Doctor Reacts to: WILD MEDICAL MEMES EP. 3

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Wheels Lifts
Wheels Lifts - 6 hours ago
The first instinct is usually right thing is actually wrong. I used to think it was like that aswell, but I think it has something to do with how we evolved. During most of mankind, we did not have to think technically about a solution.. it was fight or flight, so now when we take tests, we dont read the question till the end before we instinctually answer it.
megan ox
megan ox - 11 hours ago
Alex Bowman
Alex Bowman - 13 hours ago
Need to do military doctors memes
Day Cg
Day Cg - 16 hours ago
I remember that in the Simpson Mr Burns once swallowed a giant pill
Ry Guy’s Vlogs
Ry Guy’s Vlogs - Day ago
He’s right about the staff it is Hermès staff god of theives
123 456
123 456 - 2 days ago
God he's so cute 😂
Sara A
Sara A - 2 days ago
I constantly have low self-esteem about grades and compare myself to others, and hearing him say not to constantly judge oneself according to others low-key made me tear up
Maitlin Ullom
Maitlin Ullom - 3 days ago
Only thing I use essential oils for is the peppermint one to help me breath when I’m stuffed up. Or the citrus and fall scents to make my house smell good. 😂
Daphne Ngu
Daphne Ngu - 3 days ago
That staff is Hermes's. So yes, theives
Jason Yang
Jason Yang - 3 days ago
That good feeling when you procrastinate before an exam is a form of coping mechanism. When you are so nervous about something that you have no control over, you automatically start doing things that you do have control over to kinda negate that anxiety. For example, when I'm really nervous about something I have no control over, I suddenly have the urge to clean my entire apartment and rearrange my closet...hahaha!!
Sophie WIDDOWSON [10H1]
(Greek Mythology incoming - Percy Jackson fan) Okay. The staff you're talking about doctors got wrong is called the Caduceus, which is Hermes' staff, and he's the god of trade, theives and a lot of more. The real staff is the Rod of Asclepius, which is Apollo's (another God) son, called Asclepius, who managed to revive people from the dead. A lot of things happened and he became a God.
RT FACTS - 3 days ago
Click the link below for more videos regarding medical and radiology.
Timothy Tai
Timothy Tai - 3 days ago
Last meme should've been :
Dr. Mike you remind me of my cell phone
Woman: how
Dr. Mike: you're about to die, I can't even charge u, but at least I can turn u on
Frickin Undertale
Frickin Undertale - 4 days ago
Ok you say *stay* happy that’s assuming I’m already happy... I’m not
as for healthy well it depends on wether you mean mentally or physically physically yeah mentally nope
Lara Bradley
Lara Bradley - 4 days ago
7:02 that staff is the staff of the roman God Hermes. Read Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus it's pretty accurate on it's Roman and Greek religion
SippingSomeTea - 4 days ago
that staff is the symbol of hermes
Aina Yasmin
Aina Yasmin - 4 days ago
7:36 I'm pretty sure many of your patients want you to make that mistake tho 😂
LoneYote - 4 days ago
The staff symbolized for human medicine is wielded by those that govern the transition from life to death. The staff symbolized for veterinary medicine is for healing.
Nihal Sahil
Nihal Sahil - 5 days ago
7:02 that is the staff of Hermes (god of thieves) It should be the staff of Asclepius (god of medicine)
OneRandomChild - 4 days ago
Someone knows their myths!👍
TheJackl317 - 5 days ago
With the commet about the snake staff symbol they used actually representing robbers and thieves.... with hospitals and insurance companies maybe they had it right after all hmmmm 😆
Sneha Mehta
Sneha Mehta - 5 days ago
That model is Deepika Padukone - a famous Indian actress.
Amaya Mahajan
Amaya Mahajan - 5 days ago
5:10 deepika padrone - bollywood legend
stealthheartocarina z
stealthheartocarina z - 5 days ago
I hurt myself a lot as a 7 year old 😂 my mom bought this pill cutter which sucked because the pills were bitter but I still use it cause why not
Alexis Middlebrook
Alexis Middlebrook - 5 days ago
Be my doctor
MegaSizeZero - 5 days ago
The Model is Deepika Padukone. A famous bollywood actress.
Aimee Davies
Aimee Davies - 6 days ago
_“It takes 10 seconds to take a selfie...”_

How you know you’re hot as shit.
Chula Chica
Chula Chica - 6 days ago
Doctor Mike looks like he put on orange eyeshadow.
Holy Crusader
Holy Crusader - 6 days ago
Cassie Tibbetts
Cassie Tibbetts - 6 days ago
Slatka Pavlaka
Slatka Pavlaka - 6 days ago
"You can't even charge her"
Tammy Does Stuff
Tammy Does Stuff - 6 days ago
5:12 is that Deepika
Mariem Miraz
Mariem Miraz - 7 days ago
btw the model is depeka Padekon...Indian actress 🙂👋
akita sOuNd
akita sOuNd - 7 days ago
I'm a daughter of both doctors and some people thought I'm a clean person and always eat healthy, no street foods whatsoever. but I've not take a bath for 5 days, my room is a mess, no food then I'll make instant ramen immediately, and I love street foods. my dad? actually pretty strict about clean-ness, but he loves street foods. and my mom still eat or drink something that expired but doesn't seem to have mole on it. even bread with mole, she'll just took out the mole and toast it so-
Aditya Rupali Darshan
Aditya Rupali Darshan - 7 days ago
Mike: sorry I am a immigrant.
Trump: you will be sorry
McAddley Manuel
McAddley Manuel - 7 days ago
0:49 BRUUH
Arya Zade
Arya Zade - 7 days ago
Is it just me or does Jesse Lee Soffer(Detective Jay Halstead from Chicago P.D) and Dr Mike look really similar?
Amit Harpaz
Amit Harpaz - 7 days ago
3:40 watching it when I have an exam tomorrow hahaha
Christian TheOriginalOn3
Hey doctor Mike I know you probably won't see this but what school would you say is the best for medical school
Rissa The Taco Cat
Rissa The Taco Cat - 8 days ago
1:44 omg his laugh tho! Hahaha . Also luv u dr mike your awesome thanks for saving peoples lives
Felix Montreuil
Felix Montreuil - 9 days ago
@ 3:39 so you are claiming that bacteria are Soviets
Princess Masangcay
Princess Masangcay - 9 days ago
Hi I hope someone would give me an advice. I am a medtech student and I’m really having a hard time because i have 1 failed subj. it’s really hard to keep it up because that is a pre requisite subj. I feel so down and i think I can’t make it because of that one failed subj.
Medic Bean Laura
Medic Bean Laura - 9 days ago
Why isnt anyone talking about meow at 5:43? 😺
Chinmayee Surve
Chinmayee Surve - 9 days ago
5:38 a real dumb moment.
Chinmayee Surve
Chinmayee Surve - 9 days ago
Well... Doc. "The Model" is married and her name is Deepika Padukone. She's a Indian actress.
Arkita Dam
Arkita Dam - 9 days ago
5:09 thats Deepika Padukone, India's one of the most well known actress.
Haz BOI - 9 days ago
Follow my new insta account based on medical memes!
Grand Prettymoon
Grand Prettymoon - 10 days ago
is it bad I've been able to swallow giant pills since the age of 5? some even without water.
annie wang
annie wang - 11 days ago
The staff with two snakes is the sign of Hermes (greek god of travellers merchants and thieves)
The staff with one snake is the sign of Apollo (greek god of medicine music archery and sun)
Prinzessin Satan
Prinzessin Satan - 11 days ago
If doctor mike uses HIS right eye to look at MY left eye like he said (7:20), I’d be VERY happy if he looked at my eyes😌❤️😂
Avany Sathyan
Avany Sathyan - 2 hours ago
I'm happy someone brought this up. As much of a Dr.Mike fan that I am.. I hated it when he made the trivial mistake of saying it wrong while demonstrating correctly.. Doctors should use their LEFT eye to check the patient's LEFT eye.
Firehorse - 11 days ago
If the correct sign is a staff with a snake around it. What does it mean? And why snake?
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