Harry Styles - Adore You (Official Video - Extended Version)

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Anton Birch
Anton Birch - Day ago
Man this awesome
Riley Pegram
Riley Pegram - Day ago
I love you Harry.
nashvalera - Day ago
Мне понравилась и идея клипа и сама композиция. Шикарно.
Ania LK
Ania LK - Day ago
La historia leida por Rosalía : )))))) Saludos desde Polonia : )
Stranger Things
Stranger Things - Day ago
for the millie bobby brown fans this lets me think of her (millie)

like if this song lets you think of somebody who is cute
smonaful - Day ago
For zayn. For love. Always treasured. Soulmates. Destiny.
Haley Browning
Haley Browning - Day ago
when you realize he put rocks in his pocket because he wanted to kill him self and the fish jumped out to kill itself.... i-☹️
purposelesscat l.
purposelesscat l. - Day ago
This is best.
Amber Lynn Networking
Kendell Jenner and him would be cute lol
Itzel Demer
Itzel Demer - Day ago
____Paw - Day ago
Miss you Harry... Love You Zayn
Suchi - Day ago
Dunno how yummy got 119m views and adore u so less
Anaís Gilliam
Anaís Gilliam - Day ago
His smile makes me smile
Joneyboy 10
Joneyboy 10 - Day ago
I'm 46 years old and i still have to stop to watch this Harry Styles video daily. I love it! 7 minutes of magic!!!!
Sami Hl
Sami Hl - Day ago
I was today’s years old when I discovered that Rosalia narrated this video
Reese Smith
Reese Smith - Day ago
I never liked harry but when he saved the fish and the fish saved him and they were dancing on the hill I literally cried at how cute it was and now I'm in love
Ana Graham
Ana Graham - 2 days ago
Me at every disco
Jay J
Jay J - 2 days ago
Fun fact Harry’s favorite food is tacos
Mari Oli
Mari Oli - 2 days ago
big fish vibes
Silvia Ross
Silvia Ross - 2 days ago
Rosalia is narrating
M Levi
M Levi - 2 days ago
This song reminds me of a mid-tempo version of Lowdown by Boz Scaggs. Harry Styles is one talented motherfu**er!!!
gmail account
gmail account - 2 days ago
I just adore this song! ❤
Ellja - 2 days ago
Whos here before the falling video drops
Yari Yari
Yari Yari - 2 days ago
Why am I crying?
Nicolás Colina
Nicolás Colina - 2 days ago
Rosalía Level Up
mariell acosta
mariell acosta - 2 days ago
FALik eM
FALik eM - 2 days ago
just for adore
FALik eM
FALik eM - 2 days ago
maybe one day i'll find a girl ti adire too
Niki Cameron
Niki Cameron - 2 days ago
Best song ever and music video
Mahatab Hossan Kiron
Mahatab Hossan Kiron - 2 days ago
Love from Bangladesh ♥♥
Judith - 2 days ago
Thank you for this music video. Thanks for putting so much effort into this. I love it, and I love you.
Suman Tubid
Suman Tubid - 2 days ago
kckrol85 - 2 days ago
How sick is that Outro melody!!!
nicky .
nicky . - 2 days ago
Hine Mamea
Hine Mamea - 2 days ago
That’s another story... wait- there’s more?
Water is life🦑
Water is life🦑 - 2 days ago
This is really deep and mesmerising to watch.
jana saab
jana saab - 2 days ago
How the hell does this have 13k dislikes
jana saab
jana saab - 2 days ago
Director: “So do you want a cute girl to be talking about”
Harry: “a fish it’ll be”
Lina Maria Z
Lina Maria Z - 2 days ago
I love You Harry Styles
Dasherstorm - 2 days ago
I just realised when he screams into the jar he is putting his pain in it. Afterwards you can see him use the same jar to push the boat meaning he is using his past to push his present towards a better future.
Richi Rich
Richi Rich - 2 days ago
Love you herry ♥️
*Moonchild - 2 days ago
i feel like i watched a whole movie in just 7 mins.. incredible!
Venus Salih
Venus Salih - 2 days ago
This Legit Needs To Be A Movie! 🤞🤞🤞🤞
kckrol85 - 2 days ago
I want to see the movie.
Natalie Amaya
Natalie Amaya - 2 days ago
I was today years old when I found out Rosalía narrated this.
Mach Segura
Mach Segura - 2 days ago
I love tío Harry stails
Help im on tik tok too much
so i the only one crying over a video about a fish orrr??
_Sadie_ - 2 days ago
I love this song. So catchy
Nadia DK
Nadia DK - 3 days ago
Is the girls voice the girl from peaky blinders the Russian girl ????
Ca Zi
Ca Zi - 2 days ago
It's Rosalia. A singer
Ukiiyu owo
Ukiiyu owo - 3 days ago
I’d risk it all for Harry styles ngl
Alice J.
Alice J. - 3 days ago
why he looks like a 40 year old alcoholic
Help im on tik tok too much
i mean youre not that far off
Janine 1DZM
Janine 1DZM - 3 days ago
Harry did it again. This video is a piece of art!!
Fez Wolf
Fez Wolf - 3 days ago
I just cried for this fish mane
Make Roman
Make Roman - 3 days ago
i love
My Instant Search
My Instant Search - 3 days ago
One of the best music videos! - change my mind -
Isa united cover
Isa united cover - 3 days ago
Lyric of narration?
meerontbijtkoek - 3 days ago
Feeling nostalgic to the sea, once I lived close enough to go for breakfast walks by the shore. I still live rather close, but not that close, I wish I did
Doriz_Cam - 3 days ago
Marlene R
Marlene R - 3 days ago
Pure art 🙏💜
Jess G
Jess G - 3 days ago
At first I felt this video was depressing, but upon thinking about it further it's actually a great message about the universality of love and the power of loving without attachment. He's on another level, this Harry Styles.
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