Foreign Mothers | Anwar Jibawi & Rudy Mancuso

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Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi - 10 days ago
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Farhaldiniho #1
Farhaldiniho #1 - 4 hours ago
Do Forgein dads
Out Blue
Out Blue - 8 hours ago
Anwar Jibawi Ramadan Kareem ‏رمضان كريم
I am groot
I am groot - 11 hours ago
Please upload next video promo
Ali XxAli
Ali XxAli - Day ago
Anwar Jibawi IAM Arabic and I understood everything you said
Tinky and Cj Nonstop
Black Moms- (Throws) shoes, tv, couch,sandal,table, washer, bed spring... etc.
NewChannel MissAliaa
Jasmine Perez
Jasmine Perez - Hour ago
You should finish the part when your dads come in like do another video
مصطفى العراقي
انت صايم والله احسنت انت فخر العرب
Abood Dweekat
Abood Dweekat - Hour ago
يلي عربي لايك
Ali Abdullah
Ali Abdullah - Hour ago
•Brianna Swift•
•Brianna Swift• - 2 hours ago
I'm Muslim aaaaaaand Arabian
Luciana Damasceno
Luciana Damasceno - 2 hours ago
Adorei hahaha massa demais 🇧🇷
Chloe Kryss
Chloe Kryss - 2 hours ago
I am from Brazil too
Wissal Aska
Wissal Aska - 2 hours ago
😂 that is so funny. Salam from Morocco 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
M R - 2 hours ago
Fatima V
Fatima V - 2 hours ago
ahmad gaming
ahmad gaming - 2 hours ago
الي عربي يحط لايك 😂
xxx N
xxx N - 3 hours ago
حبيتك يا انور وانت فخور بعروبتك 😍😍
MoonAngel23 - 3 hours ago
The moms throwing slippers at them at the same time! 🤣🤣🤣
Raidah Sarker
Raidah Sarker - 3 hours ago
wait now they have missing shoes and lol just how they akwardy back up
Raidah Sarker
Raidah Sarker - 3 hours ago
im muslin too and anwar u going to hell bc if ur muslin u r SUPER IMAPROPERATE
THOT PATROL - 3 hours ago
*Mexican flag*
Assia EB
Assia EB - 4 hours ago
what mom brings her son a huka/shisha thing? 😂
Wolf Girl104
Wolf Girl104 - 4 hours ago
Are you a Muslim because I’m fasting
Mason Geis
Mason Geis - 4 hours ago
3:41 to 3:58 FBI open up!
famous vlogs by Mesk salih
I want part 2 for the fathers plus I’m Muslim too
Isabel Mazini
Isabel Mazini - 4 hours ago
Uhulll tem Brasilllll aeeee
Marcela Masella
Marcela Masella - 4 hours ago
Coisa de velho aaaaaaaaa
X's Beatz
X's Beatz - 4 hours ago
Nawwww the world will think the Arabian mothers like hookah lmao
A - 4 hours ago
ارجعي على بلدك 😂😂😂😂
great anime
great anime - 4 hours ago
واووووووووووووووو روعة😍😍😙😘😚❤❤💙
S___. - 4 hours ago
great anime
great anime - 4 hours ago
العربي يحط لايك 😍😍😘😘😚💖💖💗💚💛
Bernardo  Portuguez
Bernardo Portuguez - 5 hours ago
meudeis eu amei a mae do rudy KKK
Serina Sabbagh
Serina Sabbagh - 5 hours ago
moussa ibra
moussa ibra - 5 hours ago
Safffi - 5 hours ago
I’m syrian 😂 and i died from laughing
Maraam Mardini
Maraam Mardini - 5 hours ago
Ramadan mobarak I love your vid I'm a huge fan I hope u pry all and anwar hope u are having a good life
Niinna Luíza
Niinna Luíza - 5 hours ago
1:38 date a brazilian guy. That's the look you will get from his mom
oussama AG
oussama AG - 5 hours ago
arecyou morracain
Lara Cargnin
Lara Cargnin - 5 hours ago
I'm also from Brazil and my mom is the same as yours 🤣👌 love this video
SUPER PUBG - 5 hours ago
هلا والله
SUPER PUBG - 5 hours ago
Yu man I am from iraq
عافوك ياقلبي
عافوك ياقلبي - 5 hours ago
وين الترجمة ابو النورر
Why Sami
Why Sami - 5 hours ago
Okay so every single mom around the world are like this....
I just love my MOM
- chon
- chon - 5 hours ago
Wirens blod
Wirens blod - 5 hours ago
لك انور 😂😂😂😂
Eu Não aborto
Eu Não aborto - 5 hours ago
Ahaha meu Jesus!
M Karim
M Karim - 6 hours ago
The universal rule for moms around the world:

There must be the sandals
M Karim
M Karim - 6 hours ago
OMG i had no idea he was arabic!! i hope he is from Palestine
twentyone pilots623
twentyone pilots623 - 6 hours ago
Am I the only one that understands Arabic?
Miraplayz MEH XD
Miraplayz MEH XD - 6 hours ago
OMG i cnt bileve that ur arab and muslim bc iam too
نصرلهNasser Alllah
نصرلهNasser Alllah - 6 hours ago
ان عربي من العراق
Mister / Jabbar
Mister / Jabbar - 7 hours ago
الله يخلي امك 😘✌
DJ Makhaye
DJ Makhaye - 7 hours ago
When my mom speaks Zulu to me I front of my English friends and I answer in english she always says "see i hlala e-London manje" (it means do we live in England now)in Zulu
naim Rouwadi
naim Rouwadi - 7 hours ago
عطيني ياه Anwar
أنت صايّم مبتأدر تاكل I speak Arabic and French
Bonjour j’espère qu’il y aura des nouvelles sur notre page lol 😂
👇🏻like if you like my comment
lets travel with mehdi
lets travel with mehdi - 7 hours ago
I like the idea is creative but showing your mom allah ykhaliha lik holding the hook in ramadan is kind of prohibited . Keep going
slime by salma and mostly ASMR
I also have thought Anwar was Arabian like me
َ ِ
َ ِ - 7 hours ago
really I miss my M❤M
*God* bless our MOTHᎬᏒS 💎🌏
Aнмєт Karabułut
Aнмєт Karabułut - 7 hours ago
thanks anwar for the arabic translation.
cherry blossom
cherry blossom - 7 hours ago
Your moms were adorable!
Remedy1k - 7 hours ago
Guys Ruby’s mom is specking Portuguese I know how to speak it too.
Kuntsie Candace
Kuntsie Candace - 7 hours ago
Rudy’s Mum beat Anwar with the shoe and
Anwar’s mum hit Rudy with the slipper. Lol.
Yumi Chan
Yumi Chan - 7 hours ago
Wait is Anwar a Muslim?! Or idk?? Because i am one but a half one and i understand this things but i only know my language anwar and i dont have the same language so yeaa..
Toxic Pumpz
Toxic Pumpz - 8 hours ago
Part 2 with the fathers
eys heart
eys heart - 8 hours ago
انت عربي تجية
Skippy Exploits
Skippy Exploits - 8 hours ago
Who is Fasting
Judy Ashraf
Judy Ashraf - 8 hours ago
I understand what adourd moms said
MEER 48 - 8 hours ago
Wait. I thought rudy is from mexico. But wow when i hear he is from brazil then i was happy :D

cuz im brazilian...
Odai4ever - 8 hours ago
WTF anwar's mom is fasting how she's went to drink cafe with rudy mom😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Co Fan
Co Fan - 8 hours ago
Anwar are you muslim plzzzzz answer plz
Asad Mahmood
Asad Mahmood - 8 hours ago
I relate so much to this😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Saleh Albaydani
Saleh Albaydani - 8 hours ago
😂😂😂😂 النهايه موتتني ضحك
Rayan Zaki
Rayan Zaki - 8 hours ago
Give this comment a like if you're hokooh smoker 👍😃
Patricia Azevedo
Patricia Azevedo - 8 hours ago
BRAZIL!!!!! PORTUGAL!!!!!!!!!!
AMENA SAADEH - 9 hours ago
I know Arabic
dorsaf baccar
dorsaf baccar - 9 hours ago
im from tunisia an arabic place but actually i live in qatar 😄😄
Ahmed Ibrahim
Ahmed Ibrahim - 9 hours ago
Make part 2 plz about moms again😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hiba Jaber
Hiba Jaber - 9 hours ago
I love hookah and believe me it is not drugs
Yomna Magdy
Yomna Magdy - 9 hours ago
انور انا بحبك جيدا بجد ❤❤
qusai sarsak
qusai sarsak - 9 hours ago
Rashed Alzaabi
Rashed Alzaabi - 10 hours ago
My mom sounds like anwars mom
جہگہآرهہ سہتہآيہل
اكو عرب بالتعليقات?
Yasmin - 10 hours ago
Quando vc sabe falar português e não precisa ler o texto

عندما تعرف اللغة العربية بالفعل ولا تحتاج إلى قراءة النص
Gdssa Gdwqac
Gdssa Gdwqac - 10 hours ago
C J - 10 hours ago
So fuckin relatable 😂😂😂
grey wind
grey wind - 11 hours ago
Rudy's face just copy paste from his mom
sloom lord
sloom lord - 11 hours ago
Dialect of arbic mom is beautiful شكرا إليك يما طلع في عنا ممثلين عرب عندهم😂😂
Aamir manzoor
Aamir manzoor - 11 hours ago
Hookah! Under umbrella, a better combo😋😋
Sama’s Life
Sama’s Life - 11 hours ago
Anwar is Arab
Farida Hisham
Farida Hisham - 12 hours ago
I am an Egyptian
Farida Hisham
Farida Hisham - 12 hours ago
Are you an Egyptian
Varissa Varissa
Varissa Varissa - 12 hours ago
This is funny because Brasil it’s a country what they are in to culture and also they wear the flag everywhere 🤣 like arabs !
Dilsher 007
Dilsher 007 - 12 hours ago
I understand arabic
Lata Atef
Lata Atef - 12 hours ago
لو انت مؤمن
Lata Atef
Lata Atef - 12 hours ago
انا مصرى اعمال video مصرى مومكان
KinG_4_EveR - 13 hours ago
5:30 I know it 😂
عرفت الاباء راح يجون 😂
Douha Ali
Douha Ali - 13 hours ago
Gucci Owes Me Money
Gucci Owes Me Money - 13 hours ago
Rudy’s mom: “there’s sugar in there, chocolate is healthy”😂
AlviTVBD - 14 hours ago
Bro, when will your new video be out???
Sss Sss
Sss Sss - 14 hours ago
هههههههه😂😂 رهيب وجميل جدا 🤗😍😍😍
Ebony Hairston
Ebony Hairston - 14 hours ago
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