We Stayed At The Taco Bell Hotel!

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Lorelei Wernecke
Lorelei Wernecke - 5 minutes ago
totally unrelated but why was your foundation showdown deleted, i was really looking forward to watching it and saw it was taken down after only being up for a few hours :(
Kaley Yow
Kaley Yow - 7 minutes ago
I wonder how much it costs to stay there
Ahmed 123
Ahmed 123 - 10 minutes ago
Why this video is a ad?
Danyel Schmittou
Danyel Schmittou - 11 minutes ago
Honestly. It looks pretty basic. It doesn’t looks like an exciting resort. Even the pool was small and disappointing. Taco Bell should talk to blue green about some of the pools they have cause.... I can get a Taco Bell pool at any motel in Michigan and that’s sad. I’m a Taco Bell-Oholic legit eat their food everyday. But I’m not impressed 🤷🏻‍♀️
Gisselle antonia Valles
Gisselle antonia Valles - 13 minutes ago
Italia 130
GlammedByMia - 13 minutes ago
I just started my own youtube channel & am hoping for some of ya’ll to come support me ! I would really appreciate it so much ❤️
Random Person
Random Person - 15 minutes ago
Your closet is just like barbies😤💗
Badkitty321 - 16 minutes ago
“Now I packed some makeup.”
Jeffree: *pulls out a huge duffel bag*
HeyItsConnie :3
HeyItsConnie :3 - 17 minutes ago
Anyone else eating Taco Bell while watching this vid?
Sara Cz
Sara Cz - 21 minute ago
Matching your car to your fit
Gacha Kookiez:3
Gacha Kookiez:3 - 22 minutes ago
My dad if he was Jeffree and I was Nate
My dad:” if you would like to take home some of the bell...”
*realizes it’s free”
Bayleaf Bailey Morrow
Bayleaf Bailey Morrow - 23 minutes ago
Now I want Taco Bell!! 🌮
A Toast
A Toast - 23 minutes ago
guy at 17:01: I'm going to THE BELL
Barber: say no more fam
Alex Fortunato
Alex Fortunato - 24 minutes ago
What are these sunglasses I want them so bad
YourMoM IS GaY
YourMoM IS GaY - 29 minutes ago
When your from Texas and 107 is your normal in summer
chloethepinkytoe alexander
chloethepinkytoe alexander - 30 minutes ago
jeffree IS a star.
MysticGaming _
MysticGaming _ - 31 minute ago
i love how i knew about this video before it came out lol. There was someone on Tik Tok that was there and saw you there
Ophelia Pain
Ophelia Pain - 31 minute ago
Love ya Mr. Star ⭐️
Ali Benjelloun
Ali Benjelloun - 32 minutes ago
Wii lag in3al tabon mok a ould l9ahba
Asock Withholes
Asock Withholes - 38 minutes ago
Can we talk about Nathan and Jeffree literally are opposites?? Nathan is quiet, chill, and Jeffree is loud af, over the top, and crazy in all the best ways, they complete each other!!❤️❤️
Gennie Acton-Phillips
Gennie Acton-Phillips - 41 minute ago
Jeffree: I don’t eat this early in the morning
Also Jeffree: its 10:45am
Me: I eat at like 7am
Mykie Howell
Mykie Howell - 42 minutes ago
Jeffree just to let u kno I keep a full beat on in 120* Heat, it's an Olympic sport 😂
joannej_1974 Youtube
joannej_1974 Youtube - 42 minutes ago
I love that it's just a regular motel but with a theme. The food looks amazing and the merch is adorable. Love how tight your crew is. 💄❤🌶🌶🌶
Fatoumata Diallo
Fatoumata Diallo - 43 minutes ago
I love you so much and I love how even though your rich you still care for those around you. I was watching and that moment when you tried the chips and asked if anyone would like one was so nice. Most people don’t share, or even give one to the camera man or assistant or are self centered. I shall always support you through hate, scandals and through the future. 🙌🏽♥️👑🥰🤪
Asock Withholes
Asock Withholes - 43 minutes ago
Bruh I need a relationship like Nathan and Jeffree !!❤️❤️😔😔
jaayyy000 - 43 minutes ago
He looks so happy 💛 it makes me happy 💛
Author Deborah Rose
Author Deborah Rose - 43 minutes ago
YES this was reuploaded. The other video contained a clip of Jeffery using another foundation. He later explained that he was having a bad editing day but both foundations were great for the heat. (Hope this helps, a lot of people were asking.)
Kerenza Merritt
Kerenza Merritt - 44 minutes ago
i can’t wait to get my braces off and bite into a taco like that
tillie - 46 minutes ago
the fact that jeffree star is using an elf mascara, can relate
EndZiiel - 50 minutes ago
Yay 2 guys staying in a hotel . My god YouTube trending is gay as f*** . I'm so happy tool appeared in the trending section to make it straight again
Grace Atencio
Grace Atencio - 58 minutes ago
Nate should have his own channel
My Life as Naya
My Life as Naya - Hour ago
Omggg yassss jeffreeee congrats for that amazing opportunity!!!! I shouted u out in my first video I posted yesterday I would love if you all in the comment please check it out it isn’t perfect but we all have to start somewhere ❤️
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose - Hour ago
He is so white
It’s Pëytøn
It’s Pëytøn - Hour ago
Nate’s outfit and his hair makes him look like a Carrot
Denise Selinsky
Denise Selinsky - Hour ago
What I love most about Jeffree Star is his unabashed enthusiasm and true gratitude for all he has!!
He works hard and deserves it!!!
reddyenumber2 - Hour ago
Omg! Nate is giving me SLC PUNK VIBES!! love it!!
Jesse White
Jesse White - Hour ago
Did you delete your new video?? The foundation review is gone
jordan wilson
jordan wilson - Hour ago
i might just be high but nate said 🥕 with his orange shirt and green hair
gabby scott
gabby scott - Hour ago
My first impression... They cant give you a whole can of dew???
Pastel Pain
Pastel Pain - Hour ago
my sister was looking over my shoulder and was like ''dang she has a lot of makeup'' lol love that
Yazan Topaji
Yazan Topaji - Hour ago
Americans disgust me
amyisaway - Hour ago
29:13 the flowers made out of sauce packets!!! the!! details!!
Sammy Marie
Sammy Marie - Hour ago
I’m obsessed with this hotel! It’s so gorgeous 🧡☺️ The food looked absolutely AMAZING!!
lidana san
lidana san - Hour ago
Sorry but our sis man looks straight ://
1icybluedog - Hour ago
I like that you mentioned the plastic straws, love
FaZe Meme
FaZe Meme - Hour ago
*inhales loudly
Rabi Hussain
Rabi Hussain - Hour ago
This guy is literally looking like a ghost. That’s what happens when u gay
lidana san
lidana san - Hour ago
everywere (also not a bad thing), so... what if she had to also handle a relationship?
Emily Blevins
Emily Blevins - Hour ago
what made u want to be gay.. I so happy for u
Cynthia Mazraani
Cynthia Mazraani - Hour ago
If u think its hot in abu Dhabi its 50 degree heat
Putzyiarts - Hour ago
Okay is anyone gonna talk about the synchronized swimmers, because *hot mama.*
Kimmy Queen
Kimmy Queen - Hour ago
Jeffre Star should do a Taco bell palette 🧡❤💛
Savanna Sousa
Savanna Sousa - Hour ago
Jeffree, I’m sorry but Code Red is trash. 😂
Marcus .Danc3
Marcus .Danc3 - Hour ago
the way jeffree is so hyped and nate is so monotoned (probably stoned) is funny.
Jimena - Hour ago
Girl I was expecting a 5 star not a motel with a taco bell menu 😭
Chelsea James
Chelsea James - Hour ago
Nate!!! Find the robe!
Meredith Brajkovich
Meredith Brajkovich - Hour ago
OMG jeffree my mouth was watering the whole time when you were eating that food
Lily Rockafellow
Lily Rockafellow - Hour ago
When you sprayed your star-berry mist I swear I felt it through my screen😂
Ashley Lloyd
Ashley Lloyd - Hour ago
The part where Nate was eating that fry had me cracking up and in tears 🤣🤣🤣 OMFG.. it’s making me laugh now thinking of it. U all r the best 💕
Jaylene Luciano
Jaylene Luciano - 2 hours ago
6:17 Let Me by Zayn was playing in the background and I almost died!!!
Gianna Sottile
Gianna Sottile - 2 hours ago
Their outfits in the beginning gave me Cosmo and Wanda vibes.
The bee's knees
The bee's knees - 2 hours ago
Let's get some sleep so we can EAT MORE IN THE MORNING !!
Like, honey I can relate !
Stephany Garcia
Stephany Garcia - 2 hours ago
You came to my home town I hope like I am so happy !!😁
Flor - 2 hours ago
I wonder what would happen if maddie (jeffree's assistant) got a boyfriend or something... jeffree seems to depend on her a lot (not a bad thing) and she goes with them everywere (also not a bad thing), so... what if she had to also handle a relationship?
Helena Mardi
Helena Mardi - 2 hours ago
Sorry but our sis man looks straight ://
Megan O.
Megan O. - 2 hours ago
Is the setting spray going to be available at ulta or just morphe?
Hassan.tag - 2 hours ago
احا اي ده
YT- Kaitooraw
YT- Kaitooraw - 2 hours ago
His closet is everything🥰♥️
Marlee Garrison
Marlee Garrison - 2 hours ago
I love how jeffrees going insane and running around the room 😂♥️♥️♥️♥️
Elisabeth Martine Kvalheim
i love how excited Jeffree is about everything
Edith Rodriguez
Edith Rodriguez - 2 hours ago
My boyfriend that isn't so into taco bell was saying that if they have the green sauce as a exclusive he would take me 😭 I didn't see any so guess thats a no go
kitkat _akira
kitkat _akira - 2 hours ago
As soon as I heard about this I knew you would go
Lauren Montgomery
Lauren Montgomery - 2 hours ago
I've literally Neve heard of the hotel untill this vid😂😂
Grace Paul
Grace Paul - 2 hours ago
Who saw Lauren Godwins tik tok at the hotel seeing him
Southern Girl
Southern Girl - 2 hours ago
3noud Alshamsi
3noud Alshamsi - 2 hours ago
19:07 Lauren and Seb on the left side
The British Lemon
The British Lemon - 2 hours ago
Is Jeffery star a boy or girl. Of he's a boy is he a gay? Like not tryna be homophobic or horrible I have just never watched or seen him??
Gloomed - 2 hours ago
Jeffree: It's 108 degrees out
Also Jeffree: **wears Adidas tracksuit**
Camila Hadjar
Camila Hadjar - 2 hours ago
*jeffree smells the setting spray 2 seconds later puts the hole bottle on his face
tuturu - 2 hours ago
the guy filming was cute
Angel Barido
Angel Barido - 2 hours ago
Why the hell is this in my suggestion?... What the hell did I step into.. 🤷 but God Bless you All
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