Casually Explained: The Fear of Missing Out

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T0X1C B4C0N - 5 hours ago
I stopped to read the java and almost died after 3 seconds. Bravo, truly glorious.
Zeniak - 9 hours ago
The fear of missing out doesn't get to me, because I know that there was no way I could've done the things I wanted to do anyway. Example: Yeah sure I wanted to play in some emo and hardcore bands throughout my teen years, but I never had enough money to buy electric instruments and I'm bad at vocals and finding ppl in my country who care about that sort of music or just about making music in general is really really hard, so there was no way it could've happened regardless. Done, I didn't miss out because there were zero opportunities for me to actually do it. And I'm only 18, moving away to a bigger city soon, so I'm still clinging on to my dreams! >:)
use dis
use dis - 18 hours ago
5:47 bahahaha
Waffle Iron
Waffle Iron - Day ago
Umm I can’t take a nap or literally might miss dinner
SwapBlogRU - Day ago
The problem with being the size of a refrigerator is having to get yourself a refrigerator the size of a warehouse to keep yourself well fed.
Lauren Schuessler
Lauren Schuessler - Day ago
"Please subscribe" xD
Andrew Heaton
Andrew Heaton - Day ago
i subscribed
Gabriel Benevide
Gabriel Benevide - 2 days ago
Nice vid

you gotta watch Breaking Bad tho
trollfox PB
trollfox PB - 2 days ago
Slip past reality, join me, in deep dark depression
Yuri Souza
Yuri Souza - 2 days ago
In the first 20 seconds of the vid you totally sound like Internet Historian
Rudy Miskelly
Rudy Miskelly - 2 days ago
He sounded especially drunk this video
M E - 3 days ago
Never expected Brian Shaw to show up in this video.

Do you think he feels he's missing out on something when he's not going to Ohio this year? The opportunity to win the contest is also the opportunity to tear his hamstring on the deadlift and have it ruin his chances for a fifth WSM title.
Masa Sauce
Masa Sauce - 3 days ago
ur ass at super smash if u lose to level 9s
Ana C
Ana C - 3 days ago
🤣 love it
Derrick Davis
Derrick Davis - 3 days ago
Create a YouTube channel, entertain people, get a 100k subscribers, and then drop merch. Smart af
Master_Vaughn - 4 days ago
That birthday thing Happened to me in 5th grade it sucks when a friend have parents that are millionaires and have a birthday when you do
Nerkec - 5 days ago
I like how this popped up in my recommended on friday night as I'm thinking should I go out lol
uncle sam
uncle sam - 6 days ago
If you had finished your degree maybe you would’ve written if(big) instead of if(big == true)
jimmy karavithas
jimmy karavithas - 6 days ago
Thanks bz I changed school from my friends and I feel I am gonna miss out
Kristian Rasmussen
Kristian Rasmussen - 7 days ago
I’m gonna go on skiing vacation next week. But theres also a big party at the campus in that week. Which is really annoying!
moikanos11 - 7 days ago
I was afraid of what I would be missing out on if i didn't watch this video. it proved itself true however in showing me there was not a lot to be said... but at the same time that proves that I would have missed out on making this important realization if i didnt watch the video, which in turn disproves the original point. fuck
Mortem - 7 days ago
I'd kill a child in a ritual blood sacrifice if it means I get a 1 gig up 1 gig down connection.
KY C - 7 days ago
Holy shit, Thanos is thicc as fuck.
misha plays
misha plays - 7 days ago
finally we didnot get skillshared
João Maria Correia Belas
“Friends... 3 is enough for me”
I took ages to understand but is still was on of the best jokes I ever heard
Diamondfighter2 - 9 days ago
“One gig up one gig down” absolutely golden
47 - 9 days ago
I'd love to expect the nursing faculty to be at the party than a pair of famous people. Some hot nurses out there!
Dominus Providebit
Dominus Providebit - 10 days ago

Sorry for my bad English.
jeoX - 7 days ago
Dw bout it bruv. Shits tendorious and finna make me cri fam . Wagwan rodmann
Drunkyboi - 10 days ago
You know in hindsight your videos are literal genius tier comedy
J P - 11 days ago
If you have a fear of missing out on sex. Does that make you a FOMOsexual?
Noah 5921
Noah 5921 - 11 days ago
I saw counter strike, I clicked
Sho Yu Weeni
Sho Yu Weeni - 12 days ago
Go to the bar all night, fear that I could have gained 200 ELO with good queues instead.
moonsy0 - 12 days ago
came for the 1.6 pic in the thumb
Dalton W.
Dalton W. - 12 days ago
Bold of you to assume I have 3 friends.
B.Vamsi Chandra
B.Vamsi Chandra - 12 days ago
Henka - 13 days ago
this channel is amazing and so relatable
The Commentators
The Commentators - 14 days ago
1 gb down is fucking phenomenal considering I'm at 2 mb
Oxford Guitars
Oxford Guitars - 14 days ago
Well, I had much bigger expectations about this video 🤣🤣🤣
mustafa '_'
mustafa '_' - 14 days ago
2:38 lmao
nathaniel kaniatobe
nathaniel kaniatobe - 16 days ago
"Do it or dont do it. You wilm regret both." - Lao Tzu
TommyVisuals - 16 days ago
This fucking paradox hahaha great
Toaster Bath
Toaster Bath - 16 days ago
Only looked at the thumbnail, but this guy hit me in the feels putting cs and runescape on the computer ouch
Malicious Playzz
Malicious Playzz - 17 days ago
Oh sht I understood this 2:56 hahah its kinda from Arduino with the integer function and the if statement
Sid Pad
Sid Pad - 16 days ago
bro he literally used an int variable in a boolean statement, it wouldn’t work anyway lmao
Tudor Surcel
Tudor Surcel - 18 days ago
Lowering your expectations makes your life way better....
Inno Dev
Inno Dev - 19 days ago
You cure my depression
TerribleTonyShow - 20 days ago
no fomo
No_obist - 22 days ago
Bold of you to assume I have friends.
Vatan Kömürcü
Vatan Kömürcü - 23 days ago
this is great
lazer gorrillas
lazer gorrillas - 23 days ago
I have the opposite of this
David Hernandez
David Hernandez - 23 days ago
1080p60, cuz why not
Alberto - 24 days ago
K rool is my main lol
Will Sykes
Will Sykes - 24 days ago
"As a person who goes to the gym a lot but you can't tell" Lost it xDD
im never awake
im never awake - 25 days ago
lmao you are fucking great
Dubravko Posavac
Dubravko Posavac - 25 days ago
lol "hot German girl!" Good one!
Leskandur - 5 days ago
As a German, I'm offended.
mias nieuwoudt
mias nieuwoudt - 26 days ago
"Breaking bad, already have my own recipes" legit the best part😂
ok - 26 days ago
My three friends: me myself and I
Pwnage - 26 days ago
how narcissist can u be to include your channel name in the title of all your videos?
Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez - 27 days ago
All those films he mentioned I’ve legit missed out on all of them except End Game 😂and yes I’ve been compared to so many people on The Office that at this point I don’t even want to know
R3dsnow 75
R3dsnow 75 - 28 days ago
star wars actually happens in the past
Buddzah Bean
Buddzah Bean - 28 days ago
why was this recommended to me on christmas
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