Live PD: Woman Refuses to Ride in Cop Car (Season 3) | A&E

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A&E - 2 months ago
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Gamer_Drawer Chill boi
Where do some people have their heads?
Rainhut - 15 hours ago
Cuffs? Really?
Ty Lito
Ty Lito - Day ago
Privilege is a pathetic thing
Ralf Häggström
Ralf Häggström - 2 days ago
She needs a Motorcade .................
Brett hoffman
Brett hoffman - 2 days ago
She wouldn't ride in the car, the or the suv, the bars on the windows were a PROBLEM for her, she had too tie up the rescue vehicle? That's about a$800 ride, which I'm sure HER insurance will cover, HER attitude seems ALL too typical of most WOMEN, if I DON'T get MY WAY, I'm going too THROW a FIT, until I DO, because I'm ENTITLED, and if I'm later shown too be wrong, well I was Scared, Not Feeling well, or didn't Know, that's how most women are now
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams - 7 days ago
She wasn't walking, She was Traveling
Dorothy Hoskin
Dorothy Hoskin - 10 days ago

Live PD has the best regional accents on tv.
gtg488w - 11 days ago
Why are people like this? What was the point of that? I don’t get her end game
Zach Smith
Zach Smith - 11 days ago
If I was a cop I wouldn't count that as resisting either.
K Cat
K Cat - 18 days ago
OMG! They are giving you a ride and your being picky about which vehicle your going to ride in! She’s either drunk, in drugs or has a mental issue.
Sue Randall
Sue Randall - 19 days ago
Waste of time and resources.
kris Sumerfelt
kris Sumerfelt - 21 day ago
man she literally costed herself $2000 for that ambulance because shes clearly picky and spoiled lol.
ddoyle11 - 21 day ago
She has balls?!? 😳
dimmkah - 23 days ago
This is like giving a starving guy a hamburger and then him screaming "I CAN'T EAT THIS IT ISN'T EVEN FILET MIGNON!!!"
Matty Roccz
Matty Roccz - 27 days ago
That was the weakest juke ever lol
Hannah Schaffer
Hannah Schaffer - 29 days ago
And she almost got away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!!!! 🤪
Madeleine Wilson-Witte
Madeleine Wilson-Witte - 29 days ago
I like how she tried to run away from them lol 😂
Music Live
Music Live - Month ago
Comedy please
Tia Mazerolle
Tia Mazerolle - Month ago
She needs a limousine lol
Hana aboya
Hana aboya - Month ago
I wouldn’t ride in a police car myself. I hope she get help that she needs
Yuki Masahiko
Yuki Masahiko - Month ago
Why? Lol
TY Harris
TY Harris - Month ago
Moves like Barry Sanders...
Goo Go
Goo Go - Month ago
Linkrock1234 - Month ago
modern women smh
shy alice
shy alice - Month ago
Food 4 Life Por Vida!
Food 4 Life Por Vida! - Month ago
This is just too weird. Lol
Geneva Doll
Geneva Doll - Month ago
What a waste of EMS time, resources and money. Smh.
Jeff B
Jeff B - Month ago
What a self-entitled crazy.
Regina Hagel
Regina Hagel - Month ago
Anybody else woupda got wrestled or tazed or worse
Regina Hagel
Regina Hagel - Month ago
She gots balls😲🤔😭😂👊
FishingwithDehvion - Month ago
MadTheDJ - 2 months ago
"There's no place to put my drink!" Yeah, they don't transport too many people in the back who need somewhere to put a drink. Besides, your bottle has a cap, nothing's going to spill. No? Okay, fine, cuffs on in the Fire/Rescue vehicle.
James McBrayer
James McBrayer - 2 months ago
*the car isn't catered to my exact liking*
"You're busting my balls"
Yes sweetie, the world revolves around you.
Noémie Boudreault
Noémie Boudreault - 2 months ago
She was obviously in mental distress. Claustrophobia, can't make her mind... She probably wanted to get hit by a car :(
Nick - 2 months ago
Man what a spoiled brat.
sofuckincreative - 2 months ago
probably the dumbest person ive ever witnessed
j jay
j jay - 2 months ago
I heard sticks say the n word at a bar. Got it on my phone
Joe Dennehy
Joe Dennehy - 2 months ago
Talk about giving her every chance, well done
K9 - 2 months ago
Her math skills (ambulance versus cop car) are as bad as her juking skills.
B. Whitten
B. Whitten - 2 months ago
I'd have gone w/officer Mc-hottie!
Jay Pritchett
Jay Pritchett - 2 months ago
Don’t be so picky!!! Lol
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