XXXTENTACION - Royalty (feat. Ky-Mani Marley, Stefflon Don & Vybz Kartel) (Audio)

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Krazy E
Krazy E - 11 hours ago
Kwesi Samuels
Kwesi Samuels - 15 hours ago
Pow pow pow pow pow world boss Gaza xxxrip pow
bigwang supra
bigwang supra - 16 hours ago
Vybz kartel up in here too rip x btw
Debora Dias
Debora Dias - 17 hours ago
Eu acho que ele ta vivo e na jamaica' queria que ele me levasse pra la kkk ia ser da hr la no fundo eu sei que ele ta vivo !
ashley lee
ashley lee - 18 hours ago
i love u x
Mř. ŤĄŘĮĶ - 19 hours ago
Only real X fans who still waiting for his Songs , he have 21 m subscribers and it still only 7 m viewers....... shoutout to y'all ❤❤❤❤
Fayonia McCalla
Fayonia McCalla - 20 hours ago
Fu Stephen
Michael Francis
Michael Francis - 20 hours ago
This song is awesome
Montel smith
Montel smith - 21 hour ago
Gabriel Gift
Gabriel Gift - 21 hour ago
Legends never die
Omali Barnes
Omali Barnes - 21 hour ago
Yoo that vybz kartel guy is crazy
Jahseh Onfroy
Jahseh Onfroy - 21 hour ago
Montel smith
Montel smith - 21 hour ago
Miss you
Anthony_ ur trash kid Anthony_ ur trash kid
X is ass like all his music
Jack Thelen
Jack Thelen - Day ago
imagine dying
wherever you go with all your heart
Martin Moya
Martin Moya - Day ago
x an live in heart forhever
Jungkook un Tavşanı
Wasn't he dead?
Pal Makuey
Pal Makuey - Day ago
Big up his music will continue forever
Tay - Day ago
So geeked! Love it! What dummies hit the dislike? Jamaican dream team! Dope shi!
Yal did ur thang! That's what's up!
Perry Jr
Perry Jr - Day ago
Kick yo from mobay
Fu Ck
Fu Ck - Day ago
Time to flex my Patois
Bosskid1220 - Day ago
Am I the only one who this reminds of the first arms around me
Meshack Williams
Meshack Williams - Day ago
I think this song is for xxtentacion royalty and for Jamaicans royalty
Raheef Nelson
Raheef Nelson - Day ago
The hell I thought he died
atanya allen
atanya allen - Day ago
Miss x but if he was alive he would want us to happy so lets be happy although it is hard unless u a hartter kartel bad doo ta mi a tel u
BD Beats
BD Beats - Day ago
Need u guys
I got crazy no COPYRIGHT beats
Hope u love it
Se Divertindo Com Rebecca
One bullet kill one physically
But milions mentally
hidden hacker
hidden hacker - Day ago
Motherfucker HATERS
ThisFane - 2 days ago
This song feels like intermission, like were waiting for something
Alexander Kolarov
Alexander Kolarov - 2 days ago
Why he is die.Why best people in this world die.I can not understand ;(
Coleon Thompson
Coleon Thompson - 2 days ago
Fire put this on i heart radio
Devil Evil
Devil Evil - 2 days ago
🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋23.01.1998- 18.06.18🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
Thiago Xt
Thiago Xt - 2 days ago
Parece a bandera do Brasil na Mao
Sniper Fc
Sniper Fc - 2 days ago
Who wants an official video come out for this
RJAY Redcross
RJAY Redcross - 2 days ago
Love you xxx
Amala zolie Peufraa
Amala zolie Peufraa - 2 days ago
gaza Jamaica
gaza Jamaica - 2 days ago
video will be dropping on vybzlartelvevo soon.
William O’Brien
William O’Brien - 2 days ago
I actually thought part of this song wasn’t in English
RIP Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo onfroy
X let his inner Jamaican out
Rip Jahseh
Xblixon - 2 days ago
J B - 2 days ago
Caribbean Vibes up in hay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like if you caribbean
Tommy Spartan
Tommy Spartan - 2 days ago
Kartel 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
CRAZYGAMER - 2 days ago
love xxx
Matteo D'ALU'
Matteo D'ALU' - 2 days ago
Jonathan Kalume
Jonathan Kalume - 2 days ago
But are you sure is dead?😕
DIO Brando
DIO Brando - 2 days ago
Yeah 😥
Mehmet Kağan Çolaker
Mehmet Kağan Çolaker - 2 days ago
Mira Ezz
Mira Ezz - 2 days ago
Pinhead - 2 days ago
I heard that its not good to get attracted to anything anyone because it will faded or die
Erling Viksund
Erling Viksund - 2 days ago
TYSON BARAKA - 3 days ago
Promido Summerz
Promido Summerz - 3 days ago
Up to Gaza
TraQule City
TraQule City - 3 days ago
Goh easy nuh teacher. Riddim killa...
Marlonzaum - 3 days ago
itselijahboi - 3 days ago
*gets copyrighted for a song he made*
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un - 3 days ago
royalty!!! into my bloodline!
Kayden Mercado
Kayden Mercado - 3 days ago
This my new favorite song new
Exotic Alias
Exotic Alias - 3 days ago
your still alive in our hearts LLJ🕊
Alcadio Feliz
Alcadio Feliz - 3 days ago
Freebandz Hndrxx
Freebandz Hndrxx - 3 days ago
All Hail Jamaica!!!!!!
Gilmore_&_Damien_clips Owed by: Damien.M , Jayden.P
I didn’t know that he knows how to speck jomaken
Ebony Basham
Ebony Basham - 3 days ago
Xxxtetacion was 😝😝😗😗
Munya Diza
Munya Diza - 3 days ago
uuuummmmmmmn Addi's verse though hotter than lava🌋sick like Ebola🤒... #KingOfDancehall 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼
Stars - 3 days ago
Demons come to test us some time

So true
GyTrix - 3 days ago
I remember when this came out and i looked in the chat and all i saw was

R.i.p X ;(
Иван Карагозян
What but you dead
Stars - 3 days ago
I drop 2 tears😗💦
Fiwi Tech
Fiwi Tech - 3 days ago
He sure makes alot of calabs for a dead guy.... Hmmmm. Maybe he's pulling a "2 pac" on people..
Jacob S
Jacob S - 3 days ago
X made me who I am like if you are one too
Jacob S
Jacob S - 3 days ago
Miss u x
Péter Kláben
Péter Kláben - 3 days ago
Hamad Hadi
Hamad Hadi - 3 days ago
Is it just me or i can see the word "KILL" on the hand????? dafuq its covered in black "K I l l"
SenorMula - Day ago
Hamad Hadi same
Jana Grechko
Jana Grechko - 3 days ago
You life no kill
ميبممييمميمي ميميميمي
*Royalty, inna mi bloodline*
*Dead soldiers yell on these frontlines*
*Don't know why, know why but demons come to test us sometimes*
*In my scheme from longtime*
*Defeat where you're confined*
*Royalty, inna mi bloodline*
*Dead soldiers yell on these frontlines*
*Don't know why, know why but demons come to test us sometimes*
*In my scheme from longtime*
*Defeat where you're confined*
*Yeah, me haffi*
*Big up, yuh*
*Big up, yuh, big up, yuh*
*Like Kiara and Lanthia*
*Use bad man fi their bread when the mortgage up*
*Big up, yuh*
*Big up, yuh, big up, yuh*
*Gyal, you're my Kingston*
*Haffi everybody wanna hear me on this one?*
*Man, what's cool is that the shit change*
*When you use me for the money and the cars, yeah the big Range*
*Yeah, it's funny how shit change*
*Poor shorty wanna young nigga drawers, that shit stains*
*In a poor house, Biscayne*
*Now I'm in the coupe with a crib, niggas Chris Pain*
*Never can forget all the nights it was just pain*
*Now I'm finna come for the throne, don't forget, mane*
*Royalty, inna mi bloodline*
*Dead soldiers yell on these frontlines*
*Don't know why, know why but demons come to test us sometimes*
*In my scheme from longtime*
*Defeat where you're confined*
*Nuff tings a get lock off*
*Iced out rings nah come off*
*Clean from me born, tell a gyal she fi chuck off*
*We can't stall, we a rise, we a take off*
*(We make the boys do wha' dem a do)*
*'Cause the gyal a set trends*
*Name just a bubble pon the ends*
*Tic, me a toc pon the sumtin 'til it bend*
*We no friend, badman, we no 'fraid of dem (We no 'fraid)*
*Win, we a win 'til the end*
*Royalty, inna mi bloodline*
*Dead soldiers yell on these frontlines*
*Don't know why, know why but demons come to test us sometimes*
*In my scheme from longtime*
*Defeat where you're confined*
*His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie, so we royal*
*Triple X crew, so we loyal*
*Big body, fat pussy, broad gyal*
*Come here, back it up gyal, buss a whine, mhm*
*Bend up inna 10 and inna 9, mhm hm*
*Miami gyal, Caribbean whine*
*Yardie say, you a real buddy bruka*
*Yankie say, you a bad muh fucka*
*Ky-mani, who waan fi war?*
*We can work the army, war like Irani*
*Man grimy, crimy, can't style me, parrie*
*Man Triple X to Tentacion*
*Pull up on dem ends deh like taxi man*
*Nah spray cologne, we spray hot metal, cho man!*
*Real bad man like Sandokan*
*Real hot gyal badman go pon*
*Anywhere we walk, the street govern*
*No fairytale, no Alice, no Peter Pan*
*Versace style, Louis V pattern*
*We strike the street hard, no FIFA plan*
*Kick you from Mobay, Halfway* *Tree you land*
*We born fi get dough, no need no man*
*We life a sort, ask the reader man*
*We balls a work, we a the breeder and*
*Nah laugh with it, badman riddim*
*Smoke high grade and fly like pigeon*
*Real badman, we no haffi have image*
*Score like scrimmage inna any gyal village*
*Fuck dem wicked and squeeze out liquid*
*Sharp shooter like big lip bigot*
*Haffi live twice fi do things that they did*
*TJ, tell dem we're wild and wicked*
*Royalty, inna mi bloodline*
*Dead soldiers yell on these frontlines*
*Don't know why, know why but demons come to test us sometimes*
*In my scheme from longtime*
*Defeat where you're confined*
Young Kid From EP
Young Kid From EP - 4 days ago
Songs lowkey fire but sad I won’t hear more songs like this or more songs at all cuz there gunna run out of music to put out there some day😢‼️❤️ Bad Vibes Forever
Gloria L Sandoval
Gloria L Sandoval - 4 days ago
X is not dead you can here his voice in the song
Shahiem Joseph
Shahiem Joseph - 4 days ago
Ay if X was dead he will be not making song's but if he's dead long live jahse
Random dude in comments who has a trash channel
Nigga he has unreleased retard
Sissy 0894
Sissy 0894 - 4 days ago
X Rip 😭😭😭🙇🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
FOWN MOBILE pro - 4 days ago
Lyrics Irvin wrld
Lyrics Irvin wrld - 4 days ago
Dot be sad he died
Be glad we has born
TYPICAL RAGER - 4 days ago
dat boiii
dat boiii - 3 days ago
@TYPICAL RAGER like the video*
Next videos