Texas Roadhouse vs. Outback Steakhouse Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS

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Justin 'the gamecat' Turgeson in Hi-Fi
IT'S EMILY!!!! 😍
Alexis Logan
Alexis Logan - 46 minutes ago
Texas Roadhouse will always be my first choice. Smh.
Colin Wible
Colin Wible - Hour ago
These two restaurants are right next to each other in my town😂
Michael Barron
Michael Barron - 2 hours ago
I’ve honestly never had a good meal at Texas Roadhouse in at least 10 visits. So I’m 100% behind this. Outback >> and it’s no competition.
come at me bro its casey
come at me bro its casey - 3 hours ago
I have been to both and they are both havr super good food but..

I have to side with the roadhouse.
Cody Weiss
Cody Weiss - 3 hours ago
Its so weird to me that americans call mains “entré”, appetisers are entres in australia 🤷🏻‍♂️ it literally means enter in french, so sort of weird to use it at all really
Christopher Nixon
Christopher Nixon - 4 hours ago
where can i find a big @$$ brownie?
Bobby Chiarelli
Bobby Chiarelli - 5 hours ago
I’m sorry but you go to Texas Roadhouse without getting the ribs which they are known for. C’mon man.
Noah B
Noah B - 8 hours ago
wow rhonda and beck have a history
Mr.Potato Head
Mr.Potato Head - 9 hours ago
didn't even cover buns
Judasia - 11 hours ago
My name is RHONDA!! Just happy that my name was said!!
kat13potter - 11 hours ago
Yaaay!!! Go Outback!!!
Dragons Light1998
Dragons Light1998 - 14 hours ago
its just better texas road house pales in comparison to Outback Steak House
Nelson Pellizzeri
Nelson Pellizzeri - 14 hours ago
nerdyjackass - 15 hours ago
YES! Outback certainly beats Texas Roadhouse!
Matthew Nichols
Matthew Nichols - 15 hours ago
Problem is that's a Texas Roadhouse house in California. Therefore there is to much California on those steaks. Only reason outback won.
Commented by a Texan
Michael Ward
Michael Ward - 15 hours ago
cant believe yall didn't try the cheesey winger dingers lololol
Jacob Creeach
Jacob Creeach - 16 hours ago
Do a sequel but with their burgers, rolls, and CHICKEN STRIPS!
Fuck all rednecks
Fuck all rednecks - 17 hours ago
Y'all talk way to damn match STFU and show us already.
Chelsea Boyd
Chelsea Boyd - 17 hours ago
But you didn't review the bread...
Ximena Gonzalez
Ximena Gonzalez - 18 hours ago
Btw Texas Roadhouse iN tExAss is wAyyYyyy better. Ask any stranger there. Texas Roadhouse from California though, isn’t as good
Ximena Gonzalez
Ximena Gonzalez - 18 hours ago
Who else goes to Texas Roadhouse for the bread??
Harry Flores
Harry Flores - 19 hours ago
karenamanda1958 - 20 hours ago
How can a southern boy dis cream gravy on mashed taters?!? TRAITOR!
jhaydenlewis - 20 hours ago
I’m just saying, Texas Roadhouse loses to Longhorn in my opinion.
Blake Wurm
Blake Wurm - 20 hours ago
Texas Roadhouse is better and it ain’t close
Tumblin' Dice
Tumblin' Dice - 22 hours ago
*hit me with that outback tomahawk all day and I'm good*
ClassOf2020 - 23 hours ago
Chipotle vs Qdoba
Backwardsea49 - Day ago
How link tests knife sharpness 6:53
Gabi - Day ago
texas roadhouse wins based on their rolls alone
Serpens The King
Serpens The King - Day ago
looks like a dry steak for me
Toxic Waste
Toxic Waste - Day ago
You could tell from the beginning that Rhett wanted Texas Roadhouse to lose
Jay Box
Jay Box - Day ago
Outback should fly em to australia or something.
Peter M
Peter M - Day ago
I personally have worked at both. Outback is miles better than roadhouse.
TrinityZaku - Day ago
Lonestar bloomin onion was by far better than outbacks
Joseph Peters
Joseph Peters - Day ago
Outback all the way but, both are nothing special!!!!
Don Siegfried Florentes
I'mma disagree with Link on the dessert
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson - Day ago
TRH chili is awesome
Abby Liu
Abby Liu - Day ago
cookaburra 😂
Jake Jaeric
Jake Jaeric - Day ago
Matt Lieb!
Sarah Amin
Sarah Amin - Day ago
Red Lobster is better than both
Cameron Rose
Cameron Rose - Day ago
Texas Roadhouse is definitely the better one
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr - Day ago
Outstack The Outback!
Snarky Mcsnarkles
Snarky Mcsnarkles - Day ago
I always wonder how fresh the food they eat is, this stuff looks old and microwaved, nasty
Fluffyfluff Fox
Fluffyfluff Fox - Day ago
Spinach artichoke dip at outback
Layne Reeves
Layne Reeves - Day ago
They didn’t cut into the tenderloin smh
Riley Carr
Riley Carr - Day ago
I absoulutly LOVE Texas road house especially the rolls that you get at the beginning but it’s sad bc we live 3 hours away from there
JaveyCyberGames - Day ago
My school is still going
A - Day ago
After Outback took away the snow crab legs and cinnamon apple oblivion I can’t say I go there anymore.
GamingTaylor - Day ago
As someone from Texas, I must say that if you want a good steak, you need to learn how to make it yourself. Here I can go to the grocery store and buy Steak (Ribeye/Tbone/Sirloin/Strip) for ~$5/pound (or essentially $5 a steak. Never frozen, a bit of butter, steak seasoning, garlic salt, and you are good to go.
Nathan Twiss
Nathan Twiss - Day ago
Catfish from roadhouse
Jessica Murtaugh
Jessica Murtaugh - Day ago
Link, The chocolate thunder from down under is gluten free. It's flourless, All chocolate.
Vaporizer - Day ago
9:33 here comes the true embodiment of Australia
Dragon Blader
Dragon Blader - Day ago
Me at the end yeeeeeesssssssssssss
Imposter Syndrome
Imposter Syndrome - Day ago
Speaking as a Texan, that chili doesn't look right. Makes sense as Texas Roadhouse isn't actually from Texas.
PsychaWolf - Day ago
Sir Casius the Fifth
Things seemed a bit tense between Rhett and Link in this video.
i'd suggest the volcano shrimp from outback
Michael Marquez
Michael Marquez - Day ago
8+8 isn’t 29
Trent - Day ago
Mukbang: GMM edition
Roon - Day ago
Outback ftw
Pika_Meia 32
Pika_Meia 32 - Day ago
You should compare The Keg and Montana"s
ftlPhysicsGuy - Day ago
Longhorn? Anyone?
Tractor Girl 11
Tractor Girl 11 - Day ago
Ahi tuna is good
Allen Blumhagen
Allen Blumhagen - Day ago
My favorite food at outback is the bacon cheese fries
kbehe95 - Day ago
They definitely have some bomb chili
Adam Burgis
Adam Burgis - Day ago
This would probably be a better competition if you guys were blinded to the restaurants
Adam Burgis
Adam Burgis - Day ago
especially after rhett admitted his bias to outback
Sarah Mako
Sarah Mako - Day ago
Tbh Longhorn Steakhouse is way better than both of them 🤷🏻‍♀️
Natalie Ruth
Natalie Ruth - Day ago
You should come to NC ;)
Rants And Faves
Rants And Faves - Day ago
Now I want a cheesy winger ginger
wolfgang stucker
wolfgang stucker - Day ago
why did they trust link with a freaking KNIFE?!?!
burningphoenix36 - Day ago
Now bring in Logan’s Roadhouse
rainbow panda
rainbow panda - Day ago
The dryness only has to do with the chefs in your area or the restaurant that you went to
Joey Steager
Joey Steager - Day ago
I prefer outback steak house
steffen verbist
steffen verbist - Day ago
Those steaks look super dry..
Kylee Stoner
Kylee Stoner - Day ago
The porterhouse is a ny strip and a filet .... I work at Texas Roadhouse lmao
Kandis Lynn
Kandis Lynn - Day ago
As a true Texan.. Texas Roadhouse always does it better.
Im a little hurt yall!
LEGIT ALEX - Day ago
Im confused how come rhett never lets link use knives?
BillyJoe1305 - Day ago
Sooo, are there cheesey winger fingers at one of these places?
Sleek Star 99
Sleek Star 99 - 2 days ago
I like the steak and chili from Texas Roadhouse
Whittome - 2 days ago
Are they geys?
shadowforger11 - 2 days ago
To be fair, TRH isn't bad... assuming they ever serve you in the first place.
pubg mobile videos
pubg mobile videos - 2 days ago
Never eaten any if other but outback should win
ebeth5891 - 2 days ago
My very favorite thing at Texas Roadhouse is the rolls with cinnamon butter😁🍽
Biskit Bunch
Biskit Bunch - 2 days ago
I like Texas Roadhouse more but maybe the outback near my house is just bad idk
Merica’ Man
Merica’ Man - 2 days ago
When you go to texas road house you go for the rolls, butter, sliders, poppers, and cheese fries
MasterShake9000 - 2 days ago
The real winner here are Rhonda fans.
Damien Conrad
Damien Conrad - 2 days ago
I didn’t know you had Texas Roadhouse in other states
Jordan Cornell
Jordan Cornell - 2 days ago
Still baffles me how many Americans seem to think outback is Australian at all ahhaha
Vookies - 2 days ago
I am from Texas and I prefer outback than Texas Roadhouse. But, I’ve also been to Australia and Australia is just A clone of Texas so it’s a win win.
Shane Erz
Shane Erz - 2 days ago
Corey Rogers
Corey Rogers - 2 days ago
Great episode love this idea. Standard big ass brownie!! Lol anywho, Longhorn steakhouse is better. Y’all boys should come to buffalo do an episode while tailgating at a buffalo bills game. Promise you great content. Then get some chicken wings from the HOME of the chicken wing @anchor bar.
mikeysrose - 2 days ago
I've never been to Outback, but I have been to Texas Roadhouse a couple times. Longhorn Steakhouse is my favorite.
Zacky3Tears - Day ago
mikeysrose Longhorn squad!
Thanos - 2 days ago
How do you guys keep the food warm? Especially on your international taste tests? Just reheat everything? Seems like some foods would lose a lot of flavor.
Actlee - 2 days ago
Longhorn steakhouse is better
Brian Dawson
Brian Dawson - 2 days ago
Too bad they didn't do a side by side of their servers. OMG ...marry me Rhonda 🤣
Jaxon Carter 2: electric bogaloo
What about longhorn steakhouse?
JayHfails - 2 days ago
DEMONSENSUI - 2 days ago
What would happen if you guys drank 12 oz of pickle juice and then chase it with one raw egg.
monstravictorious - 2 days ago
Something about Roadhouse Rhonda that got my tater skin crawl. Lowkey love her.
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