Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 3

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Adam - 9 hours ago
You guys need a larger couch to handle all this beefcake.
maestro ace
maestro ace - 10 hours ago
React to hollywood
And basically video start with indonesien film fight scene😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ishaq Niz
Ishaq Niz - 11 hours ago
John wick stunts the stuntman
mikah ong
mikah ong - 11 hours ago
Please do the kingsman films
Victoria Random
Victoria Random - 12 hours ago
Doug Demuro is the kind of guy to appear in every other random video, and for more click the description below to check my column on where I made I list of the top ten random cameos of Doug Demuro.
RS1 - 12 hours ago
I was a stunt double in a bukake movie... 😐 not my best stunt.. But its a living.
Josh Stamey
Josh Stamey - 12 hours ago
The cliff to pine tree jump from the first Rambo movie is one of like to hear him break down
elyjah02 - 12 hours ago
the daredevil hallway fight pls
Nenjles Wibisono
Nenjles Wibisono - 13 hours ago
John Wick and The Raid is like a real stunt porn.. :D 🤭
SeriousMrKarate - 13 hours ago
Can you guys react Korean Action Movies The Man From Nowhere 2010 and The Company Man 2012 Confidential Assignment 2017 plz?
Kosal Seak
Kosal Seak - 13 hours ago
STUNTMAN* React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 3
Joaquin Carrasco
Joaquin Carrasco - 13 hours ago
I would love to see a breakdown of the chase scene in B13 (District 13)
Brady Gearheart
Brady Gearheart - 13 hours ago
Came for The Raid.
king Quan
king Quan - 14 hours ago
Do the man from nowhere
MYM - 14 hours ago
Please also breakdown Atomic Blonde fights scene. Thanks
MYM - 14 hours ago
Can you please breakdown Jackie Chan scene for me?
Brian Chen
Brian Chen - 14 hours ago
ip man 1,2 or 3
Sandy - 15 hours ago
Next time you guys do one of these clips, It'd be awesome if you do the final fight of The Man From Nowhere, but just make sure it's the Korean audio one because the English dub is horrible.
Xtremo - 15 hours ago
Stuntmen reacts to Batman fight scene from Batman vs Superman. The one where Batman fights all the goons in the warehouse. I'd like to see the stuntmans thoughts on it.
Seanpark2 - 15 hours ago
React to Ip Man vs 10 black belts
jd Mendoza
jd Mendoza - 15 hours ago
Eric is soo good looking, he should be a leading man.
AV X - 15 hours ago
Sterling GroupCo
Sterling GroupCo - 16 hours ago
Tyler Billel
Tyler Billel - 16 hours ago
Would love to see a reaction of Mad Max: Fury Road
Aria - 16 hours ago
That one random “subscribe” at like 5:43 or something...I see what you did there...😂
Eapen Leubner
Eapen Leubner - 16 hours ago
Hey, I'm really loving the show and I'm catching up. Would you take a look at the Sammo Hung movies that are posted on Amazon Prime? I am watching "The Magnificent Butcher" right now and it would be great to get your comments on the way they choreographed the movies. It would also be great to hear about the professional opinion on many of the Golden Harvest and other Kung Fu movies including "36th Chamber of Shao Lin". From a layman's point of view, I'm enjoying these movies. Are they well conceived? They seem pretty cool. You can tag me at @Eaps on twitter. or @eapenLeubner on facebook
game-sweetchaos Fox
game-sweetchaos Fox - 17 hours ago
wow the fast and the furious fooled me cause i didnt know that vault was a vehicle
JOAO BOT - 18 hours ago
Something feels familliar in this video...
Steve Stark
Steve Stark - 18 hours ago
4 ads in a 11 min video! WTF
VINCE BERNAL - 19 hours ago
top 10 greatest vids on utube!!!!
Andrew Pleva
Andrew Pleva - 19 hours ago
Your subscribe sfx is annoying af.
Hugo McMorran
Hugo McMorran - 20 hours ago
3:49 subliminal ‘subscribe’ WTF guys? Actually happened again... so you have earned my unsubscribe... I mean... wtf?
Jeff Arnold
Jeff Arnold - 20 hours ago
Some of those scenes from the fast and the furious with the vault was CGI.
BoardWhareHowse - 20 hours ago
But the Fast and Furious thing looks CG. That sucks that it was real
Aless Palma
Aless Palma - 20 hours ago
4:05 does anyone know where is that from ? I need context
BKingTz - 20 hours ago
@ericlinden WHAT?
Why don't you put link in the description?
Stunt doubles deserve a category on the oscars. These guys are great🙌🙌🙌🙌😤🇨🇲🔥🔥🔥
TheCanadianBubba - 20 hours ago
Part 3 did not disappoint : ]
Gucci Hoover
Gucci Hoover - 21 hour ago
Shane Benjamson
Shane Benjamson - 21 hour ago
The editing is horrendous, jesus christ. Just chill for a bit. Let them do their thing, like my god. Stop interrupting them with, "funny meme!" bullshit.
WuTang Forever
WuTang Forever - 22 hours ago
Umm, you guys need a bigger couch.
Jigar Chheda
Jigar Chheda - 23 hours ago
Try reacting to the South Indian movie action sequences... Its nuts💪😂
Surya Raya
Surya Raya - 23 hours ago
Hey try a Indian fight scene from Vishwaroopam by Kamal hassan
Leamick - 23 hours ago
Real Lamborghini Countach wrecked in WOWS!
ruthleshunter - 23 hours ago
the pencil scene in john wick 2, how was it done without anyone dying?
G Junior
G Junior - 23 hours ago
Please react official trailler gundala 2019
Hafif Syukra
Hafif Syukra - Day ago
The Raid didn't use green screen on that one, it uses practical effects
daf - Day ago
Just watched the 3 videos, very interesting stuff, keep 'em coming ! Good job guys !
YoJay Fam
YoJay Fam - Day ago
so ur telling me some of the node guys are stuntmen???
Mikays !
Mikays ! - Day ago
4:37 Eric ignores
Janne Kinturi
Janne Kinturi - Day ago
Yeah react to Jackie Chan stunts!
heavystarch100 - Day ago
This should be a Netflix series! I enjoyed the shit out of this! The stuntguy has charisma!!👊
Leopardkuno47 - Day ago
Yess I’ve been wanting you guys to do the fast and the furious
AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
The subliminal "subscribe" audio makes you feel like you're hearing things! ;) Anyone else catch 'em?
Brian Baer
Brian Baer - Day ago
What movies has these dudes been in? Or are they c list stunt men
Fay - Day ago
Haywire (2011), some The Punisher (2017) or Daredevil (2015)
Wait? Wad!
Wait? Wad! - Day ago
The Raid 2 at the thumbnail is not available😂😂
Marc Lawrence
Marc Lawrence - Day ago
Hey guys, could you react to Scott Adkins.
Grey lxrd
Grey lxrd - Day ago
The raid 1 and 2 are incredible movies and really underrated
Ayeamme - Day ago
Using the Wolf of Wall Street countach while talking about using fake cars is hilarious, because that's one where the director decided a fake wouldn't bust up the right way, so it's a real one.
李闯闯 - Day ago
Mahardika Lazuardi
Mahardika Lazuardi - Day ago
The Raid.
mangopy - Day ago
First time I've seen you guys, and I definitely saw Christian Bale in the middle.
MeY HaH - Day ago
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Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 3
I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It's when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.
I think that if I ever have kids, and they are upset, I won't tell them that people are starving in China or anything like that because it wouldn't change the fact that they were upset. And even if somebody else has it much worse, that doesn't really change the fact that you have what you have.
tjpm - Day ago
Bigger 🛋?
TeemDynasty - Day ago
Please react to ninja 2 stunts and fight scenes
Anton de Jesus
Anton de Jesus - Day ago
NinjaRider777R - Day ago
John Wick 1969 Mustang Fastbacks were real, not kit cars.
Some Guy
Some Guy - Day ago
You guys should watch the car chase scene from "The French Connection"
Curron Gajadhar
Curron Gajadhar - Day ago
Its called drifting.
Kenneth Duzan
Kenneth Duzan - Day ago
Face off
Night Walker
Night Walker - Day ago
Guys make a react in "Ang probinsyano" literally the worst TV action show in the world right now
Dethmasheen - Day ago
Do an episode on ALL the Mad Max movies. Do 5 episodes actually.
Twizzle Vee
Twizzle Vee - Day ago
Dude! Put this guy on your team to help you film some cool shit!👍
RoarRaps - Day ago
I just learned how Ip Man actually had stunts, when I assumed it was made before that stuff was around.
wktjan4286 - Day ago
Why do I hear subscribe twice during the talking?...It is really annoying. 5:38.
wktjan4286 - Day ago
Men they look uncomfortably squished together on the couch. :/
Kryz Xcl
Kryz Xcl - Day ago
What movie is that from? The one where Eric jumps out of the car and walks off?
Syed Huzaifa Hassan
I watched the entire movie again just to be sure, those guys @ 02:35 are not taking random reaction, batman was fighting them, and these stuntmen think they are more detail oriented than Nolan. I have to say this because no other comment said it.
Christian Cho
Christian Cho - Day ago
old boy corridor scene
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