YouTubers React To Top 10 Trending YouTube Videos Of 2018

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FBE - 10 days ago
The trending list in this episode was created by YouTube and posted in this article:
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RynLegend - Day ago
FBE Has me
cappella unicorn
cappella unicorn - 3 days ago
Poor liza
Millie E
Millie E - 8 minutes ago
RAD_ KNIGHT - Hour ago
Liza and DANGMATSMITH should be toghter
ThatOne's Blue
ThatOne's Blue - Hour ago
*its so freaking wird. I hear both Yanny and Laurel. I can switch*
Jonathan Roe
Jonathan Roe - 2 hours ago
1 World Cup change to 7
2 yanny laurel
3 cobra kai
4 real life 2
5 to our daughter
6 yodeling kid
7 we broke up, Change to 1
8 school life
9 khangprofilm
10 primitive survival
Just Alex
Just Alex - 4 hours ago
Game Grumps AND Game Theory? I clicked immediately.
C.Q Cumber
C.Q Cumber - 6 hours ago
Liza running away from her breakup video is me running away from my grades
Aissatou Dieng
Aissatou Dieng - 6 hours ago
*me (P.E. is on my schedule):*
“oh. sports.” 8:44
Willow Gibson
Willow Gibson - 7 hours ago
liza running from herself is me.
Just Stuff
Just Stuff - 6 hours ago
We don't care
sǫᴜɪsʜʏ ᴊᴇᴏɴ ɢɢᴜᴋ XPLR
8! Lmao 😂
Fiona Jones
Fiona Jones - 15 hours ago
I got twelve out of 20 and
BlacK Panthers
BlacK Panthers - 16 hours ago
This baby is really awesome 😍😍😘😙😘😘😘😘😘😘
Ericzel Sofia Nuñez
Ericzel Sofia Nuñez - 16 hours ago
I got 10 points!!!
musicalpanda10 - 16 hours ago
um, ok, no kpop
Basil_Mr_Salty - 8 hours ago
Ikr I’m happy
DreamerUnicorn 16
DreamerUnicorn 16 - 9 hours ago
Ikr. I'm upset ☹
Nicolas George
Nicolas George - 18 hours ago
I got 7 points :D feeling good about that!!
Riri Berri
Riri Berri - 20 hours ago
Wow I got 7 points!
pug unicorn
pug unicorn - 20 hours ago
I got 4
I think you know which one I cried on
Heather S
Heather S - 20 hours ago
YAY STEVIE! :D Mat's gf said it well at the end.
Grace 3305
Grace 3305 - 20 hours ago
I saw the Liza and David break up and I cried
Aileen Smith
Aileen Smith - 22 hours ago
no pewdiepie? hmm
jayda lalloo
jayda lalloo - 22 hours ago
i got 9 yesss
Cassie Norris
Cassie Norris - 22 hours ago
Teens React to the Instagram egg
and peggy
and peggy - 23 hours ago
1. World cup
2. Yanny laurel
3. We broke up 2
4. Yodel kid 2
5. To our daughter
6. Kobra kai
7. Amit bhada
8. Dude perfect
9. Lam chan khang
10. Pimitive pool 1
Jordan Sowle
Jordan Sowle - 23 hours ago
Haley Anderson
Haley Anderson - Day ago
I got 10 points
Haley Anderson
Haley Anderson - 20 hours ago
Kym Ball yea I was shocked
Kym Ball
Kym Ball - 22 hours ago
Haley Anderson really?
Elli Incha
Elli Incha - Day ago
Rhett and Link sorry Steve is more popular
Salma Sameh
Salma Sameh - Day ago
Kate Kursive
Kate Kursive - Day ago
SparkleQuake 5603
SparkleQuake 5603 - Day ago
I got 7 points
leahj127 - Day ago
I can't believe I got 20 points like wtaf
Soph and Ava’s World!
MercuryDrop - Day ago
???? Ive never seen any of these videos except the building a swimming pool one
Nina Symington
Nina Symington - Day ago
Vietnamese drama
I am Vietnamese
Show: *slaps face*
Me: what I see this every day?
Emily Vankuyk
Emily Vankuyk - Day ago
How to did I get 12 points?!
Queshe Ruin
Queshe Ruin - Day ago
I can't believe # 1.
Rahi Le_Shanbi
Rahi Le_Shanbi - Day ago
Got 8 on the test! WOHOOO💁🏽‍♀️
Ariansyah Rachman Lubis
react to NYANGGOSTAR (にゃんごスター) /overqualified drummer video
jonyji 2011
jonyji 2011 - Day ago
5:04 tseries and Amit bhadana are not related. Just because they’re Indian!!
Lil Gold
Lil Gold - Day ago
Just FYI it's Laurel
Reagan TenBieg
Reagan TenBieg - Day ago
UBK pokemon news
UBK pokemon news - Day ago
1. Lisa koshy and David Dorbik
2. Lisa koshy and David Dorbik
3.Lisa koshy and David Dorbik
4.Lisa koshy and David Dorbik
5.Lisa koshy and Davd Dorbik
6.Lisa koshy and David Dorbik
7.Lisa koshy and David Dorbik
8.Lisa koshy and David Dorbik
9.Lisa koshy and David Dorbik
10.Lisa koshy and David Dorbik
Thank you for liking
Arin Madison
Arin Madison - Day ago
Liza? Dobrik?
Taylah Hurst
Taylah Hurst - Day ago
Alexis Pedvis
Alexis Pedvis - Day ago
We broke up video was 1 obvi
Charms Salayo
Charms Salayo - Day ago
"yeaaaahhhh baby-oh sorry i called you baby, david but yeaahhhhhhhh baby" hahahahaha oh liza
Callista Hamilton
Callista Hamilton - Day ago
Liza running around the room 😂😂
I'm a weirdo don't judge
i got six points
Radiant Diamond
Radiant Diamond - Day ago
You should do you tubers react to Melinda kathrine reese/translator fails
CrystalStudios I HashtagOlympicJirtini I
Radiant Diamond I love that channel
Ms. Kitty
Ms. Kitty - Day ago
I used to hear yanny now I hear laurel
Ava Paparazzi
Ava Paparazzi - Day ago
I haven’t seen half of these
Is Matpat pulling a Markiplier?
Reagan TenBieg
Reagan TenBieg - Day ago
Maybe But thats just a theory *A game theory*
Zaira Matin
Zaira Matin - Day ago
who else wanted liza to say “houston texas baby” when she mentioned texas 😂
Jew els
Jew els - 2 days ago
1 Portugal v Spain
2 To our Daughter
3 Real Life Trick Shots
4 Walmart yodelling Kid
5 Cobra Kai
6 Yanny of Laurel
7 Building Swimming Pool
8 We Broke Up
9 Bhan Bhai
10 Trang Giang
Lets see how I did!
11 points, NICEE
Phoenix Ha
Phoenix Ha - 2 days ago
Yaaaaaaay. It’s a Vietnamese movie!!!
Ariana Callan
Ariana Callan - 2 days ago
I see Liza, I click
Chihuahua Gurl
Chihuahua Gurl - 2 days ago
I got 8 points
Isak Glindrönn
Isak Glindrönn - 2 days ago
its funny how FBE is becoming more like Youtube and it makes me sad. " They ignore pewdiepie"
MoMo - 2 days ago
I got 9 haha I beat all of them lmao

Edited: 9 points not 9 right
Thomas - 2 days ago
What about Logan Paul?
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle - 2 days ago
Grumps you failed me!!!
Mike Sutch
Mike Sutch - 2 days ago
Oh my god I heard laurel, left the video, realized I’ve always heard yanny. Restarted to only hear yanny, I’m shook
Duh_itz Ava !!! Studioz
Gianna Gaier
Gianna Gaier - 2 days ago
I got 6
GangGang_ Langley
GangGang_ Langley - 2 days ago
My fave video is the german version of baby shark
Dan and Philly's Discount Meats
anyone else just here for grumps
The Berg
The Berg - Day ago
Steffen Tveiten give me time stamps
Steffen Tveiten
Steffen Tveiten - 2 days ago
BUSH_Cyclone - 2 days ago
Boxing and baby shark
S-S SGNT_03 - 2 days ago
Of course YouTube didn't put any pewdiepie vs t series in the top 10 even though it was one of the biggest things in 2018
Lili Popel
Lili Popel - 2 days ago
Ben Stevens
Ben Stevens - 2 days ago
How do yoo react when yoo find de wae? Follo me my bruddas! Find de wae!
Trey Pohe
Trey Pohe - 2 days ago
For Yanny and Laurel, I kept hearing Louie for some reason...
Trey Pohe
Trey Pohe - 2 days ago
+Chocolate Chip Kookies 😂😂😂
Trey Pohe
Trey Pohe - 2 days ago
+Lauris Svirs lol.
Lauris Svirs
Lauris Svirs - 2 days ago
Omg Louie is my name
Queen Fan Girl
Queen Fan Girl - 2 days ago
my top recommendation for me is:
Disco Deakys cute moves on stage!
second: Freddie Being cute for 8 minutes straight
well I'm here for that
Debbie C.
Debbie C. - 2 days ago
We humans are still waiting for a Revealing your secrets by ayydubs.
Dance with Nidhi
Dance with Nidhi - 2 days ago
That yodelling kid is the best!
Steffen Tveiten
Steffen Tveiten - 2 days ago
I dont think
Dark Stellar
Dark Stellar - 2 days ago
This is literally just what I was thinking of watching *thank you YouTube*

Apparently I’m not very trendy because I haven’t see MANY of these 😅
Sophie - 2 days ago
I got 8 points go me ahah
HeyIts Mina123
HeyIts Mina123 - 2 days ago
7:09 poor liza 😂😂
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth - 2 days ago
Help grow ⬇️

Not my yt channel btw
Random Me
Random Me - 2 days ago
Stevie I love gmm
fschooll - 2 days ago
i love this video cause it had ayydubs my fav yt and liza they are funny people so great start to my new yeart 2019 :)
Lrv328 - 2 days ago
l got 10 points
WAH OPP - 2 days ago
I need 100 subs HELPPPPPP
Jailos Da illest
Jailos Da illest - 2 days ago
WAH OPP earn them
Amina Ibrahim
Amina Ibrahim - 2 days ago
*Lizaaaaaa my little brown girl*
omg I love themmm
wolfir gacha
wolfir gacha - 2 days ago
Anamarie Rivera
Anamarie Rivera - 3 days ago
Dark Stellar
Dark Stellar - 2 days ago
Anamarie Rivera LOL!!!
Dab Is Dead
Dab Is Dead - 3 days ago
Nice vid but why do that to Liza
BTSNCTEXOBPTWICE best thing on this planet
I was expecting kpop
Aylin Vidales
Aylin Vidales - 2 days ago
JOONCHILD. - 2 days ago
Yeah i was expecting IDOL lol
citpyrc - 2 days ago
oh well
Sadia Rahman
Sadia Rahman - 3 days ago
Me too Specially BTS
Angel Natsu
Angel Natsu - 3 days ago
Yodelling kid is irr3levant now but i still love him 😂💗
勳KY - 3 days ago
Usually David would be there with Liza 😭
Jasmine Zhu
Jasmine Zhu - 3 days ago
Yay I got 7 right!!😂💕 I thought that Kpop was gonna be on that list... when Liza said 'yesssss baby '😢❤❤
Mybiasistae :D
Mybiasistae :D - 3 days ago
I really thought BTS was going to be here
Chocolate Chip Kookies
It’s sad they weren’t 😭😭😭😭 💜💜💜💜💜
Into The Unknown With Dave
I didn't see my videos on there. Maybe next year 😃!
Red flamingos Fly
Red flamingos Fly - 3 days ago
What do you hear?
nada salam
nada salam - 3 days ago
I got 6 right
Alex Gruev
Alex Gruev - 3 days ago
Havent seen a single video, and i spend 4+ hours a day on YouTube. And to be honest im happy i havent.
N S - 3 days ago
When Liza said "Yay babyyy!" That literally broke my heart
isabela bela bela
isabela bela bela - 3 days ago
I see Liza i click ❤️
Lucy Taylor
Lucy Taylor - 3 days ago
Jimin SSI
Jimin SSI - 3 days ago
Ok but we’re is idol!!
Lovely Jungkookie
Lovely Jungkookie - 2 days ago
I think they didn’t put any music videos like maybe it was mostly creators on USa-video
yoonkook man
yoonkook man - 3 days ago
Omg yesss
Tanooki Patrick
Tanooki Patrick - 3 days ago
i got 4 pts
Marie Gousse
Marie Gousse - 3 days ago
Got 10 points wow ! Proud and ashamed of myself
Cami Elizabeth
Cami Elizabeth - 3 days ago
I thought idol was gonna on here, I'm surprised it wasn't lmao
JOONCHILD. - 2 days ago
When i clicked the link youtube had literally crashed that day
Marisa Geimausaddle
Marisa Geimausaddle - 3 days ago
Ik,,, remember it broke the comment section😂😂
ZEN Hyun
ZEN Hyun - 3 days ago
Cami Elizabeth me too lmao
Namjoon_MoonChild - 3 days ago
Expected more than these top 10 trending not only just kpop but something else... Oh well😒
toodles to doodles
toodles to doodles - 3 days ago
when you've seen a grand total of 1 of these videos.
Alex Gruev
Alex Gruev - 3 days ago
Havent seen any of them nor have i heard about them
Olivia Mathey
Olivia Mathey - 3 days ago
Can I skip
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