Lie Detector Test on Hacker to find Truth w/ Face Reveal! (Is Game Master Real?) Matt and Rebecca

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Matt and Rebecca
Matt and Rebecca - 13 days ago
Do you think the Lie Detector worked and Q was telling the truth about the GMI?
Alexx Siegel
Alexx Siegel - 9 days ago
lie detector lie detector
speedy flame
speedy flame - 9 days ago
I don't think the lie detector test worked and he was pretending
Garry Scott
Garry Scott - 9 days ago
Yes I do
Garry Scott
Garry Scott - 9 days ago
Courtney Wash
Courtney Wash - 9 days ago
Matt and Rebecca then I don't even want to talk to you right now since you
Amanda Martins
Amanda Martins - 3 hours ago
Rz twinhas the barcode
Virginia Rucinskiene
Virginia Rucinskiene - 4 hours ago
Yes no
Wyatt Lambie
Wyatt Lambie - 12 hours ago
Lie detector
Quameek Alexander
Quameek Alexander - 15 hours ago
Q Should Help You Guys Put An End To GMI From Hacking YouTuber's Channels
Frederick ARIU
Frederick ARIU - 18 hours ago
Love Matt and Rebecca
Emily Stembridge
Emily Stembridge - 19 hours ago
Lie detector
Sianna Davis
Sianna Davis - 20 hours ago
What if under the white bandage is the thing to make him act as if he’s lying and he’s not
Or maybe it could be a tattoo
Djenie Fleurenvil
Djenie Fleurenvil - 21 hour ago
Payton Waits
Payton Waits - 22 hours ago
ask him do you have a twin
Miah Channel
Miah Channel - Day ago
2810KINGPINDON - Day ago
Ask him if he is a real Q
Shalya Oliver66
Shalya Oliver66 - Day ago
Lie Detector
matthew Smith
matthew Smith - Day ago
I trust Q
Holly Doyle
Holly Doyle - Day ago
Lie detector
Fay Regter
Fay Regter - Day ago
I trust Q
Fay Regter
Fay Regter - Day ago
Gmi never tels de truf
Francis Towler
Francis Towler - 2 days ago
SkeleSherv FT
SkeleSherv FT - 2 days ago
Lie detector
colette040302 - 2 days ago
L Lag the captor
Rose Bello
Rose Bello - 2 days ago
I trust Q
Santa De La Cruz
Santa De La Cruz - 2 days ago
I think that it workerd
Kaylee Jackson
Kaylee Jackson - 2 days ago
Lie detector
Martin Robinson9y
Martin Robinson9y - 2 days ago
Lie. Decter
Martin Robinson9y
Martin Robinson9y - 2 days ago
A & H Squad
A & H Squad - 2 days ago
I have a feeling that either the patch thing that makes it so u are able to lie after drinking the mixture was under the bandage or the tattoo that people have that have been helping you guys with what the gmi has given you and the challenges and stuff
Jabella EOS
Jabella EOS - 2 days ago
I think q is rocky his voice sounds just like him and that’s why he said make up
Ana Minauri
Ana Minauri - 3 days ago
M OMER - 3 days ago
Mom: do not see rebbeca zomalo videos you will have nightmares
Me: ..
mom you are little girl

Me: pls
Albert Josiah Soriano
Albert Josiah Soriano - 3 days ago
Olomoz acceber that is a name of youtuber it's side ward's
cooper lewin
cooper lewin - 3 days ago
Lie Decetor
Rizwana Hussain
Rizwana Hussain - 3 days ago
Lie detector
Tayla Stanley
Tayla Stanley - 3 days ago
Tayla Stanley
Tayla Stanley - 3 days ago
dhaouadi laroussi
dhaouadi laroussi - 3 days ago
Yes tu worket
dhaouadi laroussi
dhaouadi laroussi - 3 days ago
Yes y did
Mynatt Transport
Mynatt Transport - 3 days ago
Lie detector
Sol Peskin
Sol Peskin - 3 days ago
Give the red mixture to someone from the GMI for example to “q” so maybe they are hypnotized... well I think so...
Aparna Nandyala
Aparna Nandyala - 3 days ago
Dionne Alleyne
Dionne Alleyne - 3 days ago
Why were you working for the quadrant
Gacha_Moon - 3 days ago
Everywhere are barks codes
Gacha_Moon - 3 days ago
You know how you where doing the intro behind you was the think like everyone had on they’re hands like if you saw that
The Girls
The Girls - 3 days ago
That was rz twin in the video at the end her eyes turned red
Emma Cully
Emma Cully - 3 days ago
lie detector
Porter K
Porter K - 4 days ago
lie detector
Sean Gleason
Sean Gleason - 4 days ago
They could be clons of the real game master
Sean Gleason
Sean Gleason - 4 days ago
Rz twin
Chris Vidaurre
Chris Vidaurre - 4 days ago
Lie detector
Asia Jones
Asia Jones - 4 days ago
YES Rebecca Zamolo😊😊😊
Asia Jones
Asia Jones - 4 days ago
Do you trust Q😦😦😦
Lexi Proctor
Lexi Proctor - 4 days ago
Lie deflected
Quek Playz
Quek Playz - 4 days ago
I have a question for Q is Q a clone?
nyny mermaids
nyny mermaids - 4 days ago
Safeela Tariq
Safeela Tariq - 4 days ago
lie detector
idania0777 - 4 days ago
My name is lily The ninja kick
Charlean Brown
Charlean Brown - 4 days ago
lie detecter
Camila Oramas
Camila Oramas - 5 days ago
Lie detector
IG Vvvlogs
IG Vvvlogs - 5 days ago
Jess McGrath
Jess McGrath - 5 days ago
I feel sorry for Q. He was so nervous!
Zainab Sadiq
Zainab Sadiq - 5 days ago
Lie Detector love u guys u should do the lie detector on Red Hood or the Game Master. Like this if you think they should do it.
Afeefa Mohamed
Afeefa Mohamed - 5 days ago
Nanu Sushaman
Nanu Sushaman - 5 days ago
Lie director
John Merkus
John Merkus - 5 days ago
Are you the Q
Soh Gim Choon
Soh Gim Choon - 5 days ago
ask q do he know the gmi or work for the gmi
heather Reed
heather Reed - 5 days ago
And yes i think Q was telling the truth
heather Reed
heather Reed - 5 days ago
Ik how you got the bar code its when you where doing the 24 hours as a mermade and that random guy came and did somthing on you watch out!!!
Kyandra Lilly
Kyandra Lilly - 5 days ago
Kyandra Lilly
Kyandra Lilly - 5 days ago
Kyandra Lilly
Kyandra Lilly - 5 days ago
Olivia Artisity
Olivia Artisity - 5 days ago
Any Harry Potter fans out there will understand when I say that the barcode is like the dark mark XD
Ahkyta West
Ahkyta West - 21 hour ago
Ngawini Rolleston
Ngawini Rolleston - 5 days ago
Lie detector
H RK - 5 days ago
Q's eyes arent brown that isnt him
Reagan Harper
Reagan Harper - 5 days ago
Lie Detector
Janie Ayala
Janie Ayala - 5 days ago
Brad Barclay
Brad Barclay - 5 days ago
I don,t think you should trust Q
Jaylen Reyes
Jaylen Reyes - 6 days ago
Q or gm
kentucky kids
kentucky kids - 6 days ago
the game master is a robot there's a real person trying to control the robot game master
Carli Isabella
Carli Isabella - 6 days ago
Lie detector
farida basha
farida basha - 6 days ago
How is Q Matt’s best friend???
Hi RobloxYo
Hi RobloxYo - 6 days ago
Q looks like someone you guys know in person not when hes Q
salween river
salween river - 6 days ago
GMI is lying to you guys
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