My Past, My Present, and My Future (30 Days of Meditation)

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Mia Salinas
Mia Salinas - 6 hours ago
I love you and I love Shane .🖤
Mz lovely
Mz lovely - 7 hours ago
Wow I love this side of u I wish u made more videos like this and I wish u wud just sit and talk to us I want to hear more about you as a person
Savannah James
Savannah James - 15 hours ago
people who weren't even on YouTube 8 years ago shouldn't be getting so heated about jokes that were popular at the time
Isabella vasari
Isabella vasari - 20 hours ago
Why is this video so cute
ParodyWisp - 21 hour ago
He got cancelled for what? People need to shut up honestly... and leave people alone. Shane is amazing.
Ken 555
Ken 555 - 21 hour ago
I’ve been watching Shane for 11 years, I love Shane I have always love Shane yes he’s done some bad things and yeah they were appropriate and the jokes for bad and I’m not saying that there’s an excuse for what he did at all but I can see his growth and I can see that he’s become such a genuine person and I don’t think he deserves to be cancelled everybody makes mistakes.. .
Nikki Moore
Nikki Moore - Day ago
I know this is your channel but I just want to say that I miss Shane, I love seeing you guys together, you two are great together. Also, I'm happy the meditation is working for you.
ancutzablue88 - Day ago
You are so sweet, Ryland! Thank you for your videos!
Christina D
Christina D - Day ago
I know that it was for comedy. I know that Shane never meant them to be real.
Allison France
Allison France - Day ago
I hate how Shane’s been treated. People make mistakes. Everyone has things in their past they’re ashamed of. Your past doesn’t define you. You’re a good partner to stand by his side the way you do ❤️
_Im the Directioner sent by Cyberlife_
I have a question..
If you are getting 'cancelled' , What happens after? Do you not get money anymore? Not allowed to be on the internet?
Gabbin Tine
Gabbin Tine - 2 days ago
Watch this video about Shane. It’s disturbing
Sydnee L. Foster
Sydnee L. Foster - 2 days ago
Am I the ONLY one who misses Shane? You cannot base your judgement off of someones PAST. Y’all watched him and gave him the views then. I love Shane. Always have and always will.
Darissa And Mia
Darissa And Mia - 3 days ago
I will forever love shane, ryland and their family.
Samilee 810
Samilee 810 - 3 days ago
Everyone needs to stop bringing up Shane's past. It's the past for a reason.
King Meme
King Meme - 4 days ago
Let me be honest, now it wasn't right for Shane to make those jokes. Shane has made a lot of offensive jokes in his past. And those mistakes aren't Rylands. People grow. Now, of course, that sexy jokes about an underage girl was terrible but that was a long time ago. It's like if someone posts a bad tweet and then years later they get shamed for it. Yeah, we understand it was a bad idea to say/write it but we've grown up from our past. It's understandable but I still like Ryland. Of course, Shane was a big part of me getting up but I personally believe I want to not give up Shane or Ryland. I don't really accept his apology but he has grown. We should give him a last chance. If he can't handle it and makes another joke, that's when we should cancel him.
Cmnder bunbun
Cmnder bunbun - 4 days ago
I’ll say it. I miss Shane.
Katie Rowan
Katie Rowan - 4 days ago
Ryland is a problem solver and you can tell that he's not defending anything he said rather, he gave you a first hand account of his character from an inside perspective. I am in awe in how he handled this with grace. Love you Ryland! 💖
NateO - 4 days ago
You are way cuter.
edward doherty
edward doherty - 4 days ago
Being in a relationship with Shane Dawson is the exact opposite of success/happiness
pgundi_ omg
pgundi_ omg - 5 days ago
I honestly miss shane but I’m not people how are felling hurt but his human he has put growth his old self and that why is it when is shane a man that sits down with people canceled and puts them back on there feet and now yes he did some bad things but stop hating he says he going to kill himself don’t tell him that so plz stop ✋🏼
Madalyn Gumpenberger
Madalyn Gumpenberger - 5 days ago
I miss you Shane! I hope you and Shane are doing well or at least better. It’s easy for everyone to think they are better and have never said or done anything offensive, because their past wasn’t recorded and posted. I hope everyone finds a way to let the past go when you see someone getting better or at least trying to better themselves. I just wish all the love for everyone especially Shane and you Rylan during this time! Stay safe! ❤️❤️
breonna staton
breonna staton - 6 days ago
I love this content for you to be honest I found you very annoying. But it seems like you found your own way outside of Shane and if this is the kind of content you going to keep putting out I’m going to love to watch you
ShrikeCult - 6 days ago
Let's TREY to redecorate our bedroom see if we feel different about eachother video - always TREYing new things - still stuck to the same kinda disgusting guy in bed so.... yuck! TREY more!
Zanaira Arroyo
Zanaira Arroyo - 6 days ago
TBH Shane did that in the past and people didn't make a big deal about it until now? Now i know it's bad but no one made a big deal about it till now. And also shane's problems are his not Rylands!!!And i've been waiting for a positive video from shane and it's good that we know he's doing Alright !
Davinia zeledon
Davinia zeledon - 7 days ago
He said it all thank you ryland ur the best👏👏
shery alvarado
shery alvarado - 7 days ago
Can you make a list of books you recommend? I know you listed a few
Shanon Kate
Shanon Kate - 7 days ago
I 100% agree that everyone deserves a chance to grow and change, but that very growth and change starts with acknowledging AND admitting AND addressing AND apologising for the crap you’ve done in the past that you are growing and changing from.
Shane has admitted some things, apologised for some things. But the way that he seems to skirt around these topics in an avoiding kind of way makes him feel insincere in those apologies. It makes him seem guilty. Like he’s trying to hide from it or save himself.
I mean, what he’s being accused of has SOLID evidence that is undeniable and how can he acknowledge and move on from that kind of thing? It could get serious, and legal. Which may be necessary
Deija Vu
Deija Vu - 8 days ago
I still love you guys we all have a passed and we grow to change our wrong stay strong 💪...
Martha Castro
Martha Castro - 8 days ago
15:03 that's "Las Mañanitas" its the spanish version of Happy Birthday and its supposed to be the first sound you hear on your birthday that's why it's usually sang early morning. It's a big I LOVE YOU gesture.
Meriem Mastouri
Meriem Mastouri - 8 days ago
For some reason Youtube decided to stop recoomending me Ryland's videos/sending me notifications
I just found this video and that's only because I searched for it..
Silly girl Productions
Silly girl Productions - 8 days ago
I just want to say I think everyone is being way too offended and dramatic about shane Dawson’s past I know everyone has done things they are not proud of and has grown from that and realized it’s wrong what if everyone you ever saw was constantly bringing your past up? Think of It like that shane is not a bad person I have been a fan of him even before anyone knew him I’m not going to sit here and bring up stuff I didn’t like years ago if I don’t like a video I don’t watch it and that’s what everyone’s problem is you guys don’t have to comment like what do you even get from doing it you’re saying you’re offended but being a dck about it like are you even really offended. Shane and Ryland are good people there are like everyone else why do you have to shame them on it? If you don’t like shane or Ryland then stop watching their videos and stop commenting
Morgan Equestrian
Morgan Equestrian - 8 days ago
shane has really changed my life, i watched him everyday and he’s always made me smile. he knows what he did is terribly wrong, but he has tried to apologize so many times. he is a genuine human and doesn’t deserve what’s going on with him. i hope you and shane are doing well
Sophie Jackson
Sophie Jackson - 8 days ago
Ryland, he hasn’t apologised. He still hasn’t apologised for the pedophilia remarks, he hasn’t addressed the Willow Smith incident to her mother and brother. He hasn’t taken any accountability for us to ‘accept’. Don’t act like he has apologised whatsoever. The apology he gave was vapid and false.
_Im the Directioner sent by Cyberlife_
No offense but if you weren't the one Shane 'harrassed' or did something to, Then you can't and should not accept his apology, People whom he had done something wrong to only can. No offense.
Alicen Piper
Alicen Piper - 9 days ago
Very well said. His true fans can see who he truly is. He’s not a bad person.
Shelby Birch
Shelby Birch - 9 days ago
Cancel culture needs to fucking stop,, Like for example ethanisupreme a young kid committed suicide due to his own challenges along with the cancel culture,, we as a community should really realize we are all human and yes the things both shane and ethan said were disgusting and awful but truly we are all human,, you yourself and everyone make mistakes people who pretend they are perfect you are lying to yourself,, we need to realize who we are and realize that we need to come together as a community not tear each other apart,, we can change the way we do things around here we can teach the upcoming generation love instead of hatred,, and as always blm love is love people are people,, love one another
Brittney D
Brittney D - 9 days ago
I love you and Shane so much. ♥️ Always
Brittany Salisbury
Brittany Salisbury - 9 days ago
I love you guys!!! Cancel culture is such BS! We all have our mistakes and the haters better count their blessings that their past regrettable mistakes aren't being blasted online!! You two are some of the most legit and real people on this platform!!
Marlin And Maddy
Marlin And Maddy - 10 days ago
This is very well done and professional it comes off genuine thank you
Rachel Long
Rachel Long - 10 days ago
I love you Shane and Ryland and I know a lot of others do too. Come back Shane.
Julianna Cruz
Julianna Cruz - 10 days ago
i miss you guys so much
Cinda 11::11 #areyouwokeyet
Wow what an amazing video Ryland 🙏 Thanks
Wisdamn Maglangit
Wisdamn Maglangit - 11 days ago
i feel like they are just gonna be irrelevant soon
Diane Jarman
Diane Jarman - 11 days ago
We all do bad things in the past that we want to forget about. Should he had done that no, but he apologized and why is brought up now? Where was this year's ago when that was said.
Kelly Walsh
Kelly Walsh - 11 days ago
Great video ryland, have to say i really on ever saw you as shanes other half but watching this made me subscribe, hope you do more vids like this 🙂
NDN - 11 days ago
I like Ryland, I really do. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll continue to watch and therefore supports Shane. Also “everybody” has things in their past? I mean okay but some cosmetic guy having a Nazi brand is NOT okay and shouldn’t be supported. Actually that should be illegal not just canceled. I understand that he doesn’t like the thought of cancel culture but if we are being honest it’s what problematic people deserve. There are a lot of unproblematic you tubers who deserve way more attention then some 30 years old dude. I mean black facing ? Canceling some 20 years old make up guru but having a problem with being canceled yourself?! Lol byeee
Comment - 10 days ago
Humor back then in the past of USa-video is completely different than now, which is why everyone is getting offended about it these days and when it resurfaced. Plus, how do you know he was a big part on cancelling a 20 year old make up guru?
laura-jane hickson
laura-jane hickson - 11 days ago
Shane needs to stop hiding ... people make mistakes. He’s older and different now.
princessbabe1313 - 9 days ago
He only changed his content when they demonotized his content. He didn’t change because he wanted to, he changed his content because he had to in order to make $$$$.
Paloma - 11 days ago
I hope Shane’s doing okay.
Kathryn Martin
Kathryn Martin - 11 days ago
I ANSOLUTELY LOVE SHANE! I want to see him come back! He is an amazing creator. Please come back Shane! I believe people change and evolve. You have forever fans, Shane, that are waiting for you to drop something amazing. Show the world why you really are as successful as you are! You’re talented. Don’t let your past define who you are today! #Waitingforyourcomeback
Lady - 12 days ago
all imma say is comedy and tolerance was WAY different 10 years ago than it is now. people do and say shit that they regret ALL THE TIME. it’d be different if he was posting videos like that in the last 5 years. i can say i’ve changed and grown since 10 years ago. you realize that things you do and say are wrong, and you grow. when i would watch shane’s videos i found them entertaining, and obviously now i think back and wonder why i thought it was funny. just like people look back at their younger selves and CRINGE at how they acted, i’m positive shane does the same thing.
melody lol
melody lol - 12 days ago
why is Ryland getting hate for standing up for his fiancé, Shane is probely trusting him for posting this, we all know that Shane did some stuff that is really bad but that's in the past, like everybody else change how they act during time like everybody does, I understand that you hate Shane for the stuff that he did but he has changed so much and I proud of Shane for being brave and taking care of his problems, thank you for reading this
Emilee Nedz
Emilee Nedz - 12 days ago
tbh 2008-2012 youtube overall was really the worst
Cynthia Duprey
Cynthia Duprey - 12 days ago
Ryland, ty I love you. 😘❤
Aaron Cain
Aaron Cain - 12 days ago
This comment section is diarrhea.
Katie •
Katie • - 12 days ago
LOVEEE this🤍
Josiah Riddle
Josiah Riddle - 12 days ago
Bruh y’all trash PERIODT POOH
Sam Helmer
Sam Helmer - 12 days ago
Love you, love Shane. Agree with everything you said in the intro. Without growth, we'd be nowhere.
Axon Walker
Axon Walker - 12 days ago
Honestly tho ryland talking about success was jus pics of shane and him
Axon Walker
Axon Walker - 12 days ago
Don't cancel someone for videos that boosted his popularity and subscribers back then. I'm not saying he was right but still
ShrikeCult - 12 days ago
Today we TREY the Ryland, he is so wise, although he hasn't accomplished anything, but he is wise and also smart and also full of virtues. He demostrates it all the time, make money, be in denial, destroy others for personal gain, pretend to be and have things of value to feel valuable, every problematic behaviour that is out there he is exhibiting it. Never improve while pretending that all you do is improve! Insane! But hey the money is good right RyRy? I hope you make enough to make up for kneeling in front of that man with his ugly fat pimply squirting tool in our face - i hope the money makes it alright! Ofc it doesnt which is why you redecorate every 6 months trying to feel something has changed.
heehee mefunny
heehee mefunny - 12 days ago
Well said Ryland.
Austin Chubak
Austin Chubak - 13 days ago
I'm really glad I watched this. Thanks for posting.
Rebekah Cady
Rebekah Cady - 13 days ago
Although I do think Shane did some horrible things in his past, but he’s changed me as a person a lot believe it or not. But I love hearing his voice and laughs they are just so familiar and I missed them. Idk if it’s just me. I really do miss Shane :(
It’s_Ali_ Gatcha
It’s_Ali_ Gatcha - 13 days ago
I love how while Ryland is talking I’m just paying attention to the diet root beer in the back.
Ren P
Ren P - 12 days ago
lol now I can't unsee it !!!! 😂
Mazzy - 13 days ago
Keep being positive and moving forward 🙂
Anna Victrix
Anna Victrix - 13 days ago
I really can’t blame Shane for not achieving true accountability (that isn’t narcissistic and all about his feelings) when the people around him dismiss racism and pedophilia as “jokes.” I hope he ignores enablers and pursues therapy with a clinician who can show him what real, unemotional accountability means.
Lona Faulkner
Lona Faulkner - 13 days ago
Is shane gonna post again?? I miss him
bacon macon
bacon macon - 13 days ago
Lol Shane Dawson removes the comment and the like/dislike ratio on his "taking accountability" video because he couldn't take criticism
bacon macon
bacon macon - 6 days ago
The Oncoming Storm it’s clearly more than just to prevent hatred,Shane was getting plenty of fair criticism and hatred,he just could not take the criticism,here watch this video by OnisionSpeaks about why USa-videors remove comments it’s short less than 10 minutes
The Oncoming Storm
The Oncoming Storm - 6 days ago
I think its so people don't hide in the comments trying to spew hatred and and not listen or not even watch the video and just dislike. The video was there to admit his actions and hold accountability to himself. Its not drama or anything but him taking accountability.
bacon macon
bacon macon - 10 days ago
Lady oh sorry,I see,though it is a little thing,it just goes to show he can’t take criticism and it makes him look bad because he had to remove the comments instead of just keeping the comments like a REAL MAN would,but it makes sense,Shane is not in a good position so it makes sense for him to even do such a thing as removing comments because he can’t deal with all the negative stuff,he is at his nadir because of his past actions and he can’t even make a good apology,it feels like a facade,it feels superficial and impromptu
Lady - 10 days ago
bacon macon i’m not saying that what he does are “little things” i’m talking about coming at him for turning his comments off..
bacon macon
bacon macon - 11 days ago
Lady Little thing?!,Shane has done far from “little things” he’s done some outright scandalous things in the past,but “little things” it depends on the context
Steph - 13 days ago
I wish my husband loved me the way Ryland loves Shane
River Wilde
River Wilde - 13 days ago
I love you. Thank you for sticking around❤️
Milkys Pups
Milkys Pups - 13 days ago
Most this whole video he is not wearing his rings from shane.....
Zarah Rosé
Zarah Rosé - 13 days ago
Much love to you both! 💓✨✨✨✨✨
sinful thots
sinful thots - 13 days ago
Genevieve Choghari
Genevieve Choghari - 13 days ago
Ryland you are quite a man.... anyone would be lucky to have you as a partner and a going to be honest with you.. sometimes I think you are a silly little boy then you surprise me.. When you bare your soul I think to myself..Wow, what a real man...God bless and may your life be always filled with love,joy and happiness...Much love 💗 from a Granny from New Orleans 🎭🎼
Aricela S
Aricela S - 13 days ago
I love both of you - your whole family really. 'Cancel Culture' is just the socially acceptable way to bully anyone - especially well known, internet personalities. You two are such good people. All the haters are hypocrites because if they can't find it in their 'big' hearts to forgive someone for mistakes made YEARS ago, then they are not as 'good' of a person as they think they are. I hope things calm down more and you guys can feel a bit at peace again.
Leo Medina
Leo Medina - 13 days ago
Comment - 10 days ago
Bold of you to assume I'm white
-Pockey Leaf-
-Pockey Leaf- - 13 days ago
I honestly don't understand why this is being held against him, the best he can do is apologize but people do know people change right? And the fact the past is something that already happened or was acceptable in that time. I'm not saying it's okay but if it's 7-10 years ago, sure you can get mad at the actions and such, but you can't cancel someone for it if it was so long ago. No one's the same person they were 7-10 years ago, again, all they can do is apologize
Jaylani Garcia
Jaylani Garcia - 14 days ago
I miss shane i wanted to watch his video's so bad
bacon macon
bacon macon - 14 days ago
Dear Ryland,Cancel Culture exists to Cancel things that deserves to be Cancelled and your fiancé deserves to be cancelled with his superficial apology
Comment - 10 days ago
There are also others who thinks cancel culture is stupid. Once one little problem comes out, even from a decade ago is then portrayed for that person to be cancelled, ok then. Supporting such a thing such as Cancel Culture that consists of people who doesn't want to see the other side of what the people loved about a channel or a creator is really stupid but ok, go off.
Amber Franco
Amber Franco - 14 days ago
Isn't the purpose of what is going on in the world to learn from the past, be better, grow, and change? People make mistakes it is what you take from those mistakes that have the opportunity to make you a better person if you learn from them. I believe Shane has and will do better as we all have seen.
Shirley Davis
Shirley Davis - 14 days ago
Society looks down on forgiveness. Society glorifies revenge. Society says forgiveness is unhealthy. Unforgiveness imprisons people in the past. Unforgiveness provokes bitterness. Forgiveness is man at his noblest. Misunderstanding and sin necessitate forgiveness.
ricjoiee - 14 days ago
Dearest Ryland, I am 63 years living life here. 5 things. Prospective is everything. Feelings are good servants but terrible masters, so glad to hear that part of your meditation is gratefulness. Remember that you were created with a propose. And always leave people better than you found them. Even if it is just a smile.
theresakootinmyboot - 14 days ago
i’m really glad that people are supporting this video because i don’t think that people’s mistakes from the past should define who they are now in a negative light. ESPECIALLY if that person has moved on and grown from those mistakes.
chima chibi
chima chibi - 14 days ago
No one can do any meaningful reflections on camera. That’s the problem.
nancy allman
nancy allman - 14 days ago
I am so happy to see you! I have missed you alot! Give a big hug and Kiss to Shane i miss him as well. Please let him know that the non haters the actual real people that have a past,love and miss him and will be here to support him when he is ready to entertain us again. Xoxo to both of you☮️💟🙋🏼‍♀️ nancy
Allison Castro
Allison Castro - 14 days ago
I literally remember the day when he posted “MAKING A GIANT KITKAT”. That wasnt the first video of his that I watched, but that was a really long time ago and it’s crazy to me that as a child I watched him without knowing the things he did and said. It hurts to see the person that did basically raise you get dragged through mud, but I know why people are doing it
Danny Bonilla
Danny Bonilla - 14 days ago
Has no one mentioned how he looks so much more related to Morgan in his first headshots?!?!
But I guess the comment section is too busy :/
Loved the video!!
Meg Hughes
Meg Hughes - 14 days ago
So, just like Ryland and Shane both, I find some of Shane's past actions absolutely appalling. However, how many of us have said or done things that we regret or aren't proud of? We luckily don't have those things recorded to come back and haunt who we are now..... What is important is how we change those things, become the best version of ourselves, and grow as human beings. Everyone has been talking about Shane and how he acted back then and "cancel culture" took over.... but we don't see behind the camera and who he genuinely is.... all I'm saying is none of us TRULY know who Shane Or Ryland are behind the camera, but we can see from more recent content (last 5ish years) how different Shane seems to be and how it appears he HAS changed and is trying to do good with his platform...
JupiterOnKauai - 14 days ago
right on ryland. this development is intresting. keep on shining. you only can fly with two feet on tje ground.
Yella Cabello
Yella Cabello - 14 days ago
I love Shane , been with him since I was like 15 years old . Hope he’s doing well .. I miss you Shane blessings Mi Amor
Keeley Bella
Keeley Bella - 14 days ago
The way you address and spoke said everything so perfect
CaptainSinaSparrow - 14 days ago
I think Ryland's got it down perfectly here. Where does this society go if we don't allow people to reflect, learn and grow? Nobody is forcing anybody to support Shane and his friends if they don't want to. But this cancel culture is adjacent to a witch hunt. A flock of people running after a person with pitchforks raised above their head, thinking that because they made a mistake, they are stripped of their right to be a person. I've seen so many hurtful and straight up bullying comments. Cancel culture has nothing to do with making our culture more pure or good, it's basically a free pass at trying to destroy another person's life with no boundaries. Cruel punishment instead of teaching/learning/growing. Cancel culture are the parents that beat their child senseless instead of explaining why they did something wrong.
Thanks for speaking out, Ryland!
copki11er - 14 days ago
i love u
Tdp Xx
Tdp Xx - 14 days ago
The past is the past people are so quick to jump on a band wagon or cause to fit in and not really understanding the point people are so easily swayed!!! I still love him and see his growth hope he'll be back one day !!!
christina Ramirez
christina Ramirez - 14 days ago
I love you both very much!
Carolyn Vlogs
Carolyn Vlogs - 14 days ago
This is the healthiest way to handle a situation. This video is important and meaningful.
Rachel Haveman
Rachel Haveman - 15 days ago
I appreciate the fact that this video did not have 100 jump cuts. Thank you.
Natalia Flores
Natalia Flores - 15 days ago
Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou Katsuki - 15 days ago
I’ve watched Shane for years. Like. YEARS. Around half my life. He was literally the first person I watched on YouTube. I loved him. I looked up to him so much. He’s the only one I bought merch from.
I personally couldn’t forgive him but I know that you can’t help that. You didn’t know him then. I’ll keep on yours and Morgan’s channel but I won’t be watching his videos.
Marrwayy - 15 days ago
Your authenticity is shining through. ✨ thank you for this video and sparking something positive in me - I needed this. 🤍
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