Texas Roadhouse vs. Outback Steakhouse Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS

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Kasavir Jagar
Kasavir Jagar - Day ago
im a aussie and ive had outback in us
its nothing to do with Australia if u ask me sept we like beef
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick - Day ago
I feel like the best STEAKhouse is the place with the best STEAK.
CG CHUNGUS - 2 days ago
Rhett lost me today Texas Roadhouse for the win
D S - 3 days ago
Deff. Outback near me is better overall without a doubt, and I don't see s big difference price wise
TheMessengerWarner - 5 days ago
wtf did these guys not try the cheesy winger dingers?
Olivia - 5 days ago
The seared ahi tuna 😋
BL00DY M355
BL00DY M355 - 5 days ago
I’d take Texas Roadhouse just bc I get a discount for it😂
Bella Marie
Bella Marie - 5 days ago
Galaxy Cube
Galaxy Cube - 5 days ago
Every time I don't know what to eat I watch food feuds and oder the best
DiDoy Channel
DiDoy Channel - 7 days ago
Jollibee food test man it's gonna be good I promise haha
DiDoy Channel
DiDoy Channel - 7 days ago
Food feuds Jollibee vs. McDonald's please
Anime Samurai
Anime Samurai - 8 days ago
I'm From Australia and WE DO NOT CHEESY FRIES!
Cade Holland
Cade Holland - 8 days ago
how is this from one year ago
Indian fan
Indian fan - 9 days ago
I may very well be the only one but I don't believe I've ever had a good meal from outback it's always overcooked or over season or very possibly both
Jay Patel
Jay Patel - 11 days ago
when link said "there's a couple of things that bump me", Rhett was like "and wtf is new?"
Pig Donut
Pig Donut - 11 days ago
If you would’ve got the Texas Roadhouse food from a roadhouse in Texas they’d be won
Hannah G
Hannah G - 11 days ago
I loveeeeee the kookaburra wings at outback they are so tasty, but Texas roadhouse is better to me
Marsh - 12 days ago
You've yee'd your last haw!
Gail Breslin
Gail Breslin - 14 days ago
I want one of them onions from outback but I'm from england :(
TalynCo - 16 days ago
As an Australian... That's not a knife.
Hunter - 17 days ago
Josh Oelbaum
Josh Oelbaum - 16 days ago
VEV 1881
VEV 1881 - 17 days ago
Pizza Hut vs... no wait you cant outpizza the hut
Eli Central
Eli Central - 20 days ago
It is NEVER possible to get bacon overloaded🥓
MoeDiscord - 21 day ago
Should've got some Texas Roadhouse from Texas!
Yank Boss
Yank Boss - 22 days ago
Outback fried mushrooms are the bomb
Yank Boss
Yank Boss - 23 days ago
The chiken fried stake at roadhouse is amazing
gokusondbz - 24 days ago
Personally I prefer Logan's Steakhouse 🤷‍♂️ .
the gamer
the gamer - 24 days ago
Rhett and Link have officially lost their mind.
Kelsey Mask
Kelsey Mask - 24 days ago
I prefer Texas any day. Love them!
Octosquid Enormously
Octosquid Enormously - 26 days ago
I agree.
LateNite - 27 days ago
I like Outback better.
Alex Lednicky
Alex Lednicky - 28 days ago
Okay but do any of us really go to Roadhouse for the steak? I go for the chicken fried steak and appetizers
Danielle X
Danielle X - Month ago
Where did Outback Steakhouse get their inspiration from to put these things on the menu? We don’t eat half these things in Australia 😆
John Rexrode
John Rexrode - Month ago
I have eaten at both places several times. Texas Roadhouse blows away Outback Steakhouse [with the exception of their kookaburra wings].
Abiyyu Prishdian
Abiyyu Prishdian - Month ago
Im just here to see Outback Beck
Wonder Wookiee
Wonder Wookiee - Month ago
This seems fitting to watch while I eat lunch :D
Matthew Feirstine
Matthew Feirstine - Month ago
Longhorns is better than both
Toy Soldier
Toy Soldier - Month ago
I just think the roadhouse is better
Sleek Star 99
Sleek Star 99 - Month ago
Texas Roadhouse’ medium well done sirloin steak is the best steak I’ve ever had same thing for the chili
Brap Nation
Brap Nation - Month ago
I work at Texas Roadhouse as a fry cook and I can make a blossom wayyyyyyy better
Bonita Coco
Bonita Coco - Month ago
Outback is the best! Love it
Doodooplays - Month ago
man that was the best roast xD
Aaron Whiting
Aaron Whiting - Month ago
I’ve never seen a bloomin onion that small before, one time we got a somewhat small one and they brought us another for free because they didn’t think we got enough Bloomin Onion
Dark Inferno
Dark Inferno - Month ago
I’m Australian and that accent is very fake
M3thing Around
M3thing Around - Month ago
We can at least agree they are both better than logan's
Nadia Hilber
Nadia Hilber - Month ago
Outback Steakhouse is NOT Australian I have never had any of the food except at an American restaurant
sureiguess1 - Month ago
ARE THEY REAL RATTLESNAKE!? HA. HA.... ha..... ok it's not that funny....
Greg Leith
Greg Leith - Month ago
Please dont ever do the Australian accent again it was cringeworthy
Kirsten Lunsford
Kirsten Lunsford - Month ago
Texas Roadhouse is eternally better especially bc they have the best rolls and cinnamon
DJ's Guides
DJ's Guides - Month ago
Yeah I’m gonna be 100% honest and Texas Texas roadhouse is 100 times better The buns taste better the more fluffy and also the steaks come in thicker more juicy cuts that are also fresh from farms/slaughter houses
WuuF466 - Month ago
Texas roadhouse is better.
VI Tiger Ausf E
VI Tiger Ausf E - Month ago
I will fight you over that blooming onion decision
Havoc_Scorpian - 2 months ago
6:50 those steaks looked so dry
perfectdipper 1
perfectdipper 1 - 2 months ago
@Good Mythical Morning yall should do bk vs hardees
x CooperTroop x
x CooperTroop x - 2 months ago
That’s right. Everything is better when it’s Australian. Accept it USA, u aren’t as good as us
Gregory Gold
Gregory Gold - 2 months ago
9:34 I NEED to know what they said to each other!
Nauanbrine2 - 2 months ago
4m views exactly
Salman Binjumah
Salman Binjumah - 2 months ago
There all the greatest
Kyleigh Campbell
Kyleigh Campbell - 2 months ago
Our Outback Steakhouse isn’t as good and kinda overpriced. Our Texas Roadhouse is one of my favs. Especially the rolls. I even like their blooming onion better. Texas Roadhouse for the win
Olivia Beyen
Olivia Beyen - 2 months ago
As an Australian that accent hurts my soul 🤠🤠
Nom nom Bullets
Nom nom Bullets - 2 months ago
Like how the video stops at 15 minutes
thefrizzbeedogo - 2 months ago
6:54 why link
Talia Voider
Talia Voider - 2 months ago
Outback wins.
Meliodas S
Meliodas S - 2 months ago
Outbacks mac and cheese looks like dry
Kramerica Industries
Kramerica Industries - 2 months ago
As an Aussie, I'm incredibly confused why Americans invented a restaurant for us. I'm flattered though.
India Freeman
India Freeman - 2 months ago
What did he do not to be able to use a knife??
Aiden Madrid
Aiden Madrid - 2 months ago
Texas rode house is WAAAYYYYY better
Cerulia - 2 months ago
I mostly only watch these for the actors
Taylor Christenbury
Taylor Christenbury - 2 months ago
There’s know such thing as being from Texas Roadhouse
Dineth the man
Dineth the man - 2 months ago
I legit see kookaburras outside my window, they’re are definitely not an endangered species.
mike hunt
mike hunt - 2 months ago
But you guys did not try the cheezy winger-dingers.
Mark- MarkReactor on YouTube
My problem with Outback is that their steaks are way too peppery and their portion sizes are SO small! I had a 20 oz bone-in 🥩 ribeye from Texas Roadhouse, and it was AMAZING!!!
Abby - 2 months ago
Again, dissapointed in their decisions😞
Nathan Brigham
Nathan Brigham - 2 months ago
Im from Australia and i can say the outback steak house is embarrassing ... Lol
I have never had mac and cheese with my steak lol
Danny5401 - 2 months ago
Link: “can I use a knife?” *immediately starts jabbing himself with it*
Airsoft Weekly
Airsoft Weekly - 2 months ago
Wow Texas Roadhouse for the win not outback gross
Corbin - 2 months ago
someone save this man
CodeAlias - 2 months ago
Austin Wilwayco
Austin Wilwayco - 2 months ago
Outback crushes roadhouse. Roadhouse is fine, I always love to get some steak, but just don’t compare it to Outback, ever.
ragusajr100 - 2 months ago
Outback, hands down better than Roadhouse.....
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