2020 iPad Pro Review: It's... A Computer?!

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Idris - 9 hours ago
Who needs a camera on a gigantic device like the iPad? IPad for me was already a dust collector 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Rosa Atkinson
Rosa Atkinson - 9 hours ago
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mommadawns advice
mommadawns advice - 10 hours ago
I wanted this exact one so badly. My iPad is 2014. Lol I was saving up for this one and the keyboard, but life got in the way. Doctors co-pay, medications, etc. now lost waitressing job thanks to virus. On the bright side, when I can afford it in a year or two, it will be cheaper than it is now! Haha
Savon media Motion Graphics
Dope But Price
problem42 solver
problem42 solver - 12 hours ago
Even abacus is a computer! 😐👨🏻‍💻
LaMillion !
LaMillion ! - 13 hours ago
Theres ppl out here talking selfies with ipads literally lol
Manmeet Singh
Manmeet Singh - 13 hours ago
Can you please give a new one?
Im TSK - 15 hours ago
3:50 gmail +YouTube
ipad is useless without 2 apps
Voz do Google
Voz do Google - 17 hours ago
Top top top
MLKKK - 18 hours ago
iPads are useless only rich ppl like Marques can afford them but everyone else should avoid this scam device we have iPhones and computers/laptops
Wake up dummies! iPads are useless!
Kashif Nawaz
Kashif Nawaz - 19 hours ago
I Love the first part of this review.
ŘąŗìŧêĐ - 20 hours ago
300 bucks..
Nebez - 21 hour ago
I wont iPad pro😍❤️
MUHAMMED Gazi - 22 hours ago
Christopher Chan
Christopher Chan - 22 hours ago
Why do I watch these after I buy.
I am a space man
I am a space man - 23 hours ago
Same shit as the last
Azman Ahmad
Azman Ahmad - 23 hours ago
Hey marques. Je glad to stumble upon your review. Good one
Nimish Singh
Nimish Singh - 23 hours ago
8:28 what is it?
Name Unidentified
Name Unidentified - 11 hours ago
Nimish Singh Magnet paper.
Benjeey Arts
Benjeey Arts - 23 hours ago
Procreate is the only reason that makes me want to buy this😆
The Legendary Z
The Legendary Z - Day ago
Damn, someone should really jailbreak this...
Gerry Scully
Gerry Scully - Day ago
iPad Pro user .... simply brilliant .... it’s what you would like you’re old iPad to be .... incredible machine
techZoNe - Day ago
Be careful it may contain corona virus on the box and Malwares inside
jeNOJAEMin - Day ago
8:19 omg what are those omhomgomg
Joseph Hii
Joseph Hii - Day ago
Your next computer is not a computer, but its top specs... is a computer money. 🤦‍♂️😂
Please why the hell will anyone need an ipad
Nat Nonthanasin
Nat Nonthanasin - Day ago
Now with LIDAR feature, more Australian smokers will buy this iPad now.
diego pope
diego pope - Day ago
Perfect review, saludos desde Perú.
Mark Davis
Mark Davis - Day ago
You tech guys really dont understand the possibilities of AR. Many new ideas where spring from the accessibility of this Technology🤦🏾‍♂️
Kill Me
Kill Me - Day ago
No mac os no buy
Jashawa Francis
Jashawa Francis - Day ago
Whhhhaatttttt??? 😂😂
Lynn Norris
Lynn Norris - Day ago
Can I have your old iPad? 🤣 Anything to get an iPad! 🤣 hahaha I’m a teacher and desperately need any iPad that can use the current apps on the app store. If you would happen to have any lying around, that would be great! I lose nothing by asking... 😂
Frank Walder
Frank Walder - Day ago
I plan to buy the iPad Mini 6 when it comes out in September 2022 because it will still support a pencil, have USB C and 5G, and still fit in my cargo pants pocket.
Mocker TJ
Mocker TJ - Day ago
What’s that paper he used to check magnets
🧲 ?
Tally - Day ago
I think you need to look/ask yourself: for what do i use a computer. If you only do stuff like browsing, reading/making documents etc. it could replace a computer. But if you use a computer for gaming or Photoshop, Video editing, 3D modeling etc. a iPad can definitly replace a computer. And the thing is you can do all this stuff on copmuter and on a iPad you're limited. But there also things that speak for the iPad like the mobility. (sorry for spelling mistakes and maby choppy english)
VaIbHaV YaDaV - Day ago
Why dont they just make macbook touchscreen compatible?
Bob James
Bob James - Day ago
So no one gonna talk about what he used 8:28
Prathamesh Joshi
Prathamesh Joshi - Day ago
"An Apple product a year
Makes your money disappear"
Brytan Mendes
Brytan Mendes - Day ago
The mics were incredible. I barely noticed a difference.
Jong Aquino
Jong Aquino - Day ago
3:49 Auto Focus Episode 5: Tesla Model Y coming out soon?
Vikram Soni
Vikram Soni - Day ago
Its cringy to see someone using a trackpad with ipad. Why is the scrren touch sensitive if all you want is a trackpad?
Yup. I'm "that guy". Don't hate on me bro!
Plz gift for me love from india
Selina Ngobeni
Selina Ngobeni - Day ago
I love the intro @MKBHD
Gambeeeno - Day ago
Dear Apple please release an iPad that supports MacOs.
Microsoft Surface devices like: I'm cheaper and did this years ago
Satinder Pal Singh
Satinder Pal Singh - Day ago
What's the exact use of an iPad,? Why not get a macbook air instead?
Bhimesh chowdhary
Bhimesh chowdhary - Day ago
Does it bend?
Shashidhar R
Shashidhar R - Day ago
Can please gift me that ipad...... please....
Árpád Juhász
Árpád Juhász - Day ago
"Not ganna say, people will find out." Apple cares about their customers. Aye, sure. Not so much, just pay. Terrible. I like Apple products, but they are jerks.
aishwary verma
aishwary verma - Day ago
my Nokia N8 had bluetooth mouse connectivity. Just putting it out there.
MonsterKat - Day ago
Apple really lost their way when Jobs passed.. I feel like the new CEO is running the company into the ground.
evin dibrugarh
evin dibrugarh - Day ago
Most people buy an iPad to show other people that they can buy an iPad for real
George Roshan Thomas
George Roshan Thomas - 2 days ago
It's an iPhone 11 pro that took steroids ngl.
nowew owkelw
nowew owkelw - 2 days ago
QQ: why can't I copy files to my iPad from windows explorer?


It's my device and I don't need apple's permission to use it.
泓豪 - 2 days ago
It can't even run Minecraft on 120 fps
mosie danno
mosie danno - 2 days ago
Marques Brownlee is it..... human?
Life Wonderer
Life Wonderer - 2 days ago
99.99% of people don't need this new ipad
KWAN POPO - 2 days ago
What’s the difference tof vs LIDAR?
Gregor Kluth
Gregor Kluth - 2 days ago
This upgrade is just a joke. The processor is the same just with a few more compute units activated, the software still can't replace a desktop by any means and the new sensor is only being used by an app for taking mesurments Wich barely improved by it if at all.
If they do a refresh than there should be something new that changes the perspective on what the iPad can be used for.
Jacob Curtis
Jacob Curtis - 2 days ago
If your locked into the AppStore and can’t sideload apps then it’s not a computer
KAT - 2 days ago
When he opened Dark Sky at 4:01 he was telling us something
SgtSeth - 2 days ago
Apple: “What’s a computer?”
Apple: “Let me show you the new MacBook Air.”
Microsoft: "Welcome to 2013"
Samsung: "Easy, Apple is kinda special and alittle behind on trends these days"
Michael Gordon
Michael Gordon - 2 days ago
Which is better for video editing, Ipad Pro or i7 Macbook Air? Discuss!!!
Dave Saunders
Dave Saunders - 2 days ago
It's just a tablet...A very expensive one. Buy a laptop. True story.
Marc B
Marc B - 2 days ago
11 or 12.9? Any opinion? I can’t decide. I’m worried 12.9 will be too big for one handed reading, streaming etc. while commuting
tankriley27 - 2 days ago
Piper Alpha
Piper Alpha - 2 days ago
If you are going to do a review, do a full and proper review with all the relevant accessories as that is what this new iPad is really about. Not this half assed attempt at a review.
Reverse.card. 7
Reverse.card. 7 - 2 days ago
I found this keyboard thing but not in the apple store it was in istyle it’s kind of apple but it was not for the iPad Pro and it was a tester
Roheen - 2 days ago
It’s best for Pubg 😍
P Hook
P Hook - 2 days ago
But.....yet...... they put a 720p on the new Macbook Air...???? Most people do not use the ipad for their go to camera but they could not put a 1080p camera in the new air?
arthur lee thomas
arthur lee thomas - 2 days ago
Can I have for free I can’t afford it
John Mitch
John Mitch - 2 days ago
I purchased Geekbench 5 after seeing Marques iPad score. Why was my score higher? My iPad 12.9 is the previous version. Single-Core 1116 Multi-Core 4643.
Noah98 - 2 days ago
Meanwhile I can only set the video to 1080p on my IPad
Alberto Bernal
Alberto Bernal - 2 days ago
Would you recommend to have a screen protector on the iPad or not?
sushama sarker
sushama sarker - 2 days ago
Common!! Why is everyone complaining about the new camera system? What about us kids who like to take photos and doesn’t have a PHONE
Jo Sh
Jo Sh - 2 days ago
Let me guess... new magic trackpad costs $200? 😂 Don't you dare thinking about the production cost though.
Rai Life
Rai Life - 2 days ago
Who liked it because of the intro😂
AZIJUL ISLAM - 2 days ago
Ipad is a garbage. Microsoft surface pro is the best
John Mitch
John Mitch - 2 days ago
I have four Window 10 laptops and desktops but no Microsoft surface pro. Why? Price!!! My iPad 12.9 pro was $1800 CDN. Microsoft surface pro CAD $2,559.00 with no cellular. Microsoft outdid Apple with their high prices. I would love someday to get a surface pro if the prices come down.
ZEROKOOL-20 - 2 days ago
If they put a worse camera on the back than people will complain about it lol.
ZEROKOOL-20 - 2 days ago
What’s a computer ?
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