Daddy Daughter Duet - Come What May - From Moulin Rouge!

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Kevin Reeve
Kevin Reeve - 27 minutes ago
Wow, so powerful and beautiful. Thank you!
Mary Wilson
Mary Wilson - Hour ago
Absolutely Amazing, only just found this amazing father and daughter duet. Could listen to them all day. They have both been truly blessed with beautiful voices. 🙂👏
Candid Monina
Candid Monina - Hour ago
i love this father and daughter tandem. You could almost feel the love and bond emanating from their hearts through the songs that they duet!
utubeskc1 - 2 hours ago
Amazing as always. Thank you for sharing.
Elsie Guzman
Elsie Guzman - 2 hours ago
Elena Delesantro
Elena Delesantro - 4 hours ago
I love this song!
Susan Beauchamp
Susan Beauchamp - 4 hours ago
OHHHH MYYYY!!!!! I seriously get chills all over when I hear your harmony together!! Soo very powerful. I can't get enough of your amazing voices. THANK YOU!!!
Debora Gittens
Debora Gittens - 5 hours ago
Your voices blend beautifully. How lucky your family is to have this gift of music in your home. I know it's a really family effort. It's much appreciated, thank you!
guitarbaby11 - 5 hours ago
Matt, you should be on Broadway. Your voice is amazing and such a gift from God. Savannah, you are a rising star.
Liz Beard
Liz Beard - 6 hours ago
RVG - 7 hours ago
Plz go blue Utah.. Such positivity doesn't go with the monster known as Trump..
WGSN-DB Going Solo Network
I totally agree with Leebaseball, you both need to signing a record deal. but I do think something may be in the works?
Barbara Rucci
Barbara Rucci - 14 hours ago
So beautiful!! 🥰🥰
Patricia Rose
Patricia Rose - 16 hours ago
Love, love, love these two!
Fern Webb
Fern Webb - 19 hours ago
I just love you all. Thanks!
Amanda McCloy
Amanda McCloy - 19 hours ago
Wayne McPhail
Wayne McPhail - 19 hours ago
Just a wonderful video.
Shawn D
Shawn D - 19 hours ago
I love their voices, but sometimes, I wish they wouldn't sing so straight and clean. Adding some emotion and personal inflections would give it more personality.
Brad K
Brad K - 7 hours ago
Their songs probably would have emotions and personal inflections as you said if they only would sing live and not lip-sync all their songs.
Michael Rodden
Michael Rodden - 19 hours ago
You two seriously make any bad day turn good! Your voices are stunning.
Gabriella Tombor
Gabriella Tombor - 20 hours ago
PERFECT! thx from Hungary
edwin velez
edwin velez - 20 hours ago
I’m Carmen Velez you R amazing
RockyMarie - 20 hours ago
Absolutely beautiful! I am a big fan and would love to see you perform in person. God bless you!
Katie Ann Jones
Katie Ann Jones - 21 hour ago
This is beautiful.
I know we're in the middle of summer, but looking ahead, are you going to do a Christmas album?
Shana McDaniel
Shana McDaniel - 22 hours ago
Song suggestion: For Good from the musical Wicked ❤️
CJ Manan
CJ Manan - 22 hours ago
So moving- just beautiful
Iru Verchere
Iru Verchere - 23 hours ago
When do you will send your cd?
Joan Rayne
Joan Rayne - 23 hours ago
Absolutely beautiful 🌹❤️🌹
Susan Cotterill
Susan Cotterill - Day ago
Thankyou both fantastic x
Colleen Garmon
Colleen Garmon - Day ago
Daughter really showed her range. Beautiful
Wendy B
Wendy B - Day ago
Pure voices so so so beautiful 😍
Michael Wojtowicz
Michael Wojtowicz - Day ago
Lovely! Your voices are very outstanding and beautiful! Thank you!
Blazer restaino
Blazer restaino - Day ago
These two wonderful people are a bright spot in our crazy world. I thank them for their talent and their music. Taking time out of their lives to entertain us. I thank yo and bless you both
Diane Stockton
Diane Stockton - Day ago
Have they gotten a record deal yet???
Stephanie W.
Stephanie W. - Day ago
I love 💕 how you both have the same smile! 😃
Marichelle Soriano
Marichelle Soriano - Day ago
I had to look up this song when I first heard you guys were going to record it. I honestly didn't care for the song when I looked it up, but my oh my, when you guys sing it though! You both just have this magical way of breathing warmth and life and love into every song you sing! I cannot stop listening to this! What you have is definitely unique and heaven sent. Your songs have become part of my daily routine. Looking forward to your weekly releases! ❤️❤️❤️
Loretta Romp
Loretta Romp - Day ago
Brings just pure joy and love as I listen to, and watch this father/daughter duo!
JohnPalmBay - Day ago
This is one of my favorite songs from Moulin Rouge, and you guys just reaffirmed it for me, beautiful , absolutely beautiful performance !
j & n
j & n - Day ago
Blessings to you both! This is just amazing!
J Crenshaw
J Crenshaw - Day ago
Mat your voice!!! And both blend beautifully!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - Day ago
Their "genetic harmonies" blow me away every time! As does the obvious bond of respect, admiration and love between them.
Shalimar Raines
Shalimar Raines - Day ago
I would like to buy your songs, where can I get them? Are you in itunes? Or when is the album coming out?
ROCIO MG - Day ago
Me chifla!!! Me encantan sus vídeos!!! Maravilloso. Saludos desde Madrid. I love it !!!!! I love their videos !!! Wonderful. Greetings from Madrid !!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - Day ago
Simply perfect. ✨
jacklyn cramton
jacklyn cramton - Day ago
Absolutely wonderful! You both have such beautiful voices, and when you sing a duet, it’s perfect!
Mary Baker
Mary Baker - Day ago
In addition to my other comment, I forgot to add - Penny (the little one? That's her name?) - is SO CUTE!! Thank you for including her. She's so sweet.
Mary Baker
Mary Baker - Day ago
Stunning. The harmonies . . . the pitch . . . the range. Savannah . . . this song showcased your talent . . . what range!! You threw your whole self into this song . . . there were parts that took my breath away. As you become more comfortable with this God given talent, it's showing in your music. Mat - amazing. Just amazing. You two and your music are God's gift to a hurting people.
Jeanette Bull
Jeanette Bull - Day ago
Loving and enjoying your beautiful voices all the way from Australia.xx
Jackie Scarlett
Jackie Scarlett - Day ago
How could dislike this? It is beautiful!
Steel Happiness
Steel Happiness - Day ago
Iru Verchere
Iru Verchere - Day ago
Soôooooooo beautifulll !!
Marianne Hansen
Marianne Hansen - Day ago
Ohhhh what sound .... Your voices are just SO good together. Thank you for making my shutdown more enjoyable
Wendy Hayne
Wendy Hayne - Day ago
I’d would certainly buy an album of you both, I think you’re both great
Lenore Miller-Stawyskyj
Absolutely fantastic! 🥰🥰😍😍
Nancy Harding [Spring Valley HS]
This is one of my favorites! So beautiful.
D Garcia
D Garcia - Day ago
This sounds like a porn.
Explore with Penny
Explore with Penny - Day ago
Just seen this and wasn't sure if u have seen it
Kevin Espeland
Kevin Espeland - Day ago
Another fantastic job!!
Carol Lutz
Carol Lutz - Day ago
Love you guys! Hey, how about the song For Good from Wicked? I think it would fit your voices perfectly!!
roberto zolia
roberto zolia - Day ago
Simply perfect. ✨
Brittany Ogg
Brittany Ogg - Day ago
Wow this video came up in my suggestions and oh my god your voices are unreal I honestly want to beg that you go on America’s got talent you guys would absolutely kill it
Explore with Penny
Explore with Penny - Day ago
Every time I hear you 2 sing i get goosebumps and i love it!!!!
Carolyn - Day ago
They are wonderful but I’d love to watch the original recording at some point.
Amy Handaly
Amy Handaly - Day ago
Beautiful you really make us feel better
Colita Murray
Colita Murray - Day ago
BEAUTIFUL!!! Ya'll are awesome!
Hayden Carver
Hayden Carver - Day ago
Y’all are so good! WOW!
Robert McGuire
Robert McGuire - Day ago
Sorry guys your lives will never be the same. Bravo The world has been waiting for you two! Your message is very powerful and so very needed! Selling love and hope trumps Real Estate. You guys are on your way!
D S - Day ago
Played it for my husband. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Thank you.
Daryn Marsh
Daryn Marsh - Day ago
OMG!! This is AMAZING!!!
Sarah E
Sarah E - Day ago
Recorded on even better equipment this time :) (rather than recorded on a mic straight from the video)
Brad K
Brad K - Day ago
They have since day one pre-recorded all of their songs and lip-synced the video's. The have yet to record a song live where they always tape these video's. I wonder why?
Steffie183 - Day ago
After becoming a parent, it is weird how these 'romantic' love songs, especially the obsessive adjacent ones, seem to apply more to the love a parent has for a child. And you can see that when Mat looks at Savanna 💗
Dottie Tefelski
Dottie Tefelski - Day ago
Been out of touch for three weeks..missed the beautiful glad to catch up. You are awesome! We are so blessed to be able to enjoy your music!!🙏☺️💞
Jennifer Wolf
Jennifer Wolf - Day ago
Ahhh I love this song so much. You really brought me back great memories ❤️thanks! You two should definitely play in a musical movie 🙈
Zin - Day ago
Perfect. Both of you have magnificent voices. What a pleasure it is to hear you. Thank you.
Suzanne Laurence
Suzanne Laurence - Day ago
God Bless you both and your Beautiful voices that bring so much joy into all our lives especially in this time we are all going through. 🦋❤
Bonni Troino
Bonni Troino - Day ago
Dawn Cash
Dawn Cash - Day ago
Anita Davis
Anita Davis - Day ago
Just Precious😍💕!
Liz Wilson
Liz Wilson - Day ago
God given voices! So beautiful to listen to them .. ❤❤❤
Catherine Weddell
Catherine Weddell - Day ago
Omg! You two are absolutely beautiful! I get chills every time I hear both of you sing. You both need to be on Broadway!!!
Janice Mihell
Janice Mihell - 2 days ago
Gives me goosebumps. Beautiful. Thank you. Xx
Gidge Calvert
Gidge Calvert - 2 days ago
Thank you so much for the beautiful music and love you obviously have for each other!
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