Harry Styles - Adore You (Official Video - Extended Version)

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Jade San Fco.
Jade San Fco. - 34 minutes ago
Julia Eduarda
Julia Eduarda - 51 minute ago
eu amo ele dms, senhorrrrrr
Liza Equestrian
Liza Equestrian - Hour ago
poor harry...T^T
Blanca - 2 hours ago
Is Rosalia the one talking in the voiceover?!?
Татьяна Дэлаби
Очень, очень большое спасибо за такую интересную историю и клип.
khaoula tube
khaoula tube - 3 hours ago
The part When he checks the water temperature for the fish always gets me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
khaoula tube
khaoula tube - 3 hours ago
I love the woman's voice in the intro
miriã borges
miriã borges - 5 hours ago
Lucia Dumitrascu Guerrero
Soy la única que cree que la voz de la narrativa del principio es de Rosalía? 😂(sí, soy el comentario en español que buscabas)
Sarah Richardson
Sarah Richardson - 10 hours ago
this is random but i have literally 0 friends so if you wanna be friends drop ya snap lmao
Bäby Bøø hh
Bäby Bøø hh - 11 hours ago
Wow I still cry like a baby 💀😭
Aakanksha Chauhan
Aakanksha Chauhan - 13 hours ago
I think this story will continue further in the upcoming GOLDEN music video.
Susanna Larini
Susanna Larini - 15 hours ago
Kelly RV
Kelly RV - 15 hours ago
te amo harry
Kelly RV
Kelly RV - 15 hours ago
arte de video
Eva De Lucio
Eva De Lucio - 17 hours ago
Sigo llorando con este vídeo???? Efectivamente
Linnea Scheiner
Linnea Scheiner - 19 hours ago
this video is actually so much deeper than any of us will ever know
Anika Singh
Anika Singh - 23 hours ago
we want the "another story"
Natu Morales
Natu Morales - Day ago
Awww adore You. Just lovely story, lovely melody. ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Emma Unicornio
Emma Unicornio - Day ago
Y loveeeeeee
s o f i a
s o f i a - Day ago
El pez se llama louis. Punto.
Nathaly Sánchez Benítez
Quiero una película de esto 😔
Cherie George
Cherie George - Day ago
Pretty sure Harry can walk on water ... actually, make that float above water ... but then, what can't Harry do, hmmm? 😀
Lynne Singleton
Lynne Singleton - Day ago

එහි වඩාත් අදාළ අකටයුතුකම්
lexi star
lexi star - Day ago
my teacher made us watch this for an assignment i like how she thinks
atikah nabila
atikah nabila - Day ago
harry's mv without flying people isnt complete
Guada Valdivia
Guada Valdivia - Day ago
Taneesha Thomas
Taneesha Thomas - Day ago
Omg I've never seen this extended version...if I wasn't a stan...my official stanhood has definitely been activated
Anahi u.u
Anahi u.u - Day ago
No me aburre nunca este mv
TruLy - 4 - Ever
TruLy - 4 - Ever - Day ago
angela's vlog
angela's vlog - Day ago
this is great
vivian tranh
vivian tranh - 2 days ago
Jerome - 2 days ago
You... uhh... Resting fish face!
Mr. Valentinho
Mr. Valentinho - 2 days ago
Pobre Feebas :,v
Lucia Carbajal
Lucia Carbajal - 2 days ago
You did it, I LOVE IT since it came out
Héctor flrs
Héctor flrs - 2 days ago
La Rosalia narrando el intro
Janine Ulep
Janine Ulep - 2 days ago
Here rewatching Harry's MV to get a glimpse of how great he'll be in don't worry darling.
Shide zar
Shide zar - 2 days ago
April - 2 days ago
It's like a story of Harry and a fish. A fish who saved Harry. At first, Harry felt like he doesn't belong here because everyone hurt him, not intentionally tho, because he was different from others. He thought there is something wrong with him and that's why people don't like him here so he thought of ending his own life and that's when and where he met the fish. The fish is also someone like him, he didn't fit with his community too, everyone hated him there so the fish thought of ending its life and came out of the water just when Harry tried to get into the water. Even though the fish looks completely different from him deep down he knows both of them have gone through the same thing, same pain. Harry doesn't want to let the fish die so he picked him up and brought him with him to his home. Harry was happy with the fish, so was the fish with Harry. He took care of it, he fed him food regularly, he changed the water regularly, he danced with him, he grew up with him. He doesn't care about the rest of the world or what the world thinks about him anymore because he has his fish which that makes him happy and that is all that matters to him. But one day the truth hit him hard. He came to know he has to let that fish go if he wants it to live or else it will die. Like every other fish, it has to be in the ocean and go to places to survive, to live. As much as it hurts, in the end, Harry has to let the fish go. So he did, he let it go and people around him helped for that too. At last, he leaves the island to find his own happiness, to discover the world, just like his fish. That fish which he loved, that fish who saved him is the same fish who taught him how to live. And now he's following that. His happiness is back and so is the light for the world.
SHEILA MER - Day ago
Beautifully told
Raf art
Raf art - 2 days ago
horrible video
Diana Hernandez
Diana Hernandez - 2 days ago
Le dediqué adore you a mi novio. 😥
Nattie Good
Nattie Good - 2 days ago
not harry featuring and a metal detector in this video then sailing away on a boat with an orange sail and then ending up on a beach which also features a metal detector at a table with an orange tablecloth and then making his next video golden and featuring a boat in that i can't he really had this all planned didn't he
Nattie Good
Nattie Good - 2 days ago
i'm going to eroda. who's coming with?
rohan gc
rohan gc - 2 days ago
It deserves 100M + views ... let's do it guys♥️♥️♥️🇳🇵
anime addict
anime addict - 2 days ago
I literally got so excited I thought this was Zayn at 0:45😭
Nicol Luc
Nicol Luc - 2 days ago
yazz Wang
yazz Wang - 2 days ago
catarina F
catarina F - 2 days ago
seeing him put rocks in his pocket always hurts :(
cristina pauta bonilla
cristina pauta bonilla - 2 days ago
This is la rosalia
Nathan Survell
Nathan Survell - 2 days ago
Release extended version on Spotify
Yandel Salazar
Yandel Salazar - 2 days ago
Has anyone ever noticed how most of his music videos have displayed some sort of distress? The Falling mv is about slowly getting overcome with so much emotion that you start to drown in it, and he just keeps playing the piano, not seeing what is happening around him until it's too late. And then, when it drains out, he is panting really hard, showing that he is still in pain, but its getting better. The adore you mv shows a boy who is different from others, and is so much of an outcast that he brings himself to the water, and puts rocks in his pockets so he can, you know, sink. And then he meets the fish who is having the same problem as him, and he realized that they need eachother. He saved fish, and the fish saved him. Later when the fish leaves him, he follows, using his jar of screams from earlier in the video to get his boat moving. He turned the negative in his life into a way to save himself and others. The Sign of the Times mv shows him flying, and when you connect it to the song, you realize that he is flying because he is saying "it's time for you to go, dont worry, it will be okay". Like, we always talk about Louis losing his family, and Zayns mental health, and Liams alcohol abuse, and Nialls physical struggles with his injuries and stuff, and all of that is horrible, but think about harry. He has gotten the most negative attention in the band since the beginning because of his "bad boy" and "womanizer" image. He has had to face so many people calling him a "sex symbol" and the f slur TO HIS FACE. His stepfather Robin, who he absolutely adored, passed away. Louis' mom, Jay, who was like a mother to him, passed away. Fizz, who was like a sister to him, passed away. One of his best friends killed themself, years ago, and be slightly talked about it during his interview with Zane Lowe, saying that he always asks how people are because "you wish you could have just asked 'are you okay?' just one last time". His first real girlfriend, Caroline Flack killed herself in February, because of all of the hate she was getting. He probably felt guilty because a lot of the hate she got was because she dated him. And then he had to perform "Falling" live, just a few days later. And there were so many other things that happened to him that month. He had a show cancelled on his birthday, he was robbed at knifepoint on valentine's day, and he was USED for views at the Brit Awards, and then didnt recieve any awards, which he definitely should have. Not to mention everyone making assumptions about his sexuality just because of the way he looks and dresses. He doesn't label himself, so we shouldnt do it for him. And if you believe in Larry, theres that too. He was forced away from his bf just because s*mon c*well is a homophobic little piece of poop. He didn't knew how much we love and support him. This man had gone through so much more than we know, and he is forced to cover it up because he knows what we are going through, and he wants to be there for us. He also shows this in songs like "to be so lonely". It is a very sad song, covered up by the happy instruments, and production. That's literally his life. I feel like everyone always assumes that he is such a happy person, when in reality, he has gone through so much more than most people should ever have to. We need to think more about his mental health, and how he is doing. This man devotes his life to trying to make sure his fans are happy in their own skin, and feel supported. We should do the same for him.
Ju N
Ju N - Day ago
you are so right
Kay MK
Kay MK - 2 days ago
Hey do watch my cover 😅😅😅😅https://youtu.be/1kRs5JcPlic
Anshika Sahu
Anshika Sahu - 3 days ago
If this isn't art then I don't know what is. The video's metaphors have a much more meaning than we can understand . The cover of the album is the perspective of a fish. We see harry through the fish's eyes. We save him and in return he saves us . Love you Harry . So proud. ❤
Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta - 2 days ago
u r right
Deedee Marauki masterboxchi820
Frankly I'm not sure whether I wanna cry or laugh at this video
the lyrics does sound like some unrequited love but the music video is hilarious
Lenie.Kreide - 3 days ago
Wow, I just realised, that "The Isle of _Eroda_ " is the Isle of _"Adore"_
just... backwards o.o
Aneta Gawin
Aneta Gawin - 3 days ago
OhSoSizzlin - 3 days ago
I legit cried
panda gurl
panda gurl - 3 days ago
loveeeeeeeee you
Sofia Photography
Sofia Photography - 3 days ago
Simply put.. it is a masterpiece.. 🧡
it's yo kirl vee!!
it's yo kirl vee!! - 3 days ago
I have to say Harry has the cutes smile
Moonlight .Z
Moonlight .Z - 3 days ago
*"I wanna be an animated fish"*
Lauren Broadbent
Lauren Broadbent - 3 days ago
i’m back again. this is genius. a masterpiece.
Lizzeth SA
Lizzeth SA - 3 days ago
Istg i hate him so much but i love him ❤️❤️
Crystal Njambi
Crystal Njambi - 3 days ago
Wow I'm literally speechless
AXVB - 3 days ago
Why Did This Make Me Cry?
Samuel sanchez riaño
Samuel sanchez riaño - 3 days ago
Hayden Freeman
Hayden Freeman - 3 days ago
idk if its possible but i think i just fell even more in love
Merce Figuerola
Merce Figuerola - 3 days ago
WTF did you realized that the narrator is Rosalia? Since when are they friends?! I’m in love with this man I promise 🥰😍
Andrea B.
Andrea B. - 3 days ago
Belen Ibañez
Belen Ibañez - 3 days ago
adore you
Katelyn Lauderdale
Katelyn Lauderdale - 3 days ago
Meg Churchill
Meg Churchill - 3 days ago
Who's rewatching before the golden music video release
Orsatti Lucila
Orsatti Lucila - 3 days ago
song starts at 2:33 :)
Clara González
Clara González - 3 days ago
I’m sorry but i can’t stop thinking about tired tired sea every time I watch this
Azul Akita
Azul Akita - 3 days ago
Yunieska Paola Nunez Rodriguez
que pasaria si existieran peces de ese tamaño
SKY ASMR - 4 days ago
”louis the fish..”
Larry Forever
Larry Forever - 3 days ago
Omg yes
tessa 1d
tessa 1d - 4 days ago
Mate, he deserves an Oscar, a Grammy, and many more
TheDerpyCornDog - 4 days ago
This song is about Louis Tomilson, right?
Larry Forever
Larry Forever - 3 days ago
Mmmm maybe yesss 🥺🥺💙💙💙💚💚
Maria Luiza Euzébio Carlos da Silva
O izmario ta chorando no banho kkk alguem br ??
Kiara Argañaraz
Kiara Argañaraz - 4 days ago
Después de 9 meses me doy cuenta que lo narra Rosalia 👁👄👁
Larry Forever
Larry Forever - 3 days ago
Jajajja me paso lo mismo
vibey alien
vibey alien - 4 days ago
does anyone know how can I find that music playing in the background? 1:18 the piano sounds so beautiful
Rocii Espindola
Rocii Espindola - 4 days ago
Que hombre! Es maravilloso
blá !
blá ! - 4 days ago
Vote for harry https://www.billboard.com/articles/events/fan-army/9439523/fan-army-2020
Larry Forever
Larry Forever - 3 days ago
I don’t wanna choose, I love Larry haha
tiptop 123
tiptop 123 - 4 days ago
*And this didnt win Best MVA because....*
ava - 4 days ago
tbh if harry lost his smile the world would grow very dark
1Dfan ireland
1Dfan ireland - 4 days ago
Now I get the music video
Med Amine
Med Amine - 5 days ago
It was a total pure and amazing story !
JIYONG4EVER Evergreen - 5 days ago
Oh harry
larapolettoify - 5 days ago
questa è New Asgard lol
Lucia Senda
Lucia Senda - 5 days ago
Soy la única a la que le estresa muchisimo Rosalía?? Osea bye girrl
Melissa Abigail Jimenez Gutierrez
Sıla Ikinci
Sıla Ikinci - 5 days ago
It's perfect 👍
Ruba Osama
Ruba Osama - 5 days ago
Ruba Osama
Ruba Osama - 5 days ago
Harry’s smile literally does stuff to my heart
Plan E.T'S
Plan E.T'S - 5 days ago
Everybody in the comments has all these amazing and deep theories behind the videos meaning and I’m just here like
*fish go blub blub* 👁👄👁
cande granelli
cande granelli - 5 days ago
Veena Arora
Veena Arora - 5 days ago
🥺🥺🥺🥺❤❤❤❤ I love u harry
Black Noire
Black Noire - 5 days ago
He's just soooo cute ..
m r
m r - 5 days ago
When the song first came out I used to shift it to the song part now I cant listen the song without the prehistory.
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