phonaesthesia. And it is no accident.
9nikolai - 18 days ago
That moment when someone makes their children call them something nearly impossible to pronounce. "I'm hungry" "Hi Hungry, I'm íajjuchäbqûx"
Werevampiwolf - 21 day ago
I've been doing world building for an alien planet that was used in a comic book and then the planet was destroyed within about 12 issues, and one of the languages (that I made), spoken by the insectoid Natives, is based on Wichita (because Wichita doesn't really use labial sounds, and they don't have lips), but I based the writing system on Inuktitut
MsmX Music
MsmX Music - 23 days ago
Unicode/Inuktitut might be more interesting than Georgian imo
Seth Brisby
Seth Brisby - 23 days ago
Sorry I don't speak wingdings
Alexander - 23 days ago
The Sims language.
Thu Lx
Thu Lx - 24 days ago
0:46 *"Qaassuup"*
MrSaemichlaus - 24 days ago
Do you ever get born, look around briefly, say "nuh-uh" and crawl back in?
MadBunnyRabbit - 26 days ago
No, no, no, no. Latin alphabet is not bad, it's just that you guys don't fallow phonemic-orthography like some languages that actually do.
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