Doctor Reacts to: WILD MEDICAL MEMES EP. 3

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Hamza Bhavnagari
Hamza Bhavnagari - 12 hours ago
If you had a option between neurosurgeon and cardiothorax surgeon what would you because ???
kittenautie - 12 hours ago
Mike: Chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions
also Mike: practice questions, practice questions, practice questions
literally a loser
literally a loser - 13 hours ago
Roxy: *howls*
My dog: *starts barking and howling*
Me: oh good god
Omg It’s Chloe
Omg It’s Chloe - 16 hours ago
Actually when looking in a patient eye you should use the same eye as the eye your looking at because there facing you lol I thought he was meant to be smart
Me and Mei Playz
Me and Mei Playz - 21 hour ago
I've been eating candy daily(kinda) my whole life from 2009-2019 I don't have diabetes
Keishla Peters
Keishla Peters - Day ago
Why do I love your smile...and why do I hate myself for loving your smile.
Mocha Cheng
Mocha Cheng - Day ago
Joke 1:For Memes.
Doctor:Your Son Is Not Alright He Got His Left Arm Amputeted.
Mom:But Doc,You Said My Son Is Alright!
Doctor:No,I Mean "He's All Right"
Joke 2:For Pervs.
Doctor:Say Ahh..
I upload memes
I upload memes - Day ago
When you feel bad because you can't take vaccines 🙃
No seriously I have life threatening reactions, one had me in the hospital for two months.
Katie Lynn
Katie Lynn - Day ago
I don’t understand the “my blood hurts” one
Isabelle Gardner
Isabelle Gardner - Day ago
It is the staff of Hermes and it represents anybody that travels, thieves, entrepreneurs, and doctors, to name a few
Anique Mcloughlin
Anique Mcloughlin - Day ago
Mike: Get vaccinated so you don't get lung disease
Also Mike: wHeEzE wHeEzE
Charis Peralta
Charis Peralta - Day ago
Oops..just a little mistake. When using ophthalmoscope, when you view the left eye of the patient, you should also use your left eye, and vice versa. But your principle was right, it's just the left is for left and right is for right eye 😉
Konni chiwa
Konni chiwa - 2 days ago
3:37 is that a soviet Russia meme?
carl borneke
carl borneke - 2 days ago
Essential oils can actually make you feel better but not because they are treating the disease. They just make you more comfortable just like a soft pillow or a warm blanket. It is however possible for them to help treat mental disorders like anxiety and depression by again making them feel more comfortable but only if the patient actually likes the smell. I know that it helped me to calm down when I suffered from anxiety even though it may not work for everyone else.
Nancy Lenza
Nancy Lenza - 2 days ago
I feel like he put on orange eyeshadow
Sweet Cheesecake
Sweet Cheesecake - 2 days ago
So... I'm watching this instead of studying xD
jeetendra pathak
jeetendra pathak - 2 days ago
oh mike that model is Deepika Padukone... and she is an indian actress... you ought to know this man... but never mind!!!😉😉
MHACATI VLOG! - 2 days ago
One molecule?
Simply Starc
Simply Starc - 3 days ago
He censors with beewoo, that’s hilarious
Bianca Goga
Bianca Goga - 3 days ago
love the wheeze laugh ahaha
League ofCarl
League ofCarl - 3 days ago
I don't even study I just know it biggest flex ever
Wendy Conner
Wendy Conner - 3 days ago
When you ask your docter for a medicine to get rid of a headache
Docter: aspirin
Me: did you read my chart
Docter: yes
Me: I allargic
Docter: I knew that
festus fire
festus fire - 3 days ago
That staff is called "Caduceus". Its carried by Hermes, the greek god of travel, sport and burglars and the messenger of the gods. It was given to him by Apollo (Sometimes also by Iris the messenger of Hera) . It used to be repesentative for occupations and undertakings, it then changed to be a symbol for astrology alchemy and astronomy. Its said that the staff can wake the sleeping and put the wake to sleep and also if applied to the dying, ease their death.
The actual medical Symbol is called "Rod of Asclepius". Asclepius was a deity associated with health and healing
Ashutosh Tewari
Ashutosh Tewari - 3 days ago
Messed up the explanation completely 😂😂
Edward Woolls
Edward Woolls - 3 days ago
Pretty sure most patients won't mind you messing up the ophthalmoscope.
Raja Sekhar
Raja Sekhar - 3 days ago
Champeindi aa lanjakodukuni
Deepika Negi
Deepika Negi - 3 days ago
Any indian who noticed deepika padukone's meme
Adam Arzemy
Adam Arzemy - 3 days ago
He’s so cute “meow”
• Gacha Fox •
• Gacha Fox • - 4 days ago
2:32 his actual name is Faheem Rasheem Najm
Ketaki Pande
Ketaki Pande - 4 days ago
SkiingBunny - 4 days ago
Anyone else procrastinating??
tlcrum1 - 4 days ago
Dude. When you’re examining a patients eye You’re right eye should be examining their right eye—-
Otherwise you will be kissing them, or evaluating their breath at minimum....
You said it backwards on this video....
Might want to correct it for your viewers suffering from OCD!
jaythebeast oft
jaythebeast oft - 4 days ago
At 7 minutes and 1 second thats the staff of hermes the greek god of messaging and theivery and burgalyry
AnnaWarriorGacha - 4 days ago
I get headaches sometimes and sometimes my mom will use essential oils on it the essential oil was called pan away and it helped
Lowkey Arki
Lowkey Arki - 4 days ago
I know I'm a little late but just imagine the misunderstanding if he didn't show the video of his Roxxy while he was talking about her.
Rayan karim checa
Rayan karim checa - 5 days ago
So is it practice questions, practice questions, practice questions or chest compression, chest compressions, chest compressions?
Nada Craft
Nada Craft - 5 days ago
I have an exam tomorrow !!!👏👏
Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman - 5 days ago
So umm i have a test tomorrow and i am watching these umm pday for me
Melly Ivy
Melly Ivy - 5 days ago
I'm trying to remember that joke about the Chinese couple who just had a baby, but the baby came out black, and the Chinese guy decided to name the baby sum ting wong.
Kriz jrmusic
Kriz jrmusic - 6 days ago
5.12 that's Deepika padukone
Radha Rocks
Radha Rocks - 6 days ago
5:10 that’s Deepika Padukone 🥵♥️
Lizzie ÙwÚ
Lizzie ÙwÚ - 6 days ago
Why did dr mike when he said “alright I’m gonna get off my high horse” he looked exactly like Alexander Hamilton
Kween Yasmine
Kween Yasmine - 6 days ago
Avoiding orgo by watching my mans dr mike
Alicia Paige
Alicia Paige - 6 days ago
Doctor Mike missing the joke again... 40 more likes to save the little girl’s life is referring to those spammy Facebook chain posts about liking and sharing so that a child’s life can be saved, as if doctors are waiting around to see if the post hits its quota. 😂
Ethan Green
Ethan Green - 6 days ago
1:48 doctor mike telling us to look after ourselves
doctor mike: *smokes all weed on Earth*
me: binge watches literally all of his videos
Xx woah.its.kasandra Xx
I just got my flu shot a couple days ago and I can feel the little hole😭😂😂it's like the needle is still in there😭😭
Cara Clark
Cara Clark - 6 days ago
Fun fact: There is more of a chance on a multiple choice test for the answer to be C.
Shyamal Das
Shyamal Das - 6 days ago
5:09 she's a Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone
lalaa - 6 days ago
7:43 oh they’ll definitely still charge her
Laneshia Powell
Laneshia Powell - 7 days ago
“You don’t surprise bacteria, they surprise you.”
My nose slowly got clogged at some point while binge-watching these, and I noticed it at that moment.
Tessa Hospon
Tessa Hospon - 7 days ago
You shouldn't swallow a pill you should chew it it will activate faster in your system.
Conspiracy Toast
Conspiracy Toast - 7 days ago
7:05 Mike the staff means death it's Hades Staff the Staff of Medicine only has one snake (I like Greek mythology so I know this stuff)
Xander Mitchell
Xander Mitchell - 7 days ago
My dog has the same name as yours
frisky animatez OwO
frisky animatez OwO - 7 days ago
So I'm like 11 and I'm a pro at swallowing large pills like when I needed to take these pills that were the size of a bottle cap I just took it and it went straight down the hatch id rather take pills then the liquid
SUAD P - 8 days ago
You guys know that joke that he read the one that’s like :
Doctor : You want the good news or bad news first?
Patient : Good news.
Doctor : They are naming a disease after you!
Mike totally missed the joke and he was like : I wonder what the bad news is... 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ MIKEEE 😂😂😂
Arpit Dungarwal
Arpit Dungarwal - 8 days ago
The model is bollywood actress deepika padukone look it up she is too beautiful!
charmeleon evolves
charmeleon evolves - 8 days ago
Woman: *goes to the doctor*
Jamie Caballero
Jamie Caballero - 6 days ago
charmeleon evolves r/wooosh
Stuart Jeffery
Stuart Jeffery - 8 days ago
It’s the staff of Hermes, commonly known as the Caduceus Staff, it actually means Commerce and Negotiation.
The Icon hospitals and medicine should use is the Rod of Asclepius.
Wheres Pluto?
Wheres Pluto? - 8 days ago
7:10 i developed a phobia of that picture
Hannah Meyers
Hannah Meyers - 8 days ago
2:18 to 2:20
chest compression, chest compression's, and chest compression's.
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