Cheese Making Process

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gemini Carolyn
gemini Carolyn - Month ago
I've heard cheese has plastic in it. And this video doesnt show how its turned orange when it comes out white
حبيب الروح
حبيب الروح - 2 months ago
اكو عرب يحبون لجبن حطو لايك
cheekz i
cheekz i - 2 months ago
She sniffed that cheese like she was doing a line of coke lmao
Radosav Lakicevic
Radosav Lakicevic - 3 months ago
2:12 bare hands
PAK PROMET Channel - 3 months ago
جمال قاسم
جمال قاسم - 3 months ago
Cytffg ghtgy u
H g hb
جمال قاسم
جمال قاسم - 3 months ago
هاخخ. طهدنت
جمال قاسم
جمال قاسم - 3 months ago
ma kim
ma kim - 3 months ago
Ma kin
Ma. Reina Morato
Ma. Reina Morato - 4 months ago
Poor caws 😢
VFX LEGENDS - 4 months ago
I found cockroach in Horliks choco delight
Logu de stylish stupid
Logu de stylish stupid - 4 months ago
Madhuri Eppadi Tamil
Raja G
Raja G - 4 months ago
Neha Kashyap
Neha Kashyap - 5 months ago
Yani cheese milk se banta h
Sharmi Jeni
Sharmi Jeni - 5 months ago
Sharmi Jeni
Sharmi Jeni - 5 months ago
Which country?? Place??
Vijay Pratap
Vijay Pratap - 5 months ago
Vijay pratap
Hurmoti Mondal
Hurmoti Mondal - 5 months ago
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Anil Lonagre
Anil Lonagre - 5 months ago
अनिल लोनागुे
Praju Raju
Praju Raju - 5 months ago
So nise
sawai gadan
sawai gadan - 5 months ago
Job milega sir please
Jason R
Jason R - 5 months ago
I would get fired from eating all the cheese!
Morally Conflicted Tortoise
Ok thanks UpIsNotJump, very informing.
Hashir Khan
Hashir Khan - 5 months ago
Dipanshu Pal
Dipanshu Pal - 5 months ago
xXlaUgHingCooKieXx - 5 months ago
Luv cheese
md.asad khan
md.asad khan - 5 months ago
شوق المجانين
شوق المجانين - 5 months ago
N.Bharath Kumar
N.Bharath Kumar - 5 months ago
I am shiva shankar. Everything is fine but some of workers are not wearing glosses
ayesha nawaz
ayesha nawaz - 5 months ago
Priyanka Pal
Priyanka Pal - 5 months ago
studio hajiyapur
studio hajiyapur - 5 months ago
I want a job
Priyankasb Chintala
Priyankasb Chintala - 5 months ago
Wow beautiful prosess
Tumpa dhor Sen
Tumpa dhor Sen - 5 months ago
Najranabanu Shekh
Najranabanu Shekh - 5 months ago
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar - 5 months ago
frankey carvalho
frankey carvalho - 5 months ago
Monu Lucky
Monu Lucky - 5 months ago
Nino Benj
Nino Benj - 6 months ago
That's not true. All animals in factory farming, which makes over 98% get treated like shit.
Mazter Gee
Mazter Gee - 6 months ago
Notice how some of the workers aren't wearing gloves as they handle the cheese.
ranju Bhagat
ranju Bhagat - 6 months ago
very good
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Mohhamand. Shoaib Malik
Mohhamand. Shoaib Malik - 6 months ago
Milawatt kon kr rha hai fir 😂
Fujoshi Fluff
Fujoshi Fluff - 6 months ago
why were some people wearing gloves and others not? that’s nasty
Hernan cortes
Hernan cortes - 6 months ago
Arrtas vacas
NeomiStar - 6 months ago
But they dont show you how they get the rennet. STOP EATING THAT NASTY SHIT
Asma Abbasi
Asma Abbasi - 6 months ago
Aap log cheez bnaty hoy kiy ingredients dalty ho
Queer Typical
Queer Typical - 6 months ago
الله ابارك ماشاء الله العاطي حي
Himanshu Sahu
Himanshu Sahu - 5 months ago
Queer Typical u
Meazasghmeazasgh Alirafiee2001
Meazasghmeazasgh Alirafiee2001
Meazasghmeazasgh Alirafiee2001
من دنبال یه خانوم برای ازدواجم
Saniya Faisal
Saniya Faisal - 7 months ago
Plz side main ingredients b mention kardiya Karen.
Bvcff Vgvv
Bvcff Vgvv - 7 months ago
حسوني العوادي
حسوني العوادي - 7 months ago
عمل متعب جدا
Akashdeep Singh
Akashdeep Singh - 7 months ago
Ke a
Removed Coyote69
Removed Coyote69 - 7 months ago
So first I’m watching Red Dead Redemption videos, now I’m here. This is youtube at its prime, allowing me to indulge in the freedoms of videos I enjoy. Ah yes, now tell me about cheese
Raspoint - 24 days ago
Thank you upisnotjump!
AJ Suhag
AJ Suhag - 7 months ago
Raskalnikov - 7 months ago
Here from UpisnotJump link in the description
Doc Opoßum
Doc Opoßum - 7 months ago
Here from Up is not Jump
raju jondhale
raju jondhale - 7 months ago
عشاق كرة القدم العالمية
بداعت امك اذا شفت تعليقلي ماشترك بقناتي
Diseree R
Diseree R - 7 months ago
I got high and started eating cottage cheese, while eating the cheese I became curious as to of how this shit is made... here I am..😌
Vijay Gourav Vijay Gaurav
Vijay Gourav Vijay Gaurav - 5 months ago
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