Meeting Miss Thotiana's Sister FACE TO FACE... *FIGHT?!*

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dakari martin
dakari martin - 9 hours ago
You don't watch stranger things i looked at it and it said season 1 episode 1 and was no where near started xD :)
Piper Rocks!
Piper Rocks! - 11 hours ago
That is wired 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴
Baslel Gebremichale
Is it just me or do they both have horrible grammar
taiwo ogunsalu
taiwo ogunsalu - Day ago
Bruh this is a fucking joke! WTF
[WFPK] Jaywolf2007
[WFPK] Jaywolf2007 - Day ago
Oooo spray fresh febreez
captain wolf captain wolf game chanel
P2 don't start making fake video's
Jenae Morgan
Jenae Morgan - 2 days ago
I’m not gonna life, I haven’t laugh so Much ! Funny shit😂
Tr1d3dnt Wave
Tr1d3dnt Wave - 2 days ago
Her sis is a fine like Miss thotiana
Symali Williams
Symali Williams - 2 days ago
Y is p2 calling her mrs thotiana like that crinhe and disrepectful give her a nickname or call her by her real name
CPT _Glory
CPT _Glory - 3 days ago
Dude next time dont be a pus** pls why you wont more like agresive not so much just a litel
Lukas Sanchez
Lukas Sanchez - 3 days ago
Owen and plug and plug brother and plug cuz
Emmanuel imokhai
Emmanuel imokhai - 5 days ago
She doesnt even show herself in the videos. How can he be using a faceless bitch
Kayleah Sims
Kayleah Sims - 8 days ago
Miss Thotiana’s sister is right he’s using them for clout
Welbac Weers
Welbac Weers - 9 days ago
Skamz Almighty
Skamz Almighty - 9 days ago
You know that’s thotiana
Shawhank Tv
Shawhank Tv - 10 days ago
Subscribe to me if you are reading this... 💯
Terma Asenso
Terma Asenso - 10 days ago
This girl is a joke 😂 and the video too 😂
Spooky Master
Spooky Master - 11 days ago
P2 what am i not seeing
Her sis personality love and everything
Me the only thing p2 is seeing is how dumb and beastful she is
SavageChy 145
SavageChy 145 - 12 days ago
One like is a pray for P2🙏
Davian Moore
Davian Moore - 12 days ago
No cap she cute
Luis sabino da Silva
Luis sabino da Silva - 13 days ago
just stay with Ms Thotiana She's a nice person
spy_ guy
spy_ guy - 14 days ago
That bitch is crazy
ICosmo - 15 days ago
This is so fake 😂, this whole segment is and some of the gold digger videos, how is a girl going back the same way without her boyfriend after a date
Jay Lum
Jay Lum - 15 days ago
She wants your 💸💸💸
palkbrackett01 - 15 days ago
I stopped watching this man when he coincidently met thotianna this nigga been on that fake shit since then. Weak asf
demarie mathis
demarie mathis - 16 days ago
she's a thot
Matthew Azua
Matthew Azua - 17 days ago
Fake, come on man if u need content just google but don’t fake it
Demitrius - 17 days ago
She kinda bad P2 I'd smash she way prettier than Ms thotiana tbh
lxcky navaskxr
lxcky navaskxr - 17 days ago
P2:Her sister looks EXACTLY like her 10 seconds later:Idek what she looks like ._.
Yahir Vazquez
Yahir Vazquez - 17 days ago
That is oviously miss thothiana she has her same hair and p2 said they look alike so if that was true they would be twins an if they were twins they then thats how she looks like
realraan205 -_-
realraan205 -_- - 17 days ago
Outdoor Creations Florida
If you care about p2 then make this blue👇
Angel956 Ramirez
Angel956 Ramirez - 17 days ago
I mean...I'll date miss thotiana
MJdaName - 17 days ago
The sister is a SAVAGE
HotHell360- EXPLICIT
HotHell360- EXPLICIT - 17 days ago
P2 is a dick why cant he just date her she is cute
Purple Production's
Purple Production's - 17 days ago
I kinda agree p2 has been using her and she would do anything for him
Ryan Dalessandro
Ryan Dalessandro - 18 days ago
It’s aunt not aoot
Darius Young
Darius Young - 18 days ago
P 2 say hes watching stranger things look @ the TV start episode 1
SAS-FuZe - 19 days ago
she crazy af
Landon Pham
Landon Pham - 19 days ago
I love me some stranger things
Abel Sanchez
Abel Sanchez - 19 days ago
P2 miss thottina may be crazy but she hella fine try dating her at least
jayden thepbanthao
jayden thepbanthao - 19 days ago
dat low percentage doe
Marco Quijada
Marco Quijada - 19 days ago
Yo p2 Tori is the one for you
NubSkull XD
NubSkull XD - 19 days ago
Billywood773 Ugly
Billywood773 Ugly - 19 days ago
That’s crazy bro
Justin Jones
Justin Jones - 19 days ago
bruuh p2 respect you but you played fortnite at 3Am never would of happen like if agreed
Nate Gomez
Nate Gomez - 20 days ago
His shirt is from it on the cast
John Lucas
John Lucas - 20 days ago
She annoy
God damn
Jeffrey's World
Jeffrey's World - 20 days ago
That clikbat
Logan Sathre
Logan Sathre - 20 days ago
I've watching yo vids before u started talking to her when u revealed her face I stopped watching yo vids man, make better videos coach
karla martinez
karla martinez - 20 days ago
Pay attention how she said Nooet
BPB - 21 day ago
Thats miss thotianna acting like “her sis”
Terence Harris
Terence Harris - 19 days ago
No it's not i found a picture of them sranding next to each other on Instagram
Sehvn - 21 day ago
She has a pierce on her tater tots 😂
Darryl McDougal Jr
Darryl McDougal Jr - 21 day ago
Kiss her kiss her
McJamariMc pubg
McJamariMc pubg - 21 day ago
She sound like Patrick
Slicker - 21 day ago
Little did you know this is miss thotiona
Slicker - 21 day ago
Miss thotiana sis: the marriage is soon
P2: igHt imMA FuCk
wiCtHa. 🤞🏾🤞🏾👎🏾🤜🏾🤜🏾🤞🏾☝🏾🖖🏾✋🏾🖐🏾👉🏾👉🏾
__GAMESPACE __ - 21 day ago
She must be stupid when she called p2 crazy for not being with her sister wtf😂
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