Brazil And The Amazon | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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Lauren Yasin
Lauren Yasin - 5 hours ago
@hasanminhaj do you the the fires in the Amazon, which are caused by local farmers (who support Bolsonaro), benefit the “heads” of our government in the U.S? Like, do you think it’s a way for the U.S to potentially out source beef or other agriculture?
raunak singh
raunak singh - 6 hours ago
Ik I'm off topic but has anyone noticed his kicks are always fire
Hashim ThaDream
Hashim ThaDream - 17 hours ago
That one cow @7:46. Perfect. Comedic. Timing‼️
🤣🤣🤣 #iDied
Aqila Rindipati
Aqila Rindipati - 2 days ago
Is hasan wearing jordan unions ?? 🔥🔥
Zemo M.A.
Zemo M.A. - 3 days ago
For real tho? Those memes were hilarious
Toussaints' Wrath
Toussaints' Wrath - 3 days ago
These people are trying to kill us all.
Stefani Alves
Stefani Alves - 5 days ago
you need a new video on this the government just took it to another level recently
Abilga Leal
Abilga Leal - 6 days ago
Thanks to the Bolsonaro government, the burning in the Amazon ended. Today, nobody talks about quimada in the press, much less in social media.
Kona The Blarbarian
Kona The Blarbarian - 6 days ago
Patriotism , nationalism is racism, and smart ass millenial comedy belittles many truths needed now.
The solution is culturalism, in deed, not in words.
JMB - 6 days ago
Mídia ninja! 👊
JMB - 6 days ago
This reality makes cry. And vomit.
JMB - 6 days ago
The big fires we’ve seen a few months ago who’re all man made.
JMB - 6 days ago
Finally someone from USA talking about the insanity we are living here! Jessss
JMB - 6 days ago
Dilmas impeachment was a coup! Golpe!
Michael Lichtenauer
Michael Lichtenauer - 6 days ago
I hate such ugly Nazi people like Bolsonaro, why did nobosy kill him til now?
Rahmat Trisandy
Rahmat Trisandy - 7 days ago
Nicolle Herr
Nicolle Herr - 8 days ago
My dog just farted in synch with the cow burp. It was epic.
Strange - 8 days ago
Aww gee man malta's not that bad.
Miguel Nery
Miguel Nery - 9 days ago
As brazilian, may I nitpick on your subtitles.
There is a part in the video when Sônia says something that the substitles points as "Sí", wich is "yes" in spanish.
about that...
for the last fucking time...
Oh, and by the way, "claro" means "of course".
JapaneseKim FT
JapaneseKim FT - 10 days ago
I'm gonna fuckin assassinate that gut
Rin Rin
Rin Rin - 12 days ago
The best ever graphics team..
bagas arganto
bagas arganto - 22 days ago
when u took amazon u must see kalimantan forest, when you research kalimantan when that too you will laugh more please netflix u must research kalimantan forest
Isabelle Paranhos
Isabelle Paranhos - 28 days ago
It's soo weird to hear those things in english, we brazillian are so used to say lava jato and not carwash lol
cole phillips
cole phillips - Month ago
This is an assignment for my college class...
rishabh anand
rishabh anand - 2 months ago
to be fair, the charges on lula de silva may or may not be trumped up/politically charged.
Nadab Rana Khan
Nadab Rana Khan - 2 months ago
I am using this as a primary source in my research Paper, thought you'd like to know
Christian Schürch
Christian Schürch - 2 months ago
Hasan should have mentioned the underlying cause... people eat too much meat 😕. Meat 1-2x per week is more than enough, this would solve many problems. Go to and donate, I just did 👍🏻
superymario west
superymario west - 2 months ago
This has si much more weight after the fires last year. Pardon my horrific statement but Bolsonaro and those 2 who own that company need to be assassinated. Jail won't do a thing.
Vitor - 2 months ago
Meu deus, tô puto
LM - 2 months ago
You’re wrong about Lula de Silva. Do your research!
Lief Bamberg
Lief Bamberg - 3 months ago
The biggest problem about Americans talking about corruptoin of other countries shows how ignorant they are. The Car Wash scandal improperly jailed Lula.
Kuldeep Shergill
Kuldeep Shergill - 3 months ago
The website thou
I just went on it
Ferreira - 3 months ago
*#BOLSONARO** 2020*
Wilma FistFit
Wilma FistFit - 3 months ago
Makes me sick what’s happening to the rainforest. And all For cattle. And then their cow farts will literally ruin the atmosphere so it’s even more climate change inducing
Wilma FistFit
Wilma FistFit - 3 months ago
The amazon is not the lungs of the earth. Protoplankyton is. We need to save it. But that’s an incorrect statement
jigyasa jigyasa
jigyasa jigyasa - 4 months ago
This son of a beach was chief guest this Republic Day.
jigyasa jigyasa
jigyasa jigyasa - 4 months ago
In CO2 '2' should be written as subscript (slightly below) not as superscript (slightly up) 2:37
Liberdade - 4 months ago
So you fucked the world and now you want to blame Brazil for not having industries like you and having the most protected area in the world? Wtf
Rodrigo - 4 months ago
Hmm now I'm curious at what the website without the E has but I'm also afraid to find out.
Trisha Kashyap
Trisha Kashyap - 4 months ago
I like raisins.
Jac Flasche
Jac Flasche - 4 months ago
"Here in America we have already cut down all our forests." Really? . . . I guess you don't get out much.
Jac Flasche
Jac Flasche - 7 days ago
@JollyOldCanuck Maine 89.4% forest land, New Hampshire 84.3, West Virginia 79%, Vermont 77%, etc. etc. even New York is over 62% forest land. Like I said . . . guess he doesn't get out much. He thinks we have cut down all our forests. And the trees did not cover the entire east coast at all times in precolonial days because the native nations regularly burned forests to encourage food production on the burned lands.
JollyOldCanuck - 7 days ago
The trees used to cover the entire East Coast back in the days of the 13 colonies.
Renata Cantore- Gross
Renata Cantore- Gross - 4 months ago
Dearest Hasan, God bless you for your comprehensive reports that shine a spotlight on these critically important stories.
Akseer Khan
Akseer Khan - 4 months ago
I am from Fiji and I approve the prostate message
ChurchillGeoff - 4 months ago
the Portuguese translation of golden shower translates as something like Macau trickle down
Axaram - 5 months ago
The raisins joke alone is pulitzer
You’re Busted
You’re Busted - 5 months ago
Accept it or not, the solution to climate change starts with veganism.
Darkness - 5 months ago
4:25 Seth Rogen laughing in the background.
America's Favorite Brazilian!
Bolsonaro dropped Crime by 46%. Best Economy they've ever had. Moving from a 2nd to 1st world Country for the first time ever. He's the Savior of Brazil people are finally Happy & Safe!🇧🇷🇧🇷
America's Favorite Brazilian!
Who gave this guy this information!
This supposed to Comedy or something. His information is completely false 90% of it!🤦‍♂️
Meu Pardito E O Brasil. Bolsonaro MBGA🙏
Manored - 5 months ago
13:40 Ah, come on. Its not racism. He wants to abolish the special rights of indians. Special rights are anathema to equality.
Manored - 5 months ago
However, its not fair to ask indians to wage a perpetual war to protect the forest, so I oppose the idea of that we should be relying on them for that.

Neither is it fair to leave those uncontacted tribes uncontacted. The're humans. They deserve to know what exists. Their children deserve access to modern healthcare.
SaintGooner - 5 months ago
How do you make your backgrounds?
Manored - 5 months ago
7:45 The way she puts it makes that grunt sound evil =)
Manored - 5 months ago
6:20 While his answer was terrible, no one ever mentions that she called him a rapist for defending a contrary position to hers.

And that said contrary position was harsher punishment for rapists.

Manored - 5 months ago
I understand that the whole "Amazon is the lung of the world" thing is bullshit as its impact on the atmosphere is insignificant compared to the ocean.
Manored - 5 months ago
0:12 Err... this is wrong. Very very wrong. This implies basically the entire continent was rain forest, which is not true. The south of the continent is too cold to support a rain forest, for starters.
Sergio Alcantara
Sergio Alcantara - 5 months ago
Is that guy still “president”? He’s a despicable human-being. They need to fight there corruption! It’s sad that South America is so damn corrupt. How can that guy be racist towards the indigenous people if he’s in their land. 😂
What a jackass.
Sergio Alcantara
Sergio Alcantara - 2 months ago
Brazilian American Patriotic Soldier brazil is DEFINITELY not a first world country. Not even close. Hahahahaha. He’s a complete jackass. He’s going to become a dictator. Just watch. 😂👌🏼
Epic - 2 months ago
Brazilian American Patriotic Soldier Brazil still sucks.
America's Favorite Brazilian!
He's the Savior of Brazil the first Man to ever bring it from a 2nd to 1st World Country
pkelly4250 - 5 months ago
Here's to Hasan Minhaj! Dare I call him the next Job Stewart? Or is he even funnier, yet more effective?
dj Adeilson& Ferreira FERREIRA
kooolkidninjamaster - 5 months ago
Well I'm glad to be living on the skin tag ahaha
Pepe Med
Pepe Med - 5 months ago
Bolsonaro is a shame bigger than the 7x1.
Jaycee Wedmak
Jaycee Wedmak - 5 months ago
All the oxygen that the Amazon creates is used by the Amazon trees, creatures, etc. Fact. Do your research.
Jaycee Wedmak
Jaycee Wedmak - 2 months ago
@Epic Also, check National Geographic. What type of idiot are you that you didn't know this or couldn't look it up if you were really interested - or do you just look for posts to call people idiots? Lots of information out there on this subject and it's very easy to find.
Jaycee Wedmak
Jaycee Wedmak - 2 months ago
Jaycee Wedmak
Jaycee Wedmak - 2 months ago
Jaycee Wedmak
Jaycee Wedmak - 2 months ago
Jaycee Wedmak
Jaycee Wedmak - 2 months ago
@The Cyber Poet - Azeem Also, check with National Geographic. What are you smoking that you don't know this or can't look it up yourself if you're actually interested - or are you just looking to insult people?
Al Bilvl
Al Bilvl - 5 months ago
The uniiiooonnnnssss 🥵🥵
Spada e Lightsabers
Spada e Lightsabers - 5 months ago
Typical first worlders. . .
Since it is very important, are they willing to pay for that oxygen?
Akash Guha Thakurata
Akash Guha Thakurata - 5 months ago
How will people feed themselves without adequate farming land.
Daywalker777r - 5 months ago
i fucking knew highwaisted jeans were making a comeback
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B - 5 months ago
I guess tourism to the Amazon is not enough to encourage the leaders to protect it. Also, I've heard that we get medicine from the rainforest, but since so many drugs can be made synthetically, maybe that is no longer true. How important is the resource beyond that we need it for oxygen (as if that isn't enough).
Shubham Patel
Shubham Patel - 5 months ago
I m not an economist,
but dont we need trees more than we need oil so we should pay something too, to these countries with so much forest cover... i should shut up now
lewhossofdoom - 5 months ago
This has not aged well, Lula was framed by the far-right wing and has been freed from prison and all charges. Lula Livre, Bolsonaro is the enemy to the planet!
minoliti - 5 months ago
u should talk about the right-wing setting all south america on fire cause they are back up by CIA & trump like in the 70s
minoliti - 5 months ago
@America's Favorite Brazilian! ok boomer "soldier"
minoliti - 5 months ago
Page Page
Page Page - 5 months ago
The environment being fucked beyond repair is precisely why countless people are beyond angry.
All of the dumbass political bullshit will not fix reality. To hell with corporations associated with environmental destruction. World leaders will all die as a result of their actions, their greed for power, no matter where they run to, will destroy them. Freemasons believe destroying the environment is funny............. world police are associated with the freemasons......... therefore world police are destroying the pharmacyy m planet. Since law enforcement is blinded by money, they don't deserve kindness!
Jellybeans - 5 months ago
4:41 they think that 788 Million USD in corruption is the biggest corruption scandal in the world ? They haven’t seen corruption here in Saudi Arabia👀; 106 BILLION USD. Thank god 100% of it was returned to the government.
Sergi - 6 months ago
I inform you that Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff have just been acquitted by the farce trial that they had orchestrated against them. Just in case you want to change something.
Nabil Mohammed
Nabil Mohammed - 6 months ago
The Amazons: An Underrated Case
How AI can be an effective roleplayer in the Climate Change Process. An Article by me, hope you like it, and if you did, please share this link with others ..
Dink Peacock
Dink Peacock - 6 months ago
ISNT he elected, hence "president" = peoples rep =, on the World STAGE blamed the people =not president! its obvi what they want its there country; #patriotact what episode would be like if denmark started telling america theyre doing it wrong; EU canada & UK start laying on heavy penalties on american made goods, factories all go to downtown africa,. like whats already happening; like climate change snowball effect but total opposite; and with the american economy too; which would have trump frakk more dino juice; which will make it cheaper which will support more agriculture expansion,.
i know this cuz im from the year 2060,.
instead of bringing any roof i bring this one warning!
ppl of 2055 be like "he ya gunna be right; no worries we can send him back to 2020 to warn everybody" its gunna be groundhog day apocalypse; ppl,. and because of this joke i M unwilling vollenteerng to be the bill murray of the near 50s; funny movies, shitty day for phil connors. anything for a laugh and a thumbs up.
thank u for reading whole thing.
Talissa Sanara Melgueiro
Talissa Sanara Melgueiro - 6 months ago
Seu merdinha.
tina gupta
tina gupta - 6 months ago
Oh man . It's so difficult to watch this. This really hurts man
Talles Giaretta
Talles Giaretta - 6 months ago
lumieresdunord - 6 months ago
Plancton and phytoplancton are 25% of Earth's Oxygen changing methane and CO2 in O2 0.7C incread=se in Ocean temperature... plancton and phytoplancton DIE IN 2100 TEMPERATURE WILL REACH 3 DEGREES Celcius.... Wake up! America is not a country! Venezuelians Brazilians Mexicans and Canadians amongst others are MORE AMERICANS than a country who spends 600 BILLION ANNUALLY on WAR and Millitary. you are not Americans ... you are ROMAN INVADORS Dart inVADORS. Not Funny Ethnocentrics!!!! How date you! #Greta #realclimatchange
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