Bad Barbers Bad Haircuts - animation

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Young Don The Sauce God
Young Don The Sauce God - 14 days ago
Drop a like for the most consistent youtuber of all time
NBAyounglove •
NBAyounglove • - 9 hours ago
Young Don The Sauce God go to Alice Tx we got a good barber even tho u don’t like them but the owner is a god
Anthony Esparza
Anthony Esparza - 10 hours ago
Don I live near you
PLSNOT2DAY - 21 hour ago
bitch i just moved so san Antonio and they drilling my shit g
Sped Demons
Sped Demons - Day ago
Brío i live in El Paso close to Austin
No No
No No - Day ago
Yo I live in TX to
Damo Taps
Damo Taps - 6 hours ago
In New Zealand we don’t tip our barbers anymore cause it be 30$ for a razor fade now🙄😂🤣
Dusan Ferenc
Dusan Ferenc - 6 hours ago
Bruh I been watching u for a almost 2 years now
Miles Daugherty
Miles Daugherty - 8 hours ago
Hey um I messed up I um well I hit a hole it was like a pot hole but in the mud and I was ruining my dirt bike and my dirt bike go by by
no - 9 hours ago
Check out South Austin barber slaughter
raven the reaper
raven the reaper - 9 hours ago
I could only say one thing this guy should go back to selling drugs
RealShxdowz - 9 hours ago
I live in Austin too
KC - 9 hours ago
He cuts my hair and good 👌
KC - 9 hours ago
Aye I'm from Austin Texas too so go to Tie's Barber shop and get the man named cloud
kidstarplayzYT - 10 hours ago
The barber mess me up yesterday y'all know like your hair have to be touching ya ear he move it all they way up making people roast me
Tyler Hoang
Tyler Hoang - 11 hours ago
I live in the same city as 360Jeezy
Lucyd_ Lyghtmarę
Lucyd_ Lyghtmarę - 11 hours ago
I live in a small town next to Tyler Texas u should pay a visit since we live in the same state
deeznutz Gaming
deeznutz Gaming - 12 hours ago
I’m sleep white coach.....
Josiah Isaacs
Josiah Isaacs - 12 hours ago
Jamey Mc
Jamey Mc - 12 hours ago
i used to live in austin 😎 & my brother lives in pflugerville
Amanda Edwards
Amanda Edwards - 13 hours ago
Ayyyyyyee broward county my home
I’m in oklahoma now & im feeling the barber pain
prod. vaper
prod. vaper - 13 hours ago
I remember when this lady cut my hair & When I tell you she legit was making fun of me saying my forehead was too big and it then resulted to a really pushed back hairline 😤
BRANMiiNO Animations
BRANMiiNO Animations - 13 hours ago
what's the ending song?
SAGEN GAMER - 13 hours ago
I feel you
Chelsea A
Chelsea A - 13 hours ago
You should link with YAADMAN ETHAN 👏🏾👏🏾 fellow jamaican. Maybe he can do a cameo or voice overrr. And yall are both sexyyyy
JR X - 13 hours ago
Yoooo the pushed back hair line the worst😂😂
Curencee Smith
Curencee Smith - 13 hours ago
when your dad is your father and ur barber🤧
INFINITE JUSTIN - 14 hours ago
Don lookin like juice wrld
Connor Kent
Connor Kent - 14 hours ago
Brooo . What a coincidence I got a bad haircut . And rn to this day I’m buying all the shit I need to cut my own hair..
ABZ Satanfromtokyo
ABZ Satanfromtokyo - 14 hours ago
Aye come to Houston, I’ll give you a cut
Flyer Tha God
Flyer Tha God - 16 hours ago
Yo I live in Pflugerville😂😂😂😂
Yogirl Cheeks
Yogirl Cheeks - 16 hours ago
Every barber I try here in my hometown in Florida has black barbers and that one Hispanic guy 🤣
Yogirl Cheeks
Yogirl Cheeks - 16 hours ago
1:55 😂💀💀
Ricky Wavy
Ricky Wavy - 17 hours ago
It's a "this nigga" moment at 2:30 😂.
SteezyClips - 17 hours ago
I remember when I first started watching him at 350k it’s been so long
Phone Store
Phone Store - 17 hours ago
"Im not gonna pay you 20$ to mess me up, nah I'll do it myself" 😂😂😂😂
Trippy Alex
Trippy Alex - 17 hours ago
Lmao my coach cuts my hair
Take 2
Take 2 - 19 hours ago
Nigga I live in Dallas so you live near me and I barley started watching you and your channel is already good
Landon Lick
Landon Lick - Day ago
I can tell you went to generations in pluggerville lived there while ago
Midnight Knight
Midnight Knight - Day ago
Damn man..
We see those abs 👀
Corey Austin
Corey Austin - Day ago
Martin Castro
Martin Castro - Day ago
Barbers: be like do you want a line up.
Me: No thank you.
Que Mala
Que Mala - Day ago
I feel you. Line in the same city. Check out Daltons in pflugerville, ask for Ron...wont do you wrong
Nic Tui
Nic Tui - Day ago
Don I live In Pflugerville and got a cold ass barber, download booksy if you don’t have it and it’s called ESCO FADES I promise won’t disappoint
Zincx - Day ago
pretty pretty pegasus
How tall are you
Itz Vurutah
Itz Vurutah - Day ago
Coincidence or not I have such a bad haircut I used to look like Harry potter and now it's just a block circle while little hair
Mozzie is a Blonde
Mozzie is a Blonde - Day ago
Who’s the dude with the pink dreads I saw a ig post of him making a song like x and that shit was fire
Mozzie is a Blonde
Mozzie is a Blonde - Day ago
0:06 I had been growing out my hair for 2.5 years. Real long and and a nice s curl to it... I go to get a shape up because I haven’t had a hair cut all summer. My barber wasn’t there that day so I let this dude who cut my hair before cut it again (he did a amazing job the first time) I tell this man a high top fade but not exactly like a high top. (Same thing I said last time) my hair went from 8 inches to 3 inches after he was done. The front was short as hell and the back was long. I really tipped that nigga a 25 too... I cut my hair off and now I have waves. It hurts every time I think about it
Alexis Ramon
Alexis Ramon - Day ago
Texas houses are worth 3 dollars
Brian the Trainer
Brian the Trainer - Day ago
Some idoit barber cut my forehead while cutting my hair and eventually that place cloed down, I'd say good riddance
Day - Day ago
Lmao I peeped what came after scoop shorty 😭😭😂😂
Fuzion Blast
Fuzion Blast - Day ago
God sauce the don young
Gabriel Hinojosa
Gabriel Hinojosa - Day ago
I live in Houston and oooooohhhhhhh
YM Random
YM Random - Day ago
Ouuu dang I live in Dallas o.c
YoungxJeri —
YoungxJeri — - Day ago
I’m in Killeen Tx
KENNY TV - Day ago
That’s why I don’t let females and white people cut my hair
Anthony Barron
Anthony Barron - Day ago
Let me bless you !!! Pull up to Academy of Hair Design on Riverside 💈🔥
TheReal KingJ
TheReal KingJ - Day ago
im fr going to the hs Don went to..
Lil Puma
Lil Puma - Day ago
I have Asian barbers and I’m black
Sam Henriques
Sam Henriques - Day ago
4:05 I'm dead😂😂😂
DJ YANDRE - Day ago
Mannnn I thought u had a Tesla wait..........
The Anime Kid
The Anime Kid - Day ago
BBC dawg
La Flame
La Flame - Day ago
Outro song?
Trigger Entertainment
Before I even step out the door, I make sure that I comb my hair and by doing that, it gives the barber a guide line to my hairline so that they don’t mess it up.😂
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