Brazil And The Amazon | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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Hemal Kantawala
Hemal Kantawala - 12 hours ago
It is shocking that most footage was from aljazeera has covered the issue whereas the usa networks hasn't
guturi prasad
guturi prasad - 17 hours ago
who is watchin this ater the amazon actually burned down
Mac Dilen
Mac Dilen - Day ago
jorge ignacio
jorge ignacio - Day ago
Good one in some points but you cannot, I said you CANNOT take those videos out of context.
Tyler Lim
Tyler Lim - 3 days ago
lol this is so funny
I Love IMac, Aiwa and Nokya
Everything in the world to american mass society is transformed in a talkshow... i can understand the neocon sionist nazi Trump's election.
amir behjat
amir behjat - 5 days ago
You gave me a reason to be vegeterian
Prithvi Rajan
Prithvi Rajan - 7 days ago
am I the only person who want to put these corrupt politicians in Guantanamo bay
iamsheel - 8 days ago
Seriously people what is the name of that dance? 15:03 or at least the video source
i still dont want that in my history Hasan LOL!
Shenzhen Blog
Shenzhen Blog - 10 days ago
How about we host patriot act in China?
Jorge Luiz Correia
Jorge Luiz Correia - 11 days ago
it was a baby capivara!
tehsina Haq
tehsina Haq - 12 days ago
I'm sending my friend to Fiji after her break-up
HIDDEN VIBES - 13 days ago
Iuri Rodrigues Farenzena
Iuri Rodrigues Farenzena - 17 days ago
Vhan Darsh
Vhan Darsh - 18 days ago
It absorbs 5% of CO2 emissions,not 25%.
deleted44 - 19 days ago
Don't really get why he's trying to call US politician corrupt while also talking about actual corruption that occurs around the world. American political corruption is kiddie league
Vidyasagar K
Vidyasagar K - 20 days ago
the news reporter said $788Mil highest corruption in the world. i thought India beat them on that too with $Billions per scam
RISHABH AGRAWAL - 20 days ago
That PSA aged so poorly, that Kevin Spacey doesn't even think it's hot anymore."
Dammmn! Some Ultra-Level humor right there!!
CropKillah - 20 days ago
No such thing as a meat-eating environmentalist
Sam Lair
Sam Lair - 22 days ago
Even now, “as images of the devastating fires in the Amazon still circulate the globe, an influential agroecology movement training center in Brazil is being targeted for closure.”
‘brazil rural agroecology farming take action’
consulting consulting
consulting consulting - 23 days ago
Unless you are from Brazil, you will understand what is going on. Dont believe in this leftist propaganda. This is BS. The biggest reserve of Gold and some other precious metals such as niobium are located underneath the the Amazon Forest. There are lots of interests from other countries to take over the forest. There are over 1000 international NGO in the amazon. However, there is no ONG in some other areas of Brazil (North east back country) where people need way more help (one Of the poorest area in the world, compared to some of the poorest country in Africa).
Claudio Moraes
Claudio Moraes - 23 days ago
Don't believe this media... All what he's saying is out of context. Bolsonaro is the best president we ever had.
vai se fude
funnyguyinlondon - 24 days ago
Colonisation of Brazil has never ended. The sons of colonialists continue to surpress and extract the heritage resources of their conquered peoples
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali - 22 days ago
funnyguyinlondon If you are living life the 5th century BC, you deserve to be conquered
ダニエルDanieru - 25 days ago
Seriosly, the amazon is burning a lot less than other years in the past, but that's good that everyone "waked up" about the amazon
Doreen Achtymichuk
Doreen Achtymichuk - 25 days ago
oh no. you exposed your American stupidity. don't understand the Metric System ? the WORLD understands it. drug dealers understand it. AS Tom Leher sang …. it's so easy, that only a child can do it !!!!
Miguel Vigoa
Miguel Vigoa - 25 days ago
Where exactly and how many people have died ??? Can any AOC fan pls enlighten me what's exactly the body count so far cuz she said people are dying so there has been deaths I love to know how many
Sketch Armslong
Sketch Armslong - 26 days ago
Dafuq this was released before the fires
davi barbøsa
davi barbøsa - 27 days ago
you guys should be grateful for having trump as a president. bolsonaro is a lot worse. a lot, a lot worse
AnniStyle - 28 days ago
You really didn't do your homework on Lula...
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis - 28 days ago
This is literally the plot of that blue people movie...
BALD CAT - Month ago
Adhiksha Thorat
Adhiksha Thorat - Month ago
What can we actually do?? We really want it to stop but how is the question.
AL MAYYAHI - Month ago
Like a piece of news is always not credible if Fox said it, AOC should never be a tool to convince people about anything unless you’re trying to have them do the opposite of what she is saying.
NewKidOnTheBlock YT
NewKidOnTheBlock YT - Month ago
bro you made a mistake-(2:40)
water vapour is actually a greenhouse gas and is one of the largest causes of global warming
it is true it cools locally but it heats globally
carlos alberto furtado
É tão engraçado vendo gringo falando merda sobre politica no brasil
Lizanne Dsouza
Lizanne Dsouza - Month ago
Don't worry! That rat goes on to become a chef in Paris. It's beautiful.
Love you Hasan!
Drew Shourd
Drew Shourd - Month ago
HELLO??...the dollar stops for no one and greed is a sickness that will only be destroyed by the destruction of everything..."Total destruction the only solution" - Bob Marley
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee - Month ago
Hasan needs to make a part two episode on the crisis in the rainforest
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee - Month ago
other than spreading awareness of the genocides in the amazon I use the ecosia search engine on my web browser which
fund reforestation around the world
1AM - Month ago
im just glad my homeboy malta got the mention
Andrew Flowers
Andrew Flowers - Month ago
Canned laughter? And even Hassan doesn't think it's funny? We're crossing into some weird twilight zone!
Mustafa Jalal
Mustafa Jalal - Month ago
Why always the assholes becoming presidents!
God help the Earth
Jerry Velasco
Jerry Velasco - Month ago
Where that duck is all the vegan/vegetarian activists when you need them.
Tolgz - Month ago
Arm the Indigenous
Sam Lair
Sam Lair - Month ago
One factor contributing to the acceleration of Amazon deforestation is that China is securing the resources of the Amazon for itself, especially those that will feed the Chinese in the precarious future imposed by climate change. To do so, China is including the countries of the Amazon in its Belt and Road Initiative, which will accelerate the final destruction of Amazonia. China is already experiencing water shortages as desertification encroaches on them from the north. Thus, for two decades they have been securing farmland and food sources around the world to feed their people in a precarious future.
What’s tragically ironic for all of us is that the disruption of the Amazonian hydrological cycle will both directly accelerate China’s desertification and strengthen global warming. Meantime, the loss of the Amazon’s natural wonders is on all of us.
Sam Lair
Sam Lair - Month ago
As global climate change proceeds, generally speaking, dry areas will become drier and moist areas wetter. Amazonia is noted for its rains, but it’s hydrological cycle is getting glitchy as evidenced by record breaking floods and droughts. With this in mind, think about how the deforestation of the Amazon basin will interplay with global warming. Note: You can be a climate change skeptic and still recognize that the Amazon’s regional hydrological cycle depends on the existence of the rainforest. Furthermore, weather patterns indicate that the diminishment if the atmospheric water vapor exiting South America will impact the Southwest in USA and even Asia. Everything is connected. Search: samslair blogspot hydrological dieback
Dwi Septiarini
Dwi Septiarini - Month ago
Can you add bahasa indonesia on subtitle? Beta tara tau bahasa inggris many more.. ☺
Dwi Septiarini
Dwi Septiarini - Month ago
Can you add bahasa indonesia on subtitle? Beta tara tau bahasa inggris many more.. ☺
Sarah-chan2008 Woo
Sarah-chan2008 Woo - Month ago
Sad that this is even worse right now...
Beep Bop
Beep Bop - Month ago
After the fires.
How can even amazon forest catch fire, isn't it surrounded by Humid climate, rainfall, and Damp landmass?
Or they just Bombed it and calling it WILDFIRE?
It's Amazon, not California.
Globalist prints everywhere
IN A FLASH - Month ago
Hasan told us. Now it's burning.
Ugly German Truths
Ugly German Truths - Month ago
Captain is only his first name... if you want to promote Captain America he would have to become Captain PLANET :-p
But good luck to find any heart in the corporate MCEU
Mr Becker
Mr Becker - Month ago
And we keep making fun of vegans instead of wondering if we consumers are the actual problem.
Prateik Agarwal
Prateik Agarwal - Month ago
Congratulations on 1 M views!
Donna Camp
Donna Camp - Month ago
A lot of the money JBS is making in US comes from the baby-don's pay-outs.
jerry stephen
jerry stephen - Month ago
White men people fucked up this planet 🌏
TheMatron'sMilitia - Month ago
Not just cattle ranching, they grow feed that they ship all over the world to be fed to animals. Go vegan
Mc Sia
Mc Sia - Month ago
Let me guess... People still care about their taste buds over the Amazon and will continue to eat beef and animal products right?
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