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Jon Doe
Jon Doe - Hour ago
Yo clear ur throught pretty sure I misspelled that but fuk it
Nickggggman - Hour ago
Lil baby got robbed
Barack Obama
Barack Obama - 46 minutes ago
Travis Erickson
Travis Erickson - 2 hours ago
Americas iq drops while watching this...
Qutauris Parker
Qutauris Parker - 2 hours ago
Megan can i please please eat your a
iipxayii ff
iipxayii ff - 2 hours ago
DjRe4per - 2 hours ago
鈿笍馃憚鈿笍 Megan
Phantom Aviator
Phantom Aviator - 3 hours ago
Oh, so when she busts down and shakes her jerrycan its "stunning and brave" and "inspiring to all young girls"
Butt when I do it I get escorted out of Starbucks
Neux - 3 hours ago
Host slicing logs with that voice ngl
Lordizaiah - 3 hours ago
She really said 馃槤
Buck Johnson
Buck Johnson - 3 hours ago
Wow this is garbage.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama - 45 minutes ago
C'dam A'ruz
C'dam A'ruz - 4 hours ago
鈥 u c i f a鈥
鈥 u c i f a鈥 - 4 hours ago
Yall why did I think this was gonna be abt megan is missing for no reason? 馃暢馃懇鈥嶐煢
Chris S
Chris S - 4 hours ago
Who tf are you
London Charles
London Charles - 4 hours ago
FlvR - 4 hours ago
Ummmm? What jiggle?
Ja Crispy
Ja Crispy - 4 hours ago
This is disgusting
Barack Obama
Barack Obama - 45 minutes ago
Rin鈥檚 Wifu _
Rin鈥檚 Wifu _ - 4 hours ago
Wet and gushy
Jetlin Martinez
Jetlin Martinez - 5 hours ago
You the. OG ok馃槕
SolNative - 5 hours ago
Why does someone who acts like this and talks like that gets to have millions of dollars? Why isn鈥檛 she donating 85% of her earnings to all other deserving Americans is beyond me. When is enough money enough?
brendon lewis
brendon lewis - 5 hours ago
Emily H
Emily H - 5 hours ago
Joshua Eaton
Joshua Eaton - 5 hours ago
Lol you write garbage
Oyffm - 5 hours ago
Why is YouTube giving me these ads i don鈥檛 even like this rapper
Z Q - 5 hours ago
Bailey Bonds
Bailey Bonds - 5 hours ago
Rock girl
Rock girl - 6 hours ago
Body was a MASTERPIECE馃槼馃敟 She gave us choero and LOOKS
NOOB 101
NOOB 101 - 6 hours ago
But stallions are male horses. Is she a male? 馃
Zero Yes it鈥檚 Sam fisher
I wanna be famous but not have talent
Rock girl
Rock girl - 6 hours ago
Stallion..... As in a Male horse....a male breeding horse at that.. Careful boys she has a tree trunk down there
Donnell - 6 hours ago
This cool. But i wonder if youtube would support a conscious rapper.
R6 clips cool
R6 clips cool - 6 hours ago
I love how at 1:39 they do a close up with it focused on her boobs and some woman wonder why people 鈥済uide objectify woman
Cassie Leach
Cassie Leach - 7 hours ago
I love you girl I would love to in one of your videos
CityGang City
CityGang City - 7 hours ago
Here the video go 馃檹馃従 馃ぇ
Zapatabone - 7 hours ago
o_BeanyBoi_o - 8 hours ago
Me being a Megan stan because she's a jojos bizarre adventures fan...yes
James Hunt
James Hunt - 9 hours ago
J. Cort茅s
J. Cort茅s - 9 hours ago
Oops missclicked bye
Novice Simps For Liv
Novice Simps For Liv - 9 hours ago
Ew SHES ugly 馃拃
SonicSwift99 - 9 hours ago
Stream Daystar
Smoking Sun
Smoking Sun - 10 hours ago
That鈥檚 a guy
DieHarderAgain - 8 hours ago
Stallion is a male horse, so she's terrible at picking names, or a dude
Piggynator Cool
Piggynator Cool - 10 hours ago
Obama spaghetti toilet sauce
I hate this generation
Barack Obama
Barack Obama - 43 minutes ago
Yes me too
FireIsOur_ Friend
FireIsOur_ Friend - 10 hours ago
H Nox
H Nox - 10 hours ago
That鈥檚 a DUDE
pary4117 - 10 hours ago
The blind leading the blind.
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson - 11 hours ago
Stallion..... As in a Male horse....a male breeding horse at that..
Careful boys she has a tree trunk down there
Piggynator Cool
Piggynator Cool - 10 hours ago
Bro 馃拃馃拃馃拃
Vebunkd - 11 hours ago
You only put "thee" in front of a word that begins with a vowel. So it cant be "thee" stallion it has to be the stallion. You could say thee Eagle or thee anaconda, but thee stallion is wrong.
Vebunkd - 11 hours ago
@Kevin Johnson haha yeah, she's not great with words.
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson - 11 hours ago
Its also funny because a Stallion is a male horse lol....
Aunt Jemima's Revenge
Aunt Jemima's Revenge - 11 hours ago
Is this what black culture has become ?
j - schnab
j - schnab - 11 hours ago
Of course you butt giggles when you're fat.
a_bo3364 - 11 hours ago
I thought that was lil nas x
Pansexual_ Disaster_
Pansexual_ Disaster_ - 12 hours ago
sorry, thought this was a different Megan
Kate Rain
Kate Rain - 12 hours ago
I thought she was James Charles for a sec lol 馃槀
Danae De dompablo
Danae De dompablo - 6 hours ago
Nat White
Nat White - 12 hours ago
I like the hat.
It reminds me of Nico Robin
SamuraiTakuan - 13 hours ago
*why are women sexualized in today鈥檚 society* .................... idk snowflake figure it out like a person dressed up as a cop being offended when someone asks them for help
Some Thiccc Skeleton
Some Thiccc Skeleton - 13 hours ago
8:14 my grandma does the same thing but to not show off her names just to express her thoughts 馃槀
Jebril alzoukari
Jebril alzoukari - 13 hours ago
No one:
Literally no one:
Charlie: ayy e ayee stan megan stalio
John Syzlack
John Syzlack - 13 hours ago
The way they talk is half of why I find them to be manly.
TOXIC - 13 hours ago
Little bacon bear sounds like what happens when u smoke to much
TOXIC - 11 hours ago
@Kevin Johnson its a guy???
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson - 11 hours ago
Thats a dude
TRIPPYZOE305 - 13 hours ago
Rollings Gaza
Rollings Gaza - 13 hours ago
Up love yuh #MeganTheeStallion
Dylan Zahurones
Dylan Zahurones - 14 hours ago
Covid lil fatboi
Covid lil fatboi - 14 hours ago
I thought YouTube was friendly family content?
Pansexual_ Disaster_
Pansexual_ Disaster_ - 11 hours ago
GHDFJAG- youtube has never been family friendly...
Pansexual_ Disaster_
Pansexual_ Disaster_ - 11 hours ago
GHDFJAG- youtube has never been family friendly...
why u mad
why u mad - 14 hours ago
Came for the thumbnail stayed for the video.
ALOOTZ ? - 14 hours ago
lil baby was robbed marcus thee stallion only won cause she got 鈥渟hot鈥 馃槾馃槾
Eva Una
Eva Una - 14 hours ago
Aya Nakamura 馃グ馃ぉ馃憣
bts paved the way
bts paved the way - 14 hours ago
omg i think we getting aya and megan on a songggg
LazerNinja - 15 hours ago
Body ody ody ody ody ody ody
Epic Noodle
Epic Noodle - 15 hours ago
I have only come here to say that she has 120828373837373826262384873277274842826364839274673929274637282948476382933947372826252427488593917616278484939276238494506039392827374793022736839292737473920294958382838949504038626657839292746462627949394884763526348493939474664636327283846637273849938272637489383838492848388383838;893982883848474637283847477383747377374737389193836468282746473737373738747473838393847746466372939474746646338292992938384774645567373829283746652937538294656378237466473829376647272 pounds of make up on
Thats Meat Man
Thats Meat Man - 16 hours ago
She looks like lil nas x
HEAD SHOOTER - 18 hours ago
This vid hits hard w no volume
Only1 - 18 hours ago
i clicked to say garbage
ALA SUPREME - 18 hours ago
I love this girl
John2.0 - 18 hours ago
Why has she named herself after a male, breeding horse?
Cracker_needs_54 barrels
Cracker_needs_54 barrels - 19 hours ago
wait people actually listen to this bullshit?
Tlife INcontractor
Tlife INcontractor - 19 hours ago
Bro I cannot deal with that host voice she needs to cough up something. She got mesothelioma in the lungs she need to go get that checked out
Blessed Skeleton
Blessed Skeleton - 20 hours ago
Shes got a nice voice, but a strange wardrobe.
Ss- DeityY
Ss- DeityY - 20 hours ago
Just came cus of those buddies 馃槏
Sentry Gurl
Sentry Gurl - 21 hour ago
Wet a-- p----
James Fafal
James Fafal - 21 hour ago
SCXARFXCED GRXCE - 22 hours ago
鈥淪hut up meg鈥
BlackBeltValeTudo - 22 hours ago
Is she Trans? Stallions are male horses.
BlackBeltValeTudo - 6 hours ago
@Danae De dompablo yeah I know she is just ignorant to what the definition of "stallion" is
Danae De dompablo
Danae De dompablo - 6 hours ago
She鈥檚 not trans
Esoteric UI
Esoteric UI - 22 hours ago
Wow such uplifting, motivational, important lyrics. Building blocks of society. Your doing so much with your platform megman.
Esoteric UI
Esoteric UI - 22 hours ago
Plant. There trying to make the new nicki. She was never shot either. She鈥檚 a fraud/actor.
Og Hood23
Og Hood23 - Day ago
Baby girl u sound like u need a glass of water 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃槀馃槀馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 raspy voice having sound like u smoked a whole pack of cig looking a$$$馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃槣
switchbladeteeth - Day ago
No talent.
Mouri Rozario
Mouri Rozario - Day ago
I barf
GamingWithTev - Day ago
who cant lose NNN to her 馃槶馃槶馃槓
Severius Brandusa
Severius Brandusa - Day ago
?oediv siht no tihs I naC
Mr Christmas
Mr Christmas - Day ago
I thought she Cardi B for a second
Barack Obama
Barack Obama - 41 minute ago
Dont matter they both suck and are overrated
Ram -
Ram - - Day ago
Who cares
Paquito Pito
Paquito Pito - Day ago
The other girl makes me wanna clear my throat
Stony Super
Stony Super - Day ago
Never heard of you
Nue - Day ago
SquidLizard - Day ago
This woman encapsulates everything wrong with music imo
Mouri Rozario
Mouri Rozario - Day ago
Yes 馃憤
Mr. Et
Mr. Et - Day ago
鈥淟ittle bacon bear鈥
You are a grown as woman... something clearly went wrong somewhere
Taran O'Reilly
Taran O'Reilly - 13 hours ago
Stop trying to make Lil Bacon Bear happen. It's not gonna happen.
Saikho Duna
Saikho Duna - Day ago
SPIRITUAL Vlogs - Day ago
She is very smart
Shut up meg
- T r a s h -
- T r a s h - - Day ago
Idek who she is but she sounds and looks so cool so I鈥檓 staying.
Alexboss - Day ago
Bruh how many cigarettes did you smoke before recording this
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