Dragon Fruit Snack Taste Test

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MeowgicalCatt - 13 hours ago
Pitahaya ❤️
Paul Enriquez-Goehring
Paul Enriquez-Goehring - 22 hours ago
The Bai Dragonfruit isn't as good as Vitamin Water's one in my opinion
Ethan Roghaar
Ethan Roghaar - Day ago
Petition to have Mr. Pickles come on the show
John Hurley
John Hurley - Day ago
Where can you buy the dragon fruit chips
Demyx1x - Day ago
... why'd I JUST NOW get a notification for this?? ...
SquidgyBard94 - 2 days ago
Right after he said bless you I sneezed
Otis Horne
Otis Horne - 2 days ago
love me some hi chu
Pitten0625 _playz
Pitten0625 _playz - 2 days ago
I love dragon fruit
The Hufflepuff Hermione
They are supposed to shake the drink before opening.
Matthew Koller
Matthew Koller - 3 days ago
Lies! That is clearly FSM in aquatic form, Inked instead of Marinara. Praise be to its Noodly Goodness!
Capn Smashem
Capn Smashem - 3 days ago
Fruity Candy Andy and Cotton Candy Andy need to do a collab...
Julie Martin
Julie Martin - 3 days ago
Because “why not” can be because “reasons” ;)
Nix C
Nix C - 3 days ago
The watt link pours things on the table makes me so mad 😭
Justin R
Justin R - 3 days ago
“why you gotta put everything on the table?”
Randall Sunderland
Randall Sunderland - 3 days ago
Erythritol is a natural sweetener btw. Stevia is gross though.
Elijah Cruzada
Elijah Cruzada - 3 days ago
Instead of “Will It?”, the show would be called “Why’d it?”
Privacy Valued
Privacy Valued - 3 days ago
"Makes it taste like cleaner. Like a bad type of cleaner!" Aaaaaaand how exactly do you know what cleaner tastes like? That probably explains a few things.
TKOV TheKingOfVidoes
TKOV TheKingOfVidoes - 4 days ago
The pink inside dragonfruits way more sweet
Ashley Godfrey
Ashley Godfrey - 4 days ago
Rhett's description of dragon fruit is spot on.
AKA KHavens
AKA KHavens - 4 days ago
I love dragonfruit chips
Rhonnie - 4 days ago
Loving Rhett's hair.
Karla P Santos
Karla P Santos - 4 days ago
I’m almost 22 and I freaking love candy 🍭
Roberto Medina
Roberto Medina - 4 days ago
Dragon fruit doesn’t have flavor
Tony Price
Tony Price - 4 days ago
A show that is hosted and run by giant children this is why I love watching you guys.
R'lyeh the Dead
R'lyeh the Dead - 4 days ago
I bought dragonfruit once. It tasted like dirt. I must've done something wrong.
KeraHero - 4 days ago
Awe the lifesavers it was the purple on that was dragon fruit. The red was Fiji apple
Xiaver Lucio
Xiaver Lucio - 5 days ago
so were not gonna mention links yearning for a harem
roselia1231 - 5 days ago
5:49, i'm 20 lying on my bed, alternating between gobstoppers and icebreakers while watching, yes rhett HAHAHHA
Nunya Beeswax
Nunya Beeswax - 5 days ago
Rhett, that is an awesome Hoodie!
Nunya Beeswax
Nunya Beeswax - 5 days ago
Link! that is a cool coat!
coleeg69 - 5 days ago
Bai is real good, but idk about drangon fruit falvor tho
Zai Beauty
Zai Beauty - 5 days ago
I love link’s hair in this episode
Devon Gavidia
Devon Gavidia - 5 days ago
It frustrates me how Rhett says “wite dragon fruit” and link says “hwite dragon fruit” yeah I know there’s an H
colourswift - 5 days ago
lets take bets on the date rhett first ties his hair back in either a pony tail or man bun
Drewburt1138 - 6 days ago
Never change, Link.
Katie McCall
Katie McCall - 6 days ago
Link’s side of the table looks like a kid on Halloween XD
Katie McCall
Katie McCall - 6 days ago
How did GMM start? I feel like it was a bit on school radio that they just kept doing after leaving school.
Melinda Luscomb
Melinda Luscomb - 6 days ago
You guys should do a gummy bears taste test. Taste Haribo, Albaneese, Trolli, and even Albanese Ultimate flavored gummy bears.
🔥🔥🔥 1:38 🔥🖤🧡
Carol Robbins
Carol Robbins - 6 days ago
I LOVE HiChew. Grapefruit and grape are the best!
Diana Newcomer
Diana Newcomer - 6 days ago
"Let's make a show about snacks!"
That would be Unwrapped!! Already a show all about snacks and candy!!
That Bright Gaming
That Bright Gaming - 6 days ago
Dragon Fruit is amazing
Kevin McFadden
Kevin McFadden - 6 days ago
Seriously that should be a word. Whyn't?
Strawberry Milky
Strawberry Milky - 6 days ago
*insert something funny here*
Haha am I right???
Nathan Bilz
Nathan Bilz - 6 days ago
Where's Randy when you need him
James Owens
James Owens - 6 days ago
dragonfruit is grown in mexico asia and parts of south america
All about everything
All about everything - 6 days ago
thanks for the interesting video
Corey B
Corey B - 6 days ago
i hated that i was so disappointed by dragonfruit.. life savers gummies = life
NZ_MCG - 6 days ago
Oh yeah I prefer candy over chocolate
Tylor Wendt
Tylor Wendt - 6 days ago
You guys are really bad at 10 word story. Just keep it simple.
Grover Biggs
Grover Biggs - 6 days ago
nobody ever gave Link that lighter.
Ingrid St Pierre
Ingrid St Pierre - 6 days ago
it made me squirm inside a little when they didn't shake the drink lol
hadlewyrch - 6 days ago
Good Mythical More..usually much more relaxing and satisfying than the “main” episode itself.
CalebTheNomad - 6 days ago
Enough shilling
Emily Cervera
Emily Cervera - 6 days ago
Mango is needed for snack test tast please try make an episode!🙏
Wirth It Productions
Wirth It Productions - 6 days ago
seems like these guys just get on eachothers nerves now
Avery Larsen
Avery Larsen - 6 days ago
rhetts hair is so luscious
Eric Rivera Serrano
Eric Rivera Serrano - 6 days ago
You guys should have an episode of Rhett tasting some random food and then guessing if link will like it or not. At 9:10 Rhett actually said that he spend enough time with link to know if he's going to like a random food or candy. You guys should put this to the test 😂😂😂 I bet he will be right on everything. Rhett I believe in you.
Mattie S
Mattie S - 6 days ago
Man I hope they sent one of those aprons to Julien Solomita
vinnyvdvici - 6 days ago
8:20 Well, she is your pro-deucer
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