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deandre king
deandre king - 48 minutes ago
This type of expertise you just can’t teach it
deandre king
deandre king - 53 minutes ago
My guy from the new bon appétit hunting video:))
Hunter Glass
Hunter Glass - Hour ago
How does one become a Bacon Expert? It sounds made up, but brilliant!
Ярослав Абрамовиц
eyy, meat man returns.
Varunan - 4 hours ago
His accent went from British to American at the start, also wasn't he already on the show? (Not that that's a bad thing of course, he's a really good host)
TheBlackMario1080p - 5 hours ago
I'd like for this bacon professional to elaborate on a "bacon memory of the year". What was his most memorable?
Satchin Joseph
Satchin Joseph - 5 hours ago
This video is not kosher.
Senux 8
Senux 8 - 5 hours ago
this bacon is really good too tough lol it's bacon when is any bacon not good bacon?
Shabir Din
Shabir Din - 6 hours ago
Hey! It's the guy from Bon Appetite episode where they hunt pheasants!
jeh0o0 - 9 hours ago
I’m vegan what am I doing here
Alyse R
Alyse R - 10 hours ago
how did you get it so golden?! that looks amazing! I can never cook it like that
bennies fried chicken
bennies fried chicken - 11 hours ago
wtf's liquid smoke?
MY NAME CHEF - 18 hours ago
Some Americans say Australian bacon is ham and what I say to that it fricc u at least our bacon is at least 60% meat instead of American bacon witch looks like pure lard and I think all American and Australian can agree that Canadian bacon is gay btw Australian bacon is British bacon but better
Zac H
Zac H - 20 hours ago
*bacon expert* eats bacon uncooked and questions whether he should have ate it, seems legit
MzClementine - 20 hours ago
MmmmmmmmmmMmmmm bAconnnn...
maywenearedhel - 21 hour ago
I hate Canadian bacon. But then, I'm not a fan of ham. Or really any pork products. Streaky bacon is awesome, though.
jCurrran - 23 hours ago
Imagine having a kid in your belly for nine months just to grow up and be a bacon specialist
John Doe
John Doe - 23 hours ago
There is no such thing as Canadian bacon. Anywhere in the world other than the USA it’s called what it is, back bacon.
DeltaKillR - Day ago
You guys know if you ask for bacon in canada you will most likely receive normal "american" bacon, right?
merrilew - Day ago
Too many commercials but excellent content
Broken Wave
Broken Wave - Day ago
If i met this guy at a coffee shop and he said he was a bacon expert i wouldn't question it for a second.
Hashuu - Day ago
Why am i watching this i eat hilal
Kelly Luo
Kelly Luo - Day ago
Why is he so focused talking about the bacon u know what I would do EAT IT ALREADY! XD
Alexandre Boutaud Valarini
Again: Don't eat raw pork.
no, thnx
no, thnx - Day ago
He's also a pheasant hunter and good boy expert.
no, thnx
no, thnx - Day ago
"you can't teach that"
elchasai - Day ago
price point is used instead of price because...When you're a trend-forward, pro-active, and aggressive node in the volatile matrix of a fast-changing marketplace, it's task-adaptive to adopt language that secures and retains your strategic vantage by effectively re-labeling whatever variables and parameters you can isolate... in a manner that outsiders might find confusing... just like a squid sprays ink to ward off predators.
Good corporate-language is effectively value-adding, by making simple things seem complex. Remember: If you're paying someone to do something, every bit of obscurity he or she attaches to what he or she does raises his or her apparent value...
Manogna Chavali
Manogna Chavali - Day ago
Kinda like what you did with this comment
fedebestia - Day ago
As an Italian and lover of speck, I would suggest anyone to try it raw before you cook it, because cooking it makes it a lot more intense. Anyway, look up recipes before you tackle it and I assure you you won't be disapponted, enjoy!
Sandra Johansson
Sandra Johansson - Day ago
swedish bacon ftw. we treat or pigs fair and with love
Jason White
Jason White - Day ago
1. Turkey "bacon" is not bacon. 2. Being a Bacon Expert sounds cool but you did not have to be an expert to determine which bacon costs more. If you eat bacon then you know. 3. Bacon is awesome in any form or cut.
Lanora Ruiz
Lanora Ruiz - Day ago
Turkey is the only meat I eat and even I don't like turkey bacon 😝
KANG - Day ago
Where’s vinny? 😢
aposslex - Day ago
Bacon expert! Eats it raw,... “was I not meant to do that” :/
Nico Nico Douga
Nico Nico Douga - 13 hours ago
Theres no rule on how to eat bacon its about the show maybe they didnt want him to eat it raw its the same as qhen someone says which one is the cheaper in the first second
Nolan Friedline
Nolan Friedline - Day ago
I thought this was going to be too long, and I did run out of bacon half way through, but I loved every second of it! I totally called that turkey bacon "A" was the cheaper one. Euro bacon is something I have never seen before, and it was great to see real Canadian Bacon.
Triranta Adek
Triranta Adek - Day ago
I just can't get over him eating the bacon raw..
Lucas Pierri
Lucas Pierri - Day ago
I feel like these videos are way too long .
noisyturtle - Day ago
Rice expert please!
TheWooN1nja - Day ago
The perfect job comment doesn't exi.... oh
Gregor Clegane
Gregor Clegane - Day ago
PETA can't force me to bring home the bagel. It's bacon for life!
SnowToad - Day ago
I want to be a bacon expert!
Micah Luarez
Micah Luarez - Day ago
omg finally somebody made a mistake lol!
Jacob McGuire
Jacob McGuire - 2 days ago
This might be a dumb question but are these people actually experts? Or is it more like, due to their field of work, they can be considered an expert because of how often they eat the food?
SIT DOWN - 2 days ago
Please do an episode on tea.
Deivid Sama
Deivid Sama - 2 days ago
Man, you can't teach that!
i hope someone gets the reference
Megan Bradbury
Megan Bradbury - 2 days ago
an episode on wine??? :)
Pink8118 - 2 days ago
Speck is not an italian kind of bacon.
It's a part of pig's leg.
Roneekz - 2 days ago
Correction.. Canadian bacon A is back bacon, or rolled in peameal or cornmeal is peameal bacon, B is ham
hsdfjw33 - 2 days ago
I‘m from the black forest and I can say to you, that you shoud NEVER cook that kind of bacon
halleyhoop - 2 days ago
btw Canadian Bacon is a name Americans made up. In Canada bacon is... bacon, and it's the same thing as Americans.
Bobby Joe
Bobby Joe - 2 days ago
Are you happy now YouTube
Mind Milk D20
Mind Milk D20 - 2 days ago
For anyone interested, uk bacon is commonly sold in both smoked and unsmoked varieties. I can see why they went for unsmoked for the video though, as that makes it stand out a little more.
S Goff
S Goff - 2 days ago
It's 2018! It identifies as bacon.
Brian H.
Brian H. - 2 days ago
Where can I buy those last two bacons?
Binh Worley
Binh Worley - 2 days ago
Hahaha “ let’s get in there”
Chez - 2 days ago
Teacher: What do you wanna be when you grow up?
1000g2g3g4g800999 - 2 days ago
I'm not sure why people are so concerned over what conditions the pig lived in. It was still raised to die and died an awful death.
Chooong7 - 2 days ago
Boxing glove expert... NOW!
Nighthawk9989 - 2 days ago
where have i seen this guy before? wasn't he an "expert" of something else?
Katrina - Day ago
he reminds me so much of the pheasant hunting guy from BA's "It's Alive"...
Marco Rodriguez
Marco Rodriguez - 2 days ago
I find this know you can eat bacon without cooking it???
Luke Currier
Luke Currier - 2 days ago
good video till he tried to promote socialism
ProfitableLifestyles - 2 days ago
This guy's an asshat
Bodhi Allan
Bodhi Allan - 2 days ago
Anyone know how many times he said bacon?
ThatOneWeirdChannel - 2 days ago
he just ate raw pork.
ZeRo_0w - 2 days ago
Wait this is the meat expert guy
thatjokerperson - 2 days ago
He gave the definition of bacon and they gave him turkey clap clap
thatjokerperson - 2 days ago
People always worry about raw pork I'm more confident cooking pork then chicken and I've cooked chicken before
Lil, Charmander
Lil, Charmander - 2 days ago
3:25 he ate it raw-ish 😲
Jacob Hammed
Jacob Hammed - 3 days ago
Drinking game: take a shot every time he says bacon
Roope Grundström
Roope Grundström - 3 days ago
I guess my mother was right after all, I am an expert in everything... Annoying, but mothers tend to be right then, don't they?
Gameboygenius - 3 days ago
"The greatest bacon memory of the year" That's a phrase you don't hear everyday.
Zoey - 3 days ago
Congratulations you’re the first to get one wrong
CHARLIE_RX1 - 3 days ago
How am I gonna take this guy seriously when he’s wearing that hat
Goatman31 - 3 days ago
Crispy bacon is the equivalent of a well done steak
Kraigouz - 3 days ago
Guys, if you want to strech your content, just dont call a meat expert a bacon expert...
King NXT
King NXT - 3 days ago
This is my dream hobby
Erick Mendes
Erick Mendes - 3 days ago
I'm glad he's back :)
Juan Adrián González
Juan Adrián González - 3 days ago
Why cook both of them in the same pan???
Mestre Mauricio Braga
Mestre Mauricio Braga - 3 days ago
Canadian bacon is a type of smoked meat, not a default of bacon in Canada.
Here in Brasil we call it "lombo canadense defumado" as it use the loin. It's like a "smoked loin Canadian style".
Evert van Ingen
Evert van Ingen - 3 days ago
The more authentic the meat looks... the more expensive XD
danfreed - 3 days ago
Bacon expert, yeah me too I ate a lot of bacon in my time.
Kennedy Kirina
Kennedy Kirina - 3 days ago
bacon expert - "all types of bacon are good" , seems legit
Lord Tywin
Lord Tywin - 3 days ago
Is a bacon expert
: Doesn’t know what turkey bacon is
iNsaNeN3rd the Inkling
iNsaNeN3rd the Inkling - 3 days ago
There are people who specialize in children, there are people who specialize in art, but *THIS* man specializes in bacon. 👏
Mikael Snygg
Mikael Snygg - 3 days ago
All of these tests are quite easy to guess based on looks. I always get all of them right in a matter of seconds. However I do not know the backgrund information like they do, which I guess makes them experts in a way.
Paul Richardson
Paul Richardson - 3 days ago
Excellent series, only issue I have is that he says the UK bacon took the best of American and Canadian. We did bacon first so...
whynottalklikeapirat - 3 days ago
I want a bacon suit. How do I go about it - should I just eat myself into a permanent one?
whynottalklikeapirat - 3 days ago
Who in their right mind "loves turkey bacon"? Sad! People like that should be put to sleep ... o.O
Holy Knight
Holy Knight - 3 days ago
What about beef bacon?
Daniel Pierce
Daniel Pierce - 3 days ago
I just finished sous vide-ing an imported Japanese pork belly for 36 hours in a brazing liquid made of apple juice, soy sauce, aged apple balsamic vinegar, and pepper corn, and then I came here and realized I should of cured and smoked it to turn it into bacon....oh well...
JD Rome
JD Rome - 3 days ago
Schwarzwälder Räucherschinken is the best you have no idea.
JD Rome
JD Rome - 3 days ago
Well in Germany you can eat raw bacon. Don’t know what chemicals the US puts in its bacon so that it’s not recommended to eat raw or smoked lol
wtf17727 - 7 hours ago
Yeah, I pretty much eat my blackforrest bacon raw all the time.
JD Rome
JD Rome - 3 days ago
So the grade B bacon was smoked properly and is technically better quality than the non smoked graded A bacon..? Why
JD Rome
JD Rome - 3 days ago
Wasn’t he the meat expert?
JD Rome
JD Rome - 2 days ago
hydra learn how to read and type before being a smartass. Now stfu
hydra - 3 days ago
+JD Rome that's a dariy expert
JD Rome
JD Rome - 3 days ago
hydra only because you’re a meat expert doesn’t mean you’re a bacon expert smart ass. I doubt that the cheese expert is a milk expert too
hydra - 3 days ago
yeah I thought bacon was from vegetable pigs
Angela - 3 days ago
I was looking for beef bacon, im surprised it wasnt in this!
Joseph RUDOLPH - 3 days ago
I'm a bacon expert
The Cooper Tech Kid
The Cooper Tech Kid - 3 days ago
This guy looks like your typical hipster.
Ryan Liu
Ryan Liu - 3 days ago
Yeah turkey bacon isn't bacon
Christopher Staples
Christopher Staples - 3 days ago
@8:10 I thought for sure you would have picked B then you went A wtf
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous - 4 days ago
Dark red meat on bacon means it's low grade. Look for light pink
Nope Nope
Nope Nope - 4 days ago
He just eats some fuckn raw bacon
Duke1199s - 4 days ago
We Canadians call bacon B “ham”
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