The Babysitter (2017) KILL COUNT

129 551
3 172
Dead Meat
Dead Meat - 4 months ago
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Guest 3D
Guest 3D - 3 days ago
i watched that movie lol and im 13 years old. and i hardly turned my eyes away or blinked.
sebastiangamer - 12 days ago
That is a lot of text
Nathan Tiblow
Nathan Tiblow - 13 days ago
I wonder how many nightmares you have 🤔
why so sweatyyy why so sweatyyy
My name is cole
gabbymalveaux - 16 days ago
Dead Meat g gf fcccfccfffc
coffe lizard
coffe lizard - 8 minutes ago
I saw this when i was 7, lets just say my babysitters did not have a good time taking care of me
Vicky R.
Vicky R. - 3 hours ago
Tarantulas are over the place where I live in Arizona 🙄
Ester Crump
Ester Crump - 3 hours ago
Did anyone else see Max spine go out of his neck will he died
Spencer Ice Nine Kills
Spencer Ice Nine Kills - 6 hours ago
Me and my dad wash this movie and he thought it was the comedy romance until Samuel died
gold king boss
gold king boss - 6 hours ago
0:38 Shrek?
AsterThe Floof
AsterThe Floof - 7 hours ago
The guy who got his neck inpailed looked like someone from twilight of something like that
Sorry for bad spelling.
Demon withered Bonnie
Demon withered Bonnie - 8 hours ago
Holy shit
Boy Wonder Carrier
Boy Wonder Carrier - 8 hours ago
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeet
No One
No One - 11 hours ago
What the hell is wrong with this 🎥 movie
Titty Man
Titty Man - 13 hours ago
yo this kid is actually 18 I'm not lying he's on Netflix daybreak
TF FoC Metroflex
TF FoC Metroflex - Day ago
Hope they make a second one
1960's Clint Eastwood
Just watched I See You and Judah Lewis still looks the same but only twice as taller.
Itz XRiot
Itz XRiot - Day ago
I love you dead meat but it’s King B-A-CH remember the A
Semaje Evans
Semaje Evans - Day ago
I watched this last night
The Joker
The Joker - Day ago
James, I love you but it’s pronounced king batch
ocean _ rose
ocean _ rose - Day ago
The king of vine is dead with his dead vine
Emilio Fleites-Rosero
Emilio Fleites-Rosero - 2 days ago
LOL he said king BOC even though his name is kin Bach
KIRI GYT - 2 days ago
Will there be a sequel ?
Ickie Ickie
Ickie Ickie - 2 days ago
You should do a kill count on the horro movie “holidays” it’s a really cool movie
Brianna's World
Brianna's World - 8 hours ago
SRVC Pooda
SRVC Pooda - 2 days ago
Who is king bak I thought is was king bach
Gucci McDuck
Gucci McDuck - 2 days ago
DeadMeat: old people boomer talk
Me: ok boomer
Coleman Hawkey
Coleman Hawkey - 2 days ago
My name is coleman
Umaretsuki - 2 days ago
King Bach has died from falling off stairwells in movies two times.
Jordison Kail
Jordison Kail - 3 days ago
Sonya I’m still alive
Firework I’m finna end this woman’s whole career
phoenixfirex - 3 days ago
What do you call a tiny toilet?

A Baby Shitter! **Ba Dum Tss**
Lps Gianni
Lps Gianni - 3 days ago
Does James know every horror movie ever
Aaron Mullings
Aaron Mullings - 3 days ago
Of course batch dies first and hes a meme maker that's fucked up
roominecon king
roominecon king - 3 days ago
Bully :*punches a kid and bully him*
*The same kid when kill a full team of serial killers*
Bully: something wrong i can fell it
biohalo87freak - 3 days ago
bunuh diri goblok
biohalo87freak - 3 days ago
kung pow penis
Idiotic Badger
Idiotic Badger - 4 days ago
Is nobody gunna talk about how he kinda implied that Bohemian rhapsody is bad?
Manuel Mateo
Manuel Mateo - 3 days ago
Seems more like he's implying it's overused, but James could also dislike it.
Will Boshell
Will Boshell - 4 days ago
Did you just buy insult Bohemian Rhapsody??
What a mistake you have made.
Aiden Pearce
Aiden Pearce - 4 days ago
I didnt even know The Babysitter was a horror movie.....
Nick Mejia Paredes
Nick Mejia Paredes - 4 days ago
He said king bac
anissa rhenette
anissa rhenette - 5 days ago
i love this movie, it’s funny
Dawn Gorman
Dawn Gorman - 5 days ago
#DeadMeat, why didn't you put Bee on the count?
Anonymous - 5 days ago
made me laugh
Orli Azoulay
Orli Azoulay - 5 days ago
Pitch Perfect anyone?
Over Haul
Over Haul - 5 days ago
I laughed so hard at the game glitched joke
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