Marvel's Phase 4 Panel Blew Our Minds - Comic Con 2019

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John Wick
John Wick - 19 days ago
Doctor Strange: Curse of Annabelle
Josh Mc grath
Josh Mc grath - 20 days ago
I'm a little skeptical but overall I'm excited for phase 4
Kenneth Monfil
Kenneth Monfil - 21 day ago
Since it took 4 years "Thanos" to appear in the "MCU", then could it b the same for whomever is gonna b the next major supervillain?
XXX Scott fox XXX
XXX Scott fox XXX - 22 days ago
Philip Simmonds
Philip Simmonds - 26 days ago
It’s only fitting that the sorcerer supreme and master of time lunches the MCU into the future.
5&10 Studios
5&10 Studios - 27 days ago
Not hyped about any of this right now im sorry LMAO
Wonko The Sane
Wonko The Sane - 28 days ago
If "Phase 4" blew your minds, you shouldn't be legally allowed to blow your nose.
Bartoszeksan 123
Bartoszeksan 123 - 28 days ago
Phase 3 will be still the best one
The Lytz
The Lytz - 28 days ago
Now that they're including the shows in the MCU if they don't make a Daredevil film with Charlie Cox I swear
HYBRID - 28 days ago
Shang Chi! Blade! Doctor Strange! Im loving this
evitafab - 28 days ago
Fantastic 4 again? It's like's not gonna work
Savage Saiyan Fitness
Savage Saiyan Fitness - 28 days ago
Well these movies and shows prove the MCU is over glad I’ll own the great 23 movies on the face of the earth
Master Yoda
Master Yoda - 28 days ago
Doctor Strange 2 should be a horror movie great choice
Josh - 29 days ago
I love you IGN, but where’s the “b roll”/graphics?
Mike Norris
Mike Norris - 29 days ago
Finally, TaskMaster is coming to the MCU.
KAI - 29 days ago

Literally Nobody:

Kevin Feige: *announces Fantastic Four and Mutants but doesn't tell us what it is*
MANAATTI 64 - 29 days ago
If you are security guard at Samsung, does that make you guardian of the galaxy
Christian Burgos
Christian Burgos - 29 days ago
Blew who's minds? ...
The Jumper Gaming
The Jumper Gaming - 29 days ago
The Jumper Gaming
The Jumper Gaming - 29 days ago
Phase 4:get on disney plus or youll be lost!
Me: heh thats cute, cant wait to pirate these shows!
Sari Jones
Sari Jones - 29 days ago
Someone summarize
Sari Jones
Sari Jones - 29 days ago
0:16 did anyone else see that guy lol
Travis Newsome
Travis Newsome - 29 days ago
Still no Moon Knight movie? Hmmm maybe next time 😬
Xarias G
Xarias G - 29 days ago
LOL-"I am Jack's Access Media"
daniel dunbar
daniel dunbar - 29 days ago
Lee Price
Lee Price - 29 days ago
So X-Men confirmed to be teased in Doctor strange 2? Im hypeeeeee
Ishmam Chowdhury
Ishmam Chowdhury - Month ago
Time to subscribe to Disney Plus
cyco72 - Month ago
so many prequels got me worried at first, but Marvel has been doing a wonderful job so far and it could give them a much needed breath after the huge event that was the Infinity Stones.
Pharrell Taylor
Pharrell Taylor - Month ago
Not surprised with all the small minds u guys must have at ign...
MR builds
MR builds - Month ago
Were is ghost rider man HES SOOOOOOOO COOL
James Vejvoda
James Vejvoda - 27 days ago
He's getting a Hulu show
MR builds
MR builds - Month ago
Oh task master finally
Ða Young Bhotu
Ða Young Bhotu - Month ago
Gilgamesh is back for holy grail.
F Lynn
F Lynn - Month ago
Thanks for giving us the updates without a lot of superfluous mumbo jumbo. Very informative.
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado - Month ago
1k people didn’t see Endgame
The Scrypher
The Scrypher - Month ago
Realy? Dr. Strange was the only one that caught my attention. Everything else was weak.
Sexual Chocolate Robbie
I'm not interested in TV shows but movies on the other hand 👍.
disney era power rangers
im looking forward to black widow because of taskmaster.
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado - Month ago
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson - Month ago
Phase 4 looks like a joke
Sam Lung
Sam Lung - Month ago
Phase 60 has been confirmed
MSL525 - Month ago
The Daywalker Lives!!
Isaac Alvarado
Isaac Alvarado - Month ago
We trust disney marvel so much that they're doing genderswaps and no one is complaining
Gene Marquez
Gene Marquez - Month ago
Shang shi. I want the wu tang clan
Charming nowhere to hide
where dat NOVA movie?
Joshua Singh
Joshua Singh - Month ago
My man iron man needs to make a return ffs he's the best man
Armorize - Month ago
Dr strange is about the only one I'm looking forward too. Everything else seems too forced and bland.
Charming nowhere to hide
The MCU is bloated by political correctness and sheer mediocrity...just look at Captain Marvel! This panel left me signing in exasperation...
Dragon King Oscurare
Dragon King Oscurare - Month ago
Wait there is going to be a female Thor now? How's that going to work Mjolnir was destroyed and Asgard is no more, unless time travel is included again.
Luke - Month ago
The only thing interesting is Dr strange Thor and black widow
Luis - Month ago
I know we just got a Spider-Man film, but please tell me when we'll get to see him again. The last movie's cliffhanger is killing me...
Luis - Month ago
Hopefully he'll make an appearance or something in someone else's movie or show.
marvelousdcgeek 97
marvelousdcgeek 97 - Month ago
Yes, but right now his third movie ain't Sony and Marvel Studio's main priority.
Ms. Smith
Ms. Smith - Month ago
I think michael jai white should be blade. Also i wanna see dr strange 2 but can't stand lizzie Olsen or her face. Her, brie laraon and natalie Portman and gyneth paltrow are useless and annoying.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - Month ago
#50 on trending
Austin Amadio
Austin Amadio - Month ago
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - Month ago
#49 on trending
Xantib - Month ago
Although for example a horror doctor strange movie would be very interesting, I find myself getting a bit bored by the super hero genre.... Anyone else ?
K- Prince music
K- Prince music - Month ago
BasedSif - Month ago
1k people didn’t see Endgame
Sebastian M
Sebastian M - Month ago
It was garbage.
The Watcher
The Watcher - Month ago
The MCU is bloated by political correctness and sheer mediocrity...just look at Captain Marvel! This panel left me signing in exasperation...
Julian Vega
Julian Vega - Month ago
where dat NOVA movie?
Silenthitman44 - Month ago
Not getting his own movie yet may be in gotg3
Pantera negra
Pantera negra - Month ago
Não mostra nada
FinFilm - Month ago
the rooster
the rooster - Month ago
The social destruction of the mcu.
Paulafan5 - Month ago
Female Thor? That panned out well in the comics... ugh... If they want powerful, female characters do a Storm solo movie to lead up to the X-Men. Her conflict with the Shadow King and maybe a cameo by T'Challa.
marvelousdcgeek 97
marvelousdcgeek 97 - Month ago
@Silenthitman44 They did say after *5 years.*
Silenthitman44 - Month ago
Storm is coming but not yet, we won't know more about the x men for at least another year maybe a year and half
Артур Герц
Артур Герц - Month ago
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My Timmy
My Timmy - Month ago
Fear itself is coming next
Fanaticalplel Oof
Fanaticalplel Oof - Month ago
This will be the first time I will watch a horror movie, I def gonna see dr.strange.
Maverick Versus Everything
"Doctor Strange will be the key to everything between Fantastic Four and the mutants"
Marquis Parson
Marquis Parson - Month ago
red skull is soo being slept on. should of been, get his solo.
Onahdim - Month ago
Will Chris Hemsworth still be the main character?
Silenthitman44 - Month ago
He will be a main character, but that movie will primarily be focused on Jane and Valkyrie
Crimson - Month ago
If you seen iron man the animated series you know about the ten rings and how much power it gives the mandarin
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - Month ago
Marvel Phase 4 colloquially known as "How to Beat a Dead Horse."
Dangerfox09 - Month ago
Fantastic Four and X Men
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - Month ago
Ya but DC, ummmm ya DC !! You know DC iS BettEr 🤣😂😭😭
Puppet lover
Puppet lover - Month ago
David Bowie would have made an amazing Nightmare.
Alan Montemayor
Alan Montemayor - Month ago
Waiting for the leaked video of this conference. The leaked vid of Phase 3 announcements is still awesome to watch post-Endgame.
Haz Gamezzz
Haz Gamezzz - Month ago
Your raiding Area 51 and doctor strange shows up who you calling to back you up
Anthony Butler
Anthony Butler - Month ago
Angelina Jolie 😩😖👎🏻
Puppet lover
Puppet lover - Month ago
Unless you have the mind of an infant, I can't imagine that.
Майрам Жумадилова
*Лайк если в твоём име есть буква А*
deport illegals
deport illegals - Month ago
One word feminism.
Lily J
Lily J - Month ago
Lily J
Lily J - Month ago
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Zayl Bel
Zayl Bel - Month ago
What is phase 4
Bernie Pinilla
Bernie Pinilla - Month ago
What about the next Spiderman?
marvelousdcgeek 97
marvelousdcgeek 97 - Month ago
Right now, Spidey's third film is not Sony and Marvel Studios' main priority. Expect it like on 2022 or way later.
Your Boi Kermit
Your Boi Kermit - Month ago
We will see spiderman 3 I’m calling it. So excited for another Dr.Strange movie
MightiestArm - Month ago
We're getting a Blade movie 👍🏾❤️
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