Cheese Making Process

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JAY PATLE - 3 days ago
Watching the video please is very interesting hii to me
JAY PATLE - 3 days ago
Machine ki kimatt kay ahe
I m R i b b i t
I m R i b b i t - 22 days ago
_Thats quite a bit of c a l c i u m_
Sydney Higginbotham
Sydney Higginbotham - 25 days ago
That one guy wasn't wearing gloves..... touching the bare cheese :(
Azeem Khanfzy
Azeem Khanfzy - Month ago
Hi lakshtara
skoe skoe
skoe skoe - Month ago
يعني مافي عرب لذي الدرجه
Daring Note62
Daring Note62 - Month ago
Anyone got the chords???
Kul Chandra Adhikari
Kul Chandra Adhikari - Month ago
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ARCSTREAMS - Month ago
had no idea you can age cheese in a vacuum pack and cardboard box ,,so that is how the plastic cheese is made that i get from the supermarket,,ok
Caroline Macy
Caroline Macy - Month ago
It was a neat video but I would rather hear an explanation of what they are doing instead of music.
ADITYA INDORE PATIL - 2 months ago
palmdinho - 2 months ago
At ccp2 he doing TRITATION?
• Vanks •
• Vanks • - 2 months ago
𝙅𝙚𝙧𝙧𝙮 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙢𝙤𝙪𝙨𝙚 𝙬𝙤𝙪𝙡𝙙 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙫𝙞𝙙𝙚𝙤 🧀
Foodie Ayush
Foodie Ayush - 2 months ago
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Graham Webb
Graham Webb - 2 months ago
This didn't explain anything.
Urgen Bhutia
Urgen Bhutia - 2 months ago
Can someone tell me which background song what that in the beginning??
YourUB3rDr1ver - 3 months ago
was watching upisnotjump now how tf did i end up here
Cat Bro's
Cat Bro's - 4 months ago
Learned so much about cheese this week
Aghasthya Ajay Kumar
Aghasthya Ajay Kumar - 4 months ago
Sorry, but why no mask? What if they sneeze accidentally or spit intentionally 🤔
Aghasthya Ajay Kumar
Aghasthya Ajay Kumar - 4 months ago
@Cat Bro's hey bro chill that's completely fine what you said has a point, ❤
Cat Bro's
Cat Bro's - 4 months ago
@Aghasthya Ajay Kumar sorry mate I took what you said out of context. I gess you are right mate I'm gonna like your comment sorry
Aghasthya Ajay Kumar
Aghasthya Ajay Kumar - 4 months ago
@Cat Bro's bro I'm not talking about corona, even before corona don't you think 🤔 they should wear. Just a doubt
Cat Bro's
Cat Bro's - 4 months ago
It was filmed in 2013
Eranda Janaka
Eranda Janaka - 4 months ago
No masks, No long sleeves dress. even human hair can fall into chess. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔. The machines are cleaner than these workers. What is the brand name? I want NOT to buy.
Zasha Espinosa
Zasha Espinosa - 6 months ago
I have to watch this stuff for school

If you saw it on your explora page..... well......
Jennifer Gomes
Jennifer Gomes - 6 months ago
She is going back to the house and then No Yes sorry
Jennifer Gomes
Jennifer Gomes - 6 months ago
Jennifer Gomes
Jennifer Gomes - 6 months ago
Best Friends
Best Friends - 6 months ago
Vegetarian hota h na
MD SAGOR KAHAN DR - 7 months ago
ওওওওওওও নাইছ
Dee Dee
Dee Dee - 7 months ago
I don't know how i got here... I was looking up a mary j blige video
Dee Dee
Dee Dee - 7 months ago
why these people aren't wearing masks is beyond me
Dee Dee
Dee Dee - 3 months ago
The year isn't important, they're handing food. In fact they should have glove/masks at all times.
The Drama Zone
The Drama Zone - 7 months ago
no face masks breathing all over the cheese
ایمان احمد
ایمان احمد - 7 months ago
What was that 🤔
Christian Dornan
Christian Dornan - 8 months ago
3:13 love her expression.
Interesant - 8 months ago
Dairy is scary
Rana Tanver
Rana Tanver - 8 months ago
Sar kunit naber sand me bag
Rana Tanver
Rana Tanver - 8 months ago
03096541881 call me
lyric Cook
lyric Cook - 9 months ago
9.1k Vegan cunts disliked this video.
Mhmed Hsnen algbore
Mhmed Hsnen algbore - 10 months ago
Meilk good bad
ThatboiDj - 10 months ago
Chetan Yadav
Chetan Yadav - 11 months ago
Love it supper.👍👌💐🎂☺☺☺☺😊👍👌
Princess Sanaya
Princess Sanaya - 11 months ago
Aaron Merkel
Aaron Merkel - 11 months ago
enjoy your cheese which was made by abusing and killing baby cows.
_PM - 11 months ago
1:58 Never in my entire life have I seen paneer bigger than the size of my head
Makwana Dip
Makwana Dip - Year ago
Cheese Head Nation stand up! Go Pac Go!
arbina surve
arbina surve - Year ago
Hi hello
jackdrummer10 - Year ago
Pluto Kitty
Pluto Kitty - Year ago
I uhh.. Steven Jewniverse brought me here.
Umesafa Safahadi
Umesafa Safahadi - Year ago
I'm love in it
Shamshad Khan all kind vdo
Wao super tecnic
nani mouni ganji Ganji
Super abba
Kamlesh Yadau
Kamlesh Yadau - Year ago
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Hima's Kitchen
Hima's Kitchen - Year ago
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Santhoosh Santhoosh
Santhoosh Santhoosh - Year ago

Raju Kushvaha
Raju Kushvaha - Year ago
Meesala Shiva Kumar
Meesala Shiva Kumar - Year ago
I want the phone number your details
Jeetu Dhalla
Jeetu Dhalla - Year ago
Rok rok ke chaldi aa video saal lata
DarknoorX - Year ago
I fail to see the reason behind almost 9k dislikes
DarknoorX - 11 months ago
@Aaron Merkel the only thing disgusting is the way you wish to see it. The real disgusting thing in this world is same gender sex.
Aaron Merkel
Aaron Merkel - 11 months ago
because cheese is breast milk from a cow. sorry, that is a bit disgusting.
sandhya meghoe
sandhya meghoe - Year ago
Love it!Super🤩👏💪😘♥️👍
A LALITHA - Year ago
👏 nice
chhaya solanki
chhaya solanki - Year ago
Thanks for advice:chirag
gemini woman0
gemini woman0 - Year ago
I've heard cheese has plastic in it. And this video doesnt show how its turned orange when it comes out white
حبيب الروح
حبيب الروح - Year ago
اكو عرب يحبون لجبن حطو لايك
cheekz i
cheekz i - Year ago
She sniffed that cheese like she was doing a line of coke lmao
Radosav Lakicevic
Radosav Lakicevic - Year ago
2:12 bare hands
PAK PROMET Channel - Year ago
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Vi Bo
Vi Bo - Year ago
Ma kin
Queen Rei 09
Queen Rei 09 - Year ago
Poor caws 😢
VFX Legends
VFX Legends - Year ago
I found cockroach in Horliks choco delight
Loganathan .S
Loganathan .S - Year ago
Madhuri Eppadi Tamil
Raja G
Raja G - Year ago
Neha Chauhan
Neha Chauhan - Year ago
Yani cheese milk se banta h
Sharmi Jeni
Sharmi Jeni - Year ago
Sharmi Jeni
Sharmi Jeni - Year ago
Which country?? Place??
VP Electrician
VP Electrician - Year ago
Vijay pratap
Hurmoti Mondal
Hurmoti Mondal - Year ago
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Anil Lonagre
Anil Lonagre - Year ago
अनिल लोनागुे
Praju Raju
Praju Raju - Year ago
So nise
Mr. Sawai Banna
Mr. Sawai Banna - Year ago
Job milega sir please
Jason - Year ago
I would get fired from eating all the cheese!
Morally Conflicted Tortoise
Ok thanks UpIsNotJump, very informing.
Hashir Khan
Hashir Khan - Year ago
Dipanshu Pal
Dipanshu Pal - Year ago
xXlaUgHingCooKieXx - Year ago
Luv cheese
md.asad khan
md.asad khan - Year ago
N.Bharath Kumar
N.Bharath Kumar - Year ago
I am shiva shankar. Everything is fine but some of workers are not wearing glosses
raghavendra rk
raghavendra rk - 2 months ago
It's not glosses it's glouses
ayesha nawaz
ayesha nawaz - Year ago
Daksh Pal
Daksh Pal - Year ago
studio hajiyapur
studio hajiyapur - Year ago
I want a job
Priyankasb Chintala
Priyankasb Chintala - Year ago
Wow beautiful prosess
Tumpa dhor Sen
Tumpa dhor Sen - Year ago
Najranabanu Shekh
Najranabanu Shekh - Year ago
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar - Year ago
Frankey Jr
Frankey Jr - Year ago
Monu Lucky
Monu Lucky - Year ago
Nino Benj
Nino Benj - Year ago
That's not true. All animals in factory farming, which makes over 98% get treated like shit.
Mazter Gee
Mazter Gee - Year ago
Notice how some of the workers aren't wearing gloves as they handle the cheese.
ranju Bhagat
ranju Bhagat - Year ago
very good
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