Meeting Miss Thotiana's Sister FACE TO FACE... *FIGHT?!*

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vulture toxxic
vulture toxxic - 6 hours ago
She crazy
MRxPURPLE_official_ - 2 days ago
Tbh I feel something fishy is going when she said you have the car and the money that is hinting at something
Joel Jeremy
Joel Jeremy - 2 days ago
yooo she is sexy asf 🥵😳
True LAYN - 3 days ago
They weird
Arielle DeCosta
Arielle DeCosta - 3 days ago
Gold digger
Ccc Vbbb
Ccc Vbbb - 4 days ago
Tatiana threat threat Ni p2
Ccc Vbbb
Ccc Vbbb - 4 days ago
isaac madrigal jr
isaac madrigal jr - 7 days ago
Who tf saids I want u to marry her at 21 then she's says future I'm dying bro😂😂😂😂😂 cus she's that dumb
Jerome Chambers
Jerome Chambers - 8 days ago
She's crazy no cap
Victoria Dlamin
Victoria Dlamin - 9 days ago
Maybe her family Is crazy
maurice woodley
maurice woodley - 9 days ago
say no
Ryan Hubbard
Ryan Hubbard - 10 days ago
Bust down thotiana
Rush Army
Rush Army - 10 days ago
Blue face baby
Dragonblade baller
Dragonblade baller - 11 days ago
5:41 Bruh P2 has 8% left. By the time he's done wit dat call his phone finna die.
JTS_ Smooth
JTS_ Smooth - 12 days ago
Who came back on quarantine?
ilovefearless s
ilovefearless s - 12 days ago
P2 we know u do
Awakening Senpai
Awakening Senpai - 12 days ago
This is late but Miss Thotiana’s sister is crazier than her 🤣
jbbiggyboi210 - 13 days ago
stay safe nigga
Rod AllenJR
Rod AllenJR - 13 days ago
Date her bro
Jovell Smith
Jovell Smith - 14 days ago
She was maddddddd cute
Winston George
Winston George - 15 days ago
Just do it bro
Sterling Scutt
Sterling Scutt - 16 days ago
she got chest
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas - 18 days ago
She's looking for a payday 😆
mom ray
mom ray - 18 days ago
My brother devin have a kid at 21 let her be your girlfriend
MechieGames - 20 days ago
Her voice would be sexy if she used her normal tone
Gabriel Warama
Gabriel Warama - 21 day ago
She is fucking crazy
GARDEN GROVE - 21 day ago
Gold digger bitch
Unkn0wEx - 22 days ago
She had a booger in her nose
Heartbreak_kid.x - 22 days ago
She’s doin it for the money
Kasi xhosa skits
Kasi xhosa skits - 23 days ago
This is about money she wants her sister to milk p2
Austin Asiedu
Austin Asiedu - 23 days ago
hahahahahahahaha bro ma tommy hurts
Android 23
Android 23 - 23 days ago
I think you should do it
Assitan Fombs
Assitan Fombs - 24 days ago
This is why I can’t always trust girls and she’s too crazy
Nero Trigger
Nero Trigger - 24 days ago
Man P2 when ever you read this hook me up with the sister if your still in contact. I need someone loyal like that and atleast i know she'll never leave lol
Lucia Ramos
Lucia Ramos - 26 days ago
She is dumb ass f
DJSOFLEET - 26 days ago
She wears
SlimyKiing - 28 days ago
Thats Miss Thotiana acting like her sister, do yall not see she is literally hiding the smile from here face!
Ethan Tucker
Ethan Tucker - 29 days ago
She said I might be 5'2 I'm died
Quatwanya Levy
Quatwanya Levy - 29 days ago
That shit scared me when she came to the window
Fabien Michel
Fabien Michel - Month ago
What the fuck
Your daily Black boi
Your daily Black boi - Month ago
She sounds so stupid
TJ Craigg
TJ Craigg - Month ago
That is miss thotiana
Diamond Dragon
Diamond Dragon - Month ago
Bruh she is dumb as f
Danzel Baun
Danzel Baun - Month ago
I loved how he gets more and more angry ever second
Gilmer Lobos
Gilmer Lobos - Month ago
Aye yo bro she is trying to get clout
faritsja faria
faritsja faria - Month ago
What is rong
Collin Garcia
Collin Garcia - Month ago
I’m not forcing you but you can’t leave you idiot
S U P R E M E V I B E S🤐🤐🤐🤐
Im straight my freind is crooked
david mcbride
david mcbride - Month ago
Bitches be Bonkers
Helios k
Helios k - Month ago
Dis some old bull shit bi*ch shut yo loud mouth, heavy handed, big feet, dinosaur looking reptilian bi*ch ass up
ceo Of ceo
ceo Of ceo - Month ago
Helios k shut up or I’ll send mah gang bruhh
K Dizzle
K Dizzle - Month ago
U now what come to my house thotianas sister and we can talk and get to the point
TerrenceRBLX - Month ago
im cringing*
DF Odell223
DF Odell223 - Month ago
Dang I feel bad for you p2
anthony mitchell
anthony mitchell - Month ago
I'm prayin 4 u
Lightning Master
Lightning Master - Month ago
This sister is crazy and also if ur watching this vid stop forcing people to date someone
Tigerleon10 Wltn
Tigerleon10 Wltn - Month ago
She need to chill🤨
Ronnie Sanga
Ronnie Sanga - Month ago
It is kinda messed up bro she keeps giving you chances to date and saying we’re gonna have babies she obviously gonna think something is going on
Juan Feliciano
Juan Feliciano - Month ago
She crazy
Kirten Ik
Kirten Ik - Month ago
My nigga lit
Ijeoma Ihebinandu
Ijeoma Ihebinandu - Month ago
She is sick
sam caro
sam caro - Month ago
all she wants is 6the money
P Merriweather
P Merriweather - Month ago
No cap her sister fine
yare yare daze
yare yare daze - Month ago
I'm not horny but I noticed that she isn't wearing a bra...
Ramadan supara
Ramadan supara - Month ago
T Hot Tiana
Bruh Man
Bruh Man - Month ago
Once she told her grandma it shoulda been something going.

It was at this moment that he knew HE F***ED UP. MY G LIKE DAM
Tapiwa Mkandawire
Tapiwa Mkandawire - Month ago
Just date her
Strecken Monkey
Strecken Monkey - Month ago
Did some one find her and miss thotiana s Ig
solo sum
solo sum - Month ago
Your looking Gucci
bryan R-man
bryan R-man - Month ago
🤣🤣 she crazy
Kandace Coleman
Kandace Coleman - Month ago
She just a crazy bihh dont worry bout her😑😑😒😒😒
Emixia Hahal
Emixia Hahal - Month ago
Crazy in d family
Tre Robinson
Tre Robinson - Month ago
I’m only 5’2 but 😂
CF7 Tekkerz
CF7 Tekkerz - Month ago
I'm dead😂that's a lunatic
Alejandro Cervantes
Alejandro Cervantes - Month ago
Alex Ye
Alex Ye - Month ago
Train Cloud
Train Cloud - Month ago
Just try it
Elijah Tucker
Elijah Tucker - Month ago
Dog i love stranger things 2
Ashton Allen
Ashton Allen - Month ago
I mean her sister
Ashton Allen
Ashton Allen - Month ago
Miss thationa salty
Ebraheem - Month ago
OMG forceful relationship, that's mad bro. Keep off from that crazy woman
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