DaBaby & Roddy Ricch Make Powerful Statement In “Rockstar” Performance | BET Awards 20

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Hauke - Hour ago
This begining is so sick and emotional.
Hauke - Hour ago
Bet like my comment please
Rasa ramanuiskaite
Rasa ramanuiskaite - Hour ago
Just because black iš a bad colour or u aint likę it dosent mean you cant be friends į have a black friend and im wite and we get a long were deferent but The same in our hearts❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rasa ramanuiskaite
Rasa ramanuiskaite - Hour ago
Im crying❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😂
Rasa ramanuiskaite
Rasa ramanuiskaite - Hour ago
Rasa ramanuiskaite
Rasa ramanuiskaite - Hour ago
Jay Wright
Jay Wright - Hour ago
I 've love this song and the power of black people if we stand together we can do it
Only1kingjosejr - Hour ago
Black lives matter
Higher standards Cleaning Ltd
All life matters that’s what people need to believe
Titan Cribbing
Titan Cribbing - 2 hours ago
As a white guy in Canada we don’t have these scum bag cops like the USA but this has made rap music great again!!!!
nevermind - 2 hours ago
I understand completely that nobody knows anything and we are all ants marching along.
Osmane Traore
Osmane Traore - 2 hours ago
GachaPixla - 2 hours ago
if you disliked this lets get into the mind set of of the supporters.
jamie jupiter
jamie jupiter - 3 hours ago
Am i the only one that realize the song is conflicting with the whole fucking video? he talking bout killing and the video shows black protest, BLM etc.
ALEX - 3 hours ago
Hmmm i wonder who disliked? (Police)
ALEX - 3 hours ago
I liked
Ky'Mali Simmonds
Ky'Mali Simmonds - 4 hours ago
Max de Max Ovidiu
Max de Max Ovidiu - 4 hours ago
Name Universe
Name Universe - 4 hours ago
People are hating at each other for no other reason, the fact we all came from Adam and Eve there should be love, earth is suffering cause of us.
Karla Casey
Karla Casey - 4 hours ago
The end of the thig it was so sad 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢
Craig Thomas
Craig Thomas - 4 hours ago
The end of the song with the little girl got me 😪
Fagner Mv
Fagner Mv - 5 hours ago
Joseph Ricardo
Joseph Ricardo - 6 hours ago
Black lives matter
Nevaeh's Beehive
Nevaeh's Beehive - 6 hours ago
Who saw the video of that lol girl at the end crying bc her dad/mom got killed ?
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt - 6 hours ago
"I look to a day where people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content to their character" -Martin Luther King
Big man
Big man - 6 hours ago
Alejandra - 6 hours ago
Yessss!!! BLM!
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt - 6 hours ago
power button
power button - 6 hours ago
F you 😒
Anthony Carrington
Anthony Carrington - 7 hours ago
Da baby is one the realists out there this song hits home 💯 never stop fighting its our time more than ever #BLM ✊🏿✊🏿
meme12 - 8 hours ago
BLM is a communist hate group
princzessriah !!
princzessriah !! - 8 hours ago
princzessriah !!
princzessriah !! - 8 hours ago
The Humungus
The Humungus - 8 hours ago
Making a martyr out of a worthless thug. Keep it up... the sheep are on your side. No one with half a brain thinks cops are above the law... this was nothing more than a ruse to turn a convict pos into a hero by George Soros and his communist network. Cop got prosecuted. Our legal system works.
Imraan Fortnite
Imraan Fortnite - 9 hours ago
Black lives matter✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Derricio Calhoun
Derricio Calhoun - 9 hours ago
Roddy rich is trash lil Durk copy but I do respect the message
Dennis Coxx
Dennis Coxx - 9 hours ago
Its all over best song for 2020 and this is coming from the Bahamas...... Rockstar....
Lyneice Bass
Lyneice Bass - 9 hours ago
Why is this the best BET Awards there’s been in a long time 😭❤️
Ray Torres
Ray Torres - 10 hours ago
Chazilla3000 - 10 hours ago
Did he change the first verse? I remember the first video being him carrying a guitar lol the concept of the song was different
Gogo Hema
Gogo Hema - 10 hours ago
BLM is black lives matter
Dassah Bennett
Dassah Bennett - 10 hours ago
this is true black lives do matter
InItForTheParking - 11 hours ago
Is this "a powerful statement" or an "attention grab by exploiting a tragedy"?
𝚉𝚊𝚙𝚒 - 4 hours ago
Umm a powerful statement? If you are saying he's doing this for clout, don't even talk to me
The Humungus
The Humungus - 8 hours ago
What tragedy? A bad cop and a piece o trash thug both lost.
Roman Jack
Roman Jack - 12 hours ago
Unappreciated Ree
Unappreciated Ree - 12 hours ago
YashFire - 12 hours ago
Star Muto
Star Muto - 13 hours ago
This moving
Girls on til tok 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾
Wyatt Brantley
Wyatt Brantley - 14 hours ago
Greatly performed
showtime2474 - 15 hours ago
Ricardo Staffeleu
Ricardo Staffeleu - 15 hours ago
Lets appricate the fact that those words come out of a 4 year old his mounth😕 and no one tell
Him what to say aint no message go check lil baby he had a message this just vibin smh good beat good everything noooo message
Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez - 15 hours ago
Malak Benmoussa
Malak Benmoussa - 3 hours ago
Brandon Martinez, um, yeah they do, but well everyone's saying Black lives matter cuz when u say all lives matter, its implying that white people are suffering too
Jharmaine Carl Mendoza
Jharmaine Carl Mendoza - 16 hours ago
So um, I don't fuckin understand why ppl dislike
clayton harless
clayton harless - 16 hours ago
I'm praying for George Flyods family 🙏🏿🙏🏿
clayton harless
clayton harless - 16 hours ago
That fucked up people get judged buy there skin color I'm 12 and I'm white and I want to hurt the people that is racist
George Floyd😓😭
Ruebens Playtime
Ruebens Playtime - 16 hours ago
Underrated ass RAPPER
danh vô bụi đời
danh vô bụi đời - 17 hours ago
hello 👋👋👋
Kane Shock
Kane Shock - 17 hours ago
Whoever says that black lives don't matter fuck them I'm a white person and yes black lives ✊
clayton harless
clayton harless - 18 hours ago
I love this song
Lejune Johnson
Lejune Johnson - 18 hours ago
i xant stop rewinding this song thank u for making this dababy robbyriccoh
dont be outta the loop
dont be outta the loop - 18 hours ago
Dylan_EP3 - 18 hours ago
Anyone to say "Black lives matter" is racist change my mind
cactus jack
cactus jack - 19 hours ago
FELIX YT12 - 20 hours ago
Dababy be speaking facts tho 😔
Tiffany Pellew
Tiffany Pellew - 20 hours ago
Dababy and Roddy Ricch did a good job like that, black lives matter allot
Jan Shull
Jan Shull - 20 hours ago
I really liked your video and I really liked when the gir lwas talking about that we need more love and that it's sad because our mothers and fathers are getting killed and we can see them anymore and it's true and it's really sad because when we say black lives matter we're not saying it's just black lives it's that black people have been treated badly so we're saying that everybody needs to be treated the same like in stores like white people have more products and black people have less it's just sad and the list goes on and on we need to be treated the same because like me I'm 12and kids and like were scared to go outside because like what if I'm walking down the street and a cop comes and thinks I'm doing something bad and stops me and it's scary to think about and like are they just going to l get out of there car and talk to me or they going to like push me down to the ground it's very scary to think about especially for a kid like me and other kids
Malak Benmoussa
Malak Benmoussa - 2 hours ago
It is scary to think about, I'm just a bit older than u
Pepsi Man AKA Baljeet
Pepsi Man AKA Baljeet - 20 hours ago
Laurel Egwu
Laurel Egwu - 21 hour ago
The fact that 10,913 people disliked this video
YEET MC BOI - 21 hour ago
One man criminal died to a cop and yall niggas go bat shit crazy
Royalty Family fan
Royalty Family fan - 21 hour ago
I watch this every single day
Tallman Musiq
Tallman Musiq - 21 hour ago
Black Lives Matter anyone who believe in that please click this link
Rielle Alexis
Rielle Alexis - 22 hours ago
This song is meaningful to all black people✊✊✊✊

Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller - 23 hours ago
The video has not e muthafuccin thing to do with the song🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Ava Taylor
Ava Taylor - 23 hours ago
I am black 😭😢
Mario Rojas
Mario Rojas - 23 hours ago
Likes if DaBaby is right why can’t people got to treat black people different 😡
 - Day ago
I'm a white boy from Germany and i hate to see how the world is, like we are all the same nobody is different we are all flesh and blood we need to help eachother not to fight.
Rena Strickland
Rena Strickland - Day ago
CV:/ - Day ago
I can’t wait to see people say “who here after corona”
aLeX SeU
aLeX SeU - Day ago
Tchelo Achozen
Tchelo Achozen - Day ago
Yeah 📿😢😢 black live matter
Missy Missy
Missy Missy - Day ago
Go YouTube for putting this in my notifications!!!!
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Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow - Day ago
I dare you to watch these videos and not have your mind changed.
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