Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® | Multiplayer Beta Trailer

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Call of Duty
Call of Duty - 5 months ago
If you pre-ordered a physical PS4 copy, check your email tomorrow for a Beta Code and head to
If you pre-ordered a digital PS4 copy, you can pre-load the Beta tomorrow directly from the Playstation Store.
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Lsp Elite
Lsp Elite - 16 days ago
where is the battle royale
Ovarense SkuL
Ovarense SkuL - 3 months ago
If you told me that the game in multiplayer is just made for the ones who's playing whith the Smg's and not for the ones that's use the Assault rifles. I wouldn't spend the money in modern warfare. It's always the same every game in this couple of years. Down the Assault weapons and up the Smg's. Now I simple can't play no more with the Assault rifle after this two upgrades. I've bot every call even before the moder warfare (call4) but for me and all my friends that use the Assault rifles this one is gonna be the last call we bought. When I play the Alfa and the beta I believed that this one is gonna be different. But how wrong I was. You are doing all over again. The game is becoming just for Smg's players.
Joe - 4 months ago
please add prestige mode battlepass for free dlc is cool but so many of us love prestige mode.
Gaming ylayer
Gaming ylayer - 8 days ago
Hamdi Wijaya
Hamdi Wijaya - 8 days ago
My ID : 12314502435552493057
ZynexPlays - 15 days ago
At this date I really was thinking that this game would be so nice Like Mw 2 and the other Cods
Now I really know that Cod never be the same as before 9 Years. :(
Sry for my broke englisch
STATE GUARD - 18 days ago
gun ship battle game from e-sports.
Apple ,
Apple , - 20 days ago
The beta was more fun than the actual game. I miss the beta.
RushedJustin - 25 days ago
The Beta was better than the full version.
Matt Novakov
Matt Novakov - 29 days ago
The part when the operators reload feel so crunchy. I like it.
HilariousNature - Month ago
Remove Skill based match making
Luca Orlando
Luca Orlando - Month ago
It names "Camp of Duty: Modern Safespace"
Gabe Culler
Gabe Culler - Month ago
When this trailer came out all my friends last active magically appeared
MR. Duster
MR. Duster - 2 months ago
Фу лохи не могут победить нас в сирии,но зато могут побеждать в говноиграх,таких как battlefield и cod
7srebels - 2 months ago
Re master cod world at war
ᛨᛂᛂᚹᚠᛁᚱᛂᛨ ᛋᚹᛆᛕᛂᛏ
what is the song name?
Scout Trooper
Scout Trooper - 2 months ago
if only we knew...
xXMexic4noXx G.
xXMexic4noXx G. - 2 months ago
Quisiera mi dinero de nuevo
xXMexic4noXx G.
xXMexic4noXx G. - 2 months ago
No lo compren
xXMexic4noXx G.
xXMexic4noXx G. - 2 months ago
Este juego es una completa mierda
xXMexic4noXx G.
xXMexic4noXx G. - 2 months ago
Una mierda
Niemand Da
Niemand Da - 3 months ago
Des Spiels ist ohne Witz des schlechteste call of duty aller Zeiten jeder is am campen und es macht einfach kein Spaß
Absolute Geldverschwendung
Dilber Aydogan
Dilber Aydogan - 3 months ago
best game
Indian Player 28
Indian Player 28 - 3 months ago
Mariana tiefenbock
Mariana tiefenbock - 3 months ago
add on call of duty test mode we can test guns out
Γιάννης Δεδούσης
Battlefiend 4 ?
Sharkduck23_YT - 3 months ago
Please add more campaign
Sharkduck23_YT - 3 months ago
Please add more campaign
Sharkduck23_YT - 3 months ago
Please add more campaign
Sharkduck23_YT - 3 months ago
Please add more campaign
Sharkduck23_YT - 3 months ago
Please add more campaign
Sharkduck23_YT - 3 months ago
Please add more campaign
Sharkduck23_YT - 3 months ago
Please add more campaign
AKA_Fellbasilisk 遊戲玩家627
What the song is?
31third Elite
31third Elite - 3 months ago
Remove SBMM!!!! Sort out all the bugs in spec ops & do something with survival. This game has the potential to be the best CoD ever but as it stands at the moment it will never be.
I hope you guys see this & you start listening to the community again.
Ps next year could I please have an early copy of CoD 2020 to help my channel grow.
Leo Rimmereid
Leo Rimmereid - 3 months ago
Fix the game pls, it needs to be fixed, and u have to get longshots with smgs 😂😂😂
slazenger 188420
slazenger 188420 - 3 months ago
Is there a refund?
NiteLite - 3 months ago
Yo can y’all make spec ops split screen? Also, where can I go to suggest ideas for the game?
furry fanboi
furry fanboi - 3 months ago
Anything about a new blackout
The Godzilla Gamer
The Godzilla Gamer - 3 months ago
Cause it’s war time !
Da Ga
Da Ga - 3 months ago
Yeah after the last update your game is still trash. Spawns are trash. Our punishment
Mi Mo
Mi Mo - 3 months ago
I love this game
LazyVaporeon - 3 months ago
black yoshi wants to know your location
Lundi KH
Lundi KH - 3 months ago
mo b
mo b - 3 months ago
Bravo six, game is trash
Bay area Buggs Bay Area W Dniu Dzisiejszym
Cod please make call of Duty ghost 2
Omega Channel
Omega Channel - 3 months ago
Игра гавно,постоянные вылеты с игры,ошибки,при топовой комплектации компьютера,просто идите нахуй с таким гавном - удалил игру.
erichunter 6
erichunter 6 - 3 months ago
Hey guys do u like call of duty and gaming well come see my channel and sub soo then can do cool edits
Rey_1994 - 3 months ago
fake trailer ....i'm seeing people moving
AFFETMEZSEN - 3 months ago
pls steam
Sujal Shinde
Sujal Shinde - 3 months ago
Background music sounds like Hobbs & Shaw
Саша Старцев
Саша Старцев - 3 months ago
Ваш каладюти гавно мы не жестокие это вы жестокие ублюдками😾😾😾💜🇷🇺
Danilo Martins
Danilo Martins - 4 months ago
Parabéns pelo jogo q vocês fizeram, incrível sensacional
KNAX_Kampf_Nudel 246
KNAX_Kampf_Nudel 246 - 4 months ago
Ich kann’s nicht mehr abwarten
Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson - 4 months ago
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Corrosivehail -YT
Corrosivehail -YT - 4 months ago
Why is it like a 120gb download
Henny Ngisang
Henny Ngisang - 4 months ago
Please do a call of duty black ops remastered
Abdülaziz official
Abdülaziz official - 4 months ago
abdülaziz official
Ryan Dubs
Ryan Dubs - 4 months ago
PC and Xbox pissbabies are mad they cant play a single gamemode for a month.
Y'all serious?
Galzion Sordem
Galzion Sordem - 4 months ago
Haram not good
Haram not good - 4 months ago
Is this ww3 or russian america war?
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