Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk

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Samuel Victor
Samuel Victor - 23 minutes ago
Salve carai
Pasquale Londino
Pasquale Londino - 26 minutes ago
Elon musk hittin that blunt is just... Awesome
Mangesh Dake
Mangesh Dake - 29 minutes ago
How can you not love this guy?
Nicolas Velasquez
Nicolas Velasquez - 47 minutes ago
Blunt smoking starts at 2:10:35
Antony Rautenbach
Antony Rautenbach - Hour ago
His shirt....
Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson - Hour ago
Did Joe ask Elon who he gets permission from lol
Dennis Johnson
Dennis Johnson - 2 hours ago
At 20:00 mins I got terrified... lol he tried to warn us
Dennis Johnson
Dennis Johnson - 2 hours ago
He def has the nuerolink already. That’s clear
Matthias Knight
Matthias Knight - 3 hours ago
1:11:57 - β€œha ha ha”
randy464 - 5 hours ago
A Bond supervillain plotting to take over the world
Noah Sims
Noah Sims - 6 hours ago
i love elon
Frank Maitland
Frank Maitland - 11 hours ago
In 20 years Elon Musk will be our only leader. Us against the machines
Frank Maitland
Frank Maitland - 11 hours ago
Everytime I watch this. It is more painful. Joe does that fill in dead air Thing .Elon thinks before he answers
Jason Krivachek
Jason Krivachek - 12 hours ago
Horror movie not needed to scare the shit outta you, LOL. The lovely AI discussion. The Terminator.
Robbie H.
Robbie H. - 14 hours ago
I can't believe people think this guy is smart.
Jerry Lifsey
Jerry Lifsey - 15 hours ago
1:11:45 maglev?
Jason Rush
Jason Rush - 16 hours ago
I live without power n water I live off the grid. I wouldn't want it any other way
Thundercookie03 -
Thundercookie03 - - 16 hours ago
_PUN_X - 17 hours ago
Epstiens buddy
Jack James
Jack James - 17 hours ago
What is a wine stem/a handle??? Oh I get it. Wait but what is the significance of a mason jar with a wine stem
CoProDeuces - 17 hours ago
Jerry Lifsey
Jerry Lifsey - 18 hours ago
Elon wasn't the 4th wealthiest man then either...but he just does what he wants to do. He should make a nuclear powered panamax cargo ship. I'd like to remake the Gibbs Quadski XL
Jerry Lifsey
Jerry Lifsey - 18 hours ago
The Boring Company should have more merch - 9/26/2020
Will Kennedy
Will Kennedy - 19 hours ago
Elon - we are in a simulation
Joe - maybe we are on our way?
Elon - we are in a simulation
Dan PY
Dan PY - 19 hours ago
Pasquale Londino
Pasquale Londino - 21 hour ago
Imagine an AI scanning this video subtitles, getting convinced that he can and MUST destroy the whole umanity and take notes for the perfect strategy to conquer the world
Kandi Cane
Kandi Cane - 22 hours ago
This guy is not human. He is disturbed and a puppet if you ask me. Googly eyes and all. Anyone who hooks up to a computer will not be human anymore. Don't buy the lie. Jesus warned us. When we go home to heaven we are given all the knowlege of the univers.
Binyam Abebe
Binyam Abebe - 22 hours ago
37 mil views.
Hot Rod
Hot Rod - Day ago
I cant tell if elon is evil, good, an alien or from the future or a robot. I think he knows more than what he is letting on. Is this guy for real?
Timo Crack
Timo Crack - Day ago
The man loves space balls πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
telfordguy34uk - Day ago
Stop saying pit lol
Vincenzo Panetta
Vincenzo Panetta - Day ago
james charles
Amar Singh
Amar Singh - Day ago
Episode 11'69' lol. Coincidence??
majk wasd
majk wasd - Day ago
If he does take people to Mars, we should rename Mars into Elon Mars
Deependu Ajish
Deependu Ajish - Day ago
Props to Joe for managing this anti-social mess man!
sparklingsphere - Day ago
Of course weed doesn't effect him and his alien body...
Esteban Licea
Esteban Licea - Day ago
I like when Elon nods his head to strengthen the point he’s trying to get across.
Jared Sena
Jared Sena - Day ago
sushi brat
sushi brat - Day ago
I feel like there's a disconnect between the questions Joe asks and Elon's answers
mohamed elzallat
mohamed elzallat - 5 hours ago
yes, at the first half hour
jonathan torres
jonathan torres - Day ago
Minute 14:48.
Notice he doesn’t answer Joe’s question...his omission and further discourse mean only one thing...
E Guillory
E Guillory - Day ago
Elon is an Android someone has to convince me he’s not.
Jacob L
Jacob L - Day ago
Play city skylines... a tunnel system easily doubles the capacity
Dominic Escandell
Dominic Escandell - Day ago
I dont think Elon answered a single question this dude asked him.
18:24 hahahaa
life sentence sux so does playz
I don't think Joe is a great interviewer as much as he gets lots of people who are great interviews.
Hoenir Canute
Hoenir Canute - Day ago
I feel so much better when people like Elon Musk is around. If there is one , there could be two!
Chas Lehmann
Chas Lehmann - 2 days ago
Joe, why do feel that you need to periodicaly let lose with a curse word? Have you ever thought about that at all?
A Kirk
A Kirk - 7 hours ago
its " loose '', chucklefuck.
Die Gedanken Manufaktur by Adam Brandtstetter
Ill sign up for that "Cortex Tool" for sure....i think this can be very amazing
Colin Johnson
Colin Johnson - 2 days ago
really GREAT show, thank you Joe and Elon.
Cal Aylmer
Cal Aylmer - 2 days ago
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tired of yuu tubes outrageous censorship of reality, let alone freedom of speech
coronie 1984 chance of dying >0.0024% chance of not dying >99.9976% lets keep things in proportion guys!
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twisted statistics, dodgy science and a massive push for the one more than 4G, the internet of bodies, transhumanism digital currency forced injections robotics policing threats of military coming into yur homes to drag you off to quarantine based on your snitch neigbour saying you coughed.
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Kerash Lallchander
Kerash Lallchander - 2 days ago
Elon looks like he’s tweaking tf out like he’s on meth πŸ’€
But that’s just how he is πŸ’€
State Champ
State Champ - 2 days ago
18:30 was fucking gold!
Nero Sparda
Nero Sparda - 2 days ago
Joe: Pass that Whisky. We're Getting Crazy over here.
Elon: (laughs silently)
Billy Harris
Billy Harris - 2 days ago
The instagram thing is just to true
Timetunnel - 2 days ago
Elon: lets make a tunnel

nick b
nick b - 2 days ago
"Congratulations joe, you have reached level 99 speech"
White Rabbit
White Rabbit - 2 days ago
2:22:29 I actually took a long time to perceive they didn't have this imagination we have... what I perceived right away when I was a kid was that I lacked all the social skills. But only when I grew up after my 20's that I perceived that they were much more stupid than I thought and that they completely lacked imagination, few people can do that but the vast majority have an incredible difficulty seeing something inside their heads... some are completely unable to do so. And they are incredibly systematic... the less imaginative they are the more systematic, dogmatic and traditionalist they are.
I only got that by learning Jungian Psychological Types. With that said my type is INTJ.
orvinal - Day ago
most people are visual learners, including me, so I doubt that
Billy Bust Inside
Billy Bust Inside - 2 days ago
β€œObviously it’s just a pit”
Billy Bust Inside
Billy Bust Inside - 2 days ago
What did Elon mean when he said β€œyou could probably do that right now”
SlapDamage - 9 hours ago
@Billy Bust Inside you already responded πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ
Billy Bust Inside
Billy Bust Inside - Day ago
@orvinal i will not respond to such fuckery
Billy Bust Inside
Billy Bust Inside - Day ago
@Cannamangoeat Sheit watch the podcast and find out
Esteban Licea
Esteban Licea - Day ago
I think he was referring to the Boston Dynamic robots. How they probably have the capability of being super fast now. πŸ’¨
orvinal - Day ago
yeah this is wo and a haf hours, like be more speficic
Patrick Leavitt
Patrick Leavitt - 2 days ago
Nailed IT.
Devastators Army
Devastators Army - 2 days ago
An electric Airplane shut up there is no way Elon there is no way for that to be a thing but if it turns out to be a thing Elon would be the very first inventor of an electric airplane
Devastators Army
Devastators Army - 2 days ago
See Elon invented AI the Tesla drives itself AI think about it
Devastators Army
Devastators Army - 2 days ago
I am sorry but Elon will be the first ever person to step on the moon like no joke
Devastators Army
Devastators Army - 2 days ago
I am sorry but yeah who wonders that as well the Elon with Spacex Tesla The Boring Company like how in the world does Elon have that much time to do stuff
Samuel Noel
Samuel Noel - 2 days ago
Elon Musk won't swear but takes a blunt on camera
Devastators Army
Devastators Army - 2 days ago
The part that you have to agree on is a mind of its own and that right there will be the end of human civilization unless you do something about it because AI is much more intelligent much more dangerous because of the mind of its own saying you know AI is not a toy it is more like a bomb type of situation because it has a mind of its own and unless it doesn’t pose you as a threat human civilization will be the end result if you pose a threat to that said AI you will be no longer in the world because AI is intelligent and dangerous at the same time that you pretty much have to do something about it or else the world will no longer be a thing the world will be nothing but AI only
Devastators Army
Devastators Army - 2 days ago
What does cognition mean when Elon is talking about superhuman cognition superhuman abilities or like what does superhuman cognition mean
orvinal - Day ago
We could run code inside our head, so we wouldn't even need a computer to do so, well we would, it would be the one inside our head.
orvinal - Day ago
i think its something along the lines of the speed in which we process things, as well as how complex we can think, how much short term memory, stuff like that. Like with a computer's cognative ability, we could do the same math problems we use pages of paper for to help us solve it, like in mathc lass they give you scratch paper, but we could do all these problems in our heads. We could visualize more detailed things in our heads, and simulate such complex things as to create an imaginary world in our heads that actually worked like a world, adding our own physics laws like a fluid simulator you can get on a computer. The world could be so detailed that it would probably feel real. I don't know what I'm talking about by the way, it's late and this video makes me think super detailed about stuff I usually don't, I think that's going around the whole comment section loooooooooollllllllol.
Devastators Army
Devastators Army - 2 days ago
Yeah 100% agree with Elon about AI because think of this imagine having an AI artificial intelligence and then it has a mind of its own and then kills you because AI is incredibly smarter than any human out there it is like a human 18.000 if not a million years from now smarter than human life like yeah 100% agree with Elon
Devastators Army
Devastators Army - 2 days ago
Like can anyone pass though it without having a Tesla car you can have a truck like can anyone pass though this
Devastators Army
Devastators Army - 2 days ago
What I want to know is is this tunnel for Tesla’s or can anyone pass like anyone it does not have to be a Tesla
orvinal - Day ago
that would be monopolistic for one, and there would be no incentive for people to spread the invention aound the world because only tesla would benefit. This also asumes most people will be driving teslas. The only way that would work would be if everyone was driving teslas and people aren't. This is all just me talkin though, Im no tunnel expert
Anlie Alien
Anlie Alien - 2 days ago
they didn't think on the same site
Anthony Vandal
Anthony Vandal - 2 days ago
Now stuttering through every word is a sign of intelligence?
Gary Gentile
Gary Gentile - 2 days ago
Elon knows everything he can think of
Retro Active 23
Retro Active 23 - 2 days ago
It would be FASCINATING to have Elon experience a breakthrough on DMT and hear him describe what he thinks is going on. Or what or where the DMT realm is. That would be so
Samuel Noel
Samuel Noel - 2 days ago
Elon: Don't buy the flamethrower
Joe:How much did u make
Elon: 20k
Levi L
Levi L - 2 days ago
Elon:how often do you think about cjimps?
Joe: me? All the fucken time, you're talking to the wrong guy
Jake Butler
Jake Butler - 2 days ago
Joe needs to learn to shut the fuck up sometimes, he talks over Elon before Elon’s even finished saying what he has to say
Kay Mah
Kay Mah - 3 days ago
Elon is GOD
Anonymous 000
Anonymous 000 - 3 days ago
Speaking of being in a simulation was me at 10 years old. I was like is life real, is this real, am I in a game.
Anonymous 000
Anonymous 000 - 14 hours ago
@Makrillol what
Makrillol - Day ago
woah dude
Bruno Felipe Costa da Silva
He is not very eloquent.
Jack James
Jack James - 3 days ago
Thinks so much before he speaks
Jack James
Jack James - 3 days ago
Zaid Sami
Zaid Sami - 3 days ago
This guy is illu*inati
Logan Bruh
Logan Bruh - 3 days ago
This nigga looks like he’s to smart to speak English
daniel bogale
daniel bogale - 3 days ago
Dario Romero
Dario Romero - 3 days ago
at the end they get so wholesome its awesome lol
Kenn LeChampion
Kenn LeChampion - 3 days ago
Plot twist. ...what if instead of us earth dwellers looking up to the sky the stars an constellations everything what if in hindsight we are actually looking down to the planet's an far away vacation destinations are below us and we are all just thriving somewhat hanging from the ceiling yes my theory is half assed and dumb af but! would we be upside down?umm Neil degrass Tyson said it's because of this magic we cannot thoroughly comprehend or understand exactly and this magic is called gravity mmmkay kids stick with me now so gravity therefore is how we live on a roundish spinning rotating globe without getting thrown off or falling off Antarctica which is technically upside down compared to oh I dk basically everywhere else except for ohh Australia and another place or 2. Right so therefore we are all standing sitting laying existing on earth sideways awkward angles up down all the fricken way around yet no matter where on the globe we are we are level with our surroundings technically we are looking out not up all of the time,and since space is "infinite" just because we can only see what's in our view from our perspective there should be planet's constellations galaxies in every possible direction . ........just some dumb Shit to think about ...smoking weed an sipping whisky #simulation #infinite
Living A Life Of Abundance
Protect this guy at all cost
JAY.G. Anderson
JAY.G. Anderson - 3 days ago
*Funny misunderstanding*
I thought gorilla warfare was like chips monkeys. ..really
Do not assume stupid just broad minding.. plus made sense me..
Plus naive until you learn more better
Explain.. yeah Facebook is like that but I figured if you mix all the time who cares about bitching about it talk to talk now walk the walk! Until I do I don't even want to make cortex that much anymore! But it helps me understand to keep up my handwriting! Cuz after all got to keep that mind shopping I don't have a tool like this guy does to do it so
JAY.G. Anderson
JAY.G. Anderson - 3 days ago
Who met or had to meet someone...
..or to smart professional for
Super Duper Smart
Dumb So professionals
We all in this together.. regardless..
But stay turn or move on...
Press on......
skique Ρ„
skique Ρ„ - Day ago
Understandable, have a nice day
JAY.G. Anderson
JAY.G. Anderson - 3 days ago
*An act of the Real actors of non acting*
Gabriela Velasquez
Gabriela Velasquez - 3 days ago
The fuck is this guy
Jared c
Jared c - 3 days ago
Elon musk is a πŸ‘½πŸ€– change my mind πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚
Rick - 3 days ago
This video made me delete social media.
Andrew Owen
Andrew Owen - 3 days ago
A. I is coming in because humans have been programmed by tv and movie and subliminally to want to chase it. Musk is a front man, love how he tries to dance around the question of who gives him permissions to do the things he does. He's a psycopath obsessdd with A. I controll. Humans are loving spiritual beings they have only been tought to forget this. Elon and his family are a disgrace to humanity. "i tried to slow them down" = bullshit!
The Tao
The Tao - 3 days ago
It's quite hilarious that the problem he cared so much about is now his hobby. AI transhumanist agenda was always on the cusp, yet simply taking the stance that a fatalistic viewpoint can legitimize the number of the beast implanted in us is demoralizing. Let's hope for the best humanity!
Mark Van De Gevel
Mark Van De Gevel - 3 days ago
Just listening to him makes me feel like I'm 1 IQ point away from being a lettuce .
Aster KnightWine
Aster KnightWine - 22 hours ago
Don't be harsh on yourself you're not alone i mean i'm here
Tom Hart
Tom Hart - 3 days ago
Elon is one fey dude.
Shayan - 3 days ago
[00:00:00] 20k Not a Flamethrower sold in 4 days.

[00:04:00] Boring Company - why it started.

[00:07:00] Boring Company - how it started.

[00:10:00] How Elon manages it's time, how does he has time to do everything.

[00:12:30] AI.

[00:21:00] AI + Regulations.

[00:24:30] AI - Neuralink: Major announcement in the following months.

[00:29:30] Whisky time.

[00:34:00] Chimps and bonobos.

[00:38:00] Social media and effects on people.

[00:42:00] VR and simulation.

[00:48:00] Simulations.

[00:54:00] Checking out weapons.

[00:55:00] Tesla time!

[01:05:00] Tunnels and Flat Earth movement.

[01:08:30] Tesla roadster performance package (cold gas thrusters, 10k psi).

[01:10:00] Flying cars / magnet roads.

[01:13:00] Planes.
[01:18:00] Joe Rogan: *whispers "I'm too stupid for this conversation"

[01:21:00] Energy consumption.

[01:26:00] Back on Tesla and cars - Roadster, Autopilot.

[01:33:00] On people suing Tesla when they break a foot instead of dying.

[01:45:00] Another glass of whisky.

[01:45:30] Bottlenecks and what is holding Elon's companies.

[01:53:00] What keeps you up at night? (Tesla bottlenecks + history of Tesla's bottlenecks).

[02:00:00] Tesla Solar roof.

[02:04:00] Tesla may make products for the house (A/C ?).

[02:05:00] Watches.

[02:10:00] Puffing on a joint.

[02:15:30] What is the hardest part being you?

[02:28:00] Space Colonization.

[02:33:00] Twitter.

[02:36:00] Ending.

Creds: Thomas O'Toole
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