Bad News Just Dropped For All Phase 4 MCU Movies

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Looper - Month ago
Do you think any of these movies will get pushed back again?
Harverc - Month ago
Paul Stephens *Mike Tyson enters the chat* Thanos: Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DjDedan - Month ago
they wont but they will also streamed if not only streamed - the movie theater business will take years to get back to where they were.
Rudy Hermosillo
Rudy Hermosillo - Month ago
Yes definitely
JD Barr
JD Barr - Month ago
@Jeremy Woods No, just Disney.
Spider Web
Spider Web - Month ago
Sony Marvel Spider-Man 3 might be next after After All Marvel film delayed.
Aubrey Unger
Aubrey Unger - 6 days ago
Why was there a scene from Mulan???
Dauda András
Dauda András - 10 days ago
I don't care!
I like Hulk, Spiderman, Strange, Ironman and X-men.
Overbuffed lame hammerguy, Cpt feminist and Scarlet Witch can Go To hell!
Gond - 20 days ago
Disney/Marvel sucks. It's movies are filled with social justice, man-hating toxic feminism and political agenda dialogue.
DC rules!
justin patton
justin patton - 27 days ago
To me, this is a sign that the MCU should have ended with Endgame/FarFromHome. AKA The Infinity Saga. For me, the MCU is over already and has been since Endgame. But after this, I do think I'm right, Lol.
kamikazemind327 - 29 days ago
This video literally repeats itself like 3 times lol
Thescott16 - Month ago
Bad news was there beforehand in two big ways:
1) People are getting bored of the MCU, mixing genre fatigue with feelling like you have to watch all movies to not miss anything for the subsequent movies (regardless of who they involve).
2) A good portion of their audience has been turned off of the franchise because of the way some of the staff and stars have handled certain "social politics" issues (as well as how Marvel comics have been handling them).
Candice Walker
Candice Walker - Month ago
Even if they get pushed back, we’ll still see it. It’s a crisis, we understand
What is the name of the film that starts at 4:09?
julianaayu - Month ago
Personal History of David Copperfield release was delayed?? Wait, I thought it's out already. I'm sure I've watched it on cinema..
ZSLiby Studios
ZSLiby Studios - Month ago
Didn't Kevin Feige say that none of the other movies would be affected?
Supriyo Panda
Supriyo Panda - Month ago
MCU News: Exists
Looper: It's free real estate
Nyhousedancer7 - Month ago
Dude, it's SHANG CHI not Chang Chi
TRVE BM - Month ago
Thanos was right anyways!!
Kevin Gray
Kevin Gray - Month ago
I get a feeling that if they did release bout eternals and black widow in the same month . People will watch them both
Gary Jaramillo
Gary Jaramillo - Month ago
I think if anything this gives writers and directors more time to dig into their movies and make them even better
Mektek19 - Month ago
Phase 4 is going to ruin the MCU. The only interesting movie in it is Black Panther 2 and maybe Doctor Strange 2.
Matt King
Matt King - Month ago
A couple of them are bound to flop anyway. I’m just not buying Natalie Portman as Thor. That one is gonna bomb hard.
Albert Oscar
Albert Oscar - Month ago
Black Widow i care about. Rest is Cannon Fodder!!
Kris Dorsey
Kris Dorsey - Month ago
Why bother with Captain Marvel part 2, Marvel can focus on different and better projects like.....anything else. Lol
Just some random anime fan 1
I hope Jane foster gets cancelled I’ve always hated her character
Smitty Plays
Smitty Plays - Month ago
Yeah and now Godzilla Vs Kong has to compete against Black Widow and we really need that film to do well 😔
Isaac Mounce
Isaac Mounce - Month ago
MCU should've ended with Endgame and Far From Home. Nobody's gonna care at this point.
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams - Month ago
They’ll be fine they threw captain marvel in between infinity war and end game otherwise it would’ve been trash they will end up doing It with two others
Eddie G.
Eddie G. - Month ago
Let's be honest...there are no hardcore fans waiting for New Mutants lol
Gwendale Nicole Reyna
Gwendale Nicole Reyna - Month ago
Now this is sad
Ngapak Traveler
Ngapak Traveler - Month ago
Skip 2020 and 2021 year, this virus will stay for 2 years at least.
Y P - Month ago
Without any Marvel movies Looper is going bankrupt
Jason L
Jason L - Month ago
Honestly I really don't care. I used to love what marvel did but it became so bland towards the end, you could say it for top heavy on its own success.
I have zero interest in anything beyond into the future, they were losing my interest towards the end anyway.
It's all been done before.
Kelley Evans
Kelley Evans - Month ago
LOL if the corona virus dont let up then they will keep pushing it back so that people can pay large overpriced theater prices to make the most money. I guess they dont want to hop on the stream from home release wagon like everyone else has done so far. Either way im sure Disney will get a few boycotts and movie strikes for being not so compassionate to people on quarantine still. There goes my birthday plans to see black widow! And to answer you, yes they will get pushed back as long as there is a quarantine preventing people from going to an overpriced theater. Once this virus ends we may see them releasing as soon as quarantine is lifted pushing it back on track. if that happens its most definitely greed over humanity.
Alex Ryder
Alex Ryder - Month ago
They were gonna suck anyway. The only one that showed promise was Black Widow.
Suruj Deka
Suruj Deka - Month ago
Venom 2
Reporter Video Amatir
Reporter Video Amatir - Month ago
Marvel lol
GRasputin91 - Month ago
No news will be as sad as not getting to see Wolverine and Deadpool do a feature film together.
Razak Idris
Razak Idris - Month ago
*Fantastic Four* - cast (5 Elements)
*John Krasinski* - Reed Richard / Mr.Fantastic. (Metal)
*Emily Blunt* - Susan Storm / Invinsible Woman. (Air)
*Zac Efron* - Johnny Storm / Human Torch. (Fire)
*Dwayne Johnson* - Ben Grimm / The Thing. (Earth)
*Christoph Waltz* - Victor Von / Dr.Doom. (Metal)
Wintonia - Month ago
2022: A world beyond time
DjDedan - Month ago
yeah it's going to be years before the theater's box office numbers are anywhere near where they were pre-COVID19... disney will stream these once they realize that - or they can just send me a consulting check now, follow my advice and save themselves millions of bucks... (my fees are not that extravagant)...
Kevin Pulio
Kevin Pulio - Month ago
Let’s just cancel it all , who really wants to see a black widow movie
ImOn Caffeine
ImOn Caffeine - Month ago
I don’t get it we’re only have a 1 month of the quarantine why there’s 6 months delay for a “Black Widow” movie 🤷🏻‍♂️
Joey Jerry
Joey Jerry - Month ago
ImOn Caffeine, it’s kind of obvious. Cases will continue rising and no one is closer to developing a definitive cure so who knows how long this virus will be around for?
Lord Night Villain
Lord Night Villain - Month ago
It's not necessarily bad news though.
wensou - Month ago
Anyone know what the last clip was? The one with the green fairies or winged people?
wensou - Month ago
When this is over people are going to be desperate to get out in public to see a movie. These movies are going to set all kinds of records.
scoobydoo316us - Month ago
hopefully with the extra time the focus on story and not agenda......but figure they will use the time to screw up more stuff. Make a check list of Progressive Correctness for each.
asulay - Month ago
what was the show or movie in last clip of video?
TylerFun Films
TylerFun Films - Month ago
So I knew this was about the God butcher
TylerFun Films
TylerFun Films - Month ago
I keep seeing video covers and knowing exactly what they’re going to talk about
Nelson Yeo
Nelson Yeo - Month ago
Plot twist, Phase 4 gets delayed all the way to 2022/2023, and the chronologically post-Endgame movies will screen after Endgame is supposed to happen irl lol
braikka - Month ago
Who cares, after the direction these movies have been going in?
Tom - Month ago
Who cares marvel and disney are just trying to make more money. There are way too many marvel movies now
Kentershaw pcm
Kentershaw pcm - Month ago
People who call covid19 a plague are not well informed like the President of usa. A Plague is massively more specific that causes more deaths than this pandemic. SO like people who state "it's going to get worse before it gets better"... need to rephrase it as it doesn't add to the problem and annoys. It's an unprecedented event for our generation. We DON'T KNOW HOW BAD IT WILL GET BEFORE IT GETS BETTER is a better way to phrase it. Sorry but it is pissing me off like leaders who are clueless and only want praise when totally dropped the ball.
TheHanjoe300 - Month ago
2:15 A day before my birthday
Sam S
Sam S - Month ago
It is not a big deal. The other movies won't be ready when scheduled either as production on those have stopped as well. This is not even a story except for the movies changing dates - and they won't be ready until that point either. It also may not happen and get delayed even more - it depends when filming can resume, and when theatres can reopen. My bet? Theaters may not be open in November.
Maclaud Nchimunya
Maclaud Nchimunya - Month ago
All this is dependent on when convid-19 will end. I have a feeling it won't end anytime soon coz news keep on increasing worldwide
James Davis
James Davis - Month ago
Hot take. This is a good thing and will result in better long term MCU options. It will give them a allow their X-men plans to mature
Rock girl
Rock girl - Month ago
Mr. Newstalgia
Mr. Newstalgia - Month ago
Perfect timing to buy some time for a better plot I guess.
Michael Akkarakaran
Michael Akkarakaran - Month ago
Was that ATREMIS FOWL???? 😃😃😃
Rock girl
Rock girl - Month ago
Disney needs to cancel Brie Larsen altogether.
Roman Garcia
Roman Garcia - Month ago
Just release it on the apps whats the difference? Smh
Mustafa Jackson
Mustafa Jackson - Month ago
I wish that crappy ETERNALS fiasco could be delayed indefinitely.
Gregory Sullivan
Gregory Sullivan - Month ago
Saving lives is more important than appeasing people with the attention span of a gold fish. That's the bottom line.
Great Scott Studios
Great Scott Studios - Month ago
Hindsight is 20-20-20-21
Joshy D. Gadey
Joshy D. Gadey - Month ago
Would be good if they added a pay per view like feature to Disney plus and release the movies on there instead of cinema's while this virus stuff is going on.
Anna Kennedy
Anna Kennedy - Month ago
I was looking forward to seeing Black Widow
jopageri1964 - Month ago
Stuff this into the "So what?" column of our already disrupted lives. Still in love with communist China, Mouse House?
Davon Hall
Davon Hall - Month ago
Just release New Mutants on Disney+. It's been done for years now.
Professor D's Science Extravaganza
I very much sympathize with the economic hardship this creates for the companies and actors. Still, from what I've heard about some of the Phase 4 films, I'm not looking forward to them. Possible exceptions might be the Black Widow and Black Panther films.
Colin Ray
Colin Ray - Month ago
I am so pissed I have to wait 2 years for Thor 4!
Bruce Humphrey
Bruce Humphrey - Month ago
Can you imagine if Endgame had been scheduled for April 2020?😧
RedBearNAaron - Month ago
Hey... uhh...

anyone else not even know what most of these movies displayed are? No? Just me? k...lul
Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson - Month ago
Just scrap any of the MCU movies that push an SJW agenda and Disney will be back on schedule in no time without losing anything of value.
John Richmond
John Richmond - Month ago
Y cant they put it on streaming?
Martymooseyepthatsme - Month ago
Disney needs to cancel Brie Larsen altogether.
Sean SW
Sean SW - Month ago
Movie theatres are germ factories. They will never reopen.
Allan roopan
Allan roopan - Month ago
The Corona has ruin everything
mike ferruzza
mike ferruzza - Month ago
Just release the films on disney plus to rent for the price of a movie ticket disney still makes their money and we to watch our marvel movies
Adebayo Omolumo
Adebayo Omolumo - Month ago
Me to Corona: Why are you here? How can you *possibly* bring me lower? What *more* can you take away from me?
Corona : ☝
Adriel Cruz
Adriel Cruz - Month ago
Thought it would finally be cancelled since Avengers is done. Boring now. Good for small newborns only.
stephane thiam
stephane thiam - Month ago
Bad news? The. Earth is close for the next months so no one care about a movie
Todd FarrAnd
Todd FarrAnd - Month ago
It's just shows that Disney is money hungry. Come on how many other company's release movies on vod they could do us a solid and release black widow. But noooo
DjDedan - Month ago
i would argue it shows they are stupid (star wars also does that) but do they really expect people to flock to the theaters to sit next to complete strangers in a recycled air environment to see the latest over-licensed bloodletting of original creative sources known to man? Streaming is the best bet and they will realize that in like a month... Theaters aint coming back this year, or maybe ever without drastic structural changes...
Brandon Cave-Wynter
Brandon Cave-Wynter - Month ago
So this is where I block Looper now. Nice knowing you guys.
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