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Dubravka Marinkov
Dubravka Marinkov - 17 hours ago
Im a taurus
Jocelyn Tang
Jocelyn Tang - 19 hours ago
Give me Virgo guys. Hahaha. I’m a Taurus and I always gravitate towards Virgo guys. We always have the best connection in life.
Galaxyqueen Squad
Galaxyqueen Squad - 20 hours ago
I’m a Leo so I guess we want expansive stuff 😂
Edwin Palomares
Edwin Palomares - 22 hours ago
Yo so who laughed only when your own sign showed.
Simpdetector - Day ago
I didn’t really think that zodiac signs were really true but I’m a Sagittarius and that was so true
Billy Dinh
Billy Dinh - Day ago
Im a libra
Goofy IDK
Goofy IDK - Day ago
the depiction of ♌️ leos kinda scared me how true it is (im a leo)
HDweirdHanna - Day ago
Ryan MacLean
Ryan MacLean - Day ago
Going off this, Aquarius’s are the only legitimately good people
Linda Redfield
Linda Redfield - Day ago
Im a gemini but i act no where like shayne in this
Flamingo Boi
Flamingo Boi - Day ago
Welcome to the comment where you can say your zodiac sign without getting judged
Newgemumasuta - 3 days ago
Im sorry im a Leo and I’m not like what you show but don’t care is funny so don’t care keep up the good work
Sly Puppy
Sly Puppy - 3 days ago
I’m a Capricorn ♑️
Nicos World
Nicos World - 4 days ago
Where was Scorpio
Karim Kharbouch
Karim Kharbouch - 4 days ago
Did they just forget libra lmfaoo
Wez_ Pez
Wez_ Pez - 4 days ago
OMFG I was born in december and that's what i THINK 24/7
IAmAThing - 4 days ago
I'm Taurus
Malibu Drag
Malibu Drag - 4 days ago
And the aquarius one is so true
Malibu Drag
Malibu Drag - 4 days ago
So every capricorn is a karen
Alexander Crowl
Alexander Crowl - 5 days ago
I realize that it is a joke but I really dont think that I’m going to grow up and be like the Scorpio in this video
ServerMate S
ServerMate S - 5 days ago
I’m a saggitarius and i’m kinda like that but maybe a little weaker
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake - 5 days ago
As a cancer,i approve this
Comic Gamer
Comic Gamer - 5 days ago
♈ Aries!
Uno Reverse
Uno Reverse - 6 days ago
Scorpios don’t act like that I sure don- *my boyfriend said Meghan Trainors a good singer* MOM WHERES THE KNIFE!
Thure Raaskou Madsen
Thure Raaskou Madsen - 6 days ago
Damn. Cancer, Autism AND ADHD. I really hit emotional rock bottom.
AW4KING4MING - 6 days ago
my zodiac sign is cancer and that is a very accurate representasion of me
Styler - 6 days ago
I'm a libra and... yeah this is accurate
JJBNZTV - 6 days ago
As a Scorpio I can say;

This is accurate.
I Don't Know
I Don't Know - 7 days ago
_I have never been so offended by something I totally agree with_
Hendrik Mok
Hendrik Mok - 7 days ago
why did the sagittarius represent me so well im shooketh
The Animator
The Animator - 7 days ago
I uh,don’t know about the Scorpio,I’m a Scorpio and that’s never happened to me

JakeX2AndDanny - 7 days ago
Who came to this vid having no idea what a zodiac sign is. Lol
ピエロPiero - 7 days ago
*crying because my sign is like so far from what I’m like*
Turbo Robloxian
Turbo Robloxian - 7 days ago
No wonder im a taurus my attitude is like him everytime im mad i think about abkill list
You trash Kid
You trash Kid - 7 days ago
Bro I’m a cancer but I don’t act like that well sometimes
NT Productions
NT Productions - 8 days ago
I’m a Pisces and I feel attacked
Bacon Animates
Bacon Animates - 8 days ago
I’m a Libra and I agree with this completely.
Elan Mattar
Elan Mattar - 8 days ago
Im Pisces, perfect representation of me
Noah Droge
Noah Droge - 9 days ago
I’m a Scorpio and I haven’t had the same scenario but it’s happen in different way😂
Caleb the smasher
Caleb the smasher - 9 days ago
I’m a Scorpio cause I’m born on October 27
meme dog
meme dog - 9 days ago
i dont think i have ever been like what they show for Gemini im antisocial
meme dog
meme dog - 9 days ago
and i cry the most out of anybody i have ever meet
beatrix kiddo
beatrix kiddo - 10 days ago
the sag one is so true wtf JAGDHSJHA whenever I get frustrated abt grp projects I say, “Gosh, I could do this alone!” but I procrastinate a lot lmao
Tina Moyer Moyer
Tina Moyer Moyer - 10 days ago
1:48 omg im a leo and that is SOOOOOOOO TRUEE LIKE FOR EVERY HOLIDAY I WANT EVERYTHING AND IF SOMEONE IS LIKE "no, thats to much" im like "but im worth it.."
J P - 11 days ago
lmao yes!!! me in college Sagittarian when it came to group projects lol!!! imbeciles and fools, every one last of them!!!
SwayDragon -
SwayDragon - - 11 days ago
Aries......too true
Ryan Longbottom
Ryan Longbottom - 11 days ago
Welp im a libra shit.
Reece Ashmore
Reece Ashmore - 11 days ago
Damn they got me (Sagittarius) shockingly right
Vretta Beats
Vretta Beats - 11 days ago
I don’t think Damien was acting as a serial killer
Hell fire
Hell fire - 11 days ago
Write down in the comments if you’re a Scorpio ♏️
Jaslin Revelly
Jaslin Revelly - 11 days ago
I'm aries and this video is actually so true 😂
Emma Marshall
Emma Marshall - 11 days ago
The Leo one is so accurate. I'm a Leo.
Ravi Dhullipala
Ravi Dhullipala - 12 days ago
The sagittarius one was so accurate
TheGamingTurtle Merrick
TheGamingTurtle Merrick - 12 days ago
I'm a libra and very emotional 😢
Thirty Three
Thirty Three - 12 days ago
Literally, all Dutch ppl are Leo.
Random Person
Random Person - 12 days ago
Me over here a Sagittarius like I have done this before and it works everytime
Mr Anime97
Mr Anime97 - 12 days ago
That's not true about Leo 🙂
zahra pandie
zahra pandie - 12 days ago
Aries: "I didn't finish my work"
Me: pls I'm an aries and I'm not like that at all
Also me: currently procrastinating my work and watching this video instead
Floof BALL
Floof BALL - 13 days ago
Leo ain’t true
Olivia Kiyoko
Olivia Kiyoko - 13 days ago
Libras are cheaters :)
IHateMyInsomnia 207
IHateMyInsomnia 207 - 13 days ago
I’m an Aquarius and I gotta say...

This is completely accurate
KeiRieBeAr - 13 days ago
lebra- true, so true, i felt that hah
VenusOPGaming - 13 days ago
Le trash boy...
Game Time
Game Time - 14 days ago
OMG me and my sister are always playing therapist I can’t believe how spot on that is
Elizabeth Maxwell
Elizabeth Maxwell - 14 days ago
I’m a ♓️
Trash Boy
Trash Boy - 14 days ago
I’m cancer
XxLava GotchaxX
XxLava GotchaxX - 14 days ago
5:10 omg so me xD
Fuji Afriani
Fuji Afriani - 14 days ago
So true abt Taurus. Taurus squad💓
Jade Marshall
Jade Marshall - 14 days ago
ok so pisces is so accurate but the fact that it’s damien makes it so much better
Namia - 15 days ago
Yikes, libras
Aizakku - 私は神です
I’m a Aries and that’s so true😂😂😂
Ethan the best
Ethan the best - 15 days ago
I have no sign
Titux 360
Titux 360 - 15 days ago
I was really trying to find Pisces comments, couldn't find one, have to kinda agree this one is not us at all well atleast the people I know that are Pisces.
marek eben
marek eben - 12 days ago
Im a picses, i dont act like that but i act like apparently every other zodiac sign than mine
Caitlin Corrin
Caitlin Corrin - 15 days ago
As a Cancer I agree👀
Andreea DIY Stuff
Andreea DIY Stuff - 15 days ago
omg...this is sooo funny...and inspiring for my videos as well💕💕 great work👍🏻👍🏻💕I’m a Libra..Hands up for libras💕💕👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
irregular stitch bitch
irregular stitch bitch - 16 days ago
I’m a pisces, but I don’t make big deals out of tiny things. So it didn’t really feel accurate.
Justin Avelar
Justin Avelar - 16 days ago
I’m a lazy son of a bitch so on point ♈️
xXTheater_KidXx - 16 days ago
why did the leo look like eddie from IT
Blubs 2.0
Blubs 2.0 - 16 days ago
This is like believe in a beaver as an overlord that commits small acts of genocide across third world countries
erijono ajrullo
erijono ajrullo - 16 days ago
I don't know my zodiac.
my name e jeff 127
my name e jeff 127 - 16 days ago
I'm a cancer reply with your zodiac sign and like if you are a cancer too 😁
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