We Stayed At The Taco Bell Hotel!

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Kool Kat
Kool Kat - 3 hours ago
IAmTionnaJ - 4 hours ago
“Nate find the robe” should be a lipstick color😭
kitty girl
kitty girl - 4 hours ago
if i was there i would take everything in my room then leave in a day
MadiRae R
MadiRae R - 5 hours ago
Every rich person (not every but yoh get the point): OMG my gucci bag isnt even cute
Jeffree: Omg a robe, and chips!
Love him❤️💕
Joshua vaca
Joshua vaca - 5 hours ago
I keep watching this every time I see the thunbnail because this video is the best
Manuella Kiryakakis
Manuella Kiryakakis - 5 hours ago
i love how jeffree always includes everyone and he is so nice to everyone and he never gets bored with his fans
Maile Keiaho
Maile Keiaho - 8 hours ago
Can anyone acknowledge the fact that they are a cute couple
Claire Lauren McCracken
Claire Lauren McCracken - 9 hours ago
Like do how many times Jeffree says hi
Grace Amasing's Roblox account
You're closet is so big you are so rich btw you're nails are AMAZING!
Susan Susanne
Susan Susanne - 10 hours ago
Jeffree looks like a surfer bro with his long hair and swim shorts
Angelica Ramirez
Angelica Ramirez - 10 hours ago
My nephew and daughter like to snuggle close to me and we watch your videos together.
BΙձՇk øՔՇիïԺ
BΙձՇk øՔՇիïԺ - 11 hours ago
The way he said right her on 18:31😂😂😂
Precious Pike
Precious Pike - 13 hours ago
Did jeffree ever come out with a perfume?
Renne Hernandez
Renne Hernandez - 13 hours ago
The watermelon crush is AMAZING with hypnotic 😈💙
Abby Ryosuke
Abby Ryosuke - 14 hours ago
Zack really know how to catch those sweet and cute jeffree x nate moment 💕
jonna lahti
jonna lahti - 17 hours ago
you make me feel so poor.
It's 2am, I'm hungry and I'm watching this.
I'm a masoquist.
Sophia Cerrano
Sophia Cerrano - Day ago
ok but your skin is literally perfect
singel lama mama
singel lama mama - Day ago
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gimme that taco
I love tacos especaily the chilupa box
Vibin' Out
Vibin' Out - Day ago
When i watch jeffree star, i feel so rich💸💰
Eric Zuniga
Eric Zuniga - Day ago
All the stuf that you have is canceled for you
Jeru Ching
Jeru Ching - Day ago
Jeffree appreciate little things that is why i love her
A R - Day ago
Who else thinks he needs his own show
Heidy Nguyen
Heidy Nguyen - Day ago
potato head
potato head - Day ago
I have physically been OOFED 107 degrees!!!! im from England I would so DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but im rlly jelous :(
Siobhan Whyard
Siobhan Whyard - Day ago
Did anyone else see Sebastian bails in the background while the girls were dancing in the pool
giraffuhlaughTV - Day ago
Thank you Jeffree for treating them with respect, always! You could stomp on people yet you handle them with care, like we all want. Thank you again!
Salma Jamal
Salma Jamal - Day ago
peopleee can we talk about how HHOOOOTTTT is zach in this video oh my goooddd
dory the fish
dory the fish - Day ago
imagine being rich
and i oop
and i oop - Day ago
THat IsNt a tRuE quOrcHata drInk- IT nEeDs cInnAmOn aNd sWeEt mIlk-
Nora Hirth
Nora Hirth - Day ago
„plastic straws? we don‘t know her“
*puts a metal straw in a plastic cup*
Hailey Zeunges
Hailey Zeunges - Day ago
first nate is a carrot then a raddish
Naoko Nakamoto
Naoko Nakamoto - Day ago
How tf does he manage to be both crazy rich and so relatable?
Charlotte Hellawell
Charlotte Hellawell - 2 days ago
Jeffree:it’s gonna be so hot
Jeffree- shows up in long sleeved top and leggings
Ashlee Moss
Ashlee Moss - 2 days ago
You two are so cute together 😍😍
Aidan McElroy
Aidan McElroy - 2 days ago
I got a too faced youtube ad before this video and I’m like
👁 👄 👁
Hertiadhi Family
Hertiadhi Family - 2 days ago
Jeffree: throws makeup
My broke ass self: oH mY gOd
Ni Ni
Ni Ni - 2 days ago
come on, what’s the song at 17:55-18:10 halp meh
Tony B
Tony B - 2 days ago
About four seasons did you see my mom her name is Christine Baya** just for privacy
Tony B
Tony B - 2 days ago
Well in Hawaii
H Manderville
H Manderville - 2 days ago
I love how she/he said Jesus take the weel and it cuts to her/him on the weel
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