Dragon Fruit Snack Taste Test

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Kikon - 2 months ago
i have Rhetts Humor, love his dad jokes
Punk1019 - 4 months ago
My favorite fruit of all time is dragon fruit it's jus the best next to pineapple and kiwi
Sara - 6 months ago
When they were drinking that Bai stuff and Rhett made that Justin Timberlake joke.. and Link didn't get the joke 😬
Ryn Taylor
Ryn Taylor - 6 months ago
i read fruit snacks and got excited
LMarie Smith
LMarie Smith - 6 months ago
Well, they all say "legend has it...", and that part isn't necessarily a lie. So, yeah....'liars' may be a little harsh.
Uh oh, here comes the meanie police!
Nevaeh Rivers
Nevaeh Rivers - 6 months ago
i love how much they bicker lol
mikeysrose - 6 months ago
Rhett, you can't form a conjunction with a dash...
Clara Pankuch
Clara Pankuch - 6 months ago
Seeing Rhett holding the bai make you realize that’s he’s a proper big man
Kaili Sack
Kaili Sack - 6 months ago
U da best ;-)
Like if u agree
rozprkr - 7 months ago
5:08 I’m done🤣🤣
Ann Margarette
Ann Margarette - 7 months ago
Omg Rhett that is soooo Dad joke 😂
just4meist - 7 months ago
Linguinus monster would’ve been good too lol
Sonicorp - 7 months ago
Denim apron are they using welding torches to freakin' cook the food they're making in the Mythical kitchen? All that is missing is welding gloves to use as oven mitts and a welders mask to use as a chefs hat.
Shawn Khounphithack
Shawn Khounphithack - 7 months ago
Rhett is the evolved form of yung gravy
MeowgicalCatt - 7 months ago
Pitahaya ❤️
Paul Enriquez-Goehring
Paul Enriquez-Goehring - 7 months ago
The Bai Dragonfruit isn't as good as Vitamin Water's one in my opinion
Ethan Roghaar
Ethan Roghaar - 7 months ago
Petition to have Mr. Pickles come on the show
John Hurley
John Hurley - 7 months ago
Where can you buy the dragon fruit chips
Demyx1x - 7 months ago
... why'd I JUST NOW get a notification for this?? ...
SquidgyBard94 - 7 months ago
Right after he said bless you I sneezed
Otis Horne
Otis Horne - 7 months ago
love me some hi chu
Pitten0625 _playz
Pitten0625 _playz - 7 months ago
I love dragon fruit
The Hufflepuff Hermione
The Hufflepuff Hermione - 7 months ago
They are supposed to shake the drink before opening.
Matthew Koller
Matthew Koller - 7 months ago
Lies! That is clearly FSM in aquatic form, Inked instead of Marinara. Praise be to its Noodly Goodness!
Capn Smashem
Capn Smashem - 7 months ago
Fruity Candy Andy and Cotton Candy Andy need to do a collab...
Julie Martin
Julie Martin - 7 months ago
Because “why not” can be because “reasons” ;)
Nix C
Nix C - 7 months ago
The watt link pours things on the table makes me so mad 😭
Spunky GoLightning
Spunky GoLightning - 7 months ago
“why you gotta put everything on the table?”
Randall Sunderland
Randall Sunderland - 7 months ago
Erythritol is a natural sweetener btw. Stevia is gross though.
Elijah Cruzada
Elijah Cruzada - 7 months ago
Instead of “Will It?”, the show would be called “Why’d it?”
Privacy Valued
Privacy Valued - 7 months ago
"Makes it taste like cleaner. Like a bad type of cleaner!" Aaaaaaand how exactly do you know what cleaner tastes like? That probably explains a few things.
TKOV TheKingOfVidoes
TKOV TheKingOfVidoes - 7 months ago
The pink inside dragonfruits way more sweet
A G - 7 months ago
Rhett's description of dragon fruit is spot on.
AKA KHavens
AKA KHavens - 7 months ago
I love dragonfruit chips
Rhonnie - 7 months ago
Loving Rhett's hair.
Karla P Santos
Karla P Santos - 7 months ago
I’m almost 22 and I freaking love candy 🍭
Tony Price
Tony Price - 7 months ago
A show that is hosted and run by giant children this is why I love watching you guys.
R'lyeh the Dead
R'lyeh the Dead - 7 months ago
I bought dragonfruit once. It tasted like dirt. I must've done something wrong.
KeraHero - 7 months ago
Awe the lifesavers it was the purple on that was dragon fruit. The red was Fiji apple
Xiaver Lucio
Xiaver Lucio - 7 months ago
so were not gonna mention links yearning for a harem
Bisckitt - 7 months ago
5:49, i'm 20 lying on my bed, alternating between gobstoppers and icebreakers while watching, yes rhett HAHAHHA
Tech Alch3m1st
Tech Alch3m1st - 7 months ago
Rhett, that is an awesome Hoodie!
Tech Alch3m1st
Tech Alch3m1st - 7 months ago
Link! that is a cool coat!
coleeg69 - 7 months ago
Bai is real good, but idk about drangon fruit falvor tho
Zai Beauty
Zai Beauty - 7 months ago
I love link’s hair in this episode
Devon Gavidia
Devon Gavidia - 7 months ago
It frustrates me how Rhett says “wite dragon fruit” and link says “hwite dragon fruit” yeah I know there’s an H
colourswift - 7 months ago
lets take bets on the date rhett first ties his hair back in either a pony tail or man bun
Drewburt1138 - 7 months ago
Never change, Link.
Katie McCall
Katie McCall - 7 months ago
Link’s side of the table looks like a kid on Halloween XD
Katie McCall
Katie McCall - 7 months ago
How did GMM start? I feel like it was a bit on school radio that they just kept doing after leaving school.
Melinda Luscomb
Melinda Luscomb - 7 months ago
You guys should do a gummy bears taste test. Taste Haribo, Albaneese, Trolli, and even Albanese Ultimate flavored gummy bears.
Declan Cole
Declan Cole - 7 months ago
🔥🔥🔥 1:38 🔥🖤🧡
Carol Robbins
Carol Robbins - 7 months ago
I LOVE HiChew. Grapefruit and grape are the best!
Diana Newcomer
Diana Newcomer - 7 months ago
"Let's make a show about snacks!"
That would be Unwrapped!! Already a show all about snacks and candy!!
That Bright Gaming
That Bright Gaming - 7 months ago
Dragon Fruit is amazing
Kevin McFadden
Kevin McFadden - 7 months ago
Seriously that should be a word. Whyn't?
Strawberry Milky
Strawberry Milky - 7 months ago
*insert something funny here*
Haha am I right???
Nathan Bilz
Nathan Bilz - 7 months ago
Where's Randy when you need him
James Owens
James Owens - 7 months ago
dragonfruit is grown in mexico asia and parts of south america
All about everything
All about everything - 7 months ago
thanks for the interesting video
Corey B
Corey B - 7 months ago
i hated that i was so disappointed by dragonfruit.. life savers gummies = life
NZ_MCG - 7 months ago
Oh yeah I prefer candy over chocolate
Tylor Wendt
Tylor Wendt - 7 months ago
You guys are really bad at 10 word story. Just keep it simple.
Grover Biggs
Grover Biggs - 7 months ago
nobody ever gave Link that lighter.
Ingrid St Pierre
Ingrid St Pierre - 7 months ago
it made me squirm inside a little when they didn't shake the drink lol
hadlewyrch - 7 months ago
Good Mythical More..usually much more relaxing and satisfying than the “main” episode itself.
CalebTheNomad - 7 months ago
Enough shilling
Emily Cervera
Emily Cervera - 7 months ago
Mango is needed for snack test tast please try make an episode!🙏
Wirth It Productions
Wirth It Productions - 7 months ago
seems like these guys just get on eachothers nerves now
Avery Larsen
Avery Larsen - 7 months ago
rhetts hair is so luscious
Eric Rivera Serrano
Eric Rivera Serrano - 7 months ago
You guys should have an episode of Rhett tasting some random food and then guessing if link will like it or not. At 9:10 Rhett actually said that he spend enough time with link to know if he's going to like a random food or candy. You guys should put this to the test 😂😂😂 I bet he will be right on everything. Rhett I believe in you.
Mattie S
Mattie S - 7 months ago
Man I hope they sent one of those aprons to Julien Solomita
vinnyvdvici - 7 months ago
8:20 Well, she is your pro-deucer
A Jordan
A Jordan - 7 months ago
Ethirytol.... lmfao
Alan Calvillo
Alan Calvillo - 7 months ago
I'm a Dragon
cheesygirl126 - 7 months ago
I like how Rhett can tell when Link isn’t going to like something before Link even tastes it. That’s friendship man.
Dactrin - 7 months ago
"Why you gotta put everything on the tab-"
Btw Rhett is turning into Tormund and it's glorious.
dynamite G
dynamite G - 7 months ago
I can taste that calorie 🤣🤣💀
Ivie Coesens
Ivie Coesens - 7 months ago
No one:
Lisa Heisey
Lisa Heisey - 7 months ago
Dragonfruit is my favorite flavor of Vitaminwater. ❤
oldman RETRO
oldman RETRO - 7 months ago
I don’t know why they call it dragon fruit...... it grows on a damn cactus🤷‍♂️
Mirmu - 7 months ago
I buy dragon fruit from my local asian grocery store they taste better and they're cheaper
Snippet - 7 months ago
Rhett > Link
Mario Muro
Mario Muro - 7 months ago
Rhett looks like what could have happened if southern America adopted Hip Hop 20 years ago.
Amanda Crase
Amanda Crase - 7 months ago
Funny story. My 76 year old dad loves the show "How it's Made". He got my husband watching it too. Years ago, my dad was talking to my husband, and my husband, who has a strong southern accent, said, "Did you watch 'How it's made' today?" My dad said no but looked confused and asked why he would watch that? My husband told him that he watches because he saw my dad watching it. My dad said he has never heard of it before. I realized my dad misunderstood my husband and I said, "Dad, you do watch 'How it's made', like everyday." My dad started laughing and said, "Oh. I thought he said 'House Maids' and thought it was some new weird reality TV show that followed the lives of maids." We still laugh about this.
Jessica Wolf
Jessica Wolf - 7 months ago
I love dragon fruit great more
TR230de - 7 months ago
Dragon fruit is a palate cleanser
AwesomeKitCat - 7 months ago
Who else misunderstood and thought they made fruit snacks for dragons?...
Catharine Armstrong-Larock
Rhett you are not wrong...like you are expecting a tart, berry flavour and you get cucumber
Meredith Sobel
Meredith Sobel - 7 months ago
I think we all want a twisted thingamajig... because why-not??
L K D - 7 months ago
Link is actually low key mad af
NoiseDay - 7 months ago
Either Rhett was extra funny or I am extra giggly. Either way, I had a good time.
Flora Wright
Flora Wright - 7 months ago
I'm fairly certain they missed the lifesavers that were actually dragon fruit flavored
Captain Shadowfox
Captain Shadowfox - 7 months ago
I love Dragon Fruit
Bretticular - 7 months ago
You know what day it ISSSSSSS!
Thomas Mendez
Thomas Mendez - 7 months ago
9:06 dragonfruit fruits grows from cactus not a flower but yeah it is a fruit
Phonexay Phoutasen
Phonexay Phoutasen - 7 months ago
Vannahbabes - 7 months ago
Try pink lemonade flavored stuff next!!!
Kev R
Kev R - 7 months ago
Y’all should do star fruit
Mikel Campbell
Mikel Campbell - 7 months ago
I was thinking it was postifarian
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