Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 3

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cratecody - 2 days ago
“FLooOoOr iT?!”
Ricardo Milos Oily flex power astartes
People working and risk their health and life for our entertainment deserves more appreciation. Specially many people who already ruined their health for pretty actor face
must thopa sultanova chalih
try power you're self soldier maybe boxing
Nandhini Ashok
Nandhini Ashok - 6 days ago
The cut at 1:38...forehead wrinkles what????
ZoeBug - 8 days ago
I'd love for your guys to look at some of the awesome stunt sequences in Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Not only because they're really spectacular but because there's kind of a lack of stuntwomen being appreciated
WingKy Ter_Id
WingKy Ter_Id - 9 days ago
Iko Uwais 🇮🇩
Dimas Hekmatyar
Dimas Hekmatyar - 9 days ago
Please React to false alarm
Kel Pradovich
Kel Pradovich - 9 days ago
that car launch slide that didn't kill the cam crew was very much not appreciated by me until this vid. it was cool in real time, but i didn't honestly break it down. i think cgi has me lazy about this level of tech skills.
Dragonetta - 10 days ago
This was fun!!!
30RedPillsAday - 11 days ago
kudos bro, great content! really enjoyed this
itisimpossibleto - 11 days ago
Part 4?
bethune1990 - 12 days ago
I mean I’m not really a fan of the Batman trilogy One because of the fight scenes like everyone knows the Batman his best qualities and other than being a great detective is that he knows how to kick ass the fight scenes from the first one Batman begins you just Saul close of fights and him elbowing people and it was like OK they’re just going up to you and your elbowing them you’re not fighting Michael Keaton learned a little bit of kickboxing for his role as Batman which you know me for some good fight scenes
Top 10 ID
Top 10 ID - 13 days ago
Michael Pare
Michael Pare - 13 days ago
You guys should review the car chase scene in Blue Brothers (the original). It might be the best and most ridiculous scene ever.
CrimsonSlayer7 - 13 days ago
Damn that drop crashed the program
Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz - 14 days ago
Love your channel, hit the million fucking adds.
Ambush gamer
Ambush gamer - 14 days ago
I am Human
I am Human - 14 days ago
The stuntguys are the real heroes. The need to get much appreciation as the actor who did it.
AkirA900 - 14 days ago
why u alway say subscribe? this is f up... unlike
Bonbram Yt
Bonbram Yt - 14 days ago
My teacher is in the raid movie
Its Decs
Its Decs - 15 days ago
Its the same damn outro as the 1st one had........
Endra Hermawan
Endra Hermawan - 16 days ago
Please try to peel Indonesian action films > " The night comes for us - julie estelle the operator vs two assassins " : , greetings from indonesia , I'm waiting for the video . thank you brother .
1881eagle - 16 days ago
Stuntman reacts to man from nowhere fight scene final.
Julian Robinson
Julian Robinson - 21 day ago
The Countach in Wolf of Wall Street was real! Bad example. It hurts to know they actually destroyed a real Countach, but they did.
Jesse Reiter
Jesse Reiter - 21 day ago
You all know that robots have around for longer that care to discuss but you guys have made the first public figure robot that seems to have feelings great job guys.
Chris Brown
Chris Brown - 21 day ago
I went to a Fast and furious live show and they did that bank vault scene and when it went past a light you could see the guy inside of it sliding it about
James Smith
James Smith - 22 days ago
I had to do my own stunts in Iraq
Peter Evans
Peter Evans - 24 days ago
Most of these "directors" are incredibly sloppy. During the movie you can clearly see the incompetence of the fight choreography. I stopped watching any and all action movies 10 years ago because they are so careless about doing even a mediocre job. I never, ever blame the stunt people, it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with the director. Nolan is awful.
abe ja
abe ja - 24 days ago
Can u react for tony jaa's movie... The Protector...
Gooma - 25 days ago
2:30 batarang? I mean come on. There’s at least SOME excuse for this.
WeirdPhilosophy - 25 days ago
I have a humongous mancrush on eric... you guys gotta bring him back on the series
John Schauder
John Schauder - 26 days ago
Maybe get a full size couch for this video. Why put 3 guys on a love seat? A little gay, no?
JanPospisil42 - 26 days ago
Do a Stuntman Reacts to the scene where a tricycle runs over a stuntman's head from "Order of the Black Eagle". (There's a short interview with the stuntman Steve Winegard on Youtube)
mickey - 26 days ago
Very awesome 🌟
MR. Anonymous
MR. Anonymous - 26 days ago
Try Mad max Fury road
visuellemontage - 29 days ago
funny subliminal message (subscribe!) at 05:40 min. dear Corridors, you should have added the famous ONE frame! Anyway, love you guys and shame on everybody not subscribing, but watching!
Jeremiah Jeno
Jeremiah Jeno - 29 days ago
In dark knight it looks like something is thrown at him
Biscuit Gidoni
Biscuit Gidoni - Month ago
I thought they were vfx artists or whatever
Brahm Schultz
Brahm Schultz - Month ago
love you guys, but kinda salty that you filmed this and broke it up in to three separate videos, which you released weeks apart. feels kind of disingenuous, is there some kind of technical reason for this?
dinkles - Month ago
React to Jackie chan stunts
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