YouTubers React To Top 10 Trending YouTube Videos Of 2018

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FBE - 6 months ago
The trending list in this episode was created by YouTube and posted in this article:
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100% yanny like who hears laurel 😐
Dogon Backwards
Dogon Backwards - 6 months ago
Who won?
Bella the Beautiful
Bella the Beautiful - 6 months ago
FBE added
DianaCutieLOVE Singh
DianaCutieLOVE Singh - 6 months ago
Just Girly Things
Just Girly Things - 6 months ago
I destroyed 100 comments😈😈😈
sara beachli
sara beachli - 5 months ago
I cried for sooo long when I watched David and Liza’s break up video 😭😭😭😭😭
Ceanna Hidalgo
Ceanna Hidalgo - 5 months ago
ayydubs 😗👊🏽
Karen Vazquez
Karen Vazquez - 5 months ago
Liza saying “we broke couples up” was so funny
Crybaby Hamilton Dawson
Crybaby Hamilton Dawson - 5 months ago
Mariam Maged
Mariam Maged - 5 months ago
Tea. I got six
Erin Whaley
Erin Whaley - 5 months ago
Six points.
rooisnotcool - 5 months ago
5 points
Crazygirl - 5 months ago
Liza says baby and boyfriend for David is she still not over ooooooh my level is up
Lea Chamoun
Lea Chamoun - 5 months ago
I got 7!
Rosemaree Coughlin
Rosemaree Coughlin - 5 months ago
I here yany and laurel it da pends in what I’m concentrating on
Matthew 5572
Matthew 5572 - 5 months ago
Gia Han Truong
Gia Han Truong - 5 months ago
im just shocked the Vietnamese one is somewhere on the list even tho i dont understand much
Kiki Lau
Kiki Lau - 5 months ago
I love me some Phil ❤
Harry Mc
Harry Mc - 5 months ago
I got 9 points
Marleigh Gargac
Marleigh Gargac - 5 months ago
I here yanny
Birdy Games
Birdy Games - 5 months ago
When Liza was like “that was this year ah this year has been so long” I feel you girl I feel you.
Maddie. S
Maddie. S - 5 months ago
McKenna Softball lover
McKenna Softball lover - 5 months ago
I got 12 omg
heyitskate ramos
heyitskate ramos - 5 months ago
Liza seeing her break up video makes me kind of laugh and then cry
panda express and sprite
panda express and sprite - 5 months ago
Vivian Miller
Vivian Miller - 5 months ago
7 points!!
mcdonald’s hairy balls
mcdonald’s hairy balls - 5 months ago
Yolo’s Gaming World!
Yolo’s Gaming World! - 5 months ago
Am I the only person who hasn’t seen half of these videos xD
panda express and sprite
panda express and sprite - 5 months ago
I've only seen like 2 or 3 tbh
T McLean
T McLean - 5 months ago
yo I got 11 this is my new skill
Kate Cook
Kate Cook - 6 months ago
Only get 7 points
Khedr - 6 months ago
I got 11 points baby
Zoi Ferry
Zoi Ferry - 6 months ago
STOP my screaming! LIZAAA
TheOneAndOnlyOmelette - 6 months ago
I got 7
beth hooson
beth hooson - 6 months ago
I got 4 out of 10
Cassidy - 6 months ago
I heard yanny. Dude are we gonna go threw this again. And how did everyone not know that liza was there durring the breakup video
Georgia Ellena Rose
Georgia Ellena Rose - 6 months ago
David and Liza🥺💔
Julianne Tierney
Julianne Tierney - 6 months ago
Well, I got 7 points!
madi anne
madi anne - 6 months ago
I just heard laurel but then I heard yanny 😢😭
blobfish enthusiast Lover
blobfish enthusiast Lover - 6 months ago
Who came for Liza?
Ruth Was Here
Ruth Was Here - 6 months ago
Liza when she saw the breakup video😂😂😂omg im laughing so hard rn!!
mahlani ramotar
mahlani ramotar - 6 months ago
hi i need a freaking i phone
Meme Boi
Meme Boi - 6 months ago
You can look these up and see that most of them are wrong
Nuan Grobbelaar
Nuan Grobbelaar - 6 months ago
There's a difference between "most watched" and trending.
Kiara Aguirre
Kiara Aguirre - 6 months ago
OFC Kylie was gonna win. Duh! 😂
ThySinsisreal Fun
ThySinsisreal Fun - 6 months ago
I always hear Laurel
Gamer101Reborn - 6 months ago
Is it just me or does this list seem wrong?
Vona Nichole
Vona Nichole - 6 months ago
I got 8 points
Corrupted Reality
Corrupted Reality - 6 months ago
I came for Arin and Danny
Charlotte cunville
Charlotte cunville - 6 months ago
I got 8 points
Laurel Ladzinski
Laurel Ladzinski - 6 months ago
I got 10!!
Tayla King
Tayla King - 6 months ago
Lol my mums name is laurel 😁
Laurel Ladzinski
Laurel Ladzinski - 6 months ago
dude my name is Laurel ahaha
Ashleylea 88
Ashleylea 88 - 6 months ago
Dont u mean yanny
Jorja the SISSSTER
Jorja the SISSSTER - 6 months ago
5-10 I got numbers 10 9 3 2 and 1 right
Jo Cool11
Jo Cool11 - 6 months ago
Helena Johnston
Helena Johnston - 6 months ago
I got to correct
Kayleigh Cox
Kayleigh Cox - 6 months ago
Helena Johnston two
MoneyMager - 6 months ago
Apparently I live under a rock
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