Texas Roadhouse vs. Outback Steakhouse Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS

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sloaches lee
sloaches lee - 7 hours ago
hold the sport pepper
Richibar 06
Richibar 06 - 21 hour ago
Texas roundhouse is better
Change my mind
Ice Mountain
Ice Mountain - Day ago
I like the other characters they have on some episodes just as much as rhett and link they are very funny.
Ann - Day ago
Love that u guys do the recommendations for me and I don’t have to spends a dime. Thanks!
Me The beast
Me The beast - Day ago
But their butter bread 😥 its so good
Vlog This Life
Vlog This Life - Day ago
Kookaburra. Cook-a-bar-rah.
Johnny Wagoner
Johnny Wagoner - 2 days ago
Can you guys do a Longhorn Steakhouse VS Outback? And do the ribeye
ZoeyC4 - 2 days ago
In Amarillo Texas, Roadhouse is completely packed every single night. As for Outback, I don't even know where it is.
Brian - 2 days ago
You cut your steaks wrong, outback steak you cut the Tender side. On the Texas roadhouse steak you cut the side that’s a little bit rougher. You Need to redo this
Amber S
Amber S - 2 days ago
Texas Roadhouse is cheaper and better, in my opinion. Agree or disagree, but I live in the same town as both, and I’ve only been to Outback maybe twice. Texas Roadhouse is our usual go to. Plus the wait staff at Outback are usually rude and act like they have a stick up their ass about something. Ive NEVER had a problem with the staff at Texas Roadhouse. Sorry Rhett and Link, but I think you’re wrong in this.
Shark Boy
Shark Boy - 2 days ago
14:08 two pairs of sunglasses ☀
Shark Boy
Shark Boy - 2 days ago
I will not eat at Texas roadhouse after my first visit. Everyone throws used peanut shells on the floor.
ZoeyC4 - 2 days ago
First off, *used* peanut shells? Come on. And secondly, if you dismissed an amazing meal, friendly atmosphere and the BREAD, simply because you couldn't deal with a minor discomfort, you are missing out on a wholesome and funfilled life.
Jonah Goldstein
Jonah Goldstein - 2 days ago
I love both but Texas Roadhouse is better IMO
Amber Czarnecki
Amber Czarnecki - 2 days ago
You are so wrong it’s disappointing
Gregory Gold
Gregory Gold - 2 days ago
9:33 What does Outback guy say there?
wurlum moo
wurlum moo - 3 days ago
Um what Texas Roadhouse do y’all have that’s the worst looking roadhouse food I’ve seen
Dely Cruz
Dely Cruz - 3 days ago
I find this funny... I work at outback steakhouse & there's a Texas Roadhouse literally across the street 😂
James Hairston
James Hairston - 3 days ago
Texas road house is better tho
neotenken - 4 days ago
Paused the video before seeing the results of blooming onion cause I worked at an outback steakhouse years ago and I never saw one so pathetic looking. Poor onion or poor cook, we never used such a small Onion in my kitchen! That's shameful
Space Boi
Space Boi - 4 days ago
•_• - 4 days ago
Please do this with Shake Shack and In-N-Out
Tanya Buick
Tanya Buick - 5 days ago
TheCraftinFluffy - 5 days ago
9:40 like a true aussie would
Eggs McMuffin
Eggs McMuffin - 5 days ago
Screw u guys Texas road house is the best
Agent Zero 3432
Agent Zero 3432 - 5 days ago
The Bloomin' onion was the dagger!
Thysen B.
Thysen B. - 5 days ago
Texas Roadhouse sucks.
Arijonè Comer
Arijonè Comer - 5 days ago
Texas roadhouse is way better!
Brandon Todd
Brandon Todd - 6 days ago
Now look at the price comparison
Mark Shoell
Mark Shoell - 6 days ago
Outback FTW again! Just stop trying Roadhouse
Ty Carlson
Ty Carlson - 7 days ago
I thoroughly disagree. I’ve never ever had a meal I enjoyed at outback.
Caleb Hall
Caleb Hall - 7 days ago
Texas road house has the best steak over outback
Dustin Beam
Dustin Beam - 8 days ago
First time I had Texas Roadhouse, I was working in Texas, and I thought it was strictly a Texas restaurant because I hadn't heard of it before. Overall I loved it, Outback has always seemed a bit overdone.
Samantha Hodges
Samantha Hodges - 8 days ago
Yea the roadhouse GM (general manager) would definitely insist on her her shorts being MUCH shorter🙄 roadies are treated like shit. Unfortunately #beentheredonethat
Farts Turds
Farts Turds - 8 days ago
I want to say it could be how you got it cooked the Texas road house one look like it was cool well done and the outback looked like it was cooked medium well
Stephanie Duvall
Stephanie Duvall - 8 days ago
Disagree! I worked at both and Texas Roadhouse is better.
Artifice - 8 days ago
How about In-n-Out vs Shakeshack vs Five Guys
Phuck Hugh
Phuck Hugh - 3 days ago
smashburger beats them all
RedPanda Saves
RedPanda Saves - 8 days ago
I love the dirty talk omg
Polterpup - 8 days ago
Y'all really help me when I pull an all nighter. Love GMM.
Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku - 9 days ago
I love the cactus blossom though 😂
Jeff V
Jeff V - 10 days ago
This video is what Australian people think of outback. https://youtu.be/bJwfyg27wHI
XHellCandyX - 10 days ago
100% brownie
shannon 11
shannon 11 - 10 days ago
Te Paea Rakete
Te Paea Rakete - 11 days ago
If I was outback I would of used the DUM OL TEXAS scene of spongebob and Patrick
Exfirea - 11 days ago
They should have gotten a filet Mignon for the steak. Try a nice cut and see how they do it.
SausageSizzler - 10 days ago
...You do know that a porterhouse is part filet, right?
Becca'sWholesomeJourney - 11 days ago
Tbh ive never had texas Roadhouse and idek if there is one near or in my city..
razorblazer 05
razorblazer 05 - 11 days ago
For some reason, I didn't focus on the food at all and instead kept staring at that nice PRS on the wall next to Link
Biking Madness
Biking Madness - 11 days ago
Biking Madness
Biking Madness - 11 days ago
And Texas Road House the prices are lower and those buns are amazing
Biking Madness
Biking Madness - 11 days ago
I’m from Texas and I totally agree with “y’all” outback is a better restaurant ALTHOUGH Texas Road House will always have a place in my heart
Sara Melita
Sara Melita - 11 days ago
casualmente ho visto questo video ,ma come fate a mangiare certe schifezze?
XxEdits_Drapple Xx
XxEdits_Drapple Xx - 12 days ago
Okay but is nobody going to acknowledge that the Outback Aussie dude has a pair of sunglasses on his head and he’s wearing a pair 🤣🤣
califero c
califero c - 12 days ago
I just came here to watch the redhead, that's all.
vapor. - 12 days ago
Texas Roadhouse Philly cheesesteak is very good
pedro chen
pedro chen - 12 days ago
Free peanuts in Texas
rad dikal
rad dikal - 13 days ago
Too much talking
Ivan M
Ivan M - 13 days ago
I don't go to steakhouses often, maybe a good thing because I like em well done and people I go with always get pissy about me ordering it that way, but when I do I'd rather go to Outback.
Taco Kisses
Taco Kisses - 14 days ago
Overback guy is so funny
XSALTYXPopcornX - 14 days ago
2:56 had me laughing hard 😂💀
violinplayer101 - 14 days ago
11:38- Link looks very constipated...
Haley Danielle
Haley Danielle - 14 days ago
Texas Roadhouse is so much better and cheaper. That onion blossom from Outback was so sad, a family of 5 could get tops 2 bites in. It’s supposed to be big. Also the cheese fries from outback looked so sad and kinda nasty if I’m being honest.
Mr. J
Mr. J - 14 days ago
Roadhouse is still superior. 😤
Jadey Barnett
Jadey Barnett - 14 days ago
The rest of the crew is almost unbearable. Not just in this video but all videos! We tune in for Rhett and Link!
dbly50 - 14 days ago
they must have a bad texas roadhouse, i would never call the horseradish sauce overpowering and that onion blossom was very sad looking compared to ones i normally get
R3DMY2T3R10 - 14 days ago
The best steak resto is Peter Luger
Heidi Heegle
Heidi Heegle - 14 days ago
Lol, boneless wings are just chicken nuggets for adults!!!!
Cbeyond - 14 days ago
Texas roadhouse is hands down better than outback....i eat both on a regular basis. There is just no comparison
devin Bray
devin Bray - 15 days ago
Longhorn is so much better
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis - 15 days ago
I would rather have Texas Roadhouse over Outback in CA any day
Lana Wright
Lana Wright - 15 days ago
I felt the same when I had Texas Roadhouse. The rolls were gross and sweet, the onion was also gross; just very blah.
Lana Wright
Lana Wright - 15 days ago
Outback any day!
dominic mazenko
dominic mazenko - 15 days ago
Carrabbas vs Olive Garden?
Sheri A
Sheri A - 15 days ago
YES! The Outback reigns supreme! Even though the Outback isn't nearly as good as it used to be, it's still pretty damn good!
Hi Its me again
Hi Its me again - 16 days ago
First and last time I went to outback was sad... all of my food was salty, and it took forever to get to my table... there wasn't even anyone there... I also live in Dallas TX but I haven't tried Texas roadhouse
Plying Duchess63
Plying Duchess63 - 16 days ago
Chili's vs. Texas Roadhouse
Waffle Grimes
Waffle Grimes - 16 days ago
They all don't look good.
Napoleon Boom
Napoleon Boom - 16 days ago
BUT IF YOU ACTUALLY WENT TO TEXAS ROADHOUSE you’d know that they’re better
Nick Hornstein
Nick Hornstein - 9 days ago
Texas roadhouse is fairly underwhelming actually...besides those dope ass rolls
Zoomslasher - 16 days ago
Where are the cheesy dinger wingers? I’m done with this Channel
life of Artyom
life of Artyom - 17 days ago
Sad time to be British
Outlaw till I Die
Outlaw till I Die - 17 days ago
Y’all are in Cali so you aren’t really getting the Texas road house experience that comes with it it’s probably better in Texas
Jaden The Awesome
Jaden The Awesome - 17 days ago
"Cheesy winger dingers" 😂😂😂
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