Discussing the Idea of Murdering Each Other but It's Just a Joke and Definitely Not Serious Haha

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Eliana Fish
Eliana Fish - 7 hours ago
i’m having a REACTION to Ethan tearing open the watermelon
Brody Westall
Brody Westall - 12 hours ago
Ethan: has probably saved countless lives
Mark: has probably killed countless people
Cierra Reed
Cierra Reed - Day ago
Unus Annus🙏
Cyborg Studios
Cyborg Studios - 2 days ago
"WoW tHats SO dArK"
REV - 3 days ago
I wish i could explain why this is so funny without being like: maybe murder is funny
Taylar Cook
Taylar Cook - 3 days ago
10:30 I’m telling my kids this was the edge of sleep
Ultima Oreon
Ultima Oreon - 3 days ago
Day seven of re-watching Unus Annus, Oh fuck oh god oh fuck oh god I'm soooo behind oh fuck god oh oh fuck-
(The most menacing episode)
Bl00dy lollypop5
Bl00dy lollypop5 - 3 days ago
Creepypasta alert lmao
Bl00dy lollypop5
Bl00dy lollypop5 - 3 days ago
I think theres another side effect of HeeHoo that mark has been experiencing throughout this video..
Bl00dy lollypop5
Bl00dy lollypop5 - 3 days ago
Not surprised this is one of the titles for Unus Anus
SGT Cloudrunner
SGT Cloudrunner - 4 days ago
"I've given them something where they can't move, but they can see everything happening."
Succinylcholine, what you're looking for is succinylcholine. And no, there is no reversal or immunity to it, Mark. Though, if rocuronium or vecuronium were used, then the reversal agent would be neostigmine or (more reliably) sugammadex. Also, all of these agents cause no sedation or analgesic (pain relieving) effects. With that said, they paralyze everything including the diaphragm, so your prize will not be breathing. So work fast.
Alex Converse
Alex Converse - 4 days ago
low key want to do this with my friends??
Sneeble - 4 days ago
It’s a cult it’s a cult it’s a cult
Payton Stibbs
Payton Stibbs - 4 days ago
My balls hurt now
TanookiBob - 5 days ago
Me: using knife to conserve ammo
Everyone at the paintball tournament: 10:03
Encarna Peña Guzmán
Encarna Peña Guzmán - 5 days ago
Ninety-first video: Finished.
denny viber
denny viber - 5 days ago
this is literally the plot of nbc hannibal
dirl - 6 days ago
Omg 9:50 I choked on my food 😂😂
That's just Cottagecore babyyy
How is this video still on Youtube
Anthony Ekes
Anthony Ekes - 6 days ago
3:54 Twitter yesterday would agree.
Siren Sixx
Siren Sixx - 7 days ago
Honestly Ethans "screams of excitement" kinda fucked me up. Like I didnt want that visual
Milo McMahon
Milo McMahon - 7 days ago
Mark's wincing, but he'd probably enjoy the torture.
Sean.the.bomb - 8 days ago
I'm eating nachos.
You guys want some?
Michael Caston
Michael Caston - 8 days ago
In scene 1:12 the scream just feels satisfing
Samantha Baker
Samantha Baker - 8 days ago
This was my birthday video. This is by far the best birthday day gifts ever. In my opinion 😂😂😂
IsMathRelated ToScience
As a homicidal person I go off on many fantasies each day on what I would do to a person.
This is great :)
Bubbles Lokai
Bubbles Lokai - 9 days ago
Mark :wants to make it quick and easy... Not very painful
Ethan: full on yandere
Sadist , slow and painful
My prize forever
Together forever
Crime of passion shit
Fandom _ Queen
Fandom _ Queen - 9 days ago
I love how this is my birthday video XD
Howdy Partnerino
Howdy Partnerino - 9 days ago
Alternate title: Two bros eatin' a melon.
Jackson W. K. Magness
Jackson W. K. Magness - 10 days ago
Ethan is such a sweet person, like even pretend murdering someone he's like, "Oh ima caress their cheek :3"
Jackson W. K. Magness
Jackson W. K. Magness - 10 days ago
Nevermind I spoke too soon, I didn't finish the video before I posted this comment 💀
Tahls - 10 days ago
anyone else viciously terrified of ethan now
TheGoofiestGoober - 10 days ago
I want the last video to be bloopers. Like whenever they were trying to be serious but would start cracking up
MysteryKittyz2939 - 11 days ago
beekeeper - 11 days ago
That's an awesome idea for the first date
Lisa Kokx
Lisa Kokx - 11 days ago
The moment Ethan pulled out those swords my mind screamed FRUIT NINJA so suddenly I'm back in 2012
Jayda Torres
Jayda Torres - 12 days ago
on today’s episode of criminal minds:
Natalie Cappelletti
Natalie Cappelletti - 12 days ago
This is my birthday vid😆
Jaz Sandhu Music
Jaz Sandhu Music - 12 days ago
I love how axe throwing and laying on broken glass has a "this video may be inappropriate for some users" warning at the start of the video but not talking about cruel ways to murder people
Also, watching on, these guys are giving serious Variant vibes from Outlast and I'm not sure how to feel about it XD I seriously wanna know what goes on post recording, like a self reflecting moment on the terrifyingly sadistic video they just created...
Garfield Rix
Garfield Rix - 13 days ago
So, everyone's talking about how mark is a masochist and Ethan is a sadist,
But damn, Ethan can scream.
Sin DeWitt
Sin DeWitt - 13 days ago
Zoernina 444
Zoernina 444 - 13 days ago
So glad that this was my birthday video😂😂😂
kroun the clone commander
Alternate title: darkiplier sadistically taunts ethan so he can kidnap him so "mark" can punish ethan
Amilene Lara cruz
Amilene Lara cruz - 13 days ago
Oh this was my birthday video
Misty _2630
Misty _2630 - 13 days ago
The title scares me ;-;
Kitty Kitsune
Kitty Kitsune - 14 days ago
I fucking love this XD
Raymond McMale
Raymond McMale - 16 days ago
Totally forgot to say this was my birthday video
Lumia Lives
Lumia Lives - 16 days ago
Ethan was so much more into and dedicated to this than Mark and I’m not kidding I got pretty creeped out by the whole “bit”
Just Some Guy with a chin Mustache
I like how Mark is just having the internal struggle between Warfstache and Darkiplier, so his “style” ends up being a bit messy
jadediah Penny
jadediah Penny - 17 days ago
... what did I just witnessessnessess?
Lou Lou
Lou Lou - 17 days ago
Unus Annus
notsae66 - 17 days ago
hehe eh
hehe eh - 17 days ago
Hi . I was here
Remember me
Max Fitz
Max Fitz - 17 days ago
This episode of Hannibal is so underrated
Kaiju Kyle
Kaiju Kyle - 17 days ago
Finally watching my unus annus birthday video.
Lily jeff
Lily jeff - 17 days ago
is that...is that bed knife?
ray is bread
ray is bread - 18 days ago
mark: hammering ethans fake balls
ethan: oohhh god YES
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn - 18 days ago
Mark with that knife... flash forward to the video where he kills Ethan with said knife and Unus is seen at the window
Kaunoe Kazoo
Kaunoe Kazoo - 18 days ago
If this video has taught me anything, it’s that between these two, you’ll wanna get murdered by Mark because, unlike Ethan, Mark will end your misery real quick 👀
CakedZombie 2: Electric Boogaloo
Wow that's pretty kool.
Apollyon Creeps
Apollyon Creeps - 19 days ago
Ethan: You should talk to Cross Angel...
Mark: ( long silence ) no...
random_fandom_edits - 19 days ago
Sooo youtube age restricts a walking on glass video but it doesn’t age restrict all the videos where they talk about killing eachother? Makes perfect sense xD
desiree gorley
desiree gorley - 19 days ago
Marks face when he realizes how dark ethan is.
Breanne Murrell
Breanne Murrell - 19 days ago
💕🧚‍♀️2:23 has Dexter vibes. 😌🧚‍♀️💕
anasazi smith
anasazi smith - 19 days ago
My birthday video!
ZARR yt - 20 days ago
This is gonna be funny
Donovan T
Donovan T - 20 days ago
This was my birthday video
Tilly P
Tilly P - 20 days ago
Wow, this might be the least funny video either of them have ever done
The Lacey Barbarian Keny
The Lacey Barbarian Keny - 20 days ago
What a wonderful birthday gift. . .
Nothing better then watching two buds discuss the various ways to end the other.
Elizabeth Ferdin-Centeno
Elizabeth Ferdin-Centeno - 20 days ago
This is my birthday video-
Waphlz The Enforcer
Waphlz The Enforcer - 20 days ago
I keep on forgetting that this was my birthday video. Ah the memories...
Jenniz - 20 days ago
Hahaaa this is my unus annus birthday video
Caroline - 20 days ago
This was on my birthday.
Sterya - 20 days ago
Just realized this is my birthday video. I am very happy with this result
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo - 20 days ago
why did i not get a warning on this video but i did for axe throwing?? wtf YouTube. I mean I'm not complaining but, that's w e i r d
let's film stuff
let's film stuff - 20 days ago
I know this is late but there is know darkiplier or blank game plays it's just that mark are Ethan are the dark twisted ones
•Itz_JustRoss• UwU
•Itz_JustRoss• UwU - 20 days ago
I was here!
Noah Payne
Noah Payne - 21 day ago
am I the only on who ACTUALLY enjoyed watching this? and am I also the only one who could smell the watermelon through the screen-? 😂
Piper Littlehales
Piper Littlehales - 21 day ago
I'm re-watching all of the videos before the end and it's just occurring to me how many times mark has killed ethan during this year
Winnie QWERTY - 22 days ago
so anyways turns out Ethan is actually terrifying
Simon Grant
Simon Grant - 22 days ago
BREAKING NEWS: Mark kidnaps Ethan and eats his left testical.
FlyingFist420 - 22 days ago
The murder boners are showing.
EmilyOddTree - 22 days ago
Darkiplier and Wilford Warfstache meet BlackGamePlays
Porrty - 23 days ago
11:03 ;)
Aliea Howe
Aliea Howe - 23 days ago
0:28 Zombie Markiplier?
helljumpper - 23 days ago
Mark: "By my experimentation... No."
*What experimentation?*
Olivia Reeves
Olivia Reeves - 24 days ago
I’m getting strong dexter vibes from Ethan.... alarming to say the least...
I’m lowkey scared bc I may have been sadistically smirking the whole time Ethan was hypothetically murdering mark.
Josephi Krakowski
Josephi Krakowski - 25 days ago
Why is Mark's garage so empty?
No Thanks
No Thanks - 25 days ago
Are we just glossing over the fact that when Ethan "got excited from the magic trick", he screamed please...

*maybe he's the masochist*
No Thanks
No Thanks - 25 days ago
Also, at about 11:44 he screams yes, I'm concerned
SPENCER THE OTAKU - 25 days ago
This video is awkward conversations incarnate
Monster_Ink 00
Monster_Ink 00 - 25 days ago
Voodoo doll ✨magic✨
Noodle Doodles
Noodle Doodles - 25 days ago
Wh- a video I haven’t watched
Gxbby Nxra
Gxbby Nxra - 26 days ago
Mark: Insane
Ethan: Calm
End results: Both end up killing each other
AmyPepperfly - 26 days ago
This is fing dark, Ethan.
Brokoli Nyerges
Brokoli Nyerges - 27 days ago
Wait, i just realized, ive been smiling through the whole video :/
splarff Gooply
splarff Gooply - 27 days ago
Anonymint - 27 days ago
Darkiplier and Blankgameplays enters the chat
Final fantasy Forever
Final fantasy Forever - 27 days ago
*knock knock knock* FBI OPEN UP!
ScorpionDaddy - 27 days ago
I'm suddenly attracted to Ethan
Megan Newton
Megan Newton - 27 days ago
RIP:Mark and Ethans dummy.
Also, this video was basically about being insane and killing watermelons...they had a lot of watermelons.
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