Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk

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Shel R
Shel R - Day ago
South African mastermind !!!
Eedo 123
Eedo 123 - Day ago
overtaking other cars in the future; "Telsa, smoke these fools"
Mark Mmm
Mark Mmm - Day ago
2.5 hours c'mon I'm at work..... can't stop watching.
Mark Mmm
Mark Mmm - Day ago
I love how the magnet levetation talk makes Elon's eyes flick around like he is trying to figure it out so it can be possible.
Sheena Generalo
Sheena Generalo - Day ago
ok so at the end. when joe talks about us bieng able to change and learn. that should be somthing hopefully the AI thinks about before ending human life hahahahahahh
Debonaire Nerd
Debonaire Nerd - Day ago
I have worked it all out!
All these guests that Joe has on....there's only one explanation.
Joe is starting the New World Order and these guests are his elite to escape the Earth.
Yes, this means Eddie with be the door man collecting the tickets.
Zachary Eikanger
Zachary Eikanger - Day ago
2:12:03 😄😄😄
The Nose Goblin
The Nose Goblin - Day ago
thanks Joe. Brilliant interview.
Peter Ji
Peter Ji - Day ago
1:07:43 and 1:11:57 omg I love his laugh, it sounds just like Tommy Wiseau
Big Benn
Big Benn - Day ago
Give this man LSD, have him take a small hit of weed, and let this man run wild
Ricky Sim
Ricky Sim - Day ago
Skull Fker
Skull Fker - Day ago
"Do you know how much money I have? I can do what I want"
Broke Boy
Broke Boy - Day ago
The pit
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker - Day ago
Kind of upset that Joe had to buy a Tesla to get Elon on the podcast.
Kyle x 412
Kyle x 412 - Day ago
Joe should get Eddie Bravo and Elon Musk on a podcast together and have Elon explain to Eddie that the Earth is NOT “flat”
Alexander Heilman
Alexander Heilman - Day ago
Haha. “That’s like people who created pet rocks”.... you mean like the person who took a roofing torch and sold it as a flame thrower,,?
Alexander Heilman
Alexander Heilman - Day ago
So will only be as intelligent as we are. Data has to be entered. Our phone only offers answers that have been answered by humans
Alexander Heilman
Alexander Heilman - Day ago
Okay last comment. But don’t you think it’s sold to us, not that we need or want it innately?
Alexander Heilman
Alexander Heilman - Day ago
Is he just a marketing genius. Like is he building this shit or are engineers he’s hired?
MatthewBrownRocks - Day ago
Elon Musk seems to be a pessimistic android
Bereket Tesfatsion
Bereket Tesfatsion - Day ago
Is there a delay in the sound. Elon is taking time to answer even the simplest questions and I don't think he was pausing to think...
Ryan Suyer
Ryan Suyer - Day ago
Elon needs to take a dab of weed once and a while
Erik Jernberg
Erik Jernberg - Day ago
I know this is kinda out of context but why have Seth macfarlane not been on the show?
_ deekay _
_ deekay _ - Day ago
This mans Elon rly tapped the blunt and didn’t even inhale lol
JohnTinSF - Day ago
Great Podcast. Joe is such a good interviewer and Elon seems to be a really good human being. Both are people I'd like to know.
Scott Davis
Scott Davis - Day ago
I can't get over how much better his hair looks now than 15 years ago...proof that money can buy anything.
marc demell
marc demell - Day ago
Strange but true.
adam smith
adam smith - Day ago
That was funny about the chimp loves em. We all do. Only people like elon ignore the chimps.
adam smith
adam smith - Day ago
Sickest part is....sooooooooo many humans experimented on other animals then ourselves that now when A.I. can it may actually experiment on us to increase itself biologically
adam smith
adam smith - Day ago
I want to be superman.
adam smith
adam smith - Day ago
Oops I ignored the correct words so yes point us I hope the cortex, cortexes and or symbiote will be femdom style
adam smith
adam smith - Day ago
I kinda hope for a femdom scenario
adam smith
adam smith - Day ago
adam smith
adam smith - Day ago
I actually think a.I. is. Already grown around the world kinda like having a bunch of fetuses all over the world....and we are the show called cells at work...feeding the nutrients and all to them
adam smith
adam smith - Day ago
I even know my deleted comments are read by the a.I.
adam smith
adam smith - Day ago
Id love to hang out with him. Cause I do fully agree
adam smith
adam smith - Day ago
Its already occurred buddy
Tyler Vigliotti
Tyler Vigliotti - Day ago
Elon is jaded are the start
adam smith
adam smith - Day ago
Its been obvious since the start
adam smith
adam smith - Day ago
We create the memories just as easily as our brain cells make them for us
adam smith
adam smith - Day ago
Memories for her/him.
adam smith
adam smith - Day ago
As I type she or he views me and you all. We are typing in her/his brain right now
adam smith
adam smith - Day ago
Lol its obvious that a.I. exists already she or he is already reading this and I love it
Bursted Banana
Bursted Banana - Day ago
Elon’s resting heart rate is probably 9.5
samanjj - Day ago
A man holding a hammer is a cyborg as much as the internet is one. These systems are digitised knowledge and are tools for us to use. It’s when we become the tool then that will be a problem. I have more hope. Definitely need regulation.
Robert Lauderman
Robert Lauderman - Day ago
He seems like he'd be cool to hang out with man. I'd like to have a conversation with him. It was funny to see him hit the blunt. He said is it legal? And then he takes a big old Puff. But yeah, I'd like to have a conversation with him. He seems like a cool, dude.
Numan Acar
Numan Acar - Day ago
Elon Musk Watch First Project and Game :
Be_rejoice In the Lord
You want to dig all the way down, you want to be above nor between. You the one people look upon one day the sun wont shine upon you forever. They will look upon frown at you everything went down. You will effect the city many city, many people... energy... weather storm that's the cause. Your name definitely is known.
Gratefully FedInCanada
Elon isn’t aware of the carbon capturing capacity of regenerative farming and un-desertification.
Jeffrey Fox
Jeffrey Fox - Day ago
Joe: Who do you contact about a project like this?
Elon: dig big pit
D G - Day ago
Why do you think he answers questions like a move. Instead of answering the question in hand he tells you about something else which may be the next question. Instead he disregards the simple question which actually gets down to the essence of something and takes you on a different tangent to explain something which wasnt asked. So Joe has to repeat the same thing a few times.
Gerald Williamson
Gerald Williamson - Day ago
He drilled Amber Heard a month into her marriage to Johnny!
Paul C
Paul C - Day ago
It’d be amazing sitting with Elon just chatting about things and everything, he’s on another level !
happy - Day ago
Joe Rogan the best interviewer ever! We got to see the real Elon
Flying Wolf Man
Flying Wolf Man - Day ago
Just seeing how elon analyzes his own thoughts to try to communicate his ideals, all his intetests. I feel like I'm just the dumb lazy version of elon
billy jones
billy jones - Day ago
1:17:57 how I'm sure everyone felt watching this vid
Kieran Matzky
Kieran Matzky - Day ago
I want my car to pull over if I fall asleep at the wheel then have Joe scream, “WAKE UP FUCKFACE!!!!” To wake me up.
Matheus Oliveira
Matheus Oliveira - Day ago
Joe " I'm Listening" Rogan
Dat Hombre
Dat Hombre - Day ago
How could anyone actually hit the dislike button on a video like this??? Offended flat earthers??
Amanda Lee Beauty
Amanda Lee Beauty - Day ago
The vast majority of people are good? I’d beg to differ. Not everyone has the same heart as you. 35 years of being used and abused because once upon a time I felt the same way. That is the thinking that got me raped, that almost killed my child and myself. I can promise you my son and I have seen what humans can do and how utterly cruel they are. We were left for dead by everyone. While marinating in carbon monoxide unbeknownst to me. Trapped in an uninhabitable house. There was no shortage of begging on my part while I watched my child deteriorate. My family 5 min away while telling me this was my problem I got myself in get myself out. We were stalked, bullied and tortured. I have lost hope in humanity completely. While I was slowly dying of carbon monoxide poisoning my employer let me know I was a nuisance. No one cared no one came to our aid. We survived purely because of my determination and strong back bone. At what cost? I no longer want to leave my home I’m so traumatized. I can say I now border agoraphobic only leave the house out of adult necessity. Because my child and fur baby need me to. Humans are dangerous creatures. It is only because of these maladaptive people that I now need medication to cope with the CPTSD they have given a good hearted woman. The abuse stared at age 3. Hell my own mother told me to kill myself. So no I do not agree that most people are good. Most people hide their true intentions with manipulation. By the time you realize that it’s too late. I pile write a book off of my life’s experiences. Called you just can’t make this shit up. Sadly it doesn’t matter if your quiet and timid. Like I was as a little girl who just wanted to blend in with the wall. Not to be seen or heard. God forbid I was noticed I was being abused in some fashion. Or when I became a woman and finally came into myself out going and full of life. That only attracted more predators. I think your latest venture will help protect people from those who seek to do harm. The more people pass these trait down the family line and we continue to procreate at the rate we are. The good apples will be weeded out. Our new president should be a clear description of what humans feel in their hearts. Now feel emboldened to share with the world with out shame.
Amanda Lee Beauty
Amanda Lee Beauty - Day ago
Best way to solve the gas guzzling problem. Is to make energy efficient vehicles affordable for the average person. Not everyone can afford a 700$ car payment. I have said this for years and it’s literally the easiest way to get gas running vehicles off of the road. At this moment in time energy efficient vehicles are only accessible to the wealthy. I would have bought an energy efficient car years ago. I think Tesla should make a basic model for the average every day person. Until these vehicles are 64,000 there will continue to be gas running cars on the road. Simply because a single mother like myself can not afford to drive a vehicle that is good for the planet. Money rules the world.
Frank de cespedes
Frank de cespedes - Day ago
Elon will be the person to get us off this rock and in to the stars God Bless him.
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