The BEST Plays of the 2019 NBA Finals | Presented by YouTubeTV

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Aleksander Razny
Aleksander Razny - 15 hours ago
Yah = < Aleksander Razny > NBA ligue belongs to me🌐.
WF1 2QP Wakefield Bond Street 24/3 England UK.
Alex 24
Alex 24 - Day ago
Simple mistakes can destroy a dynasty
H. Richardson
H. Richardson - Day ago
If Klay didnt get hurt they would of won that game, and if KD played they would of won the championship. Y'all forget Warriors didnt have there whole team
H. Richardson
H. Richardson - Day ago
Klay Thomas was so smooth with it took his time, bad defense from Kawhi Leonard lol
G L E N N - 2 days ago
Kunh d lang na injured si Klay sa game 6 tangina hahahaha
Axcel Buscas
Axcel Buscas - 2 days ago
Raptor wins because allmost all of the players of GSW are injured.... (sorry for my grammar)
adityas - 3 days ago
This is all good but the Toronto announcer's 'Hello' is the most annoying thing i've ever heard.
Dumpa Lala
Dumpa Lala - 6 days ago
putang inang vdeo paulit ulit
denisse nicole
denisse nicole - 6 days ago
10:50 why u gotta be so thiccccc broooo
Obi Smalls
Obi Smalls - 7 days ago
Julia Sabah
Julia Sabah - 7 days ago
Have no doubt I will go even further with this program as well:
Stroller - 8 days ago
1:21 that face is cracking me. hahaha
SparkleShines AG
SparkleShines AG - 9 days ago
Noel Yunos
Noel Yunos - 9 days ago
Kawhi idol insan
ENGINEER AKRAM - 10 days ago
Best basketball in the world
Daniel de Thierry
Daniel de Thierry - 10 days ago
2:16 what a travel
SHAWN MARCS - 11 days ago
when raptors fried them alive.
Brian Beggs
Brian Beggs - 12 days ago
My only wish in life is to make you laugh everytime
3Rings DurrantuLA
3Rings DurrantuLA - 12 days ago
8:03 it's like he wanted to be blocked
Bunto farming
Bunto farming - 13 days ago
Siakam euro stepped Draymond so badly on that last play, Draymond still looking for him till this day
shaaloook - 13 days ago
1:59 the bald guy is emotionless
Lovely Blasian
Lovely Blasian - 14 days ago
All basically Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raiders
Power DF
Power DF - 14 days ago
lmao raptors beat a handicapped warriors team! congrats
Username Loading
Username Loading - 9 days ago
They still could've beaten a healthy Warriors team, remember they were 2-0 against the warriors in the regular szn, one of those games was even without Kawhi and they still won.
Michael c
Michael c - 14 days ago
Power DF 7 months later and still salty asf
Delta - 14 days ago
This is still stressful watching it even when you know they win
the wolf
the wolf - 14 days ago
One of the best final playoffs i ever see. I just regret the injury of durant an Thompson...
Rafe - 16 days ago
Josh w
Josh w - 16 days ago
No one:
Kawhi: Stops Curry and LeBron from both getting a 3-peat
Zuhair Prod.
Zuhair Prod. - 18 days ago
Who hear is from Toronto let’s goooo we won the finals
Жалгас Аленов
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Squishy_Poo - 20 days ago
Is it me or are they showing WAY more GS footage than raptors 😒 Just another showing of how bias the NBA is to no Names and especially the raptors. I mean they won the fricken championships man at least acknowledge them with the same energy you would others??
Ray Manalo
Ray Manalo - 23 days ago
Why do you keep bringing game 1 then game 2 then game one again, you stupid!!!
Yan Hans
Yan Hans - 23 days ago
tecent gives u 10billions D per year……
Yan Hans
Yan Hans - 23 days ago
cant see in cn?
Isaiah Ellison
Isaiah Ellison - 24 days ago
I hope yall know that if KD was on court this whole series woulda been wraps lmaooo
Username Loading
Username Loading - 9 days ago
Bruh how would u know that the Warriors would've won? the Raptors were 2-0 against the warriors during the regular, one of those games was even without Kawhi, and they still won. U also gotta think that if KD is in the game, it wouldnt only mean that KD is scoring points, it would also mean fewer shots for guys like Steph and Klay. Also, a healthy Warriors team couldn't stop Spurs Kawhi back in 2017, and in 2019 Kawhi wasn't only playing better himself, he was also on a better team. imo, if both teams were full strength, I wouldnt be surprised if either of them won, but the series would've gone to 7 games. If I had to pick a team though, I would say the Warriors but it would've been a close series.
Poop On
Poop On - 24 days ago
College Drop Out
College Drop Out - 26 days ago
R.i.p. kobe
Banana MEN 33
Banana MEN 33 - 26 days ago
Raphael A-R
Raphael A-R - 26 days ago
Kawhi was the Finals MVP, averaged 28.5ppg, but had like 4 plays this entire video smdh...
Mj Faelnar
Mj Faelnar - 28 days ago
Raptors not deserve to be NBA champion warriors deserved
transporter ONE
transporter ONE - 29 days ago
bryant montero
bryant montero - 29 days ago
Stephen curry was the best shooter of this TEAM and of all the NBA
Boi Stickman
Boi Stickman - Month ago
4:03 ghost ball?
jake Joseph
jake Joseph - Month ago
Best part undefeated in the oracle
snigdha churamani
snigdha churamani - Month ago
Joseph Sedano
Joseph Sedano - Month ago
@1:55 pause the video and you see troydan there at the game
Jimothan - Month ago
3:13 Cousins was fully screaming behind him to miss. Should have been a technical
Alex Wang
Alex Wang - Month ago
if draymond didn't block lowry's final shot in game 5.... and he made it.... boy oh boy
Vic 3
Vic 3 - Month ago
Steph curry😊
Zay Santana
Zay Santana - Month ago
8:03 Demarcus would’ve sat out the rest of the game if i was the coach on god😭😭
Pikka GTR
Pikka GTR - Month ago
Remember when the Warriors blew a 3-1 Lead in the NBA Finals?
chenethan - Month ago
Fred vanvleet was unreal here
SOTOS - Month ago
Tελιο just amazing
Ljiljana Jovanic
Ljiljana Jovanic - Month ago
Eric Shawn
Eric Shawn - Month ago
Am I blind or did Kawhi take four steps @ 2:13
Dale Bryan Solis
Dale Bryan Solis - Month ago
Ang galing
summer summerr
summer summerr - Month ago
Gs coudnt win if they dont have a player like durant.
2015 wins championship vs cavs- no love no kyrie
2016 loss championship. Reason: no d.dreen game 5, bogut injured.
2017/2018 acquired durant 2peat champion
2019 loss. no durant. But they have
Boss Ian
Boss Ian - Month ago
Vlad - Month ago
8:14 look at the Curry 🤦🏻‍♂️ he didn't even want to block Lowry but he's smaller than he. When I play I try to block even those who are higher than me.
Don DoDat
Don DoDat - Month ago
Fock nba , bunch of mf way way overpaid pointshaving pussies.
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