ᑖᒻ ᔅᑳᑦ and ᖃᓂᐅᔮᖅᐸᐃᑦ

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Paige Abacaba
Paige Abacaba - Day ago
I would like to mention that Canada isn't always full of snow
Dango428 - Day ago
So their accent would be like Japan

Don't quote me on this
vleessjuu - 2 days ago
So this is more or less the same story as how Cyrillic was created then? Seems like artificially created scripts tend to be a lot more elegant than the ones that just kinda evolved on their own.
Temerold - 5 days ago
ᑖᒻ ᔅᑳᑦ and ᖃᓂᐅᔮᖅᐸᐃᑦ, aah a classic!
Impending Doom
Impending Doom - 8 days ago
If laughing was in Inuktitut...
ᕹᕹᕹ! Look at his face! ᕹ!
Aryan Manohar
Aryan Manohar - 10 days ago
QuoththeRaven - 10 days ago
So Eskimos have no language, no wonder they just cluck and growl at eachother
Dertzium - 12 days ago
This is actually like the japanese "Hiragana" and "Katakana" Script.
InkyPsycho - 10 days ago
Not entirely... hiragana has completely different symbols for each sound and is thus a syllabary. This system is an abugida, meaning there are different symbols for consonants only, which are then modified to express the vowel (in this case, with orientation). The designs of "ka" and "ku" in hiragana have no relation to each other, but in abugidas like Inuktitut they're variations of the same symbol because they start with the same consonant. So it's similar, but not the same.
Pro720HyperMaster720 - 12 days ago
Don’t blame the Latin alphabet for “unwritten rules that all influence each other” that’s English, in Spanish is very clear how to say/pronounce what is writed and are clear rules about it, and I assume that is the same in other Latin alphabet languages
Siara H
Siara H - 12 days ago
I am so, so happy to finally know what glyphs make up that one text emoji, I've wondered that for awhile. Also, this is wonderful and now I want to learn it.
ArcadeShuffle92 - 13 days ago
Looks like an alien language
PilotMars 713535
PilotMars 713535 - 13 days ago
You’re mispronouncing Nunavut it’s pronounced new na voot just so you know
Schmelon - 13 days ago
Inuktitut? I'm having Nunavut.
Lovesick_Lycanthrope - 14 days ago

Will Jones
Will Jones - 14 days ago
Is this where Elon Musk got the inspiration for his kids name?
先生チキン - 14 days ago
Tom: The word for mom is a sound that a baby will make accidentally.
Japanese: "haha"
Me: make sense..
Emin - 15 days ago
What is the difference in more and Abugida?
Some Kind of Master
Some Kind of Master - 15 days ago
3:26 > arbitrary symbols you have to learn
It's not Latin alphabet, it's f-ed up English orthography
dog fish
dog fish - 15 days ago
A really interesting written language is Doctor Who's circular gallifreyan. There's no official one but the community has designed a really cool set of rules.
Justreplay - 15 days ago
This is Interesting somewhat similar to Ethiopian language “Ge’ez”. The scripts or the alphabets are also called “Abugida” written as “አቡጊዳ”.
SWEGREDASH - 16 days ago
gresach - 16 days ago
it's like bopomofo in taiwan
William Midgley
William Midgley - 17 days ago
It's like Hangul, then
Wallen P
Wallen P - 17 days ago
That is very similar to Baybayin which even has the "NG" character. Even the Anaana & Ataata is similar to their mother & father words; Nanay & Tatay is how they are spelled but pronounced similarly with a long vowel & short vowel- Naanay & Taatay.
Florbengorben - 17 days ago
Dude, I love abugidas. They’re so elegant and systematic.
Tommi Tommi
Tommi Tommi - 17 days ago
Well, if you bring the English language as an example for the Latin alphabet, of course it’ll look bad.
Tommi Tommi
Tommi Tommi - 17 days ago
Soooo, basically hiragana.
Rezzo64 - 18 days ago
Finally, a video about Elon Musk's child's name
Waqas Ahmed
Waqas Ahmed - 18 days ago
Is it an accident that ”stop” looks like a car hitting a road bump?
Memes n Shet
Memes n Shet - 18 days ago
And they’re taking Nunavut
齐天语 - 18 days ago
2:07 it's a hiragana
齐天语 - 18 days ago
1:54 that's basically scratched written in katakana
DispelTheMyth - 19 days ago
how much of the northern bits of Canada are habitable? ah that's right....Nunavit
Durjamie - 19 days ago
The Video Anylitics:
Discovery from YouTube Search: 0%
Soviet Red
Soviet Red - 19 days ago
Russian is also easy to read
What you read is what tou pronounce
There are no 2 letters that make another sound, thry specifically have a letter for those sounds
owllyquest - 19 days ago
no i dont like it at all
Adrian Clayton
Adrian Clayton - 20 days ago
You should talk about Korean
Vegas242 - 20 days ago
This is reminding me of the Korean writing system, which is really interesting and worth looking up if you're somehow seeing this new comment on this old video
Jonathan Cousins
Jonathan Cousins - 20 days ago
That’s like hiragana and katakana, right?
Kurtyboi - 20 days ago
Hakuna ataata
FishyYT - 20 days ago
This looks like one of those languages I make as a kid
Ognjen Nedić
Ognjen Nedić - 20 days ago
Elon Musk took this video as an inspiration for son's name
HHRD - 21 day ago
How to summon Jan Misali?
Jay Paans
Jay Paans - 21 day ago
Didn't people over there had a writing system of their own?
David Cheater
David Cheater - 21 day ago
One really neat thing about this script; it's only used for Aboriginal languages (mainly in Canada).
Main A
Main A - 21 day ago
An English person that admits they don't speak their own language right, I like Tom.
Danny Graham
Danny Graham - 21 day ago
Names for parents.
It means no worries, for the rest of your days!
Edward Varby
Edward Varby - 21 day ago
Reminds me of Hanunuo script. Except that uses marks to indicate vowels
THilly - 21 day ago
Is it strange that I REALLY want to get to learn that language?
Gast - 21 day ago
Ketchup. Qaassuup. Ketchup. Qaassuup. I'm in way over my head.
Hollovv meghan
Hollovv meghan - 22 days ago
this is quite similar to hindi
Anoz - 22 days ago
I was wondering when I could finally learn Korean
wheedler - 22 days ago
Good to see Adam and Jamie’s Norm Chan at the end. Also Joey!
Melanie - 22 days ago
this is what grimes and elon musk named their baby
Prakhar Mishra
Prakhar Mishra - 22 days ago
What is this cyka blyat title
Hustinyano A
Hustinyano A - 23 days ago
Oh almost like Baybayin ᜊᜌ᜔ᜊᜌᜒᜈ᜔ Ba-Y-Ba-Yi-N
Hustinyano A
Hustinyano A - 23 days ago
Tom Scott would be ᜆᜓᜋ᜔ ᜐ᜔ᜃᜓᜆ᜔ It's confusing, should I write it as Tam Skat or Tom Skot cuz in Baybayin, you write how you would pronounce it
Deko_03 - 23 days ago
2:56 i thought wrong for a sec there
Chad Peterson
Chad Peterson - 23 days ago
This is so similar to hangeul, the Korean alphabet, and it makes me very happy
Emery Paine
Emery Paine - 23 days ago
Fascinating! Thank you.
Liokardo - 24 days ago
1:48 *OH!!* _Just like Japanese?_ (=^・^=)
getfox3 - 24 days ago
everybody Gangsta until Tom Scott starts speaking alien.
Merthalophor - 25 days ago
"the line between language and dialect gets blurred"

Fun fact, in linguistics there generally is no such line. In fact, the concept of "language" isn't really used at all, because what constitutes a language and what a dialect is often determined more by politics and tradition than by similarity. Instead, all "languages" are dialects. Makes sense if you consider that two people speaking different languages understand each other relatively well for some languages (Spanish/Italian/Portuguese, Ex-Jugoslawien "languages"), while others speaking the same languages barely have any words in common (different dialects of Chinese or German)
Philaee W
Philaee W - 23 days ago
I imagine Tom knows that, having studied linguistics.
Casey Chapone
Casey Chapone - 25 days ago
1:56 that’s a bit like Japanese, but in Japanese each hiragana symbol is one consonant sound followed by one vowel sound (with the exceptions of the vowel symbols and two others). I keep relating a lot of these language videos to Japanese bc I’m learning it right now.
Yiehl - 25 days ago
It's work like korean which also an abugida language i guess. You have also one symbol which sound differently by the way it point like ㅏ(a) or ㅓ(o opened).
Çentoé - 25 days ago
Yiehl Korean isn't an abuguida afaik
Anthony Scali
Anthony Scali - 25 days ago
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Sufyan Khan
Sufyan Khan - 25 days ago
Other videos : you did not search for this video
This video : you cannot search for this video
Rockspoon - 25 days ago
So Japanese is also an abucido.
Çentoé - 25 days ago
Rockspoon Nope
Zachymcsmacky - 25 days ago
Its simplicity reminds me of hangul (Korean script)
5kY74L3 ᓱᐃ
5kY74L3 ᓱᐃ - 26 days ago
oh, my nick
Benjamin Võ
Benjamin Võ - 26 days ago
0:48 sup
TheFanCritic - 26 days ago
Damn, no h. I would have been able to spell out hakuna matata if only that was there.
babyface - 26 days ago
cant wait to recommend this video to my friends
TauridBorn - 26 days ago
@NativeLang Check this out!
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth - 26 days ago
It's not the Latin Alphabet that is arbitrary. It's the way English mis/ab/uses it that is arbitrary.
Sayed Muaaz
Sayed Muaaz - 26 days ago
The history is so sad.
Lofi Linker
Lofi Linker - 26 days ago
taam sakaata e qaniujuutakapaita
Lofi Linker
Lofi Linker - 26 days ago
X Æ A-12 Musk
X Æ A-12 Musk - 26 days ago
so this is how non english speakers see english
Çentoé - 25 days ago
steve coks Nope. That's so overused, and literally never correct. English is how non english speakers see english
Beacon Blaster
Beacon Blaster - 27 days ago
Rob - 22 days ago
MarkusTegelane - 27 days ago
I just see a bunch of colons in the title
RubberDuck 1987
RubberDuck 1987 - 27 days ago
so basically japanese?
RubberDuck 1987
RubberDuck 1987 - 25 days ago
@Çentoé i beg to differ, the system of consonant and vowels with symbols that denote sound - not spelling is very similar to base japanese hiragana. this language is more refined obviously but the lack of acknowledgement toward other languages that have these similar features i felt was not ideal
Çentoé - 25 days ago
RubberDuck 1987 No, not even close
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