Every Substitute Teacher Ever

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Tony Draws
Tony Draws - 11 hours ago
Abandon your God because it’s time for class -Mr. Grub
Jimoation - 14 hours ago
Eisenhower was WEAK
HockeyFantastic - 17 hours ago
Student: this is my inhaler
Werewolf Jack
Werewolf Jack - 19 hours ago
Mr. Carson was doing a tik tok when he got pulled over by the principal.
CloudCharlesGaming - Day ago
“I just became Courtney freaking Miller”
RoBlOx AeStHeThIc GiRl
At 4:53 Vanessa and Veronica Merle are just Vibing in the back
touch somaly
touch somaly - Day ago
omg i didnt even notice veronica and Vanessa merrell in the video and I watched it 3 times
Sharde' Robinson
Sharde' Robinson - Day ago
I didnt even see the merrell twins in the back of the class this whole time.
Sophia Diaz
Sophia Diaz - Day ago
I just watched this now and Mr. Carson is literally my director and it's hysterical
Donovan Blanton
Donovan Blanton - Day ago
“ Abandon you god” has me dead
a20envy - 2 days ago
Mr.grub sounds like goomer
Jenniffer Andino
Jenniffer Andino - 2 days ago
Who else saw Veronica and Vanessa in the back
Trill Galaxy
Trill Galaxy - 2 days ago
They try too hard to be relatable but no
Tamara Wenning
Tamara Wenning - 2 days ago
Lich King
Lich King - 2 days ago
“i’m your ill substitute teacher”
*you wouldn’t want to say that nowadays*
Sugon ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Sugon ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - 2 days ago
I like to beat my 12:53
Billy Dinh
Billy Dinh - 3 days ago
Plot twist Garrett wanted WEED
Kevser Bukvic
Kevser Bukvic - 3 days ago
The merrell twins in the back!!!
Stack Ripper
Stack Ripper - 3 days ago
I'm only in 3rd grade
Libby .07
Libby .07 - 3 days ago
Did anyone see the merrel twins in the back 🌼💛☁️
Spider Army
Spider Army - 3 days ago
3:09 He not only told him his mom is married BUT He also told him his mom is gay (I think) So he just shut the whole dating operation down
Tomato-Fan - 3 days ago
The merrell twin are in the back round 8:36
Wolf-sama - 4 days ago
Why is it that I saw mr barkin in the strict substitue?
Jhmier ross
Jhmier ross - 4 days ago
Erin Hardy
Erin Hardy - 4 days ago
Eisenhower was WEAK
Alex MC
Alex MC - 4 days ago
This is the best smosh video i have seen in a while
Morgan Hendricks
Morgan Hendricks - 4 days ago
dave dobre
dave dobre - 5 days ago
mr grap hahaha
Armani Stoica
Armani Stoica - 5 days ago
At 9:49theres the marrell twins
Nicholas Wood
Nicholas Wood - 6 days ago
Basically how my life is going right now
•• KrystalKrabby ••
You guys should do more improv videos! They’re my favorite.
•Haleigh Rainbolt•
•Haleigh Rainbolt• - 6 days ago
One time I had a teacher that barely spoke English
Camden Mccullough
Camden Mccullough - 6 days ago
Are those the merrel twins
raichuGuy - 6 days ago
The first teacher said he is ill instead of sick
Marcos Esnil
Marcos Esnil - 6 days ago
Did the second subsitute just mentioned...Reno? :O
Akarsh Gupta
Akarsh Gupta - 6 days ago
You see the 4th teacher? We have that as our physics teacher in high school.😂😂
Cookie Master
Cookie Master - 6 days ago
Why does Damien fit the role of me.grub so well
Kayden Kirchoff
Kayden Kirchoff - 7 days ago
Pharoahking - 7 days ago
Why was the bloopers lokey funnier
Ashton Nutter
Ashton Nutter - 7 days ago
Around 1:24, why is that so accurate??
Nadia’s Corgi said Nya
I’m not cool T-T
Maikel Anders Lood
Maikel Anders Lood - 7 days ago
i love the way Damien pronounces Heroin and Cocaine
Sushi Plays
Sushi Plays - 7 days ago
me: breathes
*W H O ‘ S T H E J O K E S T E R*
Nathaniel John
Nathaniel John - 7 days ago
They need to bring Mr. Grub back
L. Levin
L. Levin - 7 days ago
Hello Veronica and Vanessa....what lol
Emma Shurtz
Emma Shurtz - 8 days ago
I'm 10 minutes in and I just realized the Merrell twins are in the classroom 😂😂
Poodlefang Francis
Poodlefang Francis - 8 days ago
Is it just me or does garret always look like he is going to burst out laughing lol.
Cathy G
Cathy G - 8 days ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you dislike the video
I will chidori you
emilie w
emilie w - 8 days ago
i love smosh because their videos are great for when i’m bored but don’t wanna commit to a 25 minute video about a disney channel movie from 2006
Kyla Claassen
Kyla Claassen - 8 days ago
one of my subs talked about how he injected himself with rat piss
star white shine shoting star
Omg 😂😂
DD The horse lover
DD The horse lover - 8 days ago
I sometimes watch Jeff star
meploy plays
meploy plays - 8 days ago
The first teacher is illegal
MarioPlushStudios 2300
MarioPlushStudios 2300 - 9 days ago
Swear a curse, huh?
Ima Pip
Ima Pip - 9 days ago
I’ve had all these teachers
Doan Chinh Nam
Doan Chinh Nam - 10 days ago
The first teacher will be on the top 1 for most cringest teacher ever
nicola langan
nicola langan - 10 days ago
Saeed AlMazrouei
Saeed AlMazrouei - 10 days ago
Did anyone see the Merrell twins in the back ground
ELITERAGE -Reaction - 10 days ago
Who's a jokester!!!
ELITERAGE -Reaction - 10 days ago
Who doesn't watch till the end of the vid its more funny
**Btw 6th grade is crazy**
Shiloh Strong
Shiloh Strong - 10 days ago
Why is this true 😂😂
GB2006 _YT
GB2006 _YT - 10 days ago
11:42 ABANDON YOUR GOD! — Damian 2020
robert vu
robert vu - 10 days ago
similar to Mr. grab more like Mrs. grub hub
MIke Hernandez
MIke Hernandez - 10 days ago
his mom is married to a cop who is his dad this show is so sick
Alex Sargent
Alex Sargent - 10 days ago
You know what's inside the briefcase ⁉️
Elcid Chan
Elcid Chan - 10 days ago
Man i thought the first teacher was mcjuggernuggets
Reunited Cult
Reunited Cult - 10 days ago
Who else noticed Veronica and Vanessa?
Diaz Angel
Diaz Angel - 11 days ago
At 4:24 I have the same phone case
Kenta Mihara
Kenta Mihara - 11 days ago
Perhe Anttonen
Perhe Anttonen - 11 days ago
Ok boomer to the teacher
ccondelli - 11 days ago
I'm a substitute teacher and this is scarily accurate xD
NaniSings •
NaniSings • - 11 days ago
lmao veronica and vanessa just chilling in the back
Anna Schotthoefer
Anna Schotthoefer - 11 days ago
Shayen :says nothing Mr gurb who's the jokester!!!!!
Anna Schotthoefer
Anna Schotthoefer - 11 days ago
Olivia: *coughs* Mr gurb: who's the jokester!!!
Arimations YT
Arimations YT - 11 days ago
bump boop buulloop beep boperbop

Peachyxlila - 11 days ago
The first skit tho
Vincent Eliot
Vincent Eliot - 11 days ago
Anyone saw the Merrell Twins?
Soei-Len Shantanu Tjon
Soei-Len Shantanu Tjon - 12 days ago
Wait where the merrel twins in the back of the clasroom.
MG Zanator
MG Zanator - 12 days ago
1:05 when you rage
Kayden Sephton
Kayden Sephton - 12 days ago
Eveny bus
Alisha McNeese
Alisha McNeese - 12 days ago
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