Discussing the Idea of Murdering Each Other but It's Just a Joke and Definitely Not Serious Haha

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Lazy Coffee Bean
Lazy Coffee Bean - Hour ago
Basically this entire video is the phrase "for legal reasons that is a joke"
LookOutForNargles - 2 hours ago
Okay, but if they wanted to kill each other, all they’d have to do is get the other in an isolated place and slip them peanuts/alcohol.
mmochiss - 2 hours ago
3:24 Did Mark just cum
Crystal wolf gaming xx
Crystal wolf gaming xx - 2 hours ago
Ethan could be a horror maze actor at a theme park like....just me?
Malachai Sparkles
Malachai Sparkles - 2 hours ago
Watermelon sounds really good right now.
other wunderland
other wunderland - 3 hours ago
i have never wanted to scroll down to the comment section so fast before
Cameron Dale
Cameron Dale - 3 hours ago
Mark: I can make people disappear
Ethan: You should talk to Chris Angel.
Mark: I- ... no.
Tori Rose
Tori Rose - 3 hours ago
I... didn’t like this...
Sarim - 3 hours ago
Day: 364
The showdown begins
Sarim - 3 hours ago
The number of Dexter references is astounding.
twentyøne des
twentyøne des - 4 hours ago
so today i learned ethan is a sick fuck but i’m still in love with him??🤣🤣
JakkCrevvice - 5 hours ago
Ethan has been watching too much dexter
Bright Lungs
Bright Lungs - 6 hours ago
I just watched two grown men smash watermelons on a homemade dummy
Tobor242 - 6 hours ago
I love how Mark can very thoroughly and convincingly put on another personality and Ethan is always just... Ethan. In the best and most wholesome way possible.
Alex Jones
Alex Jones - 7 hours ago
God, I can hear the people logging into Wattpad already.
Cowboy Cola
Cowboy Cola - 10 hours ago
FDDI B&N - 18 hours ago
Dark has returned to bring more torture
Angel Tirta
Angel Tirta - 18 hours ago
I'd rather get killed by Mark after watching this
The Muffin Man
The Muffin Man - 20 hours ago
Me: oh thank god its over
Life: 11:37
Madison 5203
Madison 5203 - 21 hour ago
I’ve never been more concerned with a video or as uncomfortable watching Ethan eat the melon as he is referring to his “prize” as he
milk bottle
milk bottle - 21 hour ago
Murder... only the best type of entertainment
Ferret - 21 hour ago
I love the fact this is a play on Dexter. At least I like to imagine so.
Sunflower Stalk
Sunflower Stalk - Day ago
Darkiplier is back!!!!!
Tessa Fontaine
Tessa Fontaine - Day ago
What I Expected When they Made this Channel:
What I Got: Cooking with Sex Toys!!
Miraculous Karma
Miraculous Karma - Day ago
Y is most of ur guys videos on Unus Annus about death???😅
ZoieOfDaKitties - Day ago
I need to see both of these men in a movie that includes serial killers or some sort of murder
Annie L
Annie L - Day ago
I mean I think that show might cost you an arm and a leg but it's all worth it in the end right :)
Mariah Slider
Mariah Slider - Day ago
You guys should eat warm jello to see who can last the longest without throwing up. Trust me, I and my friend had done this
Hello World
Hello World - Day ago
1:34 that FREAK ME OUT
Jason Jewlz
Jason Jewlz - Day ago
they both let out their inner wilford a lil too much
Incognito Spaghetti
C&C TV - Day ago
Is anyone gonna talk about how Mark said he was gonna drag an unconscious person out a second story window???
Luzz The ultimate
Luzz The ultimate - Day ago
This is a big meme
Hannah Walden
Hannah Walden - Day ago
*videos that don't work well in a court room defense*
LavaCaptain2000 - Day ago
It’s been 90 days
You have one chance
Thrymhilda Howe
Thrymhilda Howe - Day ago
I'm sorry, throwing axes is age restricted, but this ISN'T?
Fay Brazis-Pfeiff
Fay Brazis-Pfeiff - Day ago
You’ve definitely watched dexter
austin hillard
austin hillard - Day ago
Damn random boners
Sshyclone - Day ago
The fact that Ethan knows how to do this the serial killer way scares-no-*terrifies* me
SumRando 8967
SumRando 8967 - Day ago
And thats on trying out for 'Dexter'
Dessaritops :]
Dessaritops :] - Day ago
Mark and Ethan are the reason we have those RIDICULOUS math questions 😤
Kaitlin Clark
Kaitlin Clark - Day ago
Ethan: trained serial killer
Mark: barely has any clue about this
DA Casiano
DA Casiano - Day ago
char - Day ago
2:17-3:35 is basically the plot of dexter
That guy
That guy - Day ago
Seems like they've been watching a little too much Dexter
Setrayen - 2 days ago
Mark gets his shovel out
Dakota Lawalin
Dakota Lawalin - 2 days ago
someone's been watching too much Dexter
Fun with the not so guy
Totally convinced by the title
BeKoe - 2 days ago
This is the definition of taking a bit too far. 😰
AwsomeSquirrel - 2 days ago
I recited Mark's "I make people dissapear" murder scenario to a friend, haven't hear from them
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez - 2 days ago
9:32 imagine mark in Season 5 of Escape the night

IMAGINE.... and ethan
wait maybe not ethan
I dont know about ethan
75 percent ethan
100 percent mark
Brandon Elrod
Brandon Elrod - 2 days ago
YouTube: Unregulated axe throwing? THE CHILDREN MUST NOT SEE THIS *age restricts video*
This video: *exists*
YouTube: Ah, yes, this is fine.
Dancing Lamb
Dancing Lamb - 2 days ago
When I read the title I immediately got flashbacks to the first sensory deprivation chamber episode
Raphaeloking - 2 days ago
Mom pick me up, im scared
Kramer 07
Kramer 07 - 2 days ago
I’m scared
Pine Dragon
Pine Dragon - 2 days ago
This is the real reason they made the fake body
Nova !
Nova ! - 2 days ago
My mom: Oh what creepy actors! They’re so good at acting!
Also Mom: *sees **12:18*
“rachel stop watching this it’s bad for your health and crank’s health too I guess”
4L13n - 2 days ago
Cashier: Man, these guys sure do like melons'...
Lyle Caraang
Lyle Caraang - 2 days ago
Darkiplier making his way back out of markiplier
Koryuusei - 2 days ago
I'm not sure which one worries me more...lol
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