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Z Wil
Z Wil - Hour ago
I'll never be able to afford the delicious looking expensive bacons, but I'm glad I can see an expert explain and try them for me
randall shelp
randall shelp - Hour ago
he has no idea he screwed up... hired host
randall shelp
randall shelp - Hour ago
dude is clueless
randall shelp
randall shelp - Hour ago
he is wrong
Ian Gonzalez
Ian Gonzalez - 2 hours ago
That frying sound, made me image the taste of crackling bacon.
Sam Jung
Sam Jung - 2 hours ago
This guy just came to eat some bacon
Cambio de Rumbo
Cambio de Rumbo - 4 hours ago
I didn't knew that Van Gogh was a bacon expert... :P
Survivor Prepper
Survivor Prepper - 6 hours ago
Ha ha, I hate to breal it to you little buddy, but the United States of America has a much higher quality of healthcare and more advances & effective medical treatments than Canada has. Only an ignorant fool would think that Canada has better healthcare than the U.S.A. Lol. 🤣
DeAnne Paris
DeAnne Paris - 8 hours ago
I wish that they showed the brands!
Chase Wages
Chase Wages - 9 hours ago
Hey its that guy who gets along with Brad
Gunna LV
Gunna LV - 12 hours ago
The perfect job doesnt ex...
Seth Williams
Seth Williams - 13 hours ago
Going to go make some bacon now
Jeanette Jacobs
Jeanette Jacobs - 15 hours ago
Lol tasting bacon: "this is a really good bacon".. "this is really good bacon, too"... yup, pretty much
Reginald Corbynwood
Reginald Corbynwood - 15 hours ago
Console MonsterX
Console MonsterX - 16 hours ago
Canada has TERRIBLE healthcare. I don't why there's this myth that they have good healthcare. They don't. Any care that is government supplied is factually going to be worse. There isn't a single country on the planet that has better care than the US and Obama made us worse. We went from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th place to 1st place when Obamacare rolled out. And as for them being nicer... watch a hockey game.
Alexis Mitchell
Alexis Mitchell - 19 hours ago
I was able to identify the more expensive one almost immediately; I don’t even like bacon and rarely eat it.
Cary Meyer
Cary Meyer - Day ago
I guess I could be a bacon expert because those were extremely easy to tell which were more expensive without missing any.
Artmiese 💋Elizabeth
The euro bacon is HUGE. I want some of that bacon 🤤
Brian Gardner
Brian Gardner - Day ago
Something about eating raw bacon, even smoked and cured had me a little squeamish, however, I would prefer it raw over burnt any day.
Andrei  Valentin
Andrei Valentin - Day ago
Bruv, true bacon is cooked in the oven
Trey Roque
Trey Roque - Day ago
Makin bacon. ;P
omgitzsteg - Day ago
4:21 "that bacon is delicious" 4:29 "that bacon is delicious too"
Bruno Lafleur
Bruno Lafleur - Day ago
Fun fact : Canadians don't eat "Canadian bacon". We just eat "American bacon" and we call it... well, bacon. What you call "Canadian bacon" is actually "Back bacon". You americans named it "canadian bacon". So, please don't serve us "canadian" bacon when you invite us over. "Canadian bacon" has nothing to do with Canada.
curlyswirly - Day ago
that chalk board art is awesome!
Alex 180SX
Alex 180SX - 2 days ago
I'm pretty sure this half Jew / half Musso shouldn't be eating pigs! 🤔 What is Mohammed and Moses gonna say bruh!? 🤦🏼‍♂️
Scandinavian Roar
Scandinavian Roar - 2 days ago
Interestingly enough, in Sweden it's usually the American style bacon that we refer to as bacon.
Mikko Argonza
Mikko Argonza - 3 days ago
"It's like American Bacon, but friendlier, and with better healthcare"
Shyne Hart
Shyne Hart - 3 days ago
3:24 my guy just tries the bacon...awe you bold bold
real world24
real world24 - 4 days ago
Turkeys don't have bellies interesting
jeremiah davis
jeremiah davis - 4 days ago
Turkey bacon isn't bacon. It's turkey slices
P4n3K - 4 days ago
is it making me bigger expert if I already said which one is better and was all the time right just by looking on it on the movie?
Piak Piak
Piak Piak - 4 days ago
Turkey bacon is not bacon.
Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas - 4 days ago
That English bacon though....looks delish!
Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas - 4 days ago
But American bacon is still the SHIZ.
Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas - 4 days ago
Yo, I HIGHLY recommend to Eli to adopt an ONGOING anti-parasitic cleanse through herbs, tinctures, teas or diet. For reals dude...pork is a MAJOR carrier of parasites...and then you eat a RAW piece? Good Lord! Dude do it. You'll save your own dang life. Sheesh.
Prevenger - 5 days ago
If you score him by judging the more *quality* bacon he got every one
Zuzanna Karolina Filutowska
Organic is just a buzz word, you are talking with sense but please stop promoting "organic" scam.
Andrew Cheng
Andrew Cheng - 5 days ago
turkey bacon is a lie
eli: **eats raw bacon**
Pepe The frog
Pepe The frog - 3 days ago
intotheflamesoficeandfire don't worry grade A or B meat have insurance of no bac
Haqon - 5 days ago
When he ate the bacon before cooking it it reminded me of when mark ruffalo spoiled endgame
Shampoo Fully
Shampoo Fully - 5 days ago
When did this guy get demoted?
Angel Hope
Angel Hope - 6 days ago
I was specting for harley from epic meal time to go and hell bacon or something like that xD
JJ Kirkman
JJ Kirkman - 6 days ago
Hey i'm a weed expert btw
S. P. Spatafore
S. P. Spatafore - 7 days ago
If it's Canadian, it's healthcare is far worse than American bacon. In fact, the bacon that can afford it surely comes to America for the better product. 😉
Terry Beardmore
Terry Beardmore - 7 days ago
Regular studies show American healthcare isn't better than anywhere with socialised healthcare and that the number of Americans going to Canada for healthcare far out numbers the number of Canadians visiting expensive US clinics.
Jason Williams
Jason Williams - 8 days ago
Makes 3 pieces of bacon, leaves 2.5 pieces behind. I do not comprehend.
GR1878 - 9 days ago
Firstly all the bacon was massively overcooked, particuarly the British bacon. Also isn't spek Dutch for bacon not Italian?
GR1878 - 7 days ago
Onyxia Kagome
Onyxia Kagome - 8 days ago
If that wasnt clear this is a joke
Onyxia Kagome
Onyxia Kagome - 8 days ago
That wasn't overcooked you coward. Do you want to eat living parasites or consume their corpses? Send tweet
Gloxxify - 10 days ago
Turkey isn't bacon its just a pan fried sausage. Disgusting.
Gaudium Felidae
Gaudium Felidae - 10 days ago
What i learned about bacon
German > English > Canadian > American > turkish
Rylan Storm
Rylan Storm - 8 days ago
Danish is better than all of them.
Gord - 10 days ago
Yum, that's good bacon
MooN Badgur
MooN Badgur - 10 days ago
That's not bacon. Refering to the Canadian bacon. Coming from a Canadian.
900bz - 11 days ago
Im canadian and never seen bacon like that before
Jared Carelse
Jared Carelse - 11 days ago
"I'm not too familiar with Turkey bacon"
Proceeds to explain exactly how it's made
Molly Brooks
Molly Brooks - 11 days ago
“I don’t know much about turkey bacon”
Proceeds to tell us all about how it’s made and from what parts of the turkey and what to look for in turkey bacon.
didgeridoo - 10 days ago
And yet still gets it wrong. I knew which was the more expensive just by looking at them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Molly Brooks
Molly Brooks - 11 days ago
THIS GUY is awesome. 🥓 love bacon. Bacon bacon bacon... bacon. MF bacon.
Frendh - 11 days ago
Based on his analysis of the turkey bacon I got it right by guessing B. Found it odd/amusing that he guessed A.
SakkoG - 12 days ago
i never saw anyone cook the german "Schwarzwälderschinken"
Alexander Fee
Alexander Fee - 10 days ago
bro did you sneeze typing or something
DreiKid Vines
DreiKid Vines - 12 days ago
4:14 haha tinira pa yung maliit na piraso
masterimbecile - 12 days ago
Turkey bacon is also for people who can't eat pork for religious reasons!
Abigail V
Abigail V - 12 days ago
American bacon is such a disappointment as someone who's used to a full rasher...
NITTY103166 - 12 days ago
All bacon is good bacon! Just saying!
CinnaminBun - 12 days ago
You can tell the difference from the uk bacon from german bacon. The German bacon keeps yelling "kill all jews" the UK bacon is too busy drink tea
Samuel K
Samuel K - 13 days ago
I dont want to question this guys expertise but I dont think the pig is healthy or happy
100% Loser
100% Loser - 13 days ago
Meat expert -
**Whacks on hat**
Bacon expert
Lcst Boy
Lcst Boy - 13 days ago
I’ve never heard of Canadian bacon but it just looks like ham to me? Like you put it on a sandwich without cooking it? Right? But also it’s usually thinner...
Terry Stern
Terry Stern - 12 days ago
Real Canadian Bacon is actually called "Peameal Bacon" or "Back Bacon" and is the same pork as a pork chop and coated in cornmeal. The round stuff is usually just ham, because the cost of back bacon is quite a bit more as you can see.
SPNfancurl //
SPNfancurl // - 14 days ago
him: "I'm a bacon expert"
me: *checks his fingers for a wedding ring*
doom doom
doom doom - 14 days ago
I could listen to this guy talking about meats all day
Madeline Harstad
Madeline Harstad - 14 days ago
did homie just eat raw bacon
Yung Eristoff
Yung Eristoff - 14 days ago
I don‘t even eat bacon but you could tell which one is cheaper from the first 10 seconds
Andrew Fitzgerald
Andrew Fitzgerald - 15 days ago
I want them to trick someone, like provide two items that are the same price (even though that would probably be hard to find) 😂
Rylan Storm
Rylan Storm - 8 days ago
They'd still waffle on for 20 minutes about which one was best.
Gazzy Gekyume
Gazzy Gekyume - 15 days ago
him: *eats a raw peice*
me: he's a goner
madicorb174 SMS
madicorb174 SMS - 15 days ago
the things I watch when trying to forget about a breakup
Random Guy
Random Guy - 16 days ago
The fact that he got turkey bacon wrong makes him more of an expert
deaners09 - 16 days ago
Canadians don’t have better health care... change my mind.
deaners09 - 15 days ago
Oliver Jelinek just think about it man. For something to be free someone else has to pay for it! Taxes taxes taxes. I have Canadian family and they pay 52% in tax. Also super long lines just to see a dr.
Ocloud The Evil
Ocloud The Evil - 15 days ago
+deaners09 that's just what I've heard never bothered to research it
deaners09 - 15 days ago
Oliver Jelinek “free” haha good one!
Ocloud The Evil
Ocloud The Evil - 15 days ago
It's free
Edwin Au Yeung
Edwin Au Yeung - 17 days ago
What a badass. Touching raw pork, then eating it! Haha
Doug Bairead
Doug Bairead - 17 days ago
Bacon expert? Living the dream
angel najar
angel najar - 17 days ago
Damn antibiotics free? Not in the usa lmao
Alex VV
Alex VV - 17 days ago
this guy loves his job
narglarph - 18 days ago
he’s like a walmart coyote peterson
Snack - 18 days ago
What am I doing white my life I already know I like bacon
Wind Wolf
Wind Wolf - 18 days ago
Right, let’s put TURKEY “bacon” in a bacon test. What a troll!
HowToChange Now
HowToChange Now - 18 days ago
Im muslim and im disgusted 🤢🤢🤢
anonymous - 7 days ago
why are you watching it then
Kyle Diaz
Kyle Diaz - 18 days ago
now i want some bacon :(
Brandon Shepard
Brandon Shepard - 20 days ago
Sean Evans’ dad
Ronnie Buchanan
Ronnie Buchanan - 20 days ago
I really don’t understand this whole antibiotic free craze. Why is it bad to protect our animals from disease.
Edward Elric
Edward Elric - 20 days ago
"The English get the best of Canada and America" More like the Canadians and Americans just took random parts of English bacon they liked and ripped off the other stuff
Jordan Graff
Jordan Graff - 21 day ago
We just call it back bacon in Canada.... Also no self respecting Canadian would eat option B
Jay C
Jay C - 21 day ago
Excuse me where can I get apply for the job as a "bacon expert"
DSQK - 21 day ago
The perfect job doesn't exis-
Some kid
Some kid - 21 day ago
Tyson Baxter
Tyson Baxter - 21 day ago
This Bacon expert looks a lot similar to the meat expert! Maybe they're twins.
amdesouza555 - 22 days ago
"This is the greatest bacon memory of the year."
I love watching this guy. He just loves what he does. His joy is so infectious.
Stephen Molzer
Stephen Molzer - 22 days ago
"I don't know much about turkey bacon"
*Proceeds to explain the entire turkey bacon production*
Angelina Giammarioli
Angelina Giammarioli - 24 days ago
Lol others call it Canadian bacon but us Canadians call it back bacon 🇨🇦
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis - 24 days ago
I like these type of videos it really gives me a better food perspective
Bia - 25 days ago
This is my dream reality. You cook one bacon and 2 others pop up on the plate. That’s the dream
emcee009 - 26 days ago
It's not hard to discern quality with bacon (or meat in general). I'm not an expert by any means and guessed right on every one of these just by looking (even the turkey bacon).
Gatorade Me, Bitch
Gatorade Me, Bitch - 26 days ago
I had both of the turkey bacons from Costco! The one on the right is definitely 100x better.
Wut •-•
Wut •-• - 27 days ago
I feel like this guy was a lot funnier and more lively, cracking jokes, so this is probably my favorite one
dim scrawl
dim scrawl - 28 days ago
how does one become a _bacon expert?_
Scar H.M
Scar H.M - 28 days ago
Is it Kosher though?
Stephanie Lim
Stephanie Lim - 29 days ago
How do I get this job?
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