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Raider's Revenge
Raider's Revenge - Day ago
Could u imagine how stupid it'd be if texts were actually realistic?
Anata Tristan
Anata Tristan - 6 days ago
i look like sans and papypus in iphone and android
Ryan Morford
Ryan Morford - 8 days ago
I absolutely despise the iPhone reactions. I'm glad my phone doesn't do those
Kakay love
Kakay love - 10 days ago
Apple or android
⬇️ I'm android
Emmy D
Emmy D - 18 days ago
I love Damien so much XDDDDDDDD
Anna Mikaere
Anna Mikaere - 21 day ago
Lol I’m watching this video exactly a year later in 2020...
P.S I know that nobody cares but idc...🙃🙂🙃
sotix - 23 days ago
Wait but texts are real. The exist in this world... Just on a Phone.
johnny cake
johnny cake - 24 days ago
I wish Samsung would come looking like a big muscular dude looking better than iphone
Thiên Lang Trần
Thiên Lang Trần - 25 days ago
I wonder where the Smosh Brothers are...
Jak Wick
Jak Wick - 29 days ago
2:43 yea I’m still here
Catman yt
Catman yt - Month ago
3:43 yea
William Foldenaur
William Foldenaur - Month ago
Ī łøvę ŠMÒŚH
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh - Month ago
*Seen at 3:33 PM*
Ben B
Ben B - Month ago
Ben B
Ben B - Month ago
Ben B
Ben B - Month ago
Ben B
Ben B - Month ago
Ben B
Ben B - Month ago
Ben B
Ben B - Month ago
MrsCarol Yuen
MrsCarol Yuen - Month ago
Why is grandma BLACK??
MrsCarol Yuen
MrsCarol Yuen - Month ago
0:57 I'm the left out one💀
Aidan - Month ago
I love how the one sketch iMessage people wore blue and android wore green
Artista _Vida_
Artista _Vida_ - Month ago
“U up?”
That is so me.
Cameron Camp
Cameron Camp - Month ago
I use my s20 Ultra because I love it, and I text people that don't understand that Apple makes it difficult for them to interact with Android intentionally, from my work issued iPhone 6s.
Hugo Lerner
Hugo Lerner - Month ago
0:42 That is me always at all times ever.
Ali Solangi
Ali Solangi - Month ago
did any one relise that this vid stop at 4:44
Gonops - 2 months ago
As a apple user I feel happier👺
Jonnas Hansen
Jonnas Hansen - 2 months ago
This video got uploaded on my brothers 10 year old Bday.
I collect too much
I collect too much - 2 months ago
so relatible
JHA - 2 months ago
3:43 look at the top
Caitlyn Ford
Caitlyn Ford - 2 months ago
“Just so you know my wiener is an innie”
“How did you know my dream. I love small things”
I died
lil mumch
lil mumch - 2 months ago
If grandma's black I must be black too!
Jen Otadoy-Agustin
Jen Otadoy-Agustin - 2 months ago
Which is better Android=like
sarahstuff music
sarahstuff music - 2 months ago
this is probably my favorite smosh sketch lmao
amelie_ thingz
amelie_ thingz - 2 months ago
0:44 courtney is me *for sure*
HazardGamingHG - 2 months ago
Keith makes a good black grandma. Not kidding.😂
The DOGGO - 2 months ago
LEMUR LEMUR - 2 months ago
Why is grandma black
Michael Hartline
Michael Hartline - 2 months ago
0:43 to 1:06 that happens to me not over text
Sylvia Wilson
Sylvia Wilson - 2 months ago
When somebody doesn’t like you and you push other people out of the way
Mickey Mcgee
Mickey Mcgee - 2 months ago
"Why is Grandma black?"
That KILLED me
Paul Norrie
Paul Norrie - 2 months ago
we dont get enough of damien
Nathan Krueger
Nathan Krueger - 2 months ago
who is watching in 2023
Michael Doran
Michael Doran - 2 months ago
Haha why is Grandma black? If grandma is black, then I must be black too
_Snowie - 3 months ago
We all need jesus, we all do, :3
Daniel x Doritos
Daniel x Doritos - 3 months ago
Yup I’m still here 3:44
Tacoboy79 - 3 months ago
3:21 She looked like Jennifer from back to the future
swab playz
swab playz - 3 months ago
Android is better then iPhone since they are money grabbing shit bags and my android does take great photos
kanij shammi
kanij shammi - 3 months ago
2nd scene Courtney's achene was so badi
Percy Owens
Percy Owens - 3 months ago
Shane I’ll go to the renaissance fair with you ❤️
Ram Flouk
Ram Flouk - 3 months ago
I love android
MoyerMan - 3 months ago
3:04 ummmmm
Cristina Serna
Cristina Serna - 3 months ago
Aight bet
Cooper C
Cooper C - 3 months ago
2:27 I thought my phone froze😂
CEHDA Costa - 3 months ago
0:42 I can totally relate here.
Katie Hays
Katie Hays - 3 months ago
2:19 I can agree with my friends would be texting me something and I would just be like
It’s funny Moments
It’s funny Moments - 3 months ago
Hey can I borrow $15 again
Extreme Platypus3
Extreme Platypus3 - 3 months ago
I'm also a gordita person
Mr. T
Mr. T - 3 months ago
3:15 Damien and Shayne trying not to break 😂
Dana Height-Feltham
Dana Height-Feltham - 3 months ago
I like black people 😀
Kaitlin - 3 months ago
why is grandma black XD
Delaney Parker
Delaney Parker - 3 months ago
3:07-3:18 Lol, he’s just pushing everyone who talks to him
Fan of a fan Chan
Fan of a fan Chan - 3 months ago
Kokosáček cz
Kokosáček cz - 3 months ago
1:40 android is better lmao
12-23 - 3 months ago
I love at 0:45 her shirt says “KILL ME” 🤣🤣🤣
Mohammad Jafferali
Mohammad Jafferali - 3 months ago
Android is soo much better than Apple
kool kid
kool kid - 3 months ago
olivia: why is grandma black?
also olivia: *is the asian child of two white people*
BigPapiShrek n
BigPapiShrek n - 3 months ago
Diamon: my pEePeE is an innie
Courtney:how did you know my dream is small things
Had me not live anymore
natwat123 - 4 months ago
I've never thought how weird the flow of text conversations.
Boomer Boi
Boomer Boi - 4 months ago
Rag The Ros
Rag The Ros - 4 months ago
The Damien pushing away relatives scene KILLS ME. So well filmed and edited and acted. Plus smosh squad
Amethyst Dolphin
Amethyst Dolphin - 4 months ago
Gaspar Hurtado
Gaspar Hurtado - 4 months ago
0:47 I can relate to Courtney so much
snorlaxzz - 4 months ago
I'm a huawei user :]
Just wondering...

Anyone else?
Nasuchi - 4 months ago
Yeah, Texts aren’t real

They’re non existent
Purealyzed - 4 months ago
2:03 this is exactly like my friend
mangku skinny khongsai
mangku skinny khongsai - 4 months ago
Grandma is Adopted🤣🤣🤣🤣
f a r a w a y
f a r a w a y - 4 months ago
Guest Noob
Guest Noob - 4 months ago
The first one was compared to me
Banana Fob
Banana Fob - 4 months ago
Do you think OJ did it?
MrsGee00 - 4 months ago

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Kyle Guarino
Kyle Guarino - 4 months ago
I'm the third one like everyone ignores me
09King4rthur_ - 4 months ago
That beginning one hit a little to close to home tbh
Jayden Owen
Jayden Owen - 4 months ago
Haha Androids

*Commented on Android*
Phillip Coupard
Phillip Coupard - 4 months ago
0:42 that one's real tho
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